USAWatchdog’s Greg Hunter has released an excellent interview with Trends Journal’s Gerald Celente of MF Global fame.
Celente rants on paper assets stating Doc’s #1 rule: If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it!
Celente also states that America has devolved into pre-WWII Germany:

The banks are taking over the world.  That’s what is really happening in Europe with the sovereign debt crisis… America has already turned into pre-World War II Germany.
Celente also states that ‘
A war with Iran will be the beginning of World War III.

Full interview below:

  1. 4
    Oz, your video sent me on a time warp back to the 1950s, watching debates
    between South American politicos. The last resort of the stupid, once the utter
    vacuousness of their ‘logic’ is fully unmasked, is to get violent … as though
    THAT somehow ‘proves’ their argument.

  2. For those of you preppers who like to know what sort of high quality revolver to keep close by, I am pretty sure that was a Ruger GP 101 5 shot 357. It’s a first rate concealable handgun and aside from the DA chrome plating, this wheel gun can be loaded HOT and with its overall weight and full rib, it is indestructible.  I would chose it over a 9mm shoe anytime. 

    As for Celente, I heed his words. He has generational experience and knowledge about world affairs.  Pre WWII Germany?  I think the potential for that is embedded in this war mongering administration. My opinion of the beast that heads up the DHS reminds of Hermann Goering with tits.  Only thing is Chaz is much meaner and certainly just as deadly


  3. Best interview yet.  Love the parts with the humor thrown in, and Gerald chuckling.  The last part about being right with God and Jesus said it all, when you ask yourself where Gerald gets his wisdom and intellect.  Ditto.

    I recently saw a video on GATA, of an old woman who was 10 years old in Weimar Germany.  She described her struggle there, and how everything here in the USA is following the same historic path.  And then right at the end of the video, she describes how in the “projects” that she lived in, of one man who came home from the war.  She said he came back with a NEW car, a NEW bike for their son, and MOVED on up. (Probably to the East Side).  While everyone else was starving, stealing for a bite to eat, THIS man came home with Gold and Silver.  By the way she sounded, it was probably around one out of every hundred Germans who socked the fiat into G&S.   NOW you know where the next 1% will be born from.

    Only I believe with the dumbing down factor, that was injected into our education system, the financial thieft will be greater.  Maybe only one out of 1000 will have G&S.

    The musical chairs are about to go silent.

  4. IMO, Celente is right about how the US is acting.  The US needs a war and will get into a war at all costs.  This is a similar environment the US was in after the Great Depression.  The US needed a reason to go to war because Roosevelt was struggling to get the US economy going.

    This is from Michael Rivero about Roosevelt and WW2:
    President Franklin Delano Roosevelt needed a war. He
    needed the fever of a major war to mask the symptoms of a
    still deathly ill economy struggling back from the Great
    Depression (and mutating towards Socialism at the same
    time). Roosevelt wanted a war with Germany to stop
    Hitler, but despite several provocations in the Atlantic,
    the American people, still struggling with that
    troublesome economy, were opposed to any wars. Roosevelt
    violated neutrality with lend lease, and even ordered the
    sinking of several German ships in the Atlantic, but
    Hitler refused to be provoked.

    Since Germany couldn’t be suckered into battle, the US went after a weaker country.  Well that country was Japan.  Roosevelt decided to use trade embargoes and trade restrictions.  (Sounds very similar to what is happening to Iran right now)

    More from Michael Rivero article:
    The way open to war was created when Japan signed the
    tripartite agreement with Italy and Germany, with all
    parties pledging mutual defense to each other. Whereas
    Hitler would never declare war on the United States no
    matter the provocation, the means to force Japan to do so
    were readily at hand.
    The first step was to place oil
    and steel embargoes on Japan, using Japan’s wars on the
    Asian mainland as a reason. This forced Japan to consider
    seizing the oil and mineral rich regions in Indonesia.
    With the European powers militarily exhausted by the war
    in Europe, the United States was the only power in the
    Pacific able to stop Japan from invading the Dutch East
    Indies, and by moving the Pacific fleet from San Diego to
    Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, Roosevelt made a pre-emptive strike
    on that fleet the mandatory first step in any Japanese
    plan to extend its empire into the “southern
    resource area”.

    Roosevelt forced Japan to do something they didn’t want to do.  Japan needed the steel and oil.  They had no choice but to invade Indonesia for the steel and oil.  These are the same tactics the US has used for many geopolitical events in the past.  We force trade and embargoes on countries to force them into situations that makes them vulnerable. 

    More from Michael Rivero article:
    Roosevelt boxed in Japan just as completely as Crassus
    had boxed in Spartacus. Japan needed oil. They had to
    invade Indonesia to get it, and to do that they first had
    to remove the threat of the American fleet at Pearl
    Harbor. There never really was any other course open to
    them. To enrage the American people as much as possible,
    Roosevelt needed the first overt attack by Japan to be as
    bloody as possible, appearing as a sneak attack much as
    the Japanese had done to the Russians. From that moment
    up until the attack on Pearl Harbor itself, Roosevelt and
    his associates made sure that the commanders in Hawaii,
    General Short and Admiral Kimmel, were kept in the dark
    as much as possible about the location of the Japanese
    fleet and its intentions, then later scapegoated for the

    The US will be going to war very soon.  Just recently, Hillary Clinton just said “China and Russia will pay a price over Syria.”  The US needs to destabilize Syria before they can go to war with Iran.  China and Russia will not comply with the US tactics with Syria or Iran.  This is settling up for a huge potential event.  The US just tried to provoke Syria with the Turkish planes or UN planes.  The US and NATO has also been car bombing Iranian nuclear physicists.  They have been trying to provoke Iran into a attack.  It’s all a joke and the same tactics have been used since the US became a world power.  Iran-contra, Cuban Missile crisis, 9-11 attacks, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, and many other events have been staged or a false flag event to get others into war with the US or NATO.  IMO, we will be in a major war soon after the election.  The economy is in grave danger globally.  This is ripe for a false flag event and a major war to come.

    Last part of Michael Rivero article about Pearl Harbor:
    November 29th, Secretary of State Hull showed United
    Press reporter Joe Leib a message with the time and place
    of the attack, and the New York Times in its special
    12/8/41 Pearl Harbor edition, on page 13, reported that
    the time and place of the attack had been known in
    advance!  The much repeated claim that the Japanese fleet
    maintained radio silence on its way to Hawaii was a lie.
    Among other intercepts still held in the Archives of the
    NSA is the UNCODED message sent by the Japanese tanker
    Shirya stating, “proceeding to a position 30.00 N,
    154.20 E. Expect to arrive at that point on 3
    December.” (near HI)

  5. Yeah, we need a war to keep the banksters wealthy and in power.   And their continuance of wealth thieft of the middle and lower class.  Keep unemployment high so we don’t need a draft.  Don’t want our kids being classified as draft dodgers when they grow up and run for office, and continue the game.

    We need to push the re-set button and put the satanic warriors out of business.  I think that’s what Jesus would do.  Thats what I’d do.

  6. LMAO The US needs a war LMAO we are already in one or two or three DV LMAO I know what you mean DV just pulling your chain.
    As for Celente he has his good points and bad points as for this point I have to agree with him. The Elite are strangling the world right now and their goal is to crash the world and get it into debt then take over and they are doing a good job off it so far. First the banks, then the towns, cities, then the States and I’m pissed of because our corrupt Politicians aren’t doing jack shit to stop it.

    Where The Hell Is Superman !!!!

  7. LMAO I Sure Do 427. I wish I was back in that Fantasy Time maybe change some things Hey! where’s that Time Machine. All kidding aside but the fantasy of a world leader is coming to life. Gold Finger?

  8. Superman?  Yeah, he dumped the USA for Europe about 1 year ago according to DC Comix.  Isn’t this   the same outfit who has a same sex superhero couple, a gay super hero and a lesbian superhero-ette.  Frankly that does make me want to be rescued anyways.
    Maybe Celente can put on a cape and tights.  There’s a super hero

  9. Noep Marchas  Just venting on political correctness.  Now Julie Newmar   she was a hottie in her day  She also played an android  Rhoda the Robot in My Living Doll.  She was 5-10 37-24-36 and had a 50 Mg memory bank   That was pretty large for the time period.  I’m not sure who I like better.  Barbara Eden of I Dream of Jeannie or Rhoda.  The idea of a genie who would grant any wish, basically owned by an a doofus asexual  astronaut, a species normally  characterized as the biggest bunch of horn dogs in the world, was a reach even at my lowly 11 yrs of age.  But Newmar as Cat Woman was near tops in my book.  She was born in 1933 so she’s a little old for  me now.  Ursula Andress and Raquel Welch;  now we are talking superwomen   That is a damn shame about Ernest Borgnine  I watched a bit of a special about him the other day. He was the last of the greats

  10. Hey kids…. I’m finally back after a long weekend with no power and record high heat…. Nothing like sleeping in the swimming pool while the 125lbs New foundland puppy wants to play rescue daddy… I feel like a sun burnt chew toy…
    As for Celente, I agree with him on many points and if nothing else enjoy hearing what he has to say… I understand why he is saying not to turn out and vote, I just don’t know that I can bring myself to essentially give my vote up… Let’s face it that is what will happen… Government won’t care if there is a lite turn out… I’m sure they would have some lame bean counter excuse as to why it’s logical to have low turn out… And that’s if they even reported accurate turn out numbers…
    Warning # lost track… Get your fiat out of the banks!!!! Put your paper in your pockets until you convert to physical assets… If your hands aren’t on it you don’t own it…

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