In his latest update, Greg Mannarino tears apart Ben Bernanke’s speech Monday defending the Fed’s QE∞ program.
Mannarino correctly wonders how it is possible that the Fed Chairman missed the EPIC housing bubble, and states Bernanke is currently creating the biggest and most devastating bubble that the world has ever seen, and that he’s missing this bubble HE IS CREATING as well.

Bernanke stated Monday that he doesn’t believe that printing over $1 billion A DAY into infinity will cause inflation.  The BIGGER THE LIE, THE EASIER TO BELIEVE Mannarino states Bernanke is either completely inept, or something much more sinister is at hand.   Do you believe that Bernanke does not understand that the US dollar is losing it’s reserve currency status, he’s creating currency wars, and his actions are leading towards global war?

Mannarino states The writing is on the wall!  Bernanke is stealing from every one of us by stealing purchasing power!  This man is going to print money like it’s going out of style, because it is going out of style! We’re watching the death of fiat currency!!


  1. What Mannarino fails to understand is that Bernanke has a different agenda.  He’s very smart.  Knows what he’s doing.  Its just that he reports to the head banksters at the U.S. Treasury and the BIZ, not the American people.  

    • ^I’m with stupid.

      The guys who run the Fed know exactly what they’re doing.  The “useful idiots” are the economists/pundits/politicians who come up with stupid-theories-and-models-that-have-nothing-to-do-with-reality to “explain” to the sheeple why the Fed/Big Brother does what it does.

  2. Benny knows exactly what he’s doing! He is following the script. Do you think Ben controls the situation? He is in control like Obama is in control. The reason this kind of crud continues is because we blame the fed chairman, the president, for what’s wrong when it is in the hands of the elite banking families and interests. The death of currency is exactly the plan and it’s not Ben who pulls the strings, he is simply the front man who takes all the punches for those who are really in control.

  3. THE ONLY THING WORSE IS LETTING THEM GET AWAY WITH IT!  Let us go back in history and look at the root cause.  Where Wall Street Failure is Rewarded.  It all started started before 1833, by the Secret “Pilgrims Society.” of sixty families.  Do your research.  The anti-silver-club ring a bell?  You are complaining about something that came before our time?  Does Britain have any thing to do with it?  Get involved. Do you know silver is equal to more valuable than gold?  What is so intrinsic  about silver, or better yet, why is it not backed up by the Petro-dollar anymore?  Please keep stacking…

  4. If you believe that QE 1, QE 2, Operation Twist and QE 3 will cause ((in(hyper)flation)), then you believe or need to believe that silver and  gold are solid investments that represent a low price today.  Everything else is chatter.  Interesting chatter but chatter nonetheless.  I like Greg since he does not have an agenda other than giving us good data with which to make our important decisions.

    • Also, more QEs will arrive which will cause more inflation. By that, gold and silver’s prices will go higher. Gold is the most stable asset so if there are more dollars in circulation, it will be noticed very easily thanks to gold which is why the Federal Reserve watches its price like an eagle. Silver is like gold but it is really undervalued than it was before and it has a lot of uses for industrial, investment and soon after the collapse of all fiat currencies, monetary purposes.

  5. “Public enemy number one” good way to get on a bad list…
    The Fed isn’t looking out for anyone’s interests but their own. Their owners are telling them to kill the dollar. We don’t count and are disposable in their world. That is going to backfire on them eventually! Wouldn’t have to even be a quarter of a million, $10k to everyone over the age of 18 that could only be spent on US made products would be a huge boost to the economy.

  6. Yes, we are watching the death of fiat currency. Since we have noticed it and that we know the consequences of it, we have protecting against it by buying gold and silver. I wonder how QE3 is going to affect the Canadian dollar.

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