Ron Paul Glenn GreenwaldRon Paul unveiled his new online TV channel this week (which reportedly saw over 200,000 people sign up in the first 24 hours) with a block buster interview with Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald.
Greenwald discussed the Snowden NSA revelations and the implications going forward for freedom in the US and the Western world.
Perhaps the most shocking statement came when Greenwald stated that by far the most significant documents Snowden has, and the ones that shocked Greenwald the most when he first saw them, are YET TO BE REVEALED.
One piece of advice for Mr. Greenwald: avoid modern motor vehicles for the foreseeable future.
Ron Paul’s MUST WATCH interview with Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald is below:

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  1. Boy,
    wouldn’t that be funny.
    I’ve often, when singing very badly in my car, suddenly thought to myself that perhaps “they” might have listening devices … and the “paranoid” guy in me has thought it funny to start talking to “them”.
    Now, maybe he’s referring only to GPS, but seeing as this NSA stuff has to do with listening to private things, this might be what he’s referring to.
    Oh the excitement of thinking I wasn’t a crazy nut for talking to “them” in may car lol.
    Oy. Weird stuff.

    • PROGRESSIVE Insurance (note the Irony!) 
      Is promoting a real-time recorder black box device that would monitor acceleration, braking, GPS, 
      and maybe even incoming/outgoing (my take on it) phone calls or texts!!! It would determine via
      telemetry and data acquisition who was at fault in an accident, and if you broke speed limits or
      even red lights, possibly! (speed limits FOR SURE!) Insurance rates could be increased or reduced
      according to the BLACK BOX DATA!
      You need to be speaking to the FATHER, not THEM, Prov! lol 

    • Haha oh I do,
      but once in a while I figure it would be entertaining to entertain these guys for 30 seconds.
      ThenI go back to singing my songs and praying  and falling asleep.. oh wait..

    • “…and if you broke speed limits or even red lights, possibly! (speed limits FOR SURE!) Insurance rates could be increased or reduced according to the BLACK BOX DATA!”
      Somehow, I just can’t imagine ANY insurance company REDUCING rates no matter what that damned black box has to say.  Raising them?  OH, HELL YEAH!

    • @undeRGRound
      “Their claim, (or implication) NOT MINE!!!  lol”
      Oh, yeah.  I recognized that but was just saying what those insurers are most likely to do.  They’re 1st cousins to the banksters, ya know?
      “Making even the most annoying of bitches look doable”.
      Oh, Hell, no!  Not even if I was dying for it.  I can’t stand that creature, although she DOES look a smidge better when properly photo-shopped.  Still… a roll in the hay with her would be my idea of, “Welcome to Hell, Ed!  Muahahahaha!”.  🙁

  2. It’s surprising Greenwald claims to have a lot more information given to him by Snowden, and yet we are seeing it leak out in small pieces.  If it was felt that he had a lot of sensitive information yet to disclose, I think the jackals would be hunting him in a massive effort.  Since he seems not to acknowledge that kind of potential peril, I find myself asking just how much of this is real and how much is a staged disinfo/distraction psyop…  so far, I haven’t heard anything earth-shaking that aware people did not already know…  It’s that old “left-hand, right-hand” paradigm I find myself concerned about now….

    Yep it is a Kremlin operation.
    And remember, Germans do not like Russia… anyway, interesting article.
    Propaganda: mix 98% truth with 2% agenda, repeat for hours, days, months and years, and that 2% grows rapidly in the minds of listeners.
    Der Spiegel is Germany’s most respected and Widespread mainstream media outlet (like New York Times in USA, Le Figaro in France, Globe and Mail in Canada, Xinhua in China etc.) What Der Spiegel is saying here is EXACTLY what I’ve been saying (in annoying repetitive ways… repetition is the key to learning hehe).
    Kremlin Kremlin Kremlin front front front.
    They didn’t write about PressTV and their Ayatollah Rials converted into Pounds Sterling for their correspondents in London! (and their goofball Canadian correspondent based out of Calgary who repeats oddball propaganda about massive abuse of the Natives, which Native leaders have themselves dismissed as very oddball and false).

    • 98% truth is not bad compared to obama where the truthiness ratio is reversed.
      And what does “most respected and Widespread mainstream media outlet” mean? Sounds like a paradox to me.
      You may as well be the one spreading propaganda as far as we know. You seem to every time you visit this forum anyways.

  4. The Incredible Shrinking COMEX:
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    • Roubini is not someone who seems trustworthy to me.  He continuously complains about everything going to hell in a hand basket, yet rarely ever seems to talk about anything that he actually likes and wants to hold as an investment.  He has predicted many more depressions and recessions than have actually occurred and no boom is ever taken seriously or regarded as “significant”. I am not sure what his game is but I certainly have no interest in playing it.
      “Thus, it is safe to conclude that physical gold is being withdrawn from COMEX warehouse due to a lack of trust in the global banking sector’s honesty and credibility.”
      Indeed so… for those and many other reasons, bankers are not to be trusted.  Any number of them have earned the appellation “bankster” for more than sufficient reasons.
      “In fact, during one of the banker raids in February of earlier this year, bullion banks traded 200 million ozs of paper silver on the COMEX in one minute in order to knock the price of silver down significantly!”
      Indeed they did but wasn’t that in February of 2012?  By dumping a MASSIVE amount of paper PMs in  a very short time period and at the most thinly traded part of the day, a price smash was the only possible reason.  Anyone else selling to cover a short position or converting a paper PM into cash for other reasons would not have done so at a time when their profits were guaranteed to be at the lowest possible amount.
      It is also noteworthy that the amount of paper silver traded at that time was fully equal to about 1/6 of the entire world production for that year… and that is equivalent to a s**t-load of silver metal.  Not that metal was being moved by these trades but metal prices sure were.
      “This not exactly a list that inspires confidence that SIFO rates are being reported honestly.”
      No, it is not, nor any other number either!

    • Super article Ranger I wasn’t aware that JS Kim produced these sorts of analytical write-ups. It’s a great run-down.

      I recall about six or more years ago, when my regular ‘haunt’ was Doug Gnazzo’s ‘Honest Money Reports’, when Roubini’s fawning students began flooding the comment section with touts of his ‘prescient genius’ and immediately recognized he was an elite ‘chosen economist’ to ply their contrived econometric propaganda. Not long after (with other students ‘assigned’ to similar injections of other venues, I’m certain) the shifty, beady-eyed SOB (looks remarkably like a youthful Mussolini) started appearing frequently on MSM ‘outlets’. So, there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s a mere fabrication constructed on a capacity for glib rhetorical regurgitation of Friedmanite Monetarism.

      Deeper into the article, while I didn’t really need any further confirmation, it was reassuring to see additional evidence that silver is the true ‘Achilles Heel’ of the bullion bankers and that it’s in a rapid process of being penetrated. Also, that triggered the thought of how Morgan alluded to platinum as ‘the new silver’ by seeing it in a tactical, rather than a ‘value’ light. It IS quite logical that with platinum’s ever more thin supply characteristics, its accumulation in deference from gold (which the bankers hold FAR greater control over) ought to apply VERY significant leverage against them, even more effectively than in the case of silver, still granting the more narrow ‘investment-centric’ opposition that was raised by some here.

  5. Oh good … I have yet another ‘plausible excuse’ to repeat … that dependence on government’s reasonable response to our entreaties is fine under the normal course of affairs. Where the majority of its officials are consistently respectful of their Constitutional constraints; but yet a small transgression is somehow ‘justified’, or a few ‘bad apples’ are to be addressed, ‘petition for remonstrance’ is appropriate.

    In times like the present, however (and we here all KNOW just what makes ‘these times’ unique), The People are Of Right to ascend to their supreme authority as our country’s Sovereign Power, to DIRECTLY COMMAND what action is to be taken for alleviation of great transgression.

    “… when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing inevitably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security.”

    In aid to facilitation of that end, I constructed …

    … which I pray all who happen upon it … USE IT.

    • @PatFields >>> “… when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing inevitably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security.”
      Right On!
      Thanks for the resource also I will spread it around. Also I checked out that link on Civil/Common Law you provided, it had some great info. I am going to do way more research into this as I can see a hell of a lot of truth in it … just so you know I posted what I believe to be some conclusive evidence of this using The City Of London which I am very interested in hearing your opinion of in the Ted Butler/JP Morgan Thread

  6. I have never been comfortable with the Snowdon thing, there has always been a little nagging doubt in the back of my mind about him. What better tool for the US government to push through draconian security legislation than to hold this man up as a reason to build up the police state further.

    Why is Snowdon being so careful to release info that is not damaging to the US government (I mean really damaging rather than just embarrassing), everything he has released so far has been in the public domain for some time. It strikes me if he wants to promote real change then there has to be a little pain on the way. He needs to reveal some of the more unpleasant aspects of US government policy, what has he to lose. If he is for real then I would expect he has some real dirt on the government, even if only for insurance purposes.

    Something just don’t smell right about all of this!

    • @Neo I don’t know. I am undecided on Snowden but reluctant to say he is a shill in case he is genuine … like Assange.
      Perhaps he didn’t release more because he thought the US would leave him alone knowing he could do real damage, but now that Obama is making it a big deal he is slowly leaking info … if it IS a psyop it is a damn good one. Is he a Trojan horse to implicate Russia in an official cold-war restart? He’d have to have big brass ones to walk into Russia doing that if this was the case.
      Something actually tells me he is genuine, but as you have said, there is also something a little strange about it that I can’t put my finger on at the moment.

    • @neo
      “Why is Snowdon being so careful to release info that is not damaging to the US government ?”
      Because it the sure way guarantee death penalty if caught? 🙂
      I am convinced that many tactics is being used to discredit snowden. Making people suspect that he is not “for real” is surely one of them. Many say he has not brought forward things “we already did not know”, but he HAS brought forward the details, the evidence and forced the ‘administration’ to admit its surveillance and the lies previously spewed denying it. He has knocked some reality into the people who have been living in denial about these operations, and the people who have been calling us “conspiracy theorists” for pointing out the obvious but never admitted. That is huge in my book!!

    • Saw that, it will never come out. 
      TPTB “helped” that MB dood “get outta jail free”
      It was _real dirt_, but it will never be used now! 
      Must have been really damning… “O” sent McCain and Graham (2 RINOs) 
      to get this phuck out of solitary, or death row… A very good non-story
      that will never get ANYWHERE. They snuffed the source, or they will…

    • MB is “Obama’s people”, that is the political group he supports.
      This MB claim may as well be a PR stunt to garner domestic support (from the Egyptians who now hate ‘America’) in order to get back into power.

      Please note that I’m not saying the benghazi story isn’t real. It fits with the info from many other sources surrounding the attack. MB may have it, but like you say I don’t think they’ll use it. It’s not in their interest.

  7. BTW  The owner of Progressive Insurance really is an uber lefty Progressive who gave millions to KLUMMAC.  His idea of tracking you is nothing more than a black box manifestation of the government’s big brother monitoring of every move in our cars. 
    This is a test bed for government tracking of our car mileage and gas mileage so that we can be  subjected to a mileage tax.
    Since the gas usage is lower now, the gas tax is dropping like a rock. So the gummint needs more revenues. 
    Thus the magic box transmitter is nothing more than a government test via the Progressive insurance gizmo.  It would not surprise me to see, within 3 years, every insurance firm requires us to have this gizmo in our cars in order to get insurance or pay an excessive insurance rate. They will say to anyone protesting this “What do you have to hide?” They willl be providing the Big Brother of the car insurance businesses all the electronic data to keep track of us. 
      Hertz rent a car has a monitoring device that tells the firm if you sped or drove the car unsafely, or drove the car in  prohibited areas. 
    RGR as far a Flo goes, she makes the Geico Gekko look good.

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