In perhaps the biggest story in gold since Hugo Chavez sent shock-waves throughout the gold market in mid 2011 (and propelled gold up $300 to a record $1915), the German Federal Accountability Office has ruled that the Bundesbank must conduct an audit on German Central Bank gold holdings, and in anticipation, has begun the repatriation of German gold from the NY Fed.   The Bundesbank will request the NY Fed ship 50 tones of German gold back to the motherland a year for the next 3 years!

It appears de Germans are about to receive a crash course in the lesson He who owns the gold makes the rules (aka possession is 999/1000ths of the law).

Assuming that the NY Fed does decide to comply with the Bundesbank’s request to keep up appearances for the other central banks, we wish the cartel luck in finding 150 tons of TUNGSTEN FREE PHYZZ over the next 3 years as the Bundesbank reportedly will PHYSICALLY VERIFY THE GOLD.   So much for the cartel plans to fill repatriation requests with  tungsten salted phyzz.
From Spiegel  (h/t ZH):

Germany has the second largest gold reserves in the world, nearly 3400 tons. Supposedly, anyway. Because stocks have never been checked for authenticity and weight. Now, the Federal Court has asked the Bundesbank to examine the gold reserves abroad regularly.


The German central bank gold is safely stored in vaults in Frankfurt, New York, Paris and London. Checked really but apparently no one. The Federal Court has the Bundesbank now anyway required regular inspection and inventory of the vast gold reserves abroad. The auditors explain this in a report on Monday has become known to the budget committee of the Bundestag with the “high value of gold holdings.”


The samples stored at other German banks stocks were also never by the Bundesbank itself or by other independent auditors “added physically and for authenticity and weight” checked. Actually talk on the subject numerous theories – so should the U.S. gold reserves at Fort Knox have long been looted.


The Bundesbank has on the USA’s second largest gold reserves in the world. End of 2011 there were 3396 tons, worth 133 billion euros. After the soaring price of gold is likely to reach about 142 billion euros currently even. Secures the gold bars by the Bundesbank in own vaults in Frankfurt as well as at three bearing points abroad: The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank in New York, Bank of France in Paris and the Bank of England in London.


Bundesbank gets tons of gold from New York


The Court had determined the order of the Bundestag that the Federal Bank reviews its overseas gold reserves stored exactly. It is disputed whether the Bundesbank experienced for years practice sufficient to rely only on a written confirmation to the gold bars by the foreign central banks.


The Court recommends that the Bundesbank to negotiate with the three foreign central banks the right to physical verification of stocks. With the implementation of this recommendation, the Bundesbank has begun according to the report. They also decided to bring in the next three years to 50 tons each of the past at the Fed in New York gold to Germany to get it here to undergo a thorough examination. In the report, several points are blackened. In effect, the paper is not clear exactly how much gold is in which foreign central bank.


The information held in the Federal Bank headquarters holdings consist of 82,857 according to the report bullion stored mostly in sealed containers with 50 bars, which are kept in four separate locked safe boxes. Part of it (6183 bar) stored on open shelves, therefore in a separate vault – the so-called gold chamber. To secure the gold it says in the report: “The vault closure is double, the inner seals and the gold chamber under a triple lock.”

For those unaware, Germany’s official gold holdings are 3,400 tons. Perhaps Germany announcing the repatriation of 150 tons out of its 4,000 (less than 4%!)  in gold reserves indicates that only 150 tons of un-hypothecated, actual, tungsten-free phyzz remain in NY and London?

  1. The take from this article is that the mention of only 50 tons/yr to be verified (out of a total 0f 3400 tons) is a giant “tell” that there may be only 50 tons left worldwide that are not already in the Rothschild, et al vaults.  The same 50 tons that have been swapped leased and hypothecated so many times as to be mind boggling.  The better method would be 1)publishing all the mint numbers, and owner of every single bar supposedly in the vaults and 2) have a totally independent assay of a small number of bars picked randomly.

  2. This sounds like a mere token gesture to appease particular constituencies within the German establishment.  

    The US needs whatever remaining gold is held within its vaults to backstop the USD in case of a currency crisis. Countries storing gold in the US will never get their gold back LOL.

  3. It seems strange that Germany wants only 150 tons over the next 3 years.  As I recall, Garmany’s total gold holdings are over 2,000 tons,  on par with France, Italy and Spain.  150 tons doesn’t add up 

    • Almost assuredly the German gov doesn’t really want the money back – they just have to pull SOMETHING out of the Fed to satisfy the courts.  They must know that draining the Fed of 2,000 tons of gold that was leased out in the 90’s by Greenspan and Rubin would trigger a run on the bank.

    • They like to make sure that they can REMELT it from what little they have in Frankfurt? The remelting thing is obviously insane if not for making sure no evidence remains of whatever the bars were before.

    • Maybe they will withdraw more of their gold bars in the future. Right now, if they would withdraw all their golds, then they will receive them all in 40 years if they receive 50 tons per year.

  4. People are struggling all over and more than likely scared stiff of the unknown. Just in the last 30 days there have been more murders or attempted murders on Oahu than, I can ever recall. People working three jobs to live in paradise. It is over crowded, corrupted in all aspects of government and one hand washes the other.

    I went to Costco to gather up some groceries and two ribeye steaks where $50 dollars. I was like what in the world. There is a currency crisis already in the United States..The continuous devaluation of the dollar with Big Ben still printing money endlessly and or electronic fund transfers to feed this heroin (currency) addicted bankers to live high on the hog at the expense of many is shameful..

    The Gold Standard will be back in full swing…Don’t know when and yet it will be back..Need to hurry because, I am tired of looking at these greedy lying bastards stealing from the people. No shame! Good to be back on Silver Doctors..Took a much break..

    • If the gold standard returns, then all prices are going to skyrocket very fast for a few moment. I’ve heard an article that if we return to the gold standard, then we would have to readjust gold’s price so it will become around 6000$ to 7000$ per ounce due to the US dollar supply.

    • There’s that! Maybe this whole thing from judge’s ruling on out is a cover to move some agreed-upon amount to settle the account. Countries all over on a buying spree, now against the law to buy it in Argentina, but gold seems to have become scarce to non-existent in the US. All the gold-related shenanigans just have a creepy quality to me, a form of gaslighting (“Now why would you think we’re robbing the country blind, starting with offshoring every job we can, and even shipping whole factories abroad? And now you think we stole the gold!?! What!?! You wan’t to see the gold!?! That attitude could get you in trouble.”) From the rumors of empty vaults at Fort Knox, questions about that gold in the WTC basement (was it ’93 or ’01 that the abandoned truck with gold loaded in it was found in the WTC bowels?), countries now looking to be lining up to get back what they kept in the cupboard here, and how those tungsten bars during Clinton’s shift fit into this I dunno. There’s this vague impression the country is being ransacked, preliminary to some event. So what has the University of Texas done with their stash?

    • “So what has the University of Texas done with their stash?”

      I dunno but they better be looking into having it tested ASAP.

  5. VX Gas is kept at Fort Knox. Lot’s of gold heading East (our Creditors). Germany suspects we hypothicated their gold away. Possession is 9/10’s of the law. Good luck getting your gold back from the US. If everybody want’s their gold repatriated, then I guess the Greenback is rapidly losing it’s Reserve Status. That does not bode well for the average Amerikan. Buy guns/ammo/water/food. The best is yet to come. How’s that 2-party system working out for us so far? You die-hard Dems & Repubs are gonna get what’s coming to you…….If you have blind faith in the US Government then you’re already dead….

    • It is amazing that even popular bars from companies like Pert Mint are being counterfeited. I would hate to discover that my one ounce of gold is actually tungsten filled if I ever own one!

  6. Repotedly the U S just sold off over 400 tons of Gold. Where did that come from? Not Fort Knox, because there is
    NO GOLD IN FORT KNOX! The Gold that was in Fort Knox is in the Rothchild’s vault in France.
    The New York Fed Bank’s Gold is most likely Gold plated Tungsten. Like the ole boy said” Buy Beans, Bullets and
    Band-Aids” Civil War is on the Horizon friends!

    • “Not Fort Knox, because there is NO GOLD IN FORT KNOX! The Gold that was in Fort Knox is in the Rothchild’s vault in France.”

      I can well believe that but would like to see some real proof. 

  7. The ball of yarn, that is, gold and silver, is unravelling.  Actually, quite nicely as I observe.  Soon the chestnuts will be in the fire and roasting can begin.

    I’m so glad I have what belongs to me, and hope you have what belongs to you safely tucked away…BUT at your fingertips.  Those who trust the bad guys to care for your PMs, too bad so sad.  Stupid is as stupid does!  

  8. By the way, this latest move by Germany appears as some sort of appeasement by Merkel to hold off those with torches and clubs until after the election….yeah, right!  Silly lady….doesn’t she know that of the 3400+ tonnes, the Fed probably HAD repeat HAD a third of that stash, but its gone now…and ANYONE thinking there is a scintilla (love that word) of gold in Fort Knox is hitttin’ the ganga way too often.

    • “…ANYONE thinking there is a scintilla (love that word) of gold in Fort Knox…”

      Dunno.  With NO audit for 60 years NOBODY knows a thing about that gold.  Is it there?  If so, how much?  Is it hypothecated to insignificance?  No way to know without an audit.  Is it doped with tungsten?  Could be but again, with no audit, we do not know.  To those who say that it is too expensive to audit the gold in Ft. Knox, I say spend a couple of those bars on it and remove all doubt!

    • Yeah, they are going to ally with a people whom they have absolutely despised for more than 2,000 years.  LOL!

      Whatever else happens, Mary, that is about the least likely thing I can imagine.

    • LOL! Germany siding with Russia, the country who wanted to get Germany’s gold before, so that it could get their gold back from the USA! Oh the irony!

  9. Some German Parliamentarians have requested to go to the New York fed to count the gold, but were declined on the basis that “there are no visiting rooms for counting”. Have you ever heard of so much bullshit in your entire lives? There are so many unexplained loose ends in this gold story I think when it blows up the world’s jaws will hang slack at the audacity of the lying that went on.
    When officials and politicians are caught out lying nowadays, no one even bothers to say” you should not be lying”, because it is no longer a meaningful accusation.
    In South Africa, our current President Mr Zuma, said he’d create 500 000 jobs if elected. In fact 500 000 jobs were lost during his last 3 years in the driving seat. When confronted he explained he’d promised to create 500 000 job “opportunities”, but that no one had come forward to take advantage of those opportunities. Our unemployment is now over 25%, with starving people crying out to find work, any work. He also said he’d only stay for one term, but now says he’ll do another 4 years if “the people want me to, and in good conscience I can’t refuse them”. 
    And it’s no different in any other country, right up to the highest authority in the land.

    • Right on.

      Have you read Document X? They have for one stolen South Africa’s gold reserves a long time ago. In fact, they brag about how it cost them only a 1000 real U.S. Dollars to start the fiat Ponzi scheme in the States in 1913. Zuma, Malema and the whole bunch are nothing short of puppets and the same applies to government officials in the rest of the world. What’s new? lol

    • Here in the Netherlands, after being inquired about “our” gold by the Socialist Party of all people, the Ministry of Finance relayed from the Dutch National bank amongst other utter nonsense that (part of) the Dutch gold was at the NY Fed because its vaults were built on rock. As if here it would crash through the floor and disappear into the ground. Unbelievable that such nonsense passes for parliamentary questioning.

    • Here in Canada, our gold reserves are safe and… wait, we don’t have our own gold reserves anymore. The worst fact is that the majority of the Canadians didn’t do anything when the government sold all of the country’s gold. :'(

  10. I’m pretty much in agreement with everyone else here. 150 tons … over three years … is firstly, not much of what Germany’s ‘claim’ is and secondly, an awfully slow incremental ‘withdrawal’ of that paltry amount. These factors point strongly to concluding that the ‘FED’ isn’t in actual possession of the bullion and the Germans damned well know it. That further implies that the Bundesbank and the ‘FED’ are in ongoing collusion in ‘leasing’ scams and by extension, the respective governments.

  11. So what is the answer
    What can the world populace do?
    Are we forever at the beck and call of this elite
    We shed light on the inequalitys, we speak of the evils, we expose the criminality, we see the writing on the wall and we do NOTHING!
    What will it take to extricate ourselves from this stranglehold
    Something has to give and yet nothing seems to be motivating the masses to end this tyranny!
    Lets all watch the debates, vote for the smoothest talker, get sidetracked with sports and give up everything!
    The shame

    • The norm: He who controls the money, controls the masses. The anomaly: If you don’t control the money, the masses will only be of use if you can convince them that they need to embrace a saving knowledge of the truth. Even if they don’t accept it now, they will come running when the real trouble starts. This is why we must continue to push forward despite being outnumbered. It after all only take a few good men to set a solid example for others to follow. 

    • Look, OPS, government derives the right to tax, because it ‘guarantees’ the ‘value’ of ‘money’ it produces in its mints … it’s a ‘benefit’. Banks derive their right to charge interest (and myriad ‘fees’) on their ‘money’, because they ‘facilitate transactions’ … it’s a ‘service’. If we’re to free ourselves from BOTH in one fell swoop, The Peoples of the world have to make their OWN money and it’s got to be in a form that garners more confidence than either government’s ‘benefits’ or banks’ ‘service’. If every community, globally, privately minted base copper media for small staples, trading that for silver and then up to gold. Governments and banks would go back to being admisistrators and fiduciary agents.

    • I’m a big fan of woowoo and many years ago I read a book put out by the Transcendental Meditation crew that was presenting what they said was evidence of the effectiveness of the practice. I didn’t and don’t think their techniques give them a corner on the meditation market but found interesting what they described. One example that was given was that if one percent of a population in an area was committed to the practice, the whole population in that area benefitted, one example being some town that escaped bombing during a war. This correlates with the story of the hundredth monkey, which Google to see. I’m not a fan at all of proselytizing, but truth is truth, and maybe waking people up to that is the answer. A long, arduous, and what feels like enormous and thankless task, but I think the megalos know this works and that’s why disseminating has to be done as random acts to open people’s eyes to circumvent their throttling the message.
      Edit to say @SilverBullion, hadn’t read your whole comment before posting, looks like you already said it. Also, @PatFields, what you said. Onward, silver soldiers!

    • 50 tonnes can be made “fresh” yearly I reckon. So they don’t have to go into allocated accounts I reckon. Thats the strange thing about this whole “audit” babble. A true audit would involve serial numbers and such. But noooo, they intend to melt it if what I’ve read earlier is correct. Melt it to proof what? It’s gold alright, but its authenticity (sp?) destroyed. It’s so obviously just a political detour. 
      Though the idea of Gerald Celente standing under the Brandenburger Tor yelling “Those are my serial numbers, give me my gold!!” is very entertaining =)

  12. Finally it’s about time! The Germans finally learned the concept of “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”. I wonder how easy will it be for the cartel to find 150 tons of real gold in three years. If they don’t have enough gold to supply, then maybe they will crush gold’s price so that they can exchange their dollars for some yellow metals cheaply.

  13. We should forget about gold and silver standards. At the end of the day we must only use gold and silver coins with no fiat face value, but rather the purity of the gold/silver and the weight stamped on the coins. We should forget about dollars, cents, pounds, pennies and what have you. Needless to say, junk silver will also work, as long as the face value gets ignored.

    • Copper pennies would also work. Their face value is already ignored by most of the people because it became worthless with inflation. Their melt value attract some of the people like me. Hoard as much copper pennies as you can!

    • SilverBullion, I’m in perfect accord with you. Putting a ‘fixed’ value on ANYTHING defies the natural supply-demand circumstancees surrounding its true rational relationship at a given point in time. What would be so damned difficult pricing goods in grains or grams of copper silver or gold, appropriate to the good offered? The most LOGICAL monetary divisor is it’s weight in a standard fineness and should be counted by weight … alone!

  14. Here’s a thought,
    maybe the powers that be want to discredit paper money AND gold/silver, at which point the only alternative will be to take a certain mark in one’s right hand or forehead (ahem… 666).

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