BeckGlenn Beck announced this evening that within the next 24 hours he will be revealing a new whistle-blower whose testimony is so shocking that Beck states It will take down the GOP, it will take down the Democrats, it will take down many members of Congress…pretty much the whole power structure.
This country is going to be rocked in the next 24 hours with some things that have been going on in Washington.  You are going to witness things in American history that have never been witnessed before. 


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This guy is so afraid for his life that he has said he will only tell his story on live television in front of Congress…
The one document from the source that our team has seen would take down pretty much the whole power structure, pretty much everything.
It will take down the GOP, it will take down the Democrats, it will take down many members of Congress…
The American people, you haven’t even begun to be outraged.



    • This kind of reminds me of the usual Hollywood stunt they continue to play on the public which is nothing but a marketing ploy.  One of their big stars gets in trouble or does something dramatic to get significant headline news.   Magically two weeks later they have a new movie or album release.  I see this happening again and again like a broken record.
      It’s all about ratings, ratings, ratings.  Maybe I’m wrong and there is some ground shaking news but doubt it!! Probably just another Bengazi possible cover-up which cannot be proved because everything is top secret. Remember, sell the sizzle. 

    • This is yet another pathetic distraction from those who would be our overlords, and the actor who plays ‘Glenn Beck’ is one of that ‘family’, along with Ben Bernanke, the actor who plays Alan Greenspan, the actor who plays Obama, and many more. Shalom.

  1. Hey Doc, didn’t you post Beck a month ago about Obama scandal? What ever happened to that? Obama didn’t admit to [email protected], and I didn’t see the conclusion on Is he full of hot air, or does he/ did he have any Intel?

  2. What’s one more scandal.  Add it to the list.
    Glenn: “Did you hear about the new Obama administration scandal?”
    Sean: “You mean the Mexican gun running?”
    Glenn: “No, the other one.”
    Sean: “The State Dept. lying about Benghazi?”
    Glenn: “No, the other one.”
    Sean: “The IRS targeting conservatives?”
    Glenn: “No, the other one.”
    Sean: “The DOJ spying on the press?”
    Glenn: “No, the other one.”
    Sean: “Sebelius shaking down health insurance executives?”
    Glenn: “No, the other one.”
    Sean: “The NSA monitoring our phone calls, e-mails and everything else?”
    Glenn: “No, the other one”
    Sean: “The State Dept. interfering with an IG investigation on dept. sexual misconduct?”
    Glenn: “No, the other one.”
    Sean: “HHS employees being given insider information on Medicare Advantage?”
    Glenn: “No, the other one.”
    Sean: “Clinton, the IRS, Clapper & Holder all lying to Congress?”                                                                           Glenn: “No, but this is the one that will bring down.  Trust me.


    • @Juicy Julie…
      Moreover….even if it is earth shattering, the sheep will still herd, the dog is always making certain that they stay in the pen together. Outrage at the empire? Where? One percent reacts to some degree and the rest just sit and Ba-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah…………
      Look at the unrest all over the world while we just pretend, (by following the script), that everything is hunky dory. I do believe however that awakening is at a fevered pitch and who knows, the sleeping giant might awaken eventually. I certainly hope so or we will all be sleeping together in camps!

  3. If this fellow has evidence that will ‘bring down Congress’, why is he adamant to present it directly before Congress in a televised session? Isn’t that like someone claiming to have proof that Muhammad was a fictitious literary invention and then insisting that he present the evidence directly at the Dome of the Rock?
    I;m willing enough to accept things on face merits, but when though the ‘picture’ looks correct, the ‘puzzle pieces’ are definitely not inter-locking, I’m left at arm’s length … at least.





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    “Reason obeys itself, while ignorance submits to whatever is dictated.” –Thomas Paine

    • This absence of preview and edit functionality is, truly very frustrating …
      If this fellow has evidence that will ‘bring down Congress’, why is he adamant to present it directly before Congress in a televised session? Isn’t that like someone claiming to have proof that Muhammad was a fictitious literary invention and then insisting that he present the evidence directly at the Dome of the Rock?

      I’m willing enough to accept things on face merits, but when though the ‘picture’ looks correct, the ‘puzzle pieces’ are definitely not inter-locking, I’m left at arm’s length … at least.

      “Reason obeys itself, while ignorance submits to whatever is dictated.” –Thomas Paine

  4. Sad to say, this will be bullshit in 24 hours. I’m not doubting there is much that would bring this system down if the truth be known.
    But as Shamus001 mentioned above, Beck gave Obama 24 hours to admit to something (I can’t remember there are so many skeletons) and the time passed and nothing happened. Nothing will happen here. At best in 24 hours Beck will say, the whistleblower is way too scared and is not going to tell us … but we know, we know there is something so bad you wouldn’t believe.
    It’s like a never ending handjob and no orgasm!

    • I think it was in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing. There was a well-connected Saudi national who apparently suffered minor injuries in the blast. He was allowed to leave the country after Obama got a visit from the Saudi ambassador and Michelle O visited him in his hospital room. This Saudi was on all kinds of terror lists and no-fly lists, along with many of his relatives. Don’t know what became of Beck’s ultimatum!

  5. Too damn funny. Who needs a big pre-announcement to break a huge story if it has real substance? What we all know is that THE STORY is the event in itself. If he had anything real the media would be flocking to his door with microphones and cameras to get all the juicy details on the scoop. Obviously that is not happening. Nobody gives a shit about sensationalism anymore anyway. The real world is sensational enough without guys like Beck inventing fiction for attract new viewers. So lets call the guy out for being a second rate media hack and just not bother paying attention…….nobody listened last month when he had a big announcement either. Same diff.

    • All due respect, the only flocking the media does anymore is for Brad Pitt………etc. They are licensed by the public and are supposed to serve the public with investigative checks and balances……….bwahahahahahahahahaha! What a joke!
      Anyone still listening to the main stream media is fully indoctrinated and locked in for the most part, and if things progress as the establishment hopes, we will all be locked UP!

  6. Glenn Beck is no liar. In fact, he is superb at getting information outside of the standard BS propaganda that his detractors seem to thrive on. Unfortunately, most Americans are so immoral that they don’t give a damn which is why this country is doomed.

  7. Glenn Beck is a total idiot.  He admitted he supported the Patriot Act and  the bailouts under the Bush administration.  He contradicts his new “beliefs” as a libertarian and Tea Party supporter.  You cannot support the bailouts and believe in free markets.  You cannot support the Patriot Act and support the constitution.  They are counteractive positions.  He is a POS in my book.  His career is finished and these kinds of cheap PR moves shows how desperate he is to save his career.  Nothing will come out of this.  It’s another example by the media not  to cover legit topics.

    • No, you are wrong. He is not an idiot. He is a shill for the system and his job is to create confusion in the minds of waking up people.
      Since the majority of public has a kaleidoscopic type of brain, they cannot tie together evens, seemingly not connected. They need a “leader” or guidance. If the guidance comes from a guy like Beck the public will end up in a swamp of lies.
      The majority of people who read this blog probably remember the role that was allegedly allocated for Turkey, yet few people will tie it together with sudden chaos in Turkey? Right? Most people read about the deal of Rosneft and TNK-BP which made Rosneft the biggest player on the oil market, but hardly anyone paid attention that Bilderberg meeting approved the merger of Shell and BP to make IT the biggest oil producer. So there is a fight on the background, it is in our faces, and hardly anyone notices it.


  8. Coming with that kind of information to Glenn Beck sounds like a sure way to get killed.
    Just watch scumbag shill glenn beck’s program for another 10 days every day and he will surely take down the whole power structure!

  9. Everyone has an opinion and for me Beck is no shill. Hi! if it works out that the guy is a true whistle blower then he will be dead and Beck is a hero. If the guy is a fly by night then Beck is finished in My Opinion.
    Beck is one of the ones that defends the Constitution big time and again is no shill.

    • All due respect Charlie, it is difficult to be for the Patriot Act and be a constitutionalist at the same time. He is adjusting from his former “stance” if you will, but a showman IMO.

    • PatFields – After years of holding back the water all of a sudden a tidal wave of scandals are hitting almost on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  The sentence below is from the article you linked.  Spooky stuff!!
      “It looks like our government is in the beginning stages of a collapse.”

  10. Nothing this Moose Tw*t Beck has to say will make a grain of difference.  If the most crooked administration in the history of the country couldn’t be brought down yet by the avalanche of scandels it has perpetrated, nothing is going to.  Obama could be caught in bed with a dead underaged boy and he would first say that he was just trying to resusitate the laddie, before blaming Bush.

    • What are you, 18 years old, or just been asleep from 2000-2008?? I could list 10 examples of Bush scandals that make Obama look like an amateur. Does that mean i support Obama? No.
      I voted for him in ’08 but when i realized he was totally usurped by the power structure, he lost my vote and my support. That said, i find it rich how many completely forget how BushCo politicized every aspect of government.  Bush laid the groundwork for himself to blamed for decades to come for the sideshow that was his Administration.
      Beck is an admitted entertainer and thats how he should be viewed(if you find his schtick entertaining)

  11. One thing Beck did make clear before he went of Fox was that we will not recognize this country in 4 years  That was about 4 years ago.  Copy that Glen.
    But even with 100 voices telling the truth,  Obama could be caught buck assed naked,  inflagrante delecto with Barney Frank, Anderson Cooper and the Beebs on the White House front lawn while Hillary and Chaz Napolitano roger each other with strap-ons in the Rose Garden and there would not be enough outrage to move the dial. 
    We have outrage ennui, like with Clinton all his scandals.  The last biggie was Nixon Agonistes twisting on the pike.  I hated to see that happen and not because I was a huge Nixon fan though I voted for him twice but I knew his foes were out to exterminate him for his offences against them and their commie fellow travelers.  He called them out and in this grave  offence was the simple fact that he was being himself and that was completely unacceptable to his enemies. 
    His list of enemies was long and deep and someone had to take the fall for the Vietnam War.The real enemies of Nixon were far longer that he could have ever imagines.   He made his fall easy to arrange.  His offenses were miniscule so compared to Clinton Bush and particularly Obama. Heck, I think  he should have gotten an award for the actions of his plumbers, inept as they were. 
    The outrage then was real.   Our heroes were being caught with their pants down.  Now we scarcely bat an eye at the crimes and bad behavior of the much lauded elites in political offices.  They sin, spent some time in the time out cage, speak some completely and thoroughly hollow robotic speech of penance and voila, back on stage like some hack B roll Hollyweed has been. The problem with that is the actors who play pop-liticians don’t pass laws we have to live with . Heck, they scarcely have to abide by the laws of the land today in any case.  The back-from-dead politicians we elect to office come back on stage with the same bad behavior and voting records, willing to dance to the tunes of the elites. The important transformation is that  their handlers are now more careful to conceal their behavior but we, the idiots who elected these inexecrable pieces of offal,  seem to acquiesce to their new found state of grace and forgive them.  Sorry—I am NOT THE FORGIVING TYPE—-not for this bastards.  They deserve a short rope and a long drop.
    I’d guesstimate that 90% of the population really does not care about this (I hope it’s less than 50% but I’m not sanguine about that number)
    Its bread and circuses time. The reality of these scandals, debts, threats, QE and the farce of political responbility is that  we elected these useful idiots into power.  I’d wager  30 pieces of silver that few, if any, of these Judas wretches give a rat’s butt about the problems we face. 
    Whether Glen has some great revelation about anything inside the belt way it wil amount sound and fury, signifying little.  But I could be wrong and if Glen’s got the goods on these creeps I will wallow in Schwingfraudian glee over the pain that these bastards will suffer over further disclosure of their sins.

  12. Glen Beck is a crook, remember his big with sponsorship Gold Line, and how they got into big trouble for ripping off clients.
    A person would contact Gold Line and say, I want to buy a few gold coins for 1380 oz, the sales reps would say, no no no, you want a special gold coin that costs $3000, and people bought these coins and got ripped off big time!!
    He ripped off his own listeners for his own benefit, he knew would Gold Line was doing, and he didn’t care.
    Beck said he know nothing about it, he was FOS, he is a liar and a crook. Why people listen to anything this bum says is beyond me.

    • FURTHERMORE, Goldline was contacting supposed “weak hands” for buy back:
      I was contacted when Silver went up substantially, but their buy back amount was around 65% of spot 
      (ridiculously LOW!) and the rep. stated that I could damn near BREAK EVEN after I pointed that out, (65%)
      and I said “Why would I want to sell? I’M STILL BUYING!!!” rather indignantly. He then tried to sell me some 
      Silver and I said I had found better offers… 😀 
      Those b@$tard$ will never get another DIME from ME! 
      Beck can kiss it too… no one in his position should have ever had any doubts about the “Patriot” Act

  13. After Boston, Beck seemed to be apart of the disinfo squad. Came with over the top attention to minute details, overlooping aaaaaalllll the other crab that didn’t make sense.

    If this is so important to focus all our attention and wrath on, what is it hiding?
    The NSA thing was not exactly a secret but MSM decided to move it to the front page after months or years. What are we not being told?


  15. Beck speaks alot of truth, but still stops well short of calling it like itis. Nothing major on 9-11 truth, nothing on Barry’s Eligibility, No truth reporting on Syria, overt pro Israeli Bias.
    He’s better than most, but not great.

    • Exactly. He’s a plant who only cares about making money. He says some truth and then lies about the really important parts, which pretty much is the definition of a conman. He uses a ton of logical fallacies to actively convince his audience about the opposite of the truth.
      Especially Appeal to ridicule and Straw Man… and relies on his audience being ignorant enough not to notice. He ACTIVELY puts out propaganda protecting the elite (not just ignoring the topics like many other do). Listen to this for example less than a month ago where he tries to discredit both the birth certificate issue and 9/11 truth. Even though we KNOW (and he knows) that there is CLEAR evidence in the BC issue headed for congress now as we speak, which shows he is DESPERATE to cover it up for as long as possible.
      I am sorry, but anyone who thinks Beck is honest and can be trusted have just not paid enough attention. If he slips in 5% lies all the time when it matter, what is the point of paying attention to him at all since everything needs to be verified. Would you keep a girlfriend who cheats on you 5% of the time she’s away? I trust nobody 100% but I KNOW Beck is out to deceive me as much as he can get away with.

  16. I agree with the poster above about “the boy who cried wolf”.  Just for the heck of it, let’s assume what Beck is saying this time turns out to be true.  Exactly how will the GOP or the Democratic party be ‘taken down’?  We’ll get another party to vote for next time?  The financial elite will no longer be in control of the world’s financial and economic systems?  The police/military state will suddenly work for the people instead of against them?  If this information is so damn important, why wait 24 hours?  Why wait 5 minutes?  Does Beck have to secure some advertising revenue before his latest revelation?

    • “We’ll get another party to vote for next time?”
      Yep.  Call it, “The Revenge of the Whigs!”.  Renamed and rebranded, brand new!  Etc, etc, etc.

  17. leaving beck aside for a minute, the fact that this adminsitration does not seem to care what sort of scandals come to view, it’s almost as if they are beyond caring because their plans are falling into place as we speak. 
    Sometimes a plan must be kept under wraps until it is ready to be released.  The computer and software industry is a good example. The latest Apple or Mircrsoft product is highly secret but when the publis starts sniffing the product, the company rushes the product to market, bugs, glitches, critical reviews and all.  Because if they don’t, the customer base will be gravely disappointed, expectations will not be met and, maybe,  as important as anything, this early release needs to be done to beat the competition to the market
     The government is, in its hamhanded clunky way, a marketing machine. Their latest models are new laws, new taxes, new programs, all rolled out with the soft words of the sneaky tyrant,  that this new ‘whatever BS thing’ this pack of overpriced loons cooks up will FIX EVERYTHING.  It’s one thing to actually come up with something that works, like lowering capital gains and dividend rates, getting rid of laws but this administration is taking a tack that is so Anti American, that to roll out the new programs in full light of their nastiness would let the cat out of the bag and frankly folks, this is a dead cat that will not bounce.
    Programs such as arming pencil pushing IRS office drones with semi auto AR 15s.  For real????—my IRS agent packs this form of heat?  You gotta be kidding!!!  My M4 will out class theirs as will my training.  Molon Labe you  Nazi  Tax bastards  I need the target practice.
    Whoops, that’ll bring in the drones.  It makes we wonder if I sound dangerous enough?  
    I feel like Jeff Dunham’s puppet, Akhbar the Dead Terrorist.  
    Did I scare you ? 
    ARGHHHHH !!!!  Scared yet?
    Darn.  Maybe they’ll only send the blue helmet crew.  Their MRAPs only have one gear   Reverse.
    OH  I scared myself silly.  Didn’t take much there, did it?

  18. I took the time to login today after reading this nonsense/hype/ratings craving tactic, to say in my opinion, Mr. Beck should not be trusted, period. He has brought these tactics to the game table too often and they are noting but grabs for attention. These talking heads appear to have the same ego problem the beloved gurus have…they hunger and thirst for attention and will say and do just about anything in order to get it.
    Please do not buy into this game, it has nothing to offer but more of Mr. Beck enjoying listening to himself. I am so weary of watching the real circus going on between all the showman out there. We all are very much aware of the crime and lawless nature of our gov., we do not need these folks manipulative tactics. Sorry Glen, I am glad for your “success” over the years, but I have no stomach for how you play the crowd and feed upon the gullible.
    I do not mean to offend anyone, I just cannot believe what I see and read and hear sometimes, and the song never changes. I think most here are intelligent enough to understand bottom line is we have a lawless gov., nothing else is needed to support this, it will all be exposed without the egocentrics assistance.
    Have a good day! 🙂

  19. If you asked me, the PRISM scandal IS the result of an American citizen, Snowden, exposing evil and unlawful activities by the United States government. The other scandals are the handiwork of Hillary Clinton to garner attention away from the Benghazi hearings. She is busily destroying people and evidence linking her to Benghazi all the while getting even with a vile, feckless, and incompetent President. Her goal is to be President. 

  20. Considering Beck stated this on Tuesday and it is now Thursday, you can mark this up on his list of fruitless statements.  Why this junk keeps coming up here is surprising but I guess when there is no silver speculation, politics is next in line.  There are many conspiracy sites that break this stuff days ahead of the PM bloggers.

    • You are close. The TD Ameritrade video ad that pops up when you first visit is the direct result of these stories. The traffic, comments, clicks on this site translates into advertising revenue…and lots of it on top of bullion sales. 

    • @jiggy
      Indeed, and it was exactly yet another empty bunch of chatter. How many times is necessary to see through this kind of tactic? These guys for the most part are shameless self promoters, nothing more, but they DO make a lot of money with their game…that is after all the motive and end goal. Make money off the backs of those who have sadly stopped thinking for themselves…and need their daily dose of theatrics to make them ‘feel’ good. Yet another Beck game. He does not have the courage of a man such as Snowden who for the most part at the very least exposed a lot of what we were all suspicious of for a long time. Come on Glen, life is more than ratings and hot air.

    • remember the Congressman that resigned from his seat after he was outed for playing grab and tickle games with his male staffers.  Yeah, that one!  Not like all the others  But he was invited on to Beck’s show about 3 years ago, with the proposition that he wold ‘out’ the entire Rahm Emanual/Obama scams coming out of the White House and CHicago.  The guy comes on, flops totally with no a hint of scandal that everyone wanted to hear.  Glen ripped him a new one for being a complete dork and embarrasing Beck and  his millions of viewers.  Whistle blower?   The guy couldn’t work up a good toot.

  21. Blah, blah, blah, put a muzzle on this asshole! We hear the same crap from this operative over and over that he must take us all for a bunch of fools. Jeez, I’m still waiting for the big announcement on the Boston bombing. You remember, the other scandal that was gonna take down Obama. Bottom line, America doesn’t need Beck’s phony announcements, we already have more than enough dirt on the tyrant Obama to take him down a dozen times – if only those in positions of power would do what they’re obligated to do.

  22. This entire video and the response to it is effing hilarious.  First, people who SHOULD know better waste their valuable time watching this useless crap.  Then, they waste even more time complaining about it.  LOL!  The responses are FAR more interesting reading than the video itself, however.  Oops!  I “forgot” to watch it!  😀

  23. If nothing comes of the latest example of Glen Beck grandstanding, it’s not only going to be fair to say he’s “controlled opposition,” but perhaps an outright disinfo plant as well.  I rule out arrogance and acting like P.T. Barnum at this point because he’s obviously smart enough to know that multiple “this is it” declarations destroys his creditability, and in turn, over the long-run, the size of his audience.  No rational media person destroys their audience without an ulterior motive (and again, stupidity doesn’t count here because the guy isn’t stupid).

    Under military intelligence doctrine, one of the off-the-shelf techniques is to first instill false hope among the followers of a leader, and then kill (metaphorically, in this case), the leader.  Perhaps that’s what we’re seeing here?

    Glen Beck, it’s time to put up or shut up.

  24. Glenn Beck is not saved, though I like his zeal. A person cannot be a mormon and go to Heaven. Mormons do not know the Lord Jesus as Saviour, though they make claims to know Him.
    Anyway, here’s the latest from WND: what this guy says matches what I’ve said before.
    They’re watching.
    Keep it cool, don’t brag, don’t stay stupid (incriminating) things, even as jokes.
    I know American culture promotes braggadociosness, but when you’re being watched 24/7 by the World’s most powerful data-sucking machine, discretion isn’t so bad (the French tend to be good at this… it is very taboo in French culture to brag about what you have… they brag about other kinds of things though lol… the Brits tend to be more discrete too).

    • Funny how it takes a born again to damn everyone to hell when Christ said to judge not lest ye be judged. If that’s what being born again is I get the sense it’s a misleading final act of fraudulent pious self righteousness that has fooled and lulled you into a false sense of security.
      You go on at any chance you get to damn people. You’re no Christian with that talk. Shameful.

  25. I used to watch Beck a lot on Fox, but I have come to find out he is a shill that works for his Mormon, Freemason Overlords. He plays his story well and really gets a large contingent following for it. Do not trust him though.

    It is surprising how handsomely nice the pathway to hell is paved. I am in the camp that when you mix your religion with Freemasonry and their code of ethics and denial of God and their thirst for a 1 world government, then you are really playing with fire. 

    The founder of Jehovah’s Witness was supposedly a Templar Knight. After the Great Scourge, the Templars formed Scottish and English Freemasonry and then later moved back to France to create French Freemasonry. Mormonism was founded by Masons. That is a fact you can trace back to Smith and the guy’s name I can’t remember that killed a bunch of people in Utah when they first moved there. (someone please help me with the name)

  26. Pat  I like acronyms   Eric got me on DU.  Depleted Uranium–not Du-h
    In the interest of saving keysstokes, something of which I have absolutely no knowledge, I plan to take your perfect description of this excrecence inhabiting the Oval Office  and give him a new President KLUMAC.
    That reminds me of the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still.  Except that this time ‘Klaatu barada nico Gort’ means “” I need a $100,000,000 vacation in Africa” 
    Or  “we found WMDs in Syria, let’s invade. 
    “I’ll lead from the WH bumker”
    “we’ll find out who did this and hold these acccountable’
    Kenyan, Lying, Usurping, Marxie, Alien Cockroach 
    That’s the best I can come up with on short notice
    Presidne KLUMAC  all hail the excuser in chief

    • AGXIIk
      Not pointing this comment at you, it is just a general dissatisfaction I am voicing with this admin and the way we are handling our mid east policy
      I thought we learned our lesson in Libya and Egypt…. after getting Gadhafi out of they elect a hard line sharia law constitutionalist, then Benghazi Gate happens months later.

      Egypt elects Morsi who is also a sharia law supporting, Al Qaeda sympathizer, and Muslim brotherhood affiliate.

      Now, Obama, ready to create a diversion from all the scandals is drooling at the chance along with McCain to support rebels with no goal again.

      We tend to keep forgetting the sectarian divide in the middle east and how we favor one side and then all of a sudden the other becomes massively p**ed at what we do, and then vents anger towards us, while the side we supported doesn’t appreciate what we do for them, and ends up killing our ambassador, a mere few months after he probably held a coffee talk power hour with them.

    • ich1
      I am with you on these terrribly destructive MENA policies  and now we are on the verge of being trapped and stuck into another no-win war position.  My father-in-law, a WWII fighter pilot and jet jock knew McCain from Arizona and both were in the service in Vietnam.  He didn’t trust McCain but never fully explained his thoughts on this.  We seem to have this reverence for McCain because of his 7 years as  POW  But now he’s acting like a neocon wingnut and has the ear of Pres KLUMAC.  So off to war we go.   Lindsey Graham is on that train too.
      Klumac is using the same strategies of Bush I and Clinton to distract from domestic policy problems.  War is a great means to stripmine the public of taxes and gin up the military industrial complex which, like the banksters, is always in need of another infusion of government money or bailout.  War is the bail out measure of the MIC just as TARP was the bail out for the banksters.  crikey!
      How are you doing in China. Still getting elbowed aside by grandmother at the gold tables.

    • KLUMAC also will arm up the Al Quaeda fighters over in Syria, which is what Benghazi was all about.
      Now the RINOs can participate. I’m a bit confused about McCain, he wants a complete No-Fly Zone
      and all the trimmings, but it could all be bluster to get the Hawks on board… KLUMAC does not want
      OR need all of that, just a diversion to get the media off his @$$ and arm all the Achmeds out there.
      We’ll see if true journalism is making a comeback and the media does not let the outrage subside
      (even the ACLU is suing KLUMAC) or if they let the diversion of a new thing distract their ADHD-fueled
      pea-brains from the real stories of how our liberty is severely eroded of late… not really of late, but
      PROVEN to be eroded, of late!
      KLUMAC, lmao!!!
      Thanks @PatFields and @AGXIIK!
      2 of my favorite SD’ers!  

  27.   RGR, that makes my day.   I need to blow this one up to poster size. 
    looks like KLUMAC just smelled a nasty one. 
    Biden, didn’t I tell you “no farting in the cabinet meetings!!”

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