Greg Mannarino says “open-ended” QE by the Fed is “the big print that is signaling “the currency is dying. The debt based economic model is over . . . and a new system is coming.” Mannarino is a financial analyst who advises, “Bet against bonds which is debt, and bet against currency which is debt, and you will come out of this good.” Mannarino says the dollar calamity that is unfolding is the biggest financial event ever. He goes on to say, “We have never witnessed anything like this in the history of the world.”  Mannarino states investors must become their own central bank by acquiring PHYSICAL GOLD AND SILVER NOW!!!
Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Greg Mannarino.

  1. I’m quite new to this topic of currency debasement and asset bubbles. I understand that a bubble is an asset whose price exceeds its intrinsic value. But how do you determine that by looking at the behaviour of the curve in a chart?

  2. In giving some small though, the limit to my brain power, about QE to Infinity, the Fed laid down the marker of $40 billion a month with a maximum of $85 billion a month allocated to buy MBS tranches.   That upper limit, imposed  and enforced by no one accountable to the people most affected by this BIG PRINT, means that nothing will stop the Fed from expanding that purchasing system to $2 trillion from the present upper limit of $1 trillion.  Taking that cue, what is to stop the Fed from going to $250 billion a month of purchases.  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing to stop this from happening. 
    It’s like a nasty waking nightmare. 
    It’s like being kidnapped by a psychopath who tortures you until you scream for mercy only to have him tell you that you’ve seen nothing yet and then turns up the heat. 
    It’s like an episode of CSI or Criminal Minds where the investigators find bones and a foul smell.  The CSI people know what happened and who did the crime. They know the names of the victims, numbering in the hundreds of millions. They know the names of the perpetrators but in this crime of the century, they can’t touch those culpable of the crime, who hide behind an even greater authority that the police.  I think that even the police are complicit in this crime because they must see the money continue to flow. They become the annointed Pretorian Class, tasking with the job of protecting TPTB while giving the appearance “To Serve and Protect”
    And the police, regrettably, are always a day late and a crime short of cleaning up the messes, consoling  the victims and painting the scene with bright yellow tape.  The story always ends the same.  The people are dead, the system spawns a new generation of criminals and the crime spree continues unbated.

  3. I’ve been accumulating physical gold and silver since November 2011. Now, my local coin shops don’t have any gold and silver and even if they do, the prices for them are still too high because the prices dropped just recently. Does that mean I don’t stack the smack? No, I buy junk silver which is my only option left for the moment. Stack the smack!

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