In his latest update, former Bear Stearns trader Greg Mannarino states he expects further weakness in equities as well as gold, silver, and oil.   He states the current pullback in the metals is a GIFT, and should be met with strong accumulation by precious metals investors.
Mannarino discusses the importance of remaining detached from your investments, and states that investors should expect massive volatility in the next few months and should remain prepared to capitalize on further price weakness in the metals.

Mannarino stresses that what happens in the short run with the metals DOES NOT MATTER, the equities and treasury bond bubbles WILL BURST, and will DESTROY investors that are not protected with gold and silver.

    • Exactly!…and to make matters worse Gregory isn’t even a past Bear Sterns Trader, I’ve posted all the links and a few photos of Gregory. He writes books since leaving NYC, where he’d worked as a Nurse. After I posted the links and photos on my Website, he deleted them from “Linked” but it doesn’t matter because I still have the story written up on him as a nurse on my forum along with all the links for folks to find out the truth themselves!
      Also Gregory claims to have access to inside Trader knowledge then why wasn’t out like me and a several others warning of the 2008 September market crash 6 months earlier on the internet?’s ’cause he doesn’t have inside info.
      Why did he write three books after moving to Vegas and the first book was on winning at Black-Jack! lol
      If he really did have ALL this insider knowledge then why is he on Youtube trying to sell book on amazon on how to survive tie economic collapse.
      I am the only one able to connect the dots?

  1. I hope that gold and silver’s prices goes further down so that I’ll be able to stack more precious metals very fast and cheaply. I hope that silver goes back to 27$ per ounce but I don’t think that it’ll be possible right now due to rising costs of mining. So, silver will reach 29$ minimum according to the lows line.

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