Mannarino says the dumping of dollars will pick up speed, and there is a selloff in US Treasury Bonds coming. Cranking up the dollar printing presses and “boosting them with nitrous oxide” won’t help as “the economy is dead”. People fleeing US debt will move their wealth into gold & silver…

Greg Mannarino Interviewed by Greg Hunter

Mannarino says investors don’t want anything to do with the dollar, and he suggests listening to Alan Greenspan on the coming bond market sell-off if people don’t want to hear it from Mannarino himself.

Mannarino contends a rapid sell-off in bonds “will be very good for gold.” Mannarino also likes physical silver and thinks, “It’s still the most under-valued asset on the planet.”

  1. If you believe the inflation CPI, the $50 1980 high in silver is $148 today (this excludes consideration of expanded monetary base money since 1980, which is something like 24X greater, 6X if we ignore the insanity of the Fed since 2008, that they claim to be able to unwind). It would have had to surpass $137 to make an inflation adjusted high in 2011 when it only hit $49, so frightened exceeding the nominal high were TPTB. I think they know when silver finally blows its top, the FRN is in serious existential trouble. It’s priced like welding supplies today, not a precious metal 1/9th as rare as gold.

    • SilverBullRider – Silver was not really 50.00 in 1980. that was a blip, unrealistic manipulation. The actual price was more like 4.00 or less but for arguments sake lets say it was $5.00 an ounce average. so to get an accurate value you should use that amount and not 50 dollars. Or at least 10 times lower than 50.00 dollars. sorry to say this but at 5.00 an ounce actual 1980s price that would make your $148.00 figure more like $14.80…. Same calculations apply to Gold as well. In reality almost all things material are 4-5 times cost now compared to 1980, gas, housing, cars, etc. Using X4 method Silver should be more like $20.00 and ounce and Gold $1,000.00 an ounce.

      Also another scary figure, if silver is 15 time to gold @18.00 x 15 Gold should be (18.00×15) $270.00 an ounce. (nevermind the 10-1 ratio)

      My pile cost Me over 25.00 an ounce average. Been waiting and dollar costing now for 6 years since I bought into this hoopla

  2. The 8 year recession cycle will still hit, and was just delayed by the Fed. Moodys will downgrade US debt since we cannot control debt spending.

    Meanwhile bank accounts pay no interest, and housing/stock market/cryptos/treasuries all over-inflated and ready to pop. No where else for value investor money to go except into metals. Just a matter of time now til the bubbles pop. Having bought back in at the 15-16 dollar level, I am excited about these next few years for the precious metals in general. Particularly silver and platinum. Palladium seems to be headed up on the Russian political conflict with the US also.

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