bankster AssassinationsWith another JP Morgan banker falling off a roof, the Trends Journal’s Gerald Celente discusses “the JPMorgan criminals” and states that the only bankers turning up dead are young lower level executives, and speculates that the high level executives are “cutting off the links that go to the top” as “you don’t rig LIBOR & FOREX without the people at the top knowing about it!
Gerald Celente’s full MUST WATCH interview dissecting the recent string of bankster “suicides” is below:


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  1. EdB and Sovereign Economist
    My “official’ count for the DEAD BANKER POOL is 4
    Feb 18  The HK  FX trader jumps from the JPM building
    Young female head of a bitcoin bank that went broke
    Banker suicided a week ago or so by jumping in front of a subway train
    The sixth story JPM jumper the other day
    This pool started Feb 18
    If someone is feeling lucky, venture a guess as to the top rank of a banker who leaves the building.  The correct guess is worth 1 AG 999 Buffalo
    2 ozs were awarded on the guess when the first banker tried a lighter than air stunt.  The guessers tied on the time of their estimation.

    • C’mon, Baby!! 
      Just 15 More! lol 
      (JK, bankers… unless it’s all top level people that REALLY Deserve it.
      But I believe these are just low-level. potential whistleblowers. NOT the real criminals)

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