CelenteGerald Celente joins our friends at the SGTReport to discuss the possibility of a March-June 2014 U.S. economic collapse. Celente says, “Look at the facts, they’re rigging the Forex, that’s $5.5 TRILLION per day being traded! They’ve rigged the LIBOR rates, the interest rates … it’s larceny. It will take a crisis to get these things to unravel, and this time they’re running out of games on how to fix it.” Gerald says, “At some point they’re going to have to stop unraveling this money pool they’ve been filling up.
In several moments of pure, unadulterated candor the Trends Journal founder lays our nation’s problems bare, “You’re seeing fascism with the BANKS taking over the country. The ENTIRE system is rotted. We have to get rid of the political parties that have DESTROYED this nation. The people have to mobilize, NO political parties. People that vote for Democrats and Republicans are voting for more war, more raping of our Constitutional rights and more degradation of the human spirit. How much more proof do they need? …It’s a criminal operation.”

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  1. Not to worry!!!  QE will begin tapering in the next 3 meetings!!  They promised!  And then the world will normalize and all will be well. Aunty Yellen will take good care of us!
    March/June?  Nope.  Far, far too stable to even think about that right now.

  2. Come on Doc, less of the soothe sayers with premonitions. Let’s see some fundamental arguments for higher prices of PM based on known facts that inhabit the past and the present.
    The current exchange is garbage, but we need to know why and how they are doing it, flying in the face of lay man common sense.
    Let’s stick to Austrian economics.

    • That he is, Charlie, but it is honest and passionate anger at what is happening to our country.  That really ought to tick us all off… big-time!
      Speaking of politics, I am getting involved in a local election for county sheriff.  No, I am not running but I am supporting someone who is well qualified and who wants to bring fiscal sanity to the current sheriff’s department.  He is also a HUGE supporter of constitutional government and the 2nd Amendment.  If he wins, he will be one of hundreds of county sheriffs who will not participate in any gun grabs or other federal anti-2nd Amendment crusades.  In a number of ways, he reminds me of Sheriff Joe down in the Phoenix area.  He seems to be one of the good guys, so has my support.  Local politics is close to home, which is where politics works best.  The farther from home it gets, the worse it gets.  With luck and hard work, perhaps an island of liberty can be created here.  If many such islands form, it will become impossible to destroy this country thanks to its solid constitutional core.

  3. China isn’t dumping the dollar. China is playing the same game against their public that the FED is playing here.  Keiser says that the big 5 banks are lashed together now.  After hearing his argument I submit to you that all international currencies are lashed together.  the FED is bailing out the Euro and China is bailing out the dollar.  Hell we got everybody chasing their tail.  I do get the feeling that somebody wants us all to be red star wearing commies.  

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