imagesIn his latest update, Greg Mannarino addresses the Fed’s minutes released last week, in which several Federal Reserve members supposedly stated QE will end by the end of 2013.   Mannarino states that the Fed ending QE at the end of the year is impossible, and that the Federal Reserve has absolutely no intention of stopping or even slowing quantitative easing.
As we stated upon the release of the Fed minutes, Mannarino states that the Fed’s threat to stop QE is pure propaganda designed to stall the rally in gold and silver that was getting underway last week.
He states that if the Federal Reserve were to stop printing money, everything would end, and the collapse would be so incredible that people would literally eat each other in the street!

Mannarino’s full update below:


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  1. Keep your eyes on Japan.  Japan is setting up to be that black swan event that we are all looking for.  In the world of fiat money the Fed and the ECB have things under control for the moment.  It’s all a house of cards and the trigger of the global collapse will not be the Fed stopping the printing press.  Japan is the hyperinflation threat.  For hyperinflation to cause a currency crisis you have to have a competing currency.  In Zimbabwe the U.S. dollar was the competing currency.  Same will be true of Japan.  In the U.S. there is no potential competing currency.  However, the Japanese know the U.S. dollar isn’t what it used to be either.  Michael Pento is calling for a big move of Japanese pension funds into gold and I think he is correct.  That should lead to a big surge in the price of gold and silver.

    • U-Dog… are you saying that the Japanese are not part of the global elite?  Seems to me that this is counter to all the pi$$ing on gold and silver that is being done in the Western financial system.  I realize that Japan is not a Western country but its government was modeled after one when WWII ended.  Also, if the Japanese pension plans do this and it seems to be working, what is to stop the pension systems in other nations from following suit and doing the same thing.  This could lead to a HUGE PM rally of truly epic proportions.

    • Spot on.  Gov’t assistance is invisible today.  SNAP and EBT cards have replaced the soup lines of the 1930’s.  Otherwise today’s soup lines would dwarf those of the Great Depression.

    • SilverSlicker….It’s not that I don’t agree with Mannarino, it’s that he steals all his material from others. He never has an original thought. Always hawking his book. And does not have the life experience or professional background to even be commenting. Unless you count his professional gambling career. Seriously, Wall Street and Vegas aren’t all that different.

  2. Liked you said Ugly Dog, Japan is really in the soup.
    Imagine what will happen if Japan and China get into some sort of hot confrontation over the Senkaku islands.  We have enormous defense and military pacts with Japan. So we’ll have to chose sides.
    Taiwan will get dragged into this. 
    J and C have lots of bad blood going back 100 years or more  This pivotal issue is going to require lots of Jaw Jaw or we will have War War, like Churchill used to say.  J

    • Radiation levels in Tokyo are rising.  Fukushima is still leaking at dangerous levels and probably will for another 27,000 years.  Another earthquake would bring total disaster breaking what is left of those reactor buildings wide open.  But, do we hear about any of this from the MSM?  Of course not.  What if Japan needs to relocate Tokyo?  That’s what is behind their interest in those islands.

    • I used to work with a gentleman who emigrated to the US from China.  He once told me that in China, anything that happened during the past 800 years was considered a “recent event”.  We need to stop and consider such things from time to time as we deal with Asia and its people.  
      While all human beings share certain similarities, there are also some very large and critical differences as well.  As one who is neither Japanese nor Chinese, I would like to see China back off a little on these islands.  They are small amounts of territory that Japan may need quite desperately.  It is not simply an ornament of pride for them.  It is quite possible that between Fukushima and continuing earthquakes and tsunamis that large parts or all of Japan could become inhabitable.  My question is, “What are they planning to handle this contingency?”.  The Japanese are a meticulous people.  They ARE making plans for such an eventuality but it would be quite interesting to know what they are planning to do about all this.  Sitting there quietly while glowing in the dark does not seem a viable option, unless racial suicide (seppuku?) IS the plan.  One can only hope that it is not.

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