Calls for Germany to repatriate its 1,536 tons of gold reserves held at the NY Fed are intensifying as Der Spiegel reports the Federal Reserve has refused to allow German inspectors to even view the country’s massive gold reservesin the interest of security and of the control process“.

We have stated repeatedly that with repatriation and/or audit requests completed or in progress by Venezuela, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, The BOE and the Fed suddenly find themselves in a heap of trouble as the situation (and confidence that the Central banks actually still hold the tungsten gold reserves on deposit) is rapidly deteriorating. 
More on the Fed’s non-compliance with German requests to view/inspect their own gold below.



Der Spiegel reports that nearly half of Germany’s entire gold reserves are still held (supposedly) 5 floors below the NY Fed:

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York continues to hold 1,536 metric tons of German gold — or nearly half of Berlin’s reserves. This enormous hoard of gold is stored in the fifth subfloor of the bank’s building on Liberty Street, 25 meters (80 feet) below street level, and 15 meters below sea level. According to the bank’s website, the vault rests on the bedrock of Manhattan Island.

The Fed has reportedly denied German requests to view their own gold reserves, ‘in the interest of security’:

Tourists are allowed to venture below street level to see the vault. After descending in an elevator, they stand in front of an enormous steel cylinder that pivots like a door in a 140-ton steel-and-concrete frame. But not even the owners are allowed to view their own gold. According to the Federal Audit Office report, the Fed explained that “in the interest of security and of the control process” no “viewings” are possible.


Of the 9 compartments supposedly storing German gold, German officials were finally allowed to briefly view a few bars from a single compartment in 2011:

Finally, in 2007, “following numerous enquiries,” Bundesbank staff members were allowed to see the facility, but they reportedly only made it to the anteroom of the German reserves.

In fact, auditors from the Bundesbank made a second visit in May 2011. This time one of the nine compartments was also opened, in which the German gold bars are densely stacked. A few were pulled out and weighed. But this part of the report has been blacked out — out of consideration for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.


Unlike the US financial MSM, the German media is willing to discuss not only the question of whether the Federal Reserve has absconded with Germany’s gold, but also the risk of a collapse of a fully fiat currency:

The debate over a collapse of strictly paper-based currency is experiencing a renaissance — as is the dispute over the gold reserves. Even Green Party financial expert Gerhard Schick has joined the fray: “I think the question of how much gold is available in an emergency is a valid concern.”


Not surprisingly, Bundesbank officials are attempting to smooth over German concerns about their gold reserves, with board member Thiele snidely remarking that he took a look inside of one of the vaults at the NY Fed recently, and “There was no paper in there, just gold.“:

The Bundesbank also objects to this notion for another reason. It says the gold is supposed to act as an emergency buffer. In the extreme situation of a currency collapse, the bankers say that the gold bars could easily and quickly be exchanged on location for pounds or dollars to pay urgent bills.

In a bid to calm the debate, the Bundesbank has pledged to bring back and inspect 150 tons of gold from abroad over the next three years. Furthermore, there are plans to count and weigh the gold bars stored in one of the nine chambers at the Fed in New York — although no date has been set for this.

Bundesbank board member Thiele was also recently in New York where he took a look behind one of the vault doors. He had good news for the members of the parliamentary budget committee: “There was no paper in there, just gold.”


While Bundesbank officials likely understand the reality (much better than German politicians do) that a German repatriation of it’s entire 1,536 tons of gold reserves held at the NY Fed would likely cause a complete Western financial collapse if/when the Fed failed to promptly deliver said gold (tungsten free), confidence in the Fed and the BOE has clearly been shattered, and it is now only a matter of time for an absolute mad run on every last gram of physical metal underneath the NY Fed ensues.


    • WW3 will sure be a totally different story because right now, the tensions are getting bigger between the USA and Iran. If the USA and Israel attacks Iran, then China and Russia will join in the war. After that, a lot of Western countries will also join in.

  1. If this story can be kept alive in the news media for long enough, and the Fed continues to refuse a legitimate audit of the German people’s physical gold, this may very well be ‘the straw that breaks the camel’s back’.

  2. Ed Steer in his latest gold and silver report
    referred to the absolutely massive volume on Wednesday of 306070 contracts for gold and 77047 contracts for silver. He thinks it possible that ” large long positions currently held by some traders in the Non-Commercial/Technical fund category, were sold directly to the ‘Big 4’ bullion banks [and maybe the raptors] in the Commercial category.  This allowed them to cover a huge portion of their short positions in both metals without having to compete for these long positions in the open market.”
    No wonder the big four banks are desperately trying to cover their short positions if the New York Fed turns out to have no gold. Maybe the emperor has no clothes moment is imminent.   The USA isn’t exactly the most popular country around at the moment. The last thing it can afford to do is piss off it’s closest allies. If I was the Germans I would immediately send the Navy to New York and demand return of the gold.

    • Don’t know about the German Navy but if I was the Germans, I would demand ALL of their gold, IMMEDIATELY, and see what the Fed has to say about that.  I mean, they either have it or they don’t.  If they have it, they can produce it.  If they do not have it, they are in a world of s**t and it is more than about time to expose them for the cheating and lying SOBs they are.

    • If the USA pisses off its closest allies, then its citizens are going to be in danger because others countries would want to attack the USA’s territories. So, I don’t think that this would happen that easily unless if the USA attacks Iran.

    • The real story is quite different. There is no more German gold in NY reserves, it has been moved to another country long time ago, one us ally which is becoming more powerful thanks to the us support. Live and see!!!

  3. Occam’s razor is saying, “There ain’t no gold, boys.” 
    There is only one reason why those officials are denied access to even visit their gold.
    BTW, the volume in today’s capping operation is absolutely enormous. 
    19,000 contracts from 8:30 to 8:35 for instance.  Market making ain’t easy.

    • Yes, the simplest explanation is often the best.  I favor something slightly different, however.  “Never ascribe to evil that which can be explained by incompetence”.  While both may be at work here, incompetence has my vote as the obvious cause.

    • You very well could be right, Sergio.  I am hoping that this whole situation boils up so that the lackadaisical media HAS to get off their butts and actually cover the story.  Yes, they will screw it up but we can still read between the lines plus we have the alternative media to fill in the many blanks.

    • Sorry, say the Germans, but that’s not our problem.  We have here a certificate of deposit that reads “PAYABLE ON DEMAND 1,536 TONS OF GERMAN GOLD” held in the vaults of the US Federal Reserve System.  So… we are demanding it, now fork it over!

  4. The FED and Bundesbank are lying , and the German people aren’t buying it.
    The flimsy excuses offered up by the FED and Bundesbank, over and over again are a joke. Security reasons, my ass. 
    Its obvious that there is a big problem, that the gold isnt there, and there should be hell to pay.The Bundesbank should be honest and tell the German people they have been duped.
    Germany , in the meantime has asked for a paltry 150 tons, to be delivered in the next 3 years, to hold off the dreaded day of reckoning a while longer.
    The jig is up !  The mother of all scandals is before us !

    • Indeed so, Spaniel.  My German blood is crying out for justice in this case and I do not mean the typical left-wing “JUST US” spelling of it.  My maternal grandfather emigrated to the US in the early 1900s.  He wanted to become an American, so he changed his name from Johann von Strunk (umlaut on the “u”), to James Strunk.  My mother speaks fluent German and was a civilian translator for the US Army in Germany in the early 1950s.  She and I often converse in German, either written or spoken, when we do not want curious eyes watching or ears listening in.  

      That said, no, I do not believe that the German gold is in the Fed vaults in NYC.  If it was, it would be a simple matter to show it to the German reps and to repatriate any amount of it that they request.  This whole story smells like last month’s unrefrigerated fish and no amount of idiotic excuses by the Fed will improve that aroma.  The Germans are not fools and they will not be put off by foolish excuses.  It very well may take a while but the Fed had better come up with the German gold.  We have not heard the last of this story by any means.  It would not surprise me in the least to see Germany leave NATO and cozy up to China over this kind of betrayal.

    • Even if it’s for security reasons, the Germans still have the right to look for their own physical gold because they are the ones who are paying the storage fees and they are the real owner of it. It’s like if the bank told you not to withdraw your dollars from your account for security purposes.

  5. Start the collection of the gold in Chamber 9.

    I can see scenario’s where most of the gold is acutally still there, just not all. But that would still make delaying the gold moves worthwhile. Also, if there is a SHFT scenario, I can see the US adopting a new law where they can just take possession of it all. As always, for reasons of national and international security, fight against terror and climate change.

    • I agree that the USA would do that because they need to find a way to repay off the US debts so their excuses would be that it’s to pay back the debts but in reality, it’s just the banks who are taking over the country and the world.

  6. Sorry Germany, but you are not going to receive your Gold.  Instead you will be given paper promises for your stolen Gold.

    Dont forget, Germany, how you STOLE the unique and beautiful Amber Room, built more than 300 years ago, from Russia back in WWII.

    ( Linkey: )

    Remember, Germany, what goes around, comes around and karma is a B!tch.

    Oh…and you will never get Königsberg back, either.    

    • Anyone that relies on the gatekeepers at wiki-sleeze for ANYTHING related to Judea’s ongoing war against the German people are, in fact, confirming that the so-called West lost that war (aka WWII). . .  the primary prize being the authorship of WWII history, and the later ramblings of lemmings that will base their alleged IQ on the parroting of the former.  Pathetic.

      We realize that your post is very trendy, and feels oh so good posting such in anonymity, and will probably earn you a Frappuccino at Starbucks, but before you start babbling about (i.e. mindlessly regurgitating lies about) the Amber Room, why don’t you learn its true history and origins.

      But let’s start here: It was not possible for the Nazis to “loot” (wiki-sleeze’s word) the Amber Room, any more that it was possible for Germans to have “STOLE(n) the unique and beautiful Amber Room, built more than 300 years ago, from Russia back in WWII” (your stupid words).  How so?  Let’s go slow for you, ok?  Russia no longer existed “back in WWII.”  And that’s just the beginning . . .

      You’re not very bright, are you?

  7. Besides, The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE ‘ Corporation ran by international Banking  Cartels, So Gremany would be at War ,with THEM , The Bankster’s ,..NOT the American people ,we did nothing ,and had no knowledge  of the Crime if in fact ,the Germany find Air,and place but NO .GOLD..I am hoping, The GOLD  it’s there but reality and history shows and lead me to believe ,GOLD GONE!

    • The US Fed had better think twice about f***ing with the Germans.  They are no strangers to black ops and have trained extensively with the CIA, Mossad, SAS, US Navy Seals, US Army Rangers, etc.  It would not surprise me greatly if a few banksters in the US were to fall victim to, um, various accidents.  They WILL get the message, even if they are somewhat dimwitted.

    • It should be remembered that Der Speigel is a j w publication, and so the article may indicate that the ‘elites’ (j  s) who run the banks, media and USA may actually wish to crash this mama sometime soon.

    • Persaonal Answer for Silver Daggers——The Fed can bail out the Fed at the United States of America’s Expense.  WE THE PEOPLE have to PAY for it!!!  Did you get that right?  WE THE PEOPLE Have to Pay For it!!!  But the President of the United States of America needs to Sign an additional 100 years OR Deny Private Bankers to run this Country called the “Federal Reserve.”  SHOULD THE PRESIDENT SIGN A BILL?  Contact the President to do what he should.  End the Fed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And say Sorry Germany, We lost it during the storm?

    • It’s the American people who will bail out the Federal Reserve. How? The Fed will create infinity amounts of dollars of thin air and by doing that, it will steal the purchasing power of those who are holding the US dollars and it will devalue the American currency.
      Wow! Very good contribution silverrrrr! The Fed is going to be proud of you lol!

  8. Fed gold vault is 80′ below the ground on bedrock. There are 122 numbered gold cages.  A country is not allowed to know which cage (allegedly) holds their gold.  This is for “privacy”.  Smaller amounts are kept on a numbered shelf in a closet called the library.  Entry is down a narrow hallway.  Vault door is a large rotating cylinder big enough to walk through.  Link is to Fed brochure.  Very interesting.

    • Based on this, would it be possible to estimate the total volume of the gold vaults.  Assuming you could, you can calculate the maximum number of gold that could be stored.  Does the Fed publish a list of total deposits at the facility?

      It seems like it would be basic math to figure out if they could even house the amount of gold they claim to have.  

  9. I thoroughly understand and support this initiative. As James Turk said elsewhere, ‘gold is a major column supporting a country’s sovereignty’. We here, more than most others are accutely aware that un-encumbered money, possessing intrinsic worth of its self, is wholly synymous with Liberty.

    • Indeed we are, Pat.  I strongly urge any here who have not had a chance to read Howard Buffet’s speech on the link between citizen possession of gold money and individual citizen liberty to do so and to retain a copy that they can share with others.  This speech can be found here:


  10. Hi,
    I live here in Germany. The very most of the people here dosen’t mind about the missing gold. Most of our newspapers and (online) magazines state “who cares – gold is useless, you can throw it into the ocean. Or sell it and give the euros to the poor. Only a few paranoid weirdos care about this.” And so on. All medias are in control of the financial oligarchy here. So there is absolutely no majority to support further investigations on this matter.
    Regards from Germany!

    • Didnt Germany , in exchange for Greeces’ bailout, require that Greece put up all its gold as collateral ?
      Greece got some money, and now is fucked again, cause another bailout is needed ASAP. And Greece doesnt have any gold anymore to call its own . Brilliant scam.

      No matter what the talking heads on TV say regarding “solutions”, there is no solution because these things are playing out as they were designed to do. Its a ponzi, paying off past debt obligations with new fiat, and the total amount owed increases without bound.

      For the Europeans, the ECB is the only game in town, and the endgame is for certain European countries to relinquish their sovereignty, to a federal system that is destined to become an economic and military colossus. A federated union of states. The debt ponzi is the means to to bring about that end.
      But no matter what the banksters say, they obviously want gold.

    • Greetings,

      Regarding the lack of a majority in Germany to support further investigations on the gold issue, that will not be necessary for this problem to cause major impacts for the gold and silver price manipulators.  People in the rest of the world will perceive that the Fed has something to hide in regards to the accountability of Germany’s gold, and that will prompt even more countries to call for the return of their gold, and also individual people will have more reasons to quickly buy physical gold and physical silver.  Whether this news comes to an unsatisfactory conclusion, or whether the news just fades away, the people who pay attention to and understand gold and silver will take relevant action.

      Best wishes for the German people to get their gold back!

    • Perhaps so but the Internet is widely available in Germany, including Silver Doctors, SGT Report, Liberty Mill, etc.  It would, indeed, be unfortunate if our German cousins were to be so thoroughly brain-washed by socialist propaganda that they no longer understand the connection between REAL money and personal liberty.

    • Well I state these magazines and and newspapers as “Who cares – magazines and newspapers are full of propaganda, you can throw them into the toilet bowl after you’re done whipping your butt with them. Or burn them and give the fire to the poor so that they can heat up.”

  11. Occam’s Razor.  Perfect Conax. I wish I’d thought of it.
      What do you get when you combine Occam’s Razor with Schroedinger’s Cat.  The gold that’s in the vault and not in the vault at the same time. 
    Bundesbank sez “Fockem Occam, where’s my Messerchmidts?” I wanna strafe someone.

  12. I don’t think it’s necessary for a great number of Germans (or Americans either, for that matter) to understand the significance of gold.  The central banksters understand it very well, and it’s their preferred form of payment.  Furthermore, they don’t trust each other (I wonder why not??).  That being so, I expect that this isn’t going away.  The Bundesbank may talk nicey-nice to soothe the German public, but you can bet they’re more than a little bent out of shape about this.  If you think of the banksters as mafiosi, you’ll have a better idea of what’s probably going on.  If I were the Bundesbank, I’d keep my place at the front of the line at the NY Fed.  There may not be enough gold in the vaults to pay everybody, but the first ones in line have the best chances of being paid.  Think of it as a bank run on gold.  And yes, I hope this episode can’t be kept under wraps despite the best efforts of the governments and central banks, but that the Fed is totally, thoroughly discredited.  Fallout:  Ron Paul’s audit of the Fed, followed by its abolition, will be given a big boost.  Fallout:  What about the gold supposedly stored at Ft. Knox?  Inquiring minds will want to know.  Fallout:  The banksters’ run on the Fed vaults could be followed by a people’s run on the banks in general.  This could all be very, very interesting.

    • I think that it is necessary for everyone to understand the fundamentals of gold and silver because those two metals have been used as money for more than 5000 years and by holding them, it will allow everyone to protect themselves against the collapse of the fiat system.

  13. You boys ever been in a barber shop and faced the mirror and saw your image as far as the eye can see behind You?
    I believe that the underground vault 5 stories deep as some mirrors on the wall and the lights turned down low
    when they are kind enough to show some Gold. So let’s say they have 15 pallets of Tungsten/Gold across the
    floor in front of rhe observer and three walls are all mirrored to the ceiling. Oh, but for security reasons the observer
    can only view the display through steel bars 50 feet away, the vault room would make a display that looked like all
    the Gold bullion in the world was in that vault room.

    At Fort Knox they have a slide show in their vault. I would more than likely guess that since The Rothchild Family is
    a major stock holder in The Federal Reserve Bank. I think if you look far enough you more than likely find A CaCa load
    of U S Gold Bullion in their vaults in France, and just laughing their asses off!

    You can depend on views by Ranger

  14. the reality is that being able to put that much gold on display for audit is going to be a costly exercise if the gold is not in the vault … but to refuse to allow it to be viewed and risk the run on gold will be infinitely more costly … im not sure what the fed has to gain by refusing to show the gold. even if theres non in the vault jamie dimon could lend them his gold to display surely…

  15. If gold is useless, than why is it stored more securely than our paper dollars or the printing presses that print them? I would think if the Germans want to throw their gold into the ocean, then the Bundesbank would just tell the FED to “Keep it. We don’t want or need it.”

    Methinks Arsamenes is either a shill for the banks or doesn’t know much about REAL worth.

    • @not shure:
      The stated comments are not MY opinions. “Throw the useless gold into the ocean” was written in a popular newspaper here. There are only a few gold bugs here, and they are bashed by the media. 99% of the people (I guess) own no precious metals. And it was not the Deutsche Bundesbank in first place to call the FED for the gold, it was a control instance called “Bundesrechnungshof”! They are obligated to requests. The Bundesbank always refused requests of a few congressmen in the past, to audit the gold. So the congressmen called the Rechnungshof. And now the Bundesbank does everything to keep the people calm: “The gold is save and sound and in custody of the hounorable FED!” I am shure the requested 150 tons control samples are negotiated with the FED.

    • That’s because it is just a propaganda so that people won’t be holding physical gold. There is also a recent propaganda about silver saying that it is bad for the environment. The banks just want everyone to hold their paper currencies instead of real money.

  16. The simple thought here is 1oz or 500 tons a recept of payment is nothing in this world.

    A promis to pay! Backed by! Insured by FDIC! Secure Storage! Legal tender! As Good As Gold!

    If your not holding the physical you have a promis. Promises are ment to be broken.

    Moral Hold Your Own A$$ET$.. 

  17. I would not be surprised if a good portion of the US-stored international gold is now in fact Chinese gold. Did they not undertake a huge project to verify and re-melt into 1kg bars their whole hoard? I am sure they found some old German bars in there. But don’t know, don’ care, as they were neatly paid for in digital money, in full. Remelt and ship home.

    • Naaaah!….The Rothchild’s have it! The legal criminality that the Rothchild’s have committed for hundreds
      of years would be the best answer. 

    • I also wouldn’t be surprised about it because the Chinese are buying physical precious metals very heavily so to avoid the metals’ prices to go up, the Western bullion banks are selling the physical gold and silver that they are holding to cover up the Chinese demands.

  18. In Sprotts video where he asked the question “where does 8,000 tons of gold come from when the world wide production is 4,000 ounces?’ makes clear the dilemma spoken to above.
    He said it is a querulous fashion and then slyly suggested that the West’s central banks leased it out to bullion banks who sold it to the Chinese et al. The central banks still flag gold with a bookkeeping entry saying it is in physical possession or on lease.
    The laughable thing about this is that Eric, Jim Willie and others have seen past this sophistry. The gold is gone-gone forever-right back to the people who probably mined it in its original form only to see it stolen by the Western power and Japanese. The irony now is that the Chinese are using our bankrupt system of FIAT printing, FIAT they hold in a $2 trillion reserves to recover their gold. They were going at it slowly but the rate is increasing rapidly because the jig is up. The Fed is accomodating this by trying their best to keep the dollar from collapsing while repressing the price of gold. The Chinese plan is working out beautifully.
    They ‘buy’ our gold from us with our soon-to-become devalued currency, restock their vaults with what was their formerly owned gold, and then go to work with the quietly stated and recently held position of replacing western currencies with precious metals backed currencies while aiding and abetting the destruction of the US Dollar. Or so it seems to me.

    • WWIII, might well be. The Chinese will just open their vaults for international audits and back a New Yuan with the gold they had the rest of the world counted there. Considering what denouncing the USD for trade has done for the few coutnry with the balls to do so recently, you have to wonder how America will feel about such an insult.
      Would the Chinese rally start a new currency, or upgrade their current one, making everyone with Yuan savings much more wealthy instantly? They are also encouraging their people to secure savings in PM’s after all. So maybe it will be a truely new thing.

  19. Germany is one thing. If I had an allocated gold account. I would be desperate to clear it out. I think there are some stupid rich people out there who are nowhere near as rich as they think.

    Reading FOA’s goldtrail on
    Essential reading.

  20. As the Fed is being particularly obstructive, perhaps the Bundesbank might usefully ask the other locations where “Their” gold is stored if they could perhaps pop by for a look and a feel.  New York might be having problems with pumping the water and silt out, but no such problems have befallen London or Paris.
    150 tons over 3 years is a sham.  They should ask all 3 locations for 50 tones each by end of business next Friday.  That would not tip the markets into a tailspin, ….but perhaps the failure or inability to comply with such a request might. 

  21. I am waiting for this excuse “we are sorry but the vault flooded during Sandy and we haven’t been able to pump it out, water keeps entering from somewhere. Might take us a few years to fix this but rest assured, your gold is even safer under 40 feet of water.”

  22. Silver is the best investment of a lifetime. Not only could you have created massive wealth from 2001 until now but the future is looking so bright I need to where sunglasses.

  23. Consider this:
    Gold is (at the moment I’m writing this) $1727.92 an ounce (according to
    There are 16 ounces to a pound.
    There are 2000 pounds to a ton.
    The Germans own 1536 tons.

    $1,727.92 x 16 = $27,646.72 ($/lb)
    $27,646.72 x 2000 = $55,293,440 ($/tn)
    $55,293,440 x 1536 = $84,930,723,840 (Total current value of Germany’s gold holdings)

    If you gave someone $85 billion dollars to hold on to, and they would never let you see it, weigh it, touch it, or even verify that they have it, let alone wouldn’t give it back in the name of “security”, I’d say you just got robbed of $85 billion. I’d have a very strong opinion about that if I was Germany.

    • Yeah exactly! It’s like if your local bank is not letting you withdraw some of your dollars because it’s for your own financial safety. Also, Germany should have the right to view their own gold because they are the ones who are paying the storage fees and they are the real owner of them.

  24. Germany has intensified its gold repatriation because the New York Federal Reserve is becoming a suspect so they are worried to lose their physical gold. Because of that, more countries are also following Germany’s steps. At least most of us don’t have to worry about taking deliveries on stored physical gold and silver because they are all at our possessions! 🙂

  25. In WW3, which true allies does the US still have?
    I’ll start with GB and Israël.
    All other Western EU countries pretty much, USA stole not-funny amounts of gold off. Not healthy for love relations.
    Japan, nuked. They will side with China when it comes down to that choice.
    Eastern Europe, despite oppression from Sovjet, will side with Russian side.
    Latin America’s. How deep is your love? I think they’ve had it with the US also.

    It could come down to lots of neutral countries. But when they’re made to choose, they might choose against the outgoing superpower.
    China, Russia, India, and Middle East, that’s a big block. Western Europe will need to think well about their alliances, and their future.
    UK is vulnerable, they could take the hit this time around. Just be “freed” by Channel neighbours and Germany. So they’d not need to die for USA and IL. 

    • The USA still has its real true ally, Canada! Canada has always accepted the US dollar even if it’s losing values. It is trading its resources to the USA while the others are starting to stop trades with the USA.

  26. Printing dollar is actually far worse than letting the US people bail out the FED and Government.
    It’s putting the burden on the rest of the world. They cannot print these dollars, but have them in reserves, because they need it for oil and such.

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