nuclear-bomb-KoreaTRUTH Journalist Greg Hunter from USAWatchdog joins the SGTReport to talk about everything from the Nasdaq ‘Glitch” to the lies of CFR-member mainstream mockingbirds to currency wars to the propaganda designed to take us into yet another war, this time in Syria – and potentially right into WW3.

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    abarai72french says:

    what mr hunter is missing just like everyone else in america is that the mainstream media is the zionist media and they take us all into ww3 just like they did in ww1 and ww2. But too much blind people who don’t see the tribalism of the jewish community but hey america was built by free masons so it is understandable to be so blind.

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      abarai72french says:

      no hate @Mammoth just seeing what is happening, don’t be a kid please, when i said zionist and jewish community It means the zionist and the (representative or self called) jewish community and nothing more. I will take an example of your blindness, in america when Lloyd Blankfein says he is doing god’s work you just see a crazy personn instead of seeing a tribalist doing what is community should do according to their religious belief.

  2. Ya know posters, I am of the opinon that we get what we deserve.  Oh yes, I know, most of us here didn’t vote for Obozo, but those that did, did so, in my opinon, for every WRONG reason.  It was because he was black, he has a nice smile, he’s tall, he’s a golfer, he’s gay, etc.
    If you want to know what the youth of today have in store for you, just go to a mall. Sit there and observe and listen.  Better yet, talk to some young people.  You will be amazed, flabbergasted, sickened, downright incensed.  Why?  Because they give every indication they are from another planet.  They know NOTHING of their history.  They know NOTHING of current events. The word responsibility is not in their vocabulary.
    Arm yourself with information on the past weeks’ reality shows, what Kim Kardashian was wearing, and what’s the top five on the hip-hop charts.  Then you will be the bomb! And everything is fine on planet Earth.

    I’m glad I am old.

    Those of you that are in the peak of life, you’re fucked!

  3. First we remove Iraq’s ruthless dictator, and then the country descends into chaos, with the religious muslim freaks trying to take control.

    Then we remove Libya’s ruthless dictator, and the country descends into chaos, with the religious muslim freaks trying to take control.

    Next, we remove Egypt’s ruthless dictator, and the country descends into chaos, with the religious muslim freaks trying to take control.

    Now, we are on the verge of removing Syria’s ruthless dictator.

    Can you guess what the results of our meddling will be?

    • Yes, Woolly, what the results will be is this:  Obozo will get his pitiful presidency placed on the back burner for a little while….and yes, the chaos will ensue, and the muslim extremists will take over and wish us all death.

    • >>>Now, we are on the verge of removing Syria’s ruthless dictator.
      Only problem is that he is only a rodeo clown of a dictator compared to Obama, the elected dictator. Choice of 2 corporately selected dictators every election is not democracy 🙂 Assad is only ‘ruthless’ because he is anti-petro-dollar and pro-russian whereas the Princes in Saudi Arabia are all fine as far as the Whitehouse is concerned (King/Prince/Dicatot … what’s the diff?) 16 out of 19 supposed hijackers on 911 were Saudi, but has Saudi Arabia been invaded … NO … because it is the lynchpin within OPEC for the Petro-Dollar system and is the counter punch to Iranian moves for a Gold-Oil backed trading mechanism.
      >>>Can you guess what the results of our meddling will be?
      Death destruction and chaos in the Middle East. Just as the white house and pentagon have always planned. Divide and Conquer. Shia Vs Muslim = Good foreign policy as far as the US is concerned, and it is even better if extremest Muslim sects (especially central Asian Turkish ones invade China and Russia culturally). Any oriental Christians who get caught in the cross fire are of course no problem for secular money loving banking and corporate dynasty’s.

  4. Good post silverrrrr.  Short story.  I was picking up a return hose for the pool Saturday.  I handed her the old hose. The girl behind the counter ‘measured’ my hose (boy, that sounds funny) and handed me the hose and said, ‘this one is the one you need’.  I borrowed her tape, measured both hoses and picked the other one (which fit perfectly), the one she suggested surely would not have fit.  She works at the pool place and has no idea what interior diameter is!
    Not done, there is more.  While measuring the ID of both hoses, two young (and white) women walk into the store.  I am done, paid, out of there.  I get to my truck and low & behold what do I see?  An Obama bumper sticker!  And, right next to it, a Hillary 2016 bumper sticker!  I cannot tell you my first reaction, but it was not pretty.  I simply shook my head and left.  That is what silverrrrr is talking about, they just don’t get it!  Heaven help us. 

    • This is why the cash registers in fast food places all have pictures on the keys so that those too dumb to work with numbers can still ring up a sale.  Yes, it absolutely is pitiful.  Those of us who were educated rather than “schooled” can do more math faster in our heads than these clowns can do with a pencil and paper.  And, for some completely unknown reason, THEY look down on US.  Idiots.

  5. Sheep dog and silverrr.
    No matter who President they are controlled by a very elite group of men. I don’t hold Obama for the current mess that we in because this is decades in the making.
    But despite what the sheeple do we as stackers are preparing ourselves for the chaos that will soon be hear.

    • There really are only 2 uses for sheep… wool and mutton.  It is pretty clear than when the SHTF, none of these sheep will have ANY survival tools that they can use, so won’t be surviving.  They will not go quietly, however, and will raise all manner of hell before they finally succumb to the inevitable.  Keep your weapons and ammo close.

    • WW IV will likely be fought between ants and cockroaches, neither of which use either sticks or stones.  Humans won’t have to worry about it.

  6. speaking of war criminals, did anyone else catch the brief news article signed by KLUMMAK that absolves Bush and his entire retinue of wany war crimes.  It was quite specific.  Who’ll sign the same for KLUMMAC, that inexecrable horror Kerry and Hagel?

  7. After September 11, 2001, a memo from Rumsfeld noted that tptb using US military might will take down seven ME countries. Syria is on the list. This confirms Lindsey Williams sources when they say they will let their moves be known before they act. Got that part? They let us know beforehand. So far, they are making good with the seven nations. Iraq, Libya, Tunesia, Yemen, and Egypt. Egypt backfired on them. Our Senator Graham said the musloid brotherhood must be empowered in two weeks. Why two weeks? Why is the US backing a terror organization? Well, Egypt’s military responded forcefully, and Egypt is receiving more than 7 billion from Saudi and others.

    Also, they are rolling along to create massive debt on all nations and peoples. A memo released recently tells us how they will do it. Derivatives is their Trojan Horse, and repealing Glass-Stegal was their war dance.

  8. In January 2012, a study funded by the Dept. of Homeland Security(“Hot Spots of Terrisom and Other Crimes in the United States, 1970 to 2008”) characterizes Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority,” and “reverent of individual liberty” as “extreme right-wing” terrorists….
    Hey! What about my study….It proved just the opposite of their study!

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