$1700 Gold Now in the Rear-view Mirror!

A single ounce of The Bernank’s non-money “tradition” is now worth more than 1,700 paper US dollars.

$1700 Gold is Now a Memory
( closes in 17 hrs. 28 mins.)
Metals Date Time (EST) Ask Change from NY Close
Gold Charts  GOLD 08/07/2011 23:47 1700.40

Live 24 hours gold chart [Kitco Inc.]

  1. Wow I thought it would wait until noon before it hit 1700. 1650 support. We'll be looking back at this in two years when we're living like neanderthals thinking how cheap that was.

  2. Besides.. Check this paragraph out from an article I was just reading. We've been having more fun lately that the boys with the gold have been having lately anyhow. So really it's only fair that now and again they get some action too…

    "During the past month, the white metal rose from $34 to around $42, a 19% gain, while gold only increased by around 11%."

    See the full article from "China Business News" here… http://cnbusinessnews.com/gold-increased-by-around-11-silver-rose-19-in-a-month/

    Kind of surprising, but I actually found it off of Kitco's silver page news board. Go figure! The bastards let something positive about silver slip right by them! Hmmm! Now naturally they use the $42 mark to calculate that gain… But hey.. we'll be right back there before you know it!

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