snapIn this interview with Finance & Liberty’s Elijah Johnson, Greg Hunter discusses:
-Germany’s top financial regulator says that precious metals manipulation is worse than the LIBOR rigging scandal
– The Federal Reserve has NO GOLD
– Those in Washington Know We Are Headed Towards ECONOMIC Crisis
– China buying up economic power from the United States?
– Current crisis is threatening our personal liberties
Financial collapse will occur within a year, “This is a mathematical calculation that we’re headed for another financial calamity

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  1. This is my first early investment opportunity that I’ve ever found.

    Check out this ponzi scheme.
    Seems groundfloorish so I put a little bit in for speculation.
    Except, can you call it a ponzi if it’s blatently expressing itself as such? New investors pay out the old ones? I am curious to see how far this thing goes before it blows.
    Bitcoin and altcoins only at the moment.
    Eventually this thing will crash I guess.

    • I agree. From the scriptures it appears that the financial system will not collapse until the Anti-Christ is brought onto the scene. Not sure this will help any of us holding silver at that point.

    • US is rapidly approaching third world status, look at Detroit, look at all big cities and how they are falling apart, look at our infrastructure that is crumbling…

    • sam520  Sam I read snippets of this thought a couple of times   As a strict investment model it might not be the best idea.  The Fed has a 70 to 1 equity to debt ratio, $4 trillion in skankapotomous subprime mortgages, miscellaneous debt and long term USTs which have probably dropped in value by 25% since they were stuffed into the portfolio,  The IR swaps probably cost the value of the portfolio to the tune of $300 billion so the Fed had a serious negative net worth.   The 12 member banks, themselves owned by many of the old elite families and royals of Europe might have something to say about China buying their favorite weapon of mass destruction 
      The Fed, now on QE 19 since its founding in 1913, has never once executed a proper and successful business strategy. It was designed to destroy the US from the inside out.  So maybe the present owners are not so eager to sell  The Fed is still a private bank, owned by other banks that might now want to give up the lines and control levers of power
      I dont think we defaulted IMO.  Jack Lew dug into the US government honey pots like the TSP and mortgage hney pots to the tune of about $350 billion.  Those funds were purported to have been replaced after the sequester was over and the national debt jumped about $350 billion to replace the ‘borrowed’ funds in the TSP
      China may forclose on some assets owned but buying the NY JPM building— that’s like the Muslims putting up a mosque over a seized and destroyed church   That’s called–?? I forgot that policy name. It’s kind of like taking a piss on your conquest to mark territory.

      China might like the idea of taking over a US bank that gives them a foot hold.  There are many domestics banks in the US that are owned by the Chinese. If they take over enough they might have some say in US banking policy if they bribe enough politicians.
      Or they might end up like the Japanese.  Owning a bunch of US/Japanese banks and making piss poor loan decisions,  these banks fell out of compliance with the Feds, OCC and regulators and were taken over.
      If they took over the Fed they would end up with this $4 trillion in crappy debt when right now the Chinese own $1.3 trillion of US debt that is questionable.
      Why buy the cow when you can buy its gold, steal the milk, slaughter it later in the day and end up with a nice meal of western banker Dim Dum Dum Sum.

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