In his latest update, Greg Mannarino discusses his outlook for the markets in the wake of Obama’s re-election.  With the looming fiscal cliff, massive tax increasing set for 2013, the Fed preparing to take QE supernova, Mannarino states a major market sell-off and financial collapse is coming in which many people will LOSE EVERYTHING!   Mannarino believes that the coming crash will be so intense that the DOW could potentially hit 4,000!

He concludes by stating investors should be buying metals across the board at current levels, and hold for the long term.

Full update below:

    • @StackSmack3000 – If you followed greg closely and have read his book you would know he is in no way shape or form a gold bug. He only recommends investing in silver because after the dollar collapse it will set up a mega bubble in gold and given silvers fundamentals it will not go through the same bubble burst as gold. Of course the name of the game in gold or silver is knowing when to get out of the metals into over-corrected assets. At some point I have been thinking about waiting for gold to hit 1800-1900 and sell my few ounces and trade into silver myself. More upside to silver.

    • @Orion:
      You need to look at the GSR instead of Gold pricing to swap for SILVER. It was perfect a week or so ago, nearly 55:1 !!!
      When Gold hits 1900 the GSR will be around  40:1 and much less favorable for a swap. Swap now, thank me later!  😀 

      Actually, do your own research, but you will find this factual.  

    • I agree. I’m tired of these price predictions from these financial “experts” because they keep them and they are wrong 99% of the time. We all know that gold and silver will go up in the long term but they keep pointing out the obvious thing.

  1. Question for Greg Mannarino:
    I believe you are spot on, about what is coming, and the need to protect oneself.
    Here is my idea:
    I bought some call option contracts on DXD, and FAZ ….if you look at the history of the 2008-2009 meltdown,
    you will see that these Ultrashort Bear ETFs , were trading at amazing highs.
    If this same behaviour happens again, during a stock market crash, it seems possible to make a huge return on a small bet. Look at what the DOW was then, when things tanked , if things tank worse this time, DXD and FAZ payouts should be even greater. Is there something I’m missing ?
    I look at my small bets as a form of insurance.
    Any comments ? Anyone ?

    • Great Idea! I like that way of thinking, but I would still move out into a “safer bet” like PIMCO or something that is bond oriented. 
      PIMCO only lost 8% in that fatal Q4/2008 debacle, and Bill Gross (founder of pimco) is saying Gold over Bonds right now. Do you think PIMCO is long on Gold, for that base fund? I hope so!  

  2. My point was that its almost impossible to really know what fiat price gold will settle at with all the money printing and inflation. To me I try to ignore the dollar figures except what the current spot price is when I am buying dips. I mean like I said in the forum yes gold may be 7500$ or 10,000$ but what are those dollars worth in commodities and tangible goods? Anyone trying to figure out where metals are going in fiat dollars needs to stop chasing the invisible carrot… People need to start thinking in terms of what can I buy or trade it for in the future. It’s all about timing your jump from metals to corrected and under valued assets post collapse such as real estate or companies that produce real things. 
    @stacksmack3000 – my mistake for misreading. Most of the time I am playing devil’s advocate anyways. I like bringing out discussion or debate.

  3. The only thing I have gotten out of any of the Hype is by Chris Duane. I know in my heart that things are not looking good and I have preparing for the last two years but to me it’s not all doom and gloom (I Hope) Lol
    I don’t listen to the predications of the spot prices or follow them as I know in the future PM’s will eventually be my Wealth.
    So what has Chris given Me?
    It’s been working for me for the last year or so. Especially on the Forums. LMAO

  4. I don’t agree with him 100% but I like Chris personally because he is one of the few people that is not strictly doom and gloom and speaks on your responsibility to be better stewards of freedom with your precious metal wealth in the next paradigm. Trust me I enjoy reading the occasional doom piece with my morning coffee but mostly it gets old with no solutions being offered. For me I have come around to totally accepting where we are at in time and remain over confident that the war has already been won.. however, it won’t be without a lot of sacrifice.

    Charlie how is real estate your way? People in texas buying land like crazy this week after the election… If I had a dime this work for how many times I have heard “looking to get out of the stock market and put it into some farm land I can touch” Those types of people usually get my precious metals spill somewhere in the showing. LOL

    • @orion I like Chris also but there are some of his thoughts that I don’t. The main one is reaching within one’s self to get the answers, I’m a believer in that because that’s where the answers are if you ask and listen.
      As for real estate in Maine, it sucks. Lol Land isn’t selling very well up here as you can only farm so many months out of the year. Lol and for houses they aren’t any better. Only low end up to $150,000.00 but I did put two Under Contract today so I’ll see if I can hold them together. LMAO

    • @Charlie – I understand and agree on the idea that you need to be your own central bank, your own news/truth filter, your own medical doctor (as I no longer trust the western drug pushing doctors) and find out for yourself where you’re really at. Sadly Collectivism has almost killed the rugged individual.

      Good news on the contracts, keeping them together is always the hard part LOL. The title company we use here has a picture in their office of a row team on a boat with a row captain with her megaphone. Everyone has shirts on identifying who they are in a transaction such as banker, surveyor, inspector, realtor, seller, buyer and the lady with the megaphone is the title company agent. She says on her megaphone “Everyone ready? Now CLOSE!!” Everyone starts rowing out of order and falling out of the boat. The row captain looks exasperated and says “RESCHEDULE CLOSING DATE!!!”

    • I also like Chris Duane’s advices. My favorite series from him was the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield. His voice sounds like a philosopher in my opinion. I’m looking forward to see more of his videos such as his new series called SOLA”.

  5. Most, if not all of the people on this website are inexperienced neophytes as far as actual trading goes, so I would say this; what Greg is saying is absolute truth…what he says about sharks, about the market pros basically living off the carcasses of novice retail traders, etc etc. It is all true. I know, because I was a naive retail trader  4 years ago when I was losing money faster than I could make it. I started taking mentoring from one of the most successful hedge fund traders in the world about 3 1/2 years ago…I finally reached consistent profitability about a year ago. The trading gig is very very tough and it is FACT that you are trading against the best in the world….as an example, how many of you would have known to take a long in the YM mini-Dow at 13,000 where I did a couple days ago…AND THEN get the hell out right near the top….I would say probably no one on this website. I knew when to exit, if I had not exited,I would have been stopped out in the parabolic down move…I do trade professionally now.

  6. Who gives a hoot what spot is? Who cares who is trading? Who cares if someone make a vid? What you could be caring about is will I be able to provide for my family in the future. Then we all have a decision at that point to make and I’m sure it will not be made by some yahoo on line. 

    I made mine and it wasn’t from listening to hype

  7. Not sure who that is to 427 so I will just say I agree and have made that decision long before I started buying silver. I do everything I do for my family not myself. That being said I enjoy listening to greg and really enjoy his charts.

  8. Condor said…”Most, if not all of the people on this website are inexperienced neophytes as far as actual trading goes. I finally reached consistent profitability about a year ago. 
    –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –
    That is no surprise, since Conders feast upon the dead and dying.

  9. O.k., snarking aside – fact is that some people can successfully wrap their minds around trading while others are incapable of this.  What I have been successful at trading, albeit on a small scale, is numismatic coins.  I bought a set of those 5-oz 2010 ‘America the Beautiful’ coins when they first came out, flipped it the next day and nearly doubled my money.  Ditto for the 25th anniversary Silver Eagle sets which came out last year.

    But as far as buying and selling contracts & options & ETF’s – NO, my skull is too thick to properly time transactions so instead I stick with what I can understand – buying Phyzz when prices take a dip.

    Condor, if you enjoy coming across as though you feel you are superior to others, then beginning a post with ”Most, if not all of the people on this website are…” is a good way to convey this attitude.

  10. He”s a bit of a clown
    He’s kinda right. If you’re not a shark, don’t play.
    I’ll just keep stacking,  just an average guy, if I get to my 1000 oz goal I’ll be happy.
    And a bit of gold too.

  11. Yes there will be a collapse and it is mathematically inevitable. When that happens the whole system will collapse along with all fiat currencies so billions of people around the world are going to lose all their savings in fiat currencies. “PHYSICAL” gold and silver are the best to keep in your savings because their values will stay the same.

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