CelenteTrends forecaster Gerald Celente predicts the global financial system will continue to be propped up. Celente says, “The scheme continues to go on, the scheme being dumping cheap money into the system to perpetuate an economy that should have crashed in 2008. So, for 2013, our best shot is more of the same, but worse.” Celente’s advice for people who want to protect themselves financially, “Continue to buy gold and silver because a currency war has broken out.” Celente says gold’s assent has stalled because the financial elite “rigged the game” just like the $800 trillion global LIBOR interest rate market. Celente asks, “Don’t you think they’re rigging the gold and silver markets?” Celente contends the fuse is lit on the Middle East and North Africa. He thinks, “The Arab Spring has nothing to do with a democracy movement. It has to do with far too few having much too much and way too many having much too little.” Celente predicts, “If anybody attacks Iran, it will be full-fledged World War III.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente.

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  1. Come on folks, take my advice 
    Slip off your skivvies and skid on the ice
    Gloomy Gus Gerald says we’re all done
    Stop all that grinning
    You’ll have too much fun
    Rolling in silver and fondling gold
    Keep up the stacking, stay out of the cold

  2. It’s seems that every week someone else is bringing up manipulation of the precious metals market.  This week it was Gerald Celente and he has a large worldwide following. 
    What I did find interesting is he’s now buying hard assets like real estate because he expects the dollar to undergo a significant devaluation.  He used the phrase of paying back the loans using monopoly money. 

  3. IF anybody attacks iran?  I think he meant to say, WHEN iran is attacked.
    –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  
    Still haven’t forgotten how they kidnapped and held all those Americans hostages for 444 days, but I suppose most Americans have already forgotten this.  They really wiped this country’s face in sh!t in front of the whole world, and we lost a lot of respect then.
    I don’t like those fvckers but must tip my hat to their Garlic.  I have grown a number of types, but the best strain of Garlic I have is from iran.  Nice, large bulbs & cloves, easy to peel, lots of flavor.
    After that country is fried & irradiated, I will sell their Garlic back to the survivors…

    • Mammoth:  Your last sentence gave me pause.  There was a time not too long ago that such a statement was taken for granted.  This great country with its fighting forces were superior to all.  Not any more.  And after tomorrow, even less so.  The DOD is being RAVAGED (a Joint Chief of Staff General’s word) along with with Obammy RELYING on the UN to do his bidding, makes the USA a pawn instead of a King when it comes to protecting itself. You only have to think about Americans DYING around the globe at the hands of filth, and see the utter contempt our politicians have for anyone stepping up to demand action. Does Benghazi come to ming?  I just had to rant….

    • Begging your pardon but “when they are fried and irradiated”, the world will also be fried ultimately as too many nukes in too many hands lead to them going off. If you do not wish to see these things happen here, do not wish them on others. Most people, in any country, are innocent of the deeds of their governments and radicals. All due respect…..

    • Well Mammoth,
      Obama and most Americans might not remember Iran’s aggression (always shake my head at Jim Willie & company when they defend Iran as a victim!), but take comfort that the Great Beaver Nation above the Great Eagle nation has leadership that remembers, has taken notice and has cut off all ties with the Allahcracy in Iran, has kicked them out of Canada, and is active in harming its interests.
      And take courage, that “little country in the Eastern Mediterrannean”, as Willie calls it, remembers the 6 million Jews who died in Germany whom Iran says never died, they remember every threat that’s been made against it by the Mullahs, they remember everything Iran has done, and they (with God’s help and intervention) will crush Iran. You are quite right that they will be crushed, but the sad thing for me is that I love Persians… such a neat people that I enjoy spending time with… yet they will have to suffer Israel’s/God’s crushing blows before things get better for them.

  4. So Gold and Silver will finish 2012 with ‘weak’ gains of 5%-6%.  But do not be deceived…  Look at the trend of Gold and Silver prices since the Year 2000, and you will understand where prices are headed in the future.  The reasons that Gold and Silver prices have been trending higher since the Year 2000 are still there, if ever deeper and stronger in nature.  Nothing has been fixed, and no solutions have been implemented.  The paper financial system being in ruins is more evident with each passing day.  Only the mainstream media and governments are saying the economy is improving.  The people feel otherwise.  Intuitively, people know that things are getting worse, not better.
    “Buy Gold, Buy Silver… And Have Faith.”
    –DR Schoon

  5. LOL brainpowerinuse. He’s doing a very good job selling guns. Mammoth, thank you for remembering the 444. I still remember. I hope all Americans wake up from their sleepy beddy-by and realize what both the democrats and republicans are doing. Neither will make the necessary change for the good of this country (only for themselves). Point in fact – Obama signed an executive order to give congress a raise recently. As the biggest portion of our countrymen wish they had an extra dollar, congress gets many. Did you hear any of them say “hold on now, we can’t afford this while the rest of the county suffers”? I didn’t think so. Repubs. and Dems. alike accepted their raise on the backs of the workers.

  6. 2 Oz  can you imagine the outrage we, the people, would have if this pay raise was implemented in public view?   Without sneaking it through as an Executive Order by His Royal Highness, BHO, the people would be up in arms, the same arms IL DUCE want to remove from our homes and cars (or at least my car). 
    EO for a pay raise?? WTF  Biben got a $6,000 raise.  This stuttering douchebag needs the money?  Sure he does.  Did anyone get a 4% raise this year?   We have a government that is incapable of doing anything but getting in the way or screwing the pooch, and they get a raise.  WOW! Nice reward for voting for this a**wipe. Cha Ching.
    This is the Marie Antoinette government.  Cake?  Cake?  Where’s my GD’ing cake?
    I’m watching this LAD with his gaggle of pudgy gummint drones, smiling with big ole s**eating grins: Thank you Mr President for our raises.
    When can we lick your heiney. Line forms on the left. And this interloper calls this pack of suck up jerks middle class. Yeah, right! If they’re middle class I’m a stripey butt baboon. Ok, maybe that’s true.
    Bipartisan agreement means we get roto-bleeped by both parties. Excuse me, someone is pounding at my door.
    Nope, someone’s pounding on my tidy whiteys. Help Mr Wizard

  7. Exactly how I feel AGX. The raise they got is wrong. They should have been penalized their last 4 raises because they haven’t fixed the problem this year or last year and as a matter of fact haven’t even passed a budget in almost 4 years now. They don’t deserve a pay increase because they’ve accomplished absolutely squat in the last 4 years.
    I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff that will be attached to any deal but we won’t know about it until after it has passed. WAKE UP AMERICA AND FIRE THESE BUMS ALONG WITH THE BANKERS. SEND’EM PACKIN’!

    • We need to add an amendment that all government employees who shuffle paper and create laws lose 6% of their pay for every year the budget isn’t balanced and for every year that the number of fed employees grows.

  8. Celente predicts, “If anybody attacks Iran, it will be full-fledged World War III.” ”
    Did he really say that?  Has he ever been to the ME?  Most of it looks like dog s**t that has been out in the sun for too long… and people not from Iran are actually willing to fight over that crap-hole and risk retaliation   Sure, it has oil, but then, that’s about it.
    As to Iran wanting nukes, of course they do!  They are pretty much surrounded and probably feel the need to protect themselves, especially with their ally Syria biting the dust.  
    They also feel the need to vape Israel.  Bad idea, that.  The Israelis likely already have dozens, if not hundreds, of nukes of their own and they will use them if they are attacked by poison gas or any other unconventional weapons.
    But… not to worry because I have the solution to all this BS.  Simply trade the nation of Israel for the nation of Cuba.  That way, the Cubans, who actually like Palestinians, can live next door to their friends while the Israelis can move to Cuba, set up hotels, golf courses, casinos, and other tourist goodies and make a bloody fortune off of US and Canadian tourists.  There now, everyone is happy and doing something other than killing each other.  😉

  9. Some of his talking points are getting a bit old and stale. He does get it though when he speaks of Americas closest threat. Our own government. Not to say the Iranians are the good guys, there are no good guys in government. Not a single government that I know of is uncorrupted. But I worry more about an evil completely corrupted government with absolute malice toward myself and countrymen whose only crime is wanting liberty. They reside in Washington and in certain states. It always blows my mind when you hear people with total hatred towards libertarians, real conservatives, preppers & survivalists. Ask them why they despise them so much when all they are asking for is to be left alone and have real liberty and the answer is always the same. Their greedy, racist…. I can guess where they got that opinion. Media, politicians and Hollywood spouting such nonsense. Creating hate and division wherever possible.

    • I think the people you describe will talk down equally to any true liberal progressive who doesn’t think that living on borrowed money is a wise idea, and who might be a prepper in his/her own right. Perhaps (s)he took up farming. The problem is with those ppl in the so-called middle which is more of a black hole. It sucks in all money, ideas, energy and it gives back nothing. Yet, that very black hole of ideas is portruded to be the only reference of exchange of thoughts. Talk about a rigged “market” 🙂
      The so-called extreme left and the so-called extreme right are merely called such as to push the ideas and opinions that do not fit the matrix out of the reference grid for “proper debate”. So don’t fall for it. Don’t even take sides. It’s all an illusion and you know it.

  10. About what Gerald says at the end…
    Why would a war on Iran be so much different than the covert wars that destroyed Lybia and are destroying Syria. Answer I think is that it’s not called and whored out as being a “real” war. So if this formula works for the NWO freaks, why wouldn’t they take Iran covertly (and with much media spin of course) instead of overtly a la Shock and Awe. Because they might lose? They got the nukes, all they need is the drama for the sheeple and they will deliver it… Meeeehhhhhh. 
    So, what’s the big difference? If the Arab world doesn’t unite against the current destruction of Syria (many of the Sunni/Salafist regimes in fact are actively behind it as is Turkey shame on them), why would it revolt against the destruction of (Shia) Iran.
    All this plays right into the Black Flag’s cards (I mean Al CIA’da). The mind boggles…
    BTW about Turkey… I think they are going to get a very raw deal out of their NATO membership. Now they have to keep AL-CIA’da cosey around their borders, next they get kicked out of NATO for helping “terrists” and guess who’s going to be new nato member… You guessed it: Israel. Mark My Words. And the Wahabis get their Calliphate, free of any liberal form of Islam, and I bet free of Chinese. By then the Calliphate’s martyrs are busy slaughtering black folks in dark Africa for their demonic (white) masters. Getting all the raw materials that those pesky Chinamen were buying up with $$ treasuries and other loans’ worth. And so it goes…
    We sure live in interesting times.
    Best all, happy New year,

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