vault safety deposit boxA Steve Quayle reader has reported that the 2 dozen gold Krugerrands he kept stored in his safety deposit box in a Cincinnati 5/3rd Bank have been confiscated, and that the 5/3 Bank Manager informed him that a CIA agent was the culprit who cleaned out his stash of phyzz– but that all fiat dollars were left untouched in the box.

While this in an anecdotal account, this emphasizes a point we have long made here at SD: if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it!

Full account of Fed gold confiscation is below:


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From Steve Quayle:

I woke up and thought .  I think i will go to the bank today and see the gold coins my grandpa gave me about 15 yrs ago as its been about 2 yrs now since I have been to the Bank Box. So when i got there the bank mgr asks me how are you today, Mr Jones i am fine I would like to see my bank BOX please !!!!.  Senior Officer–OK- Mr Jones this way . So he takes me into the vault room and Brings me my safety deposit Box here’s your box Mr Jones, take as long as you want , Ok thank you i said . To my surprise the (2 dozens GOLD KRUGERRANDS) that I had are GONE!

WHAT!!!!!!! Mr mgr where are my coins who has been in the box– No one should have been in it- its My box .

The bank mgr said the CIA has taken them, they think you are in the MOB . What there has not been a police officer notify me or i have knot been arrested for anything! that’s B . S !
You will hear from my lawyer so that’s were i am at right now.   But here is the kicker– there was money in the box to and it was knot touched . I am still waiting for my lawyer to get back with me at this time . The bank was 5/3 of CINCINNATI OHIO, so if anyone has a bank box with this company or any bank at this time –PLEASE get your stuff out of your safety deposit boxes now before its too LATE!!!!!!!!

2 dozen gold coins at 1 troy oz are about $41,000. us dollars that’s two years of hard work for me and my family I am so mad about this ROBBERY AND INJUSTICE that has been done to me and my family at this time . THANKS —


And…’s gone!

If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it!!

    • The CIA doesnt “investigate” the MOB. The FBI does. Using the word KNOT instead of NOT (twice) shows this guy is an idiot. Two years to check? Didn’t call the cops? No record check? No drilled out key? The key wouldn’t have worked genius! I call BULL SHIT. Do a little background check here will ya Doc?

  1. Make a claim with the BBB immediately. Fifth/Third is a registered member and has an “A” rating. A $40K+ complaint of this caliber, left unresolved, would hurt them badly –even if this was “considered” 100% above board by the authorities.

    There’s lots of “old” money in Cincinnati and this might just be the wake-up call they need. My wife used to work with a multi-millionaire there and he banked at Fifth/Third.

    Also, you should contact every major news channel in Cincinnati. I think Fox News is just crazy enough to go with this.

    You should blog who you talk to along with times and dates and post it on a blogspot– this could go viral.(Take snapshots of your BBB post–you may find that it will just disappear without any trail whatsoever).

    Also, Fifth/Third should have a notary. Ask the bank manager to write down exactly what happened and then notarize his account as a legal document. Or just interview him/her, again, while writing it down — then immediately notarize. (times, dates, names, descriptions)

  2. To play the Devil’s advocate:
    Do you have the paperwork showing you purchased the 2 dozen kruggerands that you claim we confiscated?
    Do you have a witness who will testify that they saw you place the 2 dozen kruggerands in the safe-deposit box?
    Just sayin’…

    • Profile photo of
      14442777 estate says:

      Both those questions assumes any authority backing the CIA or federal government in the first place. Show me your documents that empower you to demand that of me. They don’t exist, fyi.

    • That would be pretty standard procedure.  My CU does this but gives their SDB customers 2 keys so they have a spare.  But the CU only has 1 key and 2 are needed to open the box.  If a customer loses their keys, there is a $100 fee to have a locksmith show up, drill out, and replace the lock.  They used to just give people 1 key but too many of them were lost so they went to the 2nd key.  To open the box, one of these keys + the CU’s key are needed.  Two customer keys will not do it.

  3. Why would a CIA officer identify him or herself? They can portray themselves to be anyone. Did he show an i.d. stating he or she was Virginia farm people. The Patriot Act allows the Government to check your safety deposit boxes..However, you would think this would be the IRS, ICE & FBI with a few assorted agencies. Interesting.

    • The bank mgr said the CIA has taken them, they think you are in the MOB . What there has not been a police officer notify me or i have knot been arrested for anything! that’s B . S !
      You will hear from my lawyer so that’s were i am at right now.   
      Since when does the CIA investigate the mob?! Unless you plan on doing someone against National Security or in their better interests?

    • “Since when does the CIA investigate the mob?”
      Or operate inside the US ( legally ).
      No, using Quayle as a source for any story just lowers your own credibility, Doc.

  4. I know this won’t make you feel any better, but when I started stacking, I mulled over keeping it in a SDB, but I found too many reasons not to.  Bank holiday/closure.  Federal confiscation. Crooked banksters. I won’t say where I finally decided to stash my stack, but suffice it to say that it ain’t in a SDB. 

  5. OK, I understand the whole “Don’t hold it, don’t own it” concept but Steve Quayle is a FLAKE! Don’t use him for ANY news as he is without credibility. I don’t believe anything he says. He’s an opportunistic doomer that puts “credible inside source” stories on his web site that is nothing more than unsubstantiated BS.
    The government may be bad and getting worse, but Steve is reprehensible.

  6. Well, I don’t know how much fact is in this story… But History has certainly shown that a SDB is less than optimum to protect one from gold confiscation.
    Back before I lost my stack in that unfortunate boating accident, I definitely never kept it in a SDB. As it turns out, having it on the boat that day didn’t  prove to be the best place to have it either…  but hey, live and learn.

    • Actually, the Fed Gov has zero idea who even has a SDB let alone what’s in it.  Digging through the history of the 1930s can be an interesting exercise, though.  For one thing, there was never any Gov program for digging through SDBs in search of gold that was not turned in as ordered by EO 6102.  
      What DID happen was that there were two specific types of events that did bring the SDB contents to light for the Feds.  One was when a bank failed and officers of the FDIC showed up to account for the bank’s assets, including property in the SDBs.  The other event was when an individual was convicted of a felony and their assets were seized by the Gov as the proceeds of a crime… including anything in an SDB… pursuant to the execution of a court order.  There never was any random or routine searching of SDBs by Gov agents looking for gold and no gold was confiscated via this route other than the two types of cases mentioned above.  
      Not that any more are needed, of course.  If this minuscule threat is sufficient to cause you to not use a SDB, so be it.  I use one and have SOME things in there because I see it as relatively safe and like the idea of diversification of location for my assets.  I would not have an SDB at any of the BIG banks for ANY reason, however.  Names like Citi, JPM Chase, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and BofA come to mind.  These very large organizations are, IMO, of questionable repute and with way too many sticky fingers there.

  7. Keep in mind Steve Quayle has been saying stuff like this for years. 99% of what he says never comes true, maybe one day it will so until then I call BS on this story.
    Steve Quayle credibility is close to zero, Ill give you a reason. About a year ago Steve was raffling a jeep off, only 1000 or 1500 tickets @ $100 each. I figured it was a good wager so I sent him a $100. After he sold out of the tickets he decided to keep selling them “for the good of the family that owned the jeep” I called him out on it and he said I should be ashamed of myself ! LOL what a Charlotten   

  8. SDBs are just one more way to gain access to someone’s valuables.  You might as well put a sign on the box. 
    “Please steal my stuff, cuz I can’t prove a thing abot what was in the box’
    For a short while I used 2 banks for SDBs, dispersing my phyzz ‘just in case’   Once Doc got me to understand the most basic rule, If you don’t hold it you don’t own it, I keep one SDB as a false front, with useless documents and junk modern proof sets worth no more than the value of the coins. 
    This bread trail is just my way of keeping the spooks, snoops and gonnifs off my trail.  Yes, I am paranoid of bankers and other criminal classes.  
    SDBs can be locked down easily and for no other reason than someone comes in with an official badge, a few papers, and you will not get back into your box. If the official wants what in the box they will take it.  My banker, a decent person, would not put his job and family at risk to stop this from happening. I might get a phone call letting me know what is happening well after the fact but most likely he’d have to abide by the ‘cone of silence’ leaving me to find out the bad news off line. 
    Whatever is with Quayle is not material.  The facts about this system are well documented.

  9. I’ll have to agree.  Doesn’t sound right.  First of all, 2 years is a long time, not to see the kids.  Second, you need two keys, a bank key, and one of your keys.  The bank always tells you if you lose your keys, the box must be drilled out.  And lastly, I would be calling the cops right then and there.  I like Steve.  But like you, you have to watch what to believe in his “Alerts” section…
    Some day stories like this will actually be true.

  10. This needs to be documented thoroughly and accurately….if its true this is pretty bad.
    I agree with Silverhawk, two keys are always needed. Was the lock drilled and replaced ? Or was the lock picked ? Who was the CIA agent that did it? There must be a record of access being demanded.

  11. Sounds a bit off to me.  I have had a similar experience many years ago.  A warrant would have needed to be presented to the bank to gain access to the records showing which safe deposit box was this guys and also search it.  A copy would have been left with the manager and a receipt for whatever was taken.  If this account is true, the bank is liable for the items taken.

    • Agreed.  No banker I ever met would have just handed over the contents of a SDB to some guy claiming to be a Gov agent of any kind.  Every bank manager would immediately call the bank’s attorney and have him or her come over to talk to this “agent”.  The “agent” would then have to produce a properly signed and dated court order that the bank’s attorney could verify was a legitimate court order.  All court orders are a matter of record and an attorney, as an officer of the court, can access those records.  The bank’s attorney would also have to be present if they get to the SDB opening part of all this and would then have to inventory the contents and receive a signed receipt for anything taken from the box.  Most banks also require that a photo be taken of anyone opening a SDB, including the person currently renting it.  It is also likely that in most jurisdictions, the owner of the box would have to be notified and be allowed to attend the opening and inventorying of the SDB.  It is also likely that he would be able to bring his own attorney to this event.
      Yeah, the description given for this event seem highly suspicious to me.  Further verification is definitely needed.

  12. While I agree that sdb’s are a liability, since when does the CIA investigate the Cincinnati mob and raid their boxes of gold but leave their dirty cash untouched? Would not it have been the FBI? And wouldn’t They have arrested this man before or after taking his assets? I agree that sdb’s are ripe for theft, but the CIA is busy running interrogations of Islamists…. Not so sure about local mob (unless they interfered with their coke and opium ops)

    • The Chancery Lane Safe Deposit Company still exists and has done so since 1885. That and the adjoining London Silver Vaults are a couple of London’s hidden secrets few people know exist.

  13. I don’t believe it. Although Steve Quayle seems to come off as a genuine Christian, there are a lot of really strange things about him.
    He often will post ridiculous material that is not true in order to support his argument, like fixing facts around policy.
    I have twice emailed him to tell him that some articles he posted were in fact articles written as April Fools jokes/hoaxes and he managed to rationalize it in some way.
    This is not the proper approach to take.

  14. Steve Quayle=Ass hole
    What a bunch of bullshit
    Probably the same source that in 2010 told nutter tin foiler hatter  Bix Weir that the  “the computer rigging programs have been turn off” and manipulation is over!

  15. Yes, holding your own _someplace_secure_that_you_control_ is a good idea, but this story doesn’t make any sense.
    If it did, most anyone could go pretend to be CIA and rifle random SDBs in Ohio. It doesn’t sound like the bank staff did any due-diligence at all on this, if they had, they’d have the details of the “CIA Guy”. In the United States, the CIA still has to tell you their name and details before acting in any official capacity, otherwise, anybody could fake an ID and a “badge” and pretend to be them.
    Further, SDBs don’t have a “master key”. To get into the box without the owner’s key requires drilling/sawing. That’s been in the news before. If they could use keys they would, less evidence.
    Seems the Quayle guy didn’t know this before he put his story together. How did the CIA get into his box without destroying it? The CIA aren’t magicians.
    Further, as has been said here, the CIA has no interest at all in Organized Crime in the US unless it’s sending man-portable SAMs to Yemen on container ships. And even then the FBI would also be involved. Doing wholesale asset forfeiture sounds more like a local or state cop gig than CIA.
    And the Federal Government never does anything bad to people without some juicy paperwork to go with it. Where are the charges, summonses, subpoenas, indictments, arrest warrants?
    And if they were doing some kind of “MIB” tactic like this with the physical gold, wouldn’t more people be complaining and taking legal action?
    Now, if he’d said IRS, and the safe was drilled, I might believe him, but he didn’t and it wasn’t and I dont.

  16. To DOC,
    Recommend that you not even think about placing Bullshit articles on your site again. We all want solid backed information.
    If there is no news worthy postings, Just say, “Sorry Folks nothing worth posting today!”

    • Credibility Doc goes along way! You have idiots posting this article on Facebook. this article was sent to discredit your site. You have 122 like to this article that is one too many. Apparently they did not read the article.

    • Agreed Mary  It’s does not matter who said what, the fact is that the SDB is not a good place to put valuables. It’s really designed to store important papers off site from your home.  The bank SDBs and vaults are generally more secure against fire, flood, theft, vandalism etc.  I would never put anything of real value in the box since my insurance agent won’t cover its real value.  If there was a policy it would be very costly. I checked on that fact. 
      This is a good heads up and whether steve Q is credible or not does not change the fact that your items in an SDB should be regarded as the backup storage place for paperwork, not cash, jewelry, bullion or things that have value in the hands of an unauthorized person. The paperwork that you store in an SDB is not your only record.  A duplicate should be held at home or with your family attorney.  Trust nothing and no one when it comes to a bank.  That’s just the way is it today.

  17. It’s all true folks, I was there….except The CIA agent  was his mother in law and the Gold confiscated was his marble collection…this story is reminiscent of the fact that people get bored (the designers of Windows 8) and create things and stories that are unnecessary because we all need to be kept busy…or we become dangerous!

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