In his latest update, Greg Mannarino states gold and silver will see substantial gains over the last month and a half of 2012.
Mannarino states that literally FORTUNES will be made in hard assets such as gold and silver as the Fed intentionally debases the dollar with QE∞.    He states that unlike 99% of the population which will be devastated when the dollar collapse is complete, the events unfolding before our eyes financially will transform the lives of those wise enough to protect themselves from currency debasement with gold and silver. 


  1. Greg is a good guy, but lately he’s giving advice that’s a bit conflicted. He says at some stage soon, the whole thing will go ‘splat’, and so get out of fiat and hold PMs. Also, he says we should all learn about options and make money on the stock market, but if it all goes splat, then we’re gonna lose it. Anyway, like I said, he’s a good guy, so I’ll just shut up, lol.

    • Even if a reputable person like Greg Mannarino tells me to buy some stocks so that I can make some extra dollars, I would not follow his advice because when the fiat system will collapse, all paper assets will totally lose all their values so it is not worth the risk.

  2. I agree, Chief.  Greg is a good guy but he is also a paper trader.  It would seem to be quite a conflict of interest to be trading paper all the time, making his living from doing that, and then recommending PMs via his videos.  I would never recommend trading futures and options to any small investor unless they only used a very small part of their savings.  The reason being, that the options and futures are like swimming in very deep water that is infested with large sharp-toothed predators who are just looking for a nice inexperienced person to munch on. 

  3. You’d have to be a Houdini to be able to escape from the paper markets in time to avoid a major loss.  Flash crashes or steady declined are equally painful, producing huge losses.  Greg’s charts are pretty good. I review them to see if there is something to get gained in predictions of cycles in the PM markets.  But paper trading is off my ‘to do’ list.  Houdini I’m not. Hopefulyl Greg can avoid getting caught.

    • @AGXIIK you put me in mind of Ann Barnhardt’s admonition to recognize that all markets are thoroughly dominated by computerized HFT trading now. That’s an observation often confirmed, even in the MSM. When … some event … triggers a pre-programmed ‘shut-down’ routine, nearly all bids will immediately vanish off the world’s reporting terminals. So, what happens to the ‘fleet-of-foot’ traders in that event? In a pico-second, they’re trapped … frozen in place. Outside the so-called ‘markets’, in the real-world, hard assets will either skyrocket in a blink or disappear as well. I know if I had a coin shop and news of that event hit MY screen, I would either lock the door and take my entire inventory home, or convert all my ‘prices’ to metallic ratios.

  4. Agree Greg is a great guy, although it’s not quite clear to me where he’s coming from.

    He does warn people of paper if they’re not well-versed in it. And he addresses a rookie crowd, not expert traders. to his rookie crowd, the PM advice seems sound, but it will not make anyone rich.

    I’d love to get involved in options, first to hedge my stack (Rawdog once discussed that, but as a euro dude I am not sure how to trade such options from here). Then, if risks can be limited to the investment, I’d like to ride the next big up wave with some leverage.

    Of course, paper should not be traded all-in with leverage. I lost the furtune I made that way, May 2011. If you get handy with short-term positions with a small percentage of your wealth only. The all-in deal is cool if you get it right, but the moment you get it wrong, you’re back to square one. Not cool, and trust me, I found out the hard way.
    Options are real scary to me, just a quick guide seems to be a thick book.

    • The precious metals won’t be making someone rich because these metals only preserve your purchasing power. The reason why their prices go up is due to the fiat currencies losing values. If you have bought an American silver quarter for 1$ before and that if you are selling that piece now, you won’t actually be making any profits because everything else also went up.

  5. Yes, but the REAL question is … ‘fortunes’ … in WHAT? If folks are anticipating realization of ‘fortune’ in Plantation Scrip stamps, they’re deluding themselves. On the other hand, if their ‘fortune’ is instead realized in ratios to goods and services, their reward will be great indeed.

  6. I honestly don’t have currency to play games in the paper market, and even if I had, I have no desire to do so. Paper remains a promise at best. E.g. consider the Liberty Dollar project started by Bernard von NotHaus. At some stage they issued certificates backed by physical gold and silver. After the FED raids those certificates are no longer redeemable for gold/silver. The relevant certificates can be bought for pennies on the dollar at eBay. This while the actual silver Liberty Dollars have increased tenfold in value, because the FED couldn’t destroy the intrinsic value of the silver contained in the Liberty Dollars. The choice pertaining to what to hold should be obvious, but I suppose greed loves paper and misery loves company.

    • @silverbullion … “I suppose greed loves paper and misery loves company.” Great extrapolation off the old adage!

      You know, all other factors aside, despite a long run without any aggressive opposition from government, their hammer really came down hard within weeks of Liberty Dollar’s issue of small money copper pieces. I had written Mr. vonNotHaus, explaining why he should consider abandonment of ‘dollar’ nomenclature from a copper issue, but those pieces were debuted not long after … with the ‘forbidden’ denomination embossed.

      It was during that period, observing how those events unfolded that it solidified in my realization that … the REAL monetary war is on SMALL money … starting with copper, progressing into silver and really only half-heartedly in gold as it effects those realms below … on the streets.  

    • @Patfields Thanks, I am glad you like the extrapolation. I was not sure if it would go down well (or add any value at all).

      I fully agree. Mr. vonNotHaus shot himself in the foot by using “dollars” or any denomination for that matter. I would have made it Liberty Ounces and only indicate the metal content and purity in terms of value. To his credit, He did make a lot of changes, but it was a little too late. Needless to say, this will not diminish my respect for him too the least bit, because the real message he tried to convey went far beyond just the mere promotion of honest money.

      Talking about copper, I’ve got a half-full shopping bag filled with a mix of copper coins that still need to be recorded. It has been sitting under my desk next to me for ages now. It will surely be interesting  to see how much intrinsic value get recorded against the face values. I am baby sitting again today, so hopefully I will have an update ready soon.

    • Exactly! Your example just shows that even with a currency backed by gold, we should still not trust the paper currencies because they can easily be declared as “nonredeemable”. As for the physical coins, their metal contents will still back up their values. 

  7. @rekless I’m with you , I quoted on another site that he was contradicting himself, buy Physical PM’s but go to my site and download my guide and follow it, to make fiat in the Paper Game. Lol
    I guess I’m to strong a Physical Stacker to understand or look at Paper. Lol

    • Hi Charlie. Looks like a good day for silver. Happy Thanksgiving. I got a chuckle out of the Bernanke banter yesterday, what a hoot! They are actually more like spoiled little boys than most realize. That little brat though takes OUR football and goes home!  LOLOL!!!!!

  8. He did mention about a week ago that anyone who is an amateur should stay away from paper and only those who have the savvy and the nerve should even think about doing so, but if you are “careful and use your head” you will come out way ahead. I can completely understand this tact but I myself do not have what it takes to do what he does, one can get truly hurt if not up to snuff in the stock game.

  9. A quick google search will give a idea of who this guy really is.  He is out of the same mold as Wayne Allen Root.  A vegas charlatan masquerading as a market insider.  Greg isn’t a trader.  He has zero credentials and is a self promoted know it all.  Look up his history.  A guy that sell books on blackjack and tells people that his “Gregorian Theory” will guarantee you wealth beyond your wildest dreams.  Seems to me Greg has been doing this scam on people for years.  Now he has moved on to fortune telling about market trends.  Wayne Allen Root came from the same gutter as Greg.  The depths of the Vegas streets.  Root has his 5 star locks of NFL and college football picks that also guaranteed you instant wealth.  All you need to do is buy his service and his books to get his unbelievable  trends and picks of future games.  Now Root is a leading candidate for the Libertarian Party.  He is a radio and TV talk show host.  He makes big money selling another misleading service of financial advice.  These guys like Root and Greg move to whatever it takes to take your money.  They prey on the weak minding and hope you never do any research on their past and history.

    • But how does he make a living then? The books? Doubt he sold more than a few hundred.
      Perhaps he IS a small time trader, improving his odds from the blackjack ones. And who knows, perhaps he IS sincerely aiming to help people out. The books are a bit of a hint, but seriously, why not a $$$ subscription service then?

    • @duckvision you could be correct … but, then again not. If you Google Pat Fields for instance, you could imagine me as a High Fashion Cllothing Designer, an Economics (or Law) Professor, a fast rising College Baseball Star … or a wide assortment of other folks of the same name.

    • I never heard of Greg Mannarino before. I just recently about him on SilverDoctors on September 2012 and I was reading the SilverDoctors’ news since November 2011. New financial “pundits” are replacing the older ones.

  10. He works like the rest of us. Probably a regular 9-5 type of job. He makes a couple extra bucks selling his stolen material on books, subscriptions and donations.  My god, he is listed in the vegas circuit for texas holdem tournaments.  Does this sound like a guy who is preparing for global financial destruction like he proclaims almost on a daily basis.  Look up his crazy book on blackjack.
    Here is a link.
    Does that sound like a credible person that would sell crap like that.  IMO, he is a total fraud and his history shows this.
    Here is his listing on the poker tournaments.
    Listen, you are not a bad person if you gamble.  Hell, I personally like to go to some casinos on a semi-regular basis.  It’s all fun and games.  The difference is that this guy sells so-called strategies on how to brake the bank in Vegas.  That is a con and it’s based on fraud.  This guy has a laundry list of a past that he doesn’t want his audience to know about. 

    • So, he is a poker player. Perhaps maybe his name on the website is fake and it was someone else who used that name as a username. I don’t about this and these sources’ information gives me doubts by the way!

  11. Patfields-
    The problem with what you said is that Greg has admitted to all of his past gambling issues.  He admitted to his BS book and his actions in the casino’s.  He never denied these past actions but he doesn’t want his viewers to know about it because I’m sure it’s bad for business.  It directly effects his efforts to scam future followers.  I have personally have had a long drawn out debate with this fraud.  Believe what you want.  I am just giving people some info on this guy.

    • @duckvision the fact that you have personal knowledge of this, makes a BIG difference. I got the impression from your original post above that you gleaned this gambling thing and other details from Googgling the name ‘Greg Mannarino’. Not that any of this makes much difference on my part. I don’t do ANYTHING in the paper markets and haven’t in many years. And, I constantly caution others from it also.

      For those who are tempted to ‘follow’ Mr. Mannarino, however, what you’d revealed IS important to think about. So … Thanks!  

    • @duckvision
      You sure the hell don’t give up do you? if you spent your time in a constructive maner you would be beneficial to the entier PM community.
      To tell the truth for months on end you have done nothing but try and discredit Greg’s work on every site available. Who cares lol. So then this has to lead me to believe in three things about you. And to prove my point all one has to do is look at your activity board and see you went strate to this post. You havent had any other activity here for a long time but there is a Greg vid here to bash.
      1) So either you are a jilted lover of his and you want to harm him 
      2) Maybe your just a stalker and your fixated on him for what ever deranged reason.
      3) Or maybe your of the typ who is being paid to do what ever you can to discredit him. 
      Nobody in there right mind would be so fixated on Greg. So either your a wacko or you get paid to do it.    

    • @duckvision I’m a Recovering Alcoholic with 26 years but that don’t make me a bad guy. (maybe I should write a book then I will be) Actually I’m a pretty good guy. I have watched and listened to Greg but I don’t follow him and he has been good for getting the message out and not taking a dime for it accept his book but in no way I would buy it.
      Now he’s talking about Paper and to me that’s a different subject to my Stacking philosophy so I probably won’t be listening to him.
      Just give the guy a break and let him do his thing of getting the message out as there are lots of people out there that need to receive the message and stop dwelling on his past, hell this is America land of Opportunity. Lol

    • @Marchas45

      Charlie me to ha ha ha I have done so much crap in my life. But I guess duck is perfect and now that he knows you have an addiction and are in recovery. Well lets just say I hope I don’t have to beat him off your back to lol. As soon as I saw these post I had flash backs gezzz get a life. 


    • He did? I just previously posted a comment saying that it might false but since you are telling it that way, then I believe you. He doesn’t want everyone else to know about this or else, he would lose a lot views. That’s something new that I’ve learned about him.

  12. Listen guys, this Greg Marinara guy isn’t old enough to have a clue what he is talking about.  When you have the likes of Jim Sinclair, the GATA boys, Nick Barisheff, Jim Rickards, etc., to draw from don’t give this spaghetti sauce your time.  When asked if he had a gambling problem, Marinara replied, “Bet you $500 I don’t. Buy my book to get the odds breakdown in detail.”

  13. Pat Fields  Ann is one of my ‘must reads’ on a thrice weekly basis.  She is scourge and a scold many times.  She also has the consistent theme that centers around getting out of the market.  The one thing I have not figured out is why she had over $20,000 in her business account that was seized a couple of weeks ago by the IRS.  She’s been on a tax vendetta so the IRS is not doubt making an example of her.  My best guess is she wants to become a martyr.
    From what I can discern on Greg he may have fallen off the wagon due to his paper trading commentary. If he was addicted to that, it is a tough one to kick. It took me 20 years to wean myself off computer and broker paper stock trading.  That was harder than cigarettes, alcohol and adult pharmaceuticals.  I kind of felt sorry for the businesses when I quit my evil ways.  General Brewery went bankrupt, 3 tobacco farmers went to soy beans and teh State of Michoacan defaulted on its Euro Bonds.  But I’m much better now. Quitting Fidelity, though, was a pleasure.  Now silver and gold are my new ‘crack’  HAHA.

  14. Fortunes will be made in terms of dollars because by debasing the US dollar, all prices will go up especially gold and silver’s prices because the dollar would lose some of his purchasing power due to QE infinity. Fortunes will be preserved in gold and silver because those two metals preserve your purchasing power.

  15. He could just take an assumed name for a markets vlog, not use his poker-diluted name as much.
    In a way I am not much different. Used to do day trading with derivatives, lost it all, and started starting. 100x slower, but’s all still there. I look for opportunities to do quick in and out paper tricks to help my stacking (long cash positions are tricky). If it works, it works…

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