In his latest update, Greg Mannarino discusses the massive rise in commodities prices, and states that when the debt bubble finally bursts, commodities prices will skyrocket.  Funds will pour from equities and bonds to the only safe havens remaining- commodities such as oil, gold, and silver

Mannarino states that equities will deflate while commodities, particularly food will rise exponentially higher as fiat currency dies.  Mannarino states that The Fed is in panic mode, and that Bernanke will begin QE4 before the end of the year.  The coming free market correction will be devastating and shocking to average Americans as COMMODITIES GO TO THE MOON!

Investors must protect themselves by becoming their own Central Bank, and acquiring physical gold, silver, and long-term food supplies. 

Full update below:

  1. Gold and silver ARE money… REAL money, as opposed to that fake stuff that has value because someone decrees that it does.

    I don’t agree with Mannarino on the equity market deflating.  Equities represent shares of ownership in REAL companies that produce REAL goods and services.  As the dollar shrinks, anything that is real will zoom upward in price.  They aren’t really worth more, it’s just that as the dollar becomes worth less, more dollars are needed to buy the same REAL things.  Real things include: gold, silver, oil, lumber, productive farms, ranches, and businesses, base metals, food and clothing materials, etc.  Note that this does not include bonds.  Bonds represent debt and the world is literally awash in that.  Virtually anything that is available in vast quantity is of low to no value.  Since not all companies create real wealth, however, their stock will deflate to zero or so close to it as to not matter.  Companies that create real value will prosper.  Companies with good earnings and dividends will do very well and so will their stocks.

    • I agree with you on equities. Plus I don’t think the elite are going to allow the complete and total collapse I desire. Corporations are only going to gain more power over sovereign nations, not lose it. A huge corporation like IBM might outlast the United States itself. I read a book recently called “Brief History of the Future” by Jacques Attali. It’s basically a blueprint of the future from the Illuminati to you. On the front cover is a quote from Kissinger: “Brilliant and provocative.” Positive testimonial quotes on the back cover are from people involved with the WTO, IMF, Foreign Relations magazine (CFR), etc. Available at your public or college library so you don’t have to buy it. According to Attali the big businesses of the future will be surveillance, insurance and the distraction industry (entertainment). Insurance companies will be monitoring you remotely and passing down the new dogma. People will live as hypernomadic individuals in microapartments who spend much of their time traveling. Sexual relationships, jobs, living arrangements will all be short-term and temporary. 

    • The stock markets will crash, you can believe it. They are paper assets held in fiat currency. If you could cash in your equity holdings for phyz gold and silver then it would be different. But as its just dollars then once people realise whats happening with the dollar or any other fiat currency, they will rush to pull it out and convert to real assets while the paper is still worth something. Mark my words, stocks will crash.

    • The price of stocks can be very fickle at times. A company’s worth is not the same as hard currency. Even Wal-Mart lost 1.5 billion back in 1987. A company may have a great product, but if the public is so stressed because the economy is tanking, nothing will stop the falling of the company’s stock price.

    • Gold and silver are money because they are a medium of exchange, an unite of account and a preservation of value. Fiat currencies have all these functions except they aren’t a preservation of value. That’s the main reason why I exchange my fiat currencies for physical gold and silver.

  2. My one question to everyone: Did QE3 already happened? All I know is the Federal Reserve announced on September that QE3 will happen but I don’t know when it will. In my opinion, there will be more actions in the commodities markets after the US election because the cartel doesn’t want people to focus on inflation before the election.

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