With the Obama administration blatantly attacking the 2nd amendment and going after Americans’ Constitutional right to protect themselves from a tyrannical government,  Max Keiser talks to trends forecaster, Gerald Celente of TrendsResearch.com in the latest Keiser Report about the next American Revolution.

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  1. It’s upsetting for me to see so many websites I visit on a daily basis for information “hyping up” a civil war/american revolution. Sure, most everyone (on this site anyway) agrees that things need to change and we know that it is going to take a large scale event involving the masses. Having said that, we DON’T NEED a “gun-grabbing” civil war. Doesn’t everyone realize that this is exactly what they want? A civil war where millions of Americans die at the hands of the elite leaving us with a smaller population and less minds to control making their agenda that much more successful. It doesn’t matter how many Americans line up in the streets to fight the government with force and automatic weapons because they have bigger ones. There are alternative options to forcing the hand of government, but it starts with everyone pulling in the same direction and coming together. It would be a blessing if GC and these talking heads would promote staying alive, banding together, and opting out of the system by buying gold/silver bullion, growing your own food/buying organic, refusing to pay taxes, and boycotting the products of the corporations who fund our destruction.

    • The US government has been fighting an inferior force in Afghanistan for 10 years and is no closer to a win than when they started. It won’t be any different here, technology won’t trump the hit and run sniper behind every tree.

    • Who really knows what is going on in Afghanistan? I haven’t seen it personally and I don’t trust any reports. I apologize if you’ve been and seen it. If there are citizens of Afghanistan fighting American troops, its safe to assume that multiple lives are being taken for no important reason. Whether American or Foreign lives is irrelevant, we are no different. My point is, we can win against the government without force and unnecessary deaths. It’s clear to me that planting the thought of a civil war/revolution into the minds of people who are “against” their government is a precise and malevolent plan. Since it seems to be working, I hope I’m 100% wrong.

  2. Agreed emfington   I , more or less, belong to the Ron White Fight Club.  Rule number #1 of RWFC?  If you  don’t know how many they plan to bring to the fight, know this;   they will bring enough. 
    The gummint has soldiers and ammo to burn.  Civilians would never stand a chance.  The bully boy paramilitary fusion center squads have hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo and guns to back it.  The best way we will have to beat this is passive resistance, such as you outline.  Not that I wouldn’t love to line up some Blue Helmet UN troops in the cross hairs, but the civilian population is not up for a war of resistance that could lasts 5 years in the fields. 

    The system with its ammo, soldiers, FEMA camps, control centers that have 15 years of experience in urban warfare would make be a serious adversary.
      The system can be torn down by cyber warfare, guerilla tactics (like the Swamp Fox famous in the Revolutionary war) and passive resistance where and when it is called for. 
    we are a lot smarter than the soldiers and police.  Besides which, they are our neighbors and friends.  We know where they live.  That is a tactical advantage.  We also outnumber them 100 to 1.

  3. I just don’t see a new American revolution happening here.  General public is just too dumbed down and apathetic.  The system will have to crash before real solutions are offered.  That will get ugly, but if you are prepared you can avoid hardship while the global financial system is reset.  Public will demand sound money and gold backed currency will be the answer.   Being that 97% of the money is electronic it won’t be too difficult to convert.
    On a slightly different subject I have a reading assignment for all SDer’s.  Get the “Harbinger” by Jonathan Cahn.  I think he may be on to something.  We should discuss it.  Fascinating read.

    • I somewhat answer your question about reading the harbinger in the forum topic “the spiritual revolution” 
      I know quite a few members on this site are very religious and hold their faith dear. I praise you in your faith and hope that you understand that my forum topic rant is from a man that grew up in the church his entire life and just as martin luther pointed out the catholic church’s faults I am merely pointing out the faults I see in the modern Christian movement.

  4. Consider that during the original American Revolution, only about 1/3 of the colonists actually participated in the fight.  Another 1/3 of them were happy with English rule and the final 1/3 didn’t care either way but just wanted to be left the hell alone.
    I agree that citizens cannot win a stand-up fight against the US Military.  But it also occurs to me that if millions of us are ready to fight, the US Military may very well think again about supporting an anti-citizen government.  Hell, the damned Russian army even refused to fire on their fellow citizens as the USSR collapsed.  What makes anyone think that the Russians are any better at making morally correct decisions than Americans are?  I sure don’t.

    • The old US military members will likely stand on the side of the people, the younger ones have been brainwashed and will fire at whoever they are told to.

    • Yes its comforting to assume that they wouldn’t and I do lean towards that side, but the population is much bigger these days than in the original American Revolution. What has me troubled is what they are doing to our food, our skies, our medicine, and our children (vaccines). I hope you’re correct should it come down to this.

    • “… but the population is much bigger these days than in the original American Revolution.”
      Agreed.  But will that matter or will it be more a matter of whether or not they really are Americans?
      “I hope you’re correct should it come down to this.”
      Yes, many of us will hope for that but… we will also prepare, should that not be the case, because we all know that hope is not a plan.

  5. Gerald Celente is a braying jackass. He’s just another mouthpiece pushing one of the alternative realities to put fear in the hearts of whoever is unfortunate enough to happen on his rants, and to see who bites the bait and put on one of the sublists. Last April, he said the whole system was going down. Guess what happened? Nuttin’.
    Alll the wars that have  been fought by citizens of named countries over the last many hundreds of years are fake, civil, revolutionary, religious, the whole shebang were orchestrated as part of some overarching political and economic moves. The planet has some kind of infestation, needs human-sized rat traps.

  6. Gerald is quite astute and enlightened, as his record indicates. I have been listening closely to what he has said over the last 7 or 8 years and he is usually right on the mark. The reason we are hearing the drums beating for a revolution is simply because it is at hand, not because of politics or entertainment. “The revolution will not be televised”.

  7. I don’t know who’s worse, Max on his windmill tilting exercise or Gerald giving off the positive vibes like Oddball out of Kellys Heroes. Positively the craziest interview I have heard in ages.

    Greece and Spain? America is in no way the same shape as the PIGS. Max is smoking some heavy stuff.

    So, does this propaganda piece make me feel like buying gold and silver? No way, if anything I hear this and start thinking, perhaps they are all nuts, perhaps I am nuts, wake up call!

    But, then I get my economical head back on and think, wtf, I am right, I know I am right and I don’t need to hear these tub thumbing Ar*e wipes to make me think I am right.

    If America and Britain are so bad Max, get yourself back to the Fatherland, but then again, there will be no place to hide if the SHTF as you keep saying over and over and over again etc. 

    Seriously whoever keeps posting RT and Max Keiser, needs to get some help, the man is full of it.

    I don’t buy gold and silver out of fear, I don’t live out in the middle of nowhere, with food stashed and a bomb shelter. If the state of society ever gets that bad, I will take my own life, who the heck would want to live in a world as bad as that.

    As for the “Youth of today”, they are the same as any other youth in the last 40 years. The problem isn’t jobs or money per se its the fact that the housing bubble which banks require to prop up their balance sheets with over priced debt assets is so big that no one can afford the aspirational dreams that America and the West are selling. If you can’t house a family with a basic salary then there will be problems. We are going back in time, where three Generations will be living in the same house.

    Will a revolution change any of this? No!….the money is on a computer screen, there are more elderly people living today than there have ever been and they don’t want to give up their wealth for anyone, to say that the youth will rebel would mean that parents and grandparents would need to be slaughtered to recover the money trapped in the housing bubble. Now don’t get me wrong, I argue with my parents all the time, but would I slaughter them, no! would I let anyone else slaughter them? No!….so what good is a revolution without results?

    The whole process of trying to overturn a society on the scale that this stupid stupid interview recommends would be so great that it would put any other that have come before it seem like a childs tea party. 

    And as for the comment about buying local, buying quality, is this guy for real?
    A society that contracts to mini states and cantons, like some sort of Swiss nightmare (you ever been to Switzerland?), and eating quality cheese, and making clogs sounds to me worse than anything that the Governments throw at me. Yeah quality is great and good and all that, but the world has moved on. You can’t pretend that Californian wine is as good as Europes not matter how you market it. Yeah you can get away with a cheeky Medium Sweet White, but come on, American Rioja, I don’t think so. American Whiskey? heck no! (Although I am loving Jack Daniels with Honey, that is awesomely good).

    The world is a great big place and the economy of the world is expanding and getting more interconnected. I can’t wait for the delights that China got to offer, the real stuff, the stuff that us Westerners haven’t had the privilege to have marketed on us. Damn look at Japanese Sushi, now that was awesome!

    And these are intelligent men of the world? Please, I have seen more intelligence from my 6 year old niece playing Moshi Monsters. 

    • Have you tried the red from the Turnbull estate in Cali? Best I ever had. Last time I drank jack, I bought 6acres of land on a mountain in costa rica that I didn’t need. Haven’t been back there since.(I don’t drink jack anymore) 
      I like celente, he has a lot of passion when he speaks. He is not right all the time and nobody is,but I think he is good at getting thru to a newbe and generally waking a few people up here and there. 

    • ” You can’t pretend that Californian wine is as good as Europes not matter how you market it.”
      No need to pretend it.  Euro wine IS Cali wine.  The Euros had to replant their vineyards several years ago thanks to a grape disease that killed off nearly all of their vineyards,  Guess where they got the grape cuttings to replant.

  8. I don’t see a Revolution but I do see the Sheepie wakening up and throwing out the Banksters, Politicians and the Corrupt Media and then starting over but of course I’m still dreaming of a happy ending. Scotch On The Rocks Anyone? Or How About Drambuie On The Rocks. Lol

  9. With modern weapons, armor and air power “and all that goes with that” in the militaries of the world today a pitched open battle with them would be suicide. It would Have To Be a garilla war of attritian. Force gov. forces to brutalize the whole population. Not so hard to do when that is exactly what the NWO wants to do anyway! Everything would have to be organized OLD TECH. Organization would be by three person cells. Comunications would have to be hand delivered or in heavy computerized encryption. PGP. The first thing is to hide the weapons and amo from them in the opening rounds of civil conflict and unrest! They can’t take them if they can’t find them! In finding them they turn everyone agaist them. Then organize into “FULL SPECTRUM RESISTANCE”! But do not initiate violence. Peaceful resistance is always the better way to go unless it is in self defence.

  10. One thing I drew from this video is the fact that bankers are now above the law. There’s nothing new to this statement. It’s more the depth and degree of their illegal activities that draws our attention. The crime is now in the trillions.
    Their importance in the world of financing is so critical to the functioning of the global banking system that fraud, theft and criminal enterprises, such as the LIBOR rigging that yielded over $250 billion in profits, are above the law, subject to little more than a fine that represents less than 1% of the profit return.  And that occurs if they are caught. Most of the time they operate with impunity, stealing with unconcealed glee.  When a banker tells you he is on your side and ‘here’s a toaster for your troubles’, find the exit.
    As Max said, we are the vassals and serfs. Bankers are the lords and overseers who can have their way with us.  If the largest banks can continue their rapacious ways, even the smaller banks  forced to move funds through the NY banking system are vulnerable, thus putting all depositors at risk. 
    The loss of the unlimited FDIC insurance coverage is having some serious effects as to where large depositors are moving their money for safety. Their selection of MMA accounts is starting to yield ZIRP and even NIRP.  There is a $2 trillion dollar difference between deposits and loans, an unprecendented level, as funds seek any sort of yield other than the vital industry of lending to commercial clients.  Today, there is no yield that is safe, IMO, even treasuries.
      Any funds within a bank not fully covered by FDIC, are by their nature just another pool of funds for banks to use in hedges, stock and bond plays, or any other means to produce income including uncollateralized derivatives. Call it banker’s pool of mad money.  If they win their bets, they keep the income and give the depositors 5 BPS.  If they lose?  Nothing happens.  No crime is recognized.  The depositor loses.  The banker keeps his job and the tax payers bail out the loan loss. And the game rolls on.
     These private funds belonging to individuals and companies are now, in many cases, completely unprotected and fully available for banksters to use in their rigged casino games.  Any deposit losses will be uncovered.  Any party who seeks redress for their losses at the hands of criminal banker and the badly placed bets will receive nothing, in the same fashion as MF Global clients who lost their entire stakes in their segregated accounts, receiving nothing.  FDIC insurance is just a means to protect the public’s funds from stupid, foolish, criminal bankers. It is NOT an unlimited pool of protection. Its cash balance is about $9 billion with a line of credit of $50 billion. That is a shallow pool in the world of multi trillion dollar deposits.
    The best way to view the banking industry today is to regard them as thieves allowed to invade your homes, steal your stuff, kidnap your kids, selling them into slavery, all the while aided and abetted by the police and judicial systems purportedly set up to protect us.  
    Since many of the most profitable products are not available to the bankers and longer (the most profitable investments are usually the blatantly illegal ones)and wise investors are moving outside the banking enterprises, these bankers will regard your funds with the same desire as a crack addict views a pile of white powder.

  11. The elite scum who now rule this planet have declared war against us. Their goal is the OVERTHROW OF ALL CIVILIZATION and a NWO with the scum as the feudal lords and those who survive as their serfs. The dolts will not revolt until it is too late and the scum has destroyed their life’s savings, their jobs, and their standard of living. Even then they might not revolt.

  12. The second American Revolution will not be started by people who “Have”, but those “Have Nots” who want to take what the prepared have. Those frustrations will be enough to ignite the fire. When the Police and military take them out, then the rest and finish of the revolution will begin with acccurate and cunning dispersion of bullets and wrath by the “Haves”. Remember that the military is sworn by oath to uphold our Constitution as well as all law enforcement, which by the way come from families that they would not harm. Regardless of the John Kerry appointment to the Pentagon, there are “White Hats” in the Pentagon who believe in the frame of our Constitution. What was said here regarding stopping the payment of taxes to fund what is left of our government would put a bend on the IRS and that would collapse the agency and the other government agencies would collapse on themselves as a result. Possibly a temporary military rule in Washington could then sort out and restore our once solid Democracy. “White Hats” will prevail! In the meantime, innocents would surely die as a result from starvation and the spread of disease. Our enemies would see us as vulnerable, but our military would fight then on only one front.

  13. revolutions happen when there are enough people angry or displaced, when abuse is a natural way of life and when someone has an alternative vision which people can buy into …. well there are certainly enough people hurting out there … the majority of people are powerless and abused by a system designed to control and harvest our time and energy .. but there has been no real movement that has caught the eyes of the masses and offered an alternative that people can fight for … the closest we have had in recent years is ron paul but 5% will not inspire revolution …. so we are stuck with an increasingly disgruntled society with no where to safely vent … my pick is we are going to see individual acts of anti government behaviour often labeled as mad or terrorist … a little like the old man in greece who torched himself in protest at austerity…

  14. rarely you only have to look at slavery and other systemic abuse of a people to see that its not poverty or abuse that start a revolution its the cause or a charismatic personality that starts the revolution …the injustice only fuels it …

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