1. The government has forged some 1.5 million 400 oz tungsten bars, half of which sits in Fort Knox, probably replacing the real gold which was sold, leased; hypothecated and re-hypothecated a 100 times over and the other half has been sold into the unsuspecting market worth a cool Trillion Dollars. Some of them turned up in HK some months ago, but was hushed up.
    These 10 oz fake bars have all the hallmark of the same culprits trying to dissuade the public from owning gold by scaring them off with their fake tungsten bars.
    Nice try JPM/ESF/Gov – you’re losing the battle.

  2. That’s why you should not buy a gold piece that weighs more than 1 troy ounce. To reduce the chances of a counterfeit gold piece, you should always buy gold that weighs 1 troy ounce or less. Silver doesn’t have a counterfeit problem and even if it does, it is easier to spot it.

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