sinclair1Jim Sinclair sent an email alert to subscribers Wednesday night, stating that the emancipation of physical gold from the paper futures market is at hand, and that the cartel bullion gold banks have done something much worse then shoot themselves in the foot with the recent gold smash to $1320, they have shot themselves in the head!
Sinclair advises precious metals investors:   Hold your gold. You are approaching an event that is going to blow you away. Gold is going way over the modest price of $3500 and paper gold will be emasculated in that it no longer will be a factor in price discovery. The knuckle draggers at the COMEX who are the gold banks have more than shot themselves in the foot with their gold sale. They have taken a direct hit in the head.

 Sinclair’s full alert is below:

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Gold Eagle 2


From Jim Sinclair:

The emancipation of physical gold from paper gold is at hand.


What the gold Banks have done is so stupid that it might not be stupid. The hammer of the gold banks in showing us all that they are the boss they have executed themselves in the form of waking the sleeping elephant of physical gold demand by holding a special sale on the metal.


The School of Free Gold is on the doorstep of their long sought end game. Free gold has various applications of their thesis but if you do not let applications detract from the main thesis of the emancipation of physical gold from fraudulent paper gold, they are right. Actually more correct than any other approach. Even they do not see their predictions have come true today as what above ground gold not already hoarded is heading for hoarding.


Cyprus was the key that opened the door to the end.


Hold your gold. You are approaching an event that is going to blow you away. Gold is going way over the modest price of $3500 and paper gold will be emasculated in that it no longer will be a factor in price discovery.


The knuckle draggers at the COMEX who are the gold banks have more than shot themselves in the foot with their gold sale. They have taken a direct hit in the head.






Today physical gold continues to leave London with 6.32 tonnes of gold departing the GLD for the shores of China, India and Russia. The game ends when the last physical ounce held at the GLD departs.


CIGA David Madisonstyle


Dear David,


The Emancipation of gold will not wait for the last ounce to go. In the Hunt situation the Comex panicked when they bought their own floor rumor that the Hunts were going to take delivery. They did not plan at all to take delivery but rolled positions to future months constantly. A few days later than first notice day and the Comex management, the gold banks, panicked.


It will happen the same way it did in March of 1980, but this time emancipated physical gold from the fraudulent paper gold will seek prices higher in the cash market for gold than any seasoned gold analyst is willing to say. The cash market is the OTC market for spot gold that will be as easy to access as Comex prices are now.


We have passed the end in this gold game leaving only the execution of paper gold to come at the hands of the paper gold traders themselves.



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    • @Canadian Dirtlump  I hope you were going to the street pharmacist and the liquor store regardless of Sinclair’s latest alert.  Otherwise, I’d “keep the champagne on ice”. 

    • Thank You Doc For Your Response, yet you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make the horse drink.  We are all in this together, some better prepared than others.  Yet this guy, Jim SinClaire has made critical errors in his sales.  We are only human, right?  First, I woke up this morning, turned on the Kindle Fire to find Rob Kirby on STG Report, who gave a wonderful talk on ” Full Spectrum Dominance” that needs to be exposed.  This is a presentation which ALL will enjoy.  I am walking distance from the hub of Apple Computer, Infinite Loop, which will have a bigger impact on the sales of Silver.  Unfortunately, banks have moved in smashing the mom&pop stores our economy used to thrive on. So I Live For The Moment For a Paradigm Shift to Occur.  I was awake much earlier than my posts.  Thanks CanadainDirtlump, find a newcomer like these clowns?

  1. It would be nice to believe this, but when Jim makes two mutually exclusive statements in the same alert, it’s not so believable.
    ‘the game ends when the last physical ounce held at the GLD departs’
    ‘the emancipation of gold will not wait for the last ounce to go’
    Do people actually PAY for these alerts?

  2. Now, now.  This makes total sense.  The disconnet between paper and physical is proving it will happen.  America is about the only country in the world not buying gold.  When was the last time you read in the paper that the USA BOUGHT gold?  I don’t even recall England reporting any buying.  The doors on Ft. Knox haven’t been opened in years.  Jim has his facts straight, it’s just his timing on when we launch, is proving difficult to nail. 
    …Details as they break…
    Now back to KWN to check the latest…

  3. Same old bullshit by our favourite gurus… just wait for gold to break away from he paper gold.. yep… just wait for china to gobble all the gold… if they wanted to do this already why just just spend 500 billion and do it.. theres not even that much gold out there. 
    waiting for jim willies new article on how gold is going to destroy the western world and make us all rich. 

    • Are you denying that physical gold is moving to the East from the West? Are you telling us that COMEX gold and silver futures are legit? That Jim Willie is full of shit?
      In that case, maybe you should go troll some other board?

  4. watching GLD bleed tons of gold is a contact sport.  I’m waiting for GLD tonnage to hit triple digits.  That should happen in about a mmonth or less since 3-4 tons are moving out per day.  The balance was 1057 tons as of May 8

  5. Sorry, but there will be no default of the Comex. Keep in mind that adage:
    The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.”

    The paper-traders will continue to successfully play their rigged game and they could care less about whether or not the physical is there to back up the paper.

  6. All I care is that I have something of value when the system crashes and burns. People can say, think, complain, laugh, cry, shoot themselves in the head, jump off buildings, be right, be wrong, worry about the wrong things, or anything else irrational humans tend to do and I could care less. I take all predictions, spurts of self righteous innuendos, and most other things humans are known for with a grain of FRN’s. In the end all that matters to me is that I can survive with enough food, water and silver to make it to the other side, where ever that is. All this noise and rhetoric is getting too much to listen to, I am out of here.

    • @Crissy:  We all are in that boat, but without an oar, well, its not as much fun.  One can always place his/her hand in the water, but the sharks have no preferences.

    • I’m with you @Crissy, I’ve stayed of the forums the past few weeks  because of all this hype and BS. I know eventually the SWHTF and I’ll be ready, so don’t let it get to you and just Keep Stacking. O! I nearly forgot Lol

    • @Crissy
      Stick around, I like the rational position.  Don’t need to be all in, but it is prudent to have some.  If we’re keeping it for when everything else blows up, then the difference between $25 and $45 isn’t going to matter.  You’re going to be happy you have it.

  7. We all know what the paper price of gold is at any given time. We can follow it minute by minute if we choose.
    We do not know what the physical price of gold is because there exists no agreed upon price index to consult
    Naiive question.  Why not?  Why do we not have a univerally agreed upon, reliable physical price index readily accessible to all that can run side by side with the paper ildex?  It seems to me that the technology to gather and publish the information exists.

    • @John in Philadelphia
      These are great points.  I think the cash markets are much more opaque due to fewer participants.  All those who wish for the demise of comex, the most transparent market for PHYSICAL gold that we have may want to think what the alternative could look like.  Same things are true in most commodity markets.  The paper price is easy to track, the physical is a bit harder to put your finger on.
      Also for those who doubt, yes, comex is physical.  Stand for your long, you have physical.  If this is happening you better believe the cash markets are higher than comex spot prices (and this is happening today in gold, and while I feel the hype is overstated, something is definitely happening).  If Longs aren’t standing for physical, rest assured they’re offsetting their paper positions and sourcing cheaper cash physical.  On top of these quick indicators that anyone with an internet connection and a pulse can check, we also get to know where participants are positioned courtesy of the COT.  

  8. I get an itch when someome says the evil banks made a mistake. They either had no choice (price had to dip low enough to unload unbacked shorts) or they are just lining the stackers up as horses to leverage their agenda. 
    Several sources state that the powers that be have been incurring delay upon delay in the execution of their battle plan. Thye may be trying to win back some time, compress what was planned for 2011-2012 now all in 2012 Q2 who knows?
    But big mistakes, that would surprise me more than it would entertain me.
    I think we have little choice than to commit to silver, dry up the market multi-handedly, and be sure our hands are the strong ones. Not sell until we’ve got a 10-bagger and better, and try to prevent a physical sell-off that may take too long to recover from. As we gatehr more physical, one sell-off (us going to the melters to sell) could keep the whole silver market running for a year without an ounce of mine output. 

  9. Jim forgot the stargate portal to Mars where there are mountains of gold for the taking. The portals are not listed on the Baltic Dry Index, either. Gold will hit 1000.00 near term.

  10. @Crissy & @Marchas45 , here’s hoping you two decide to stick around.  I know that neither of you are discouraged by the April price smash, and neither am I.  SilverDoctors will be a lesser blog without your comments & input.  Just view the wild predictions as entertainment and brush aside the negativity.

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