1. Gerald Celente is right on point as usual! Looking forward to next weeks Trends Journal. As for Lauren Lyster damn! She is one fine woman! I could hear her talk all day! Killer looks but also a killer mind which is even sexier.
    1) I think the Iran conflict will begin in the second Quarter 2013
    3) They will try to keep the economy alive with war. Keynesian Philosopy.
    4) By 2014/15 the country will not be recognizable. America will be an empty shell
    5) I will be pissed off too if someone stole over $100k from me. Looks like Google isnt honoring Celentes name.

    • Right on, Stacker X!  😀

      By 2014-15, it is more likely that the US dollar will have collapsed and taken both the US bond market and economy along with it.  This will be the result if we do not immediately get out of this failed Keynesian experiment.  None of these ever work, yet people seem not to notice and so keep on trying them over and over.  The USSR was a big fan of Keynesian economics and was convinced that central planning and government edict could take the place of economic market laws.  Well, they can’t and it cost them their nation to discover this.  Seems odd that we cannot learn a valuable lesson from the Russians and avoid collapsing our country by not doing what they did that led to their collapse.  Somehow, we can’t seem to do that.  Live and learn seems not to mean much these days.  We’ve living but not learning!

      If we hit our thumb with a hammer, we KNOW immediately that it was not a good thing to do.  When we do the same thing economically, we seem not to know that it was bad and that somehow if we just keep on doing more of what has just failed it will eventually work.  Uh,no, it will not work… ever… so get used to that idea, move on, and try just about anything else.

  2. Obama and Romney are nothing. They would both get destroyed in a debate if they were against Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the John F. Kennedy version of our generation. I’m sure that there would be a lot of assassination attempts if he becomes president since the rich and the other corrupted people don’t like him. He is in favor for all the people and not just the rich which is why the upper classes will hate him. Don’t miss your chance to vote for a candidate who has the same ideas as the founding fathers, Andrew Jackson, John F. Kennedy and the Constitution itself!

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