geico cancels insuranceAn SD reader has sent us his notification of cancellation of auto insurance from GEICO effective 1/22/13 due to the fact that ”the vehicle does not meet our underwriting guidelines because it is used in conjunction with a company that deals in the weapons industry”.

First Bank of America began confiscating the funds of firearms dealers, now GEICO believes it can cancel service for anyone working in the firearms industry. Who needs gun bans when the the banksters are more than willing to do the dirty work and pull strong armed corruption Chicago style stunts?

Submitted GEICO (Government Employees Insurance Company) notice of cancellation of insurance letter is below:

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geico cancels insurance


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  1. Connecting the Dots
    Question Who has a signficant interest in B of A and Geico?
    Hint. Obama has a serious man crush on this fossil

    Here’s is what you can do. Cancel your Geico coverage!
    Look up all the companies owned by Dorkshire Halfawit and stop using them
    Start with Well Fargo and B of A. Then move down the list.
    Find companies that support Americans rights, not the preferences of the NWO, Agenda 21 and other elitist groups. It may be a bit incovenient but you can fight these bastards through your checkbook, wallet and patroage. Then send a letter to the president or CEO of that specific firm and tell them in no uncertain terms why you no long buy their products or services. Smash the gekko.
    This form of protest works better than voting the bums out.
    Can anyone find the list of BH companies and post it on Silver Doctors.

    • Subsidiaries Owned by Berkshire Hathaway:
      Acme Brick Company
      Applied Underwriters
      Ben Bridge Jewelers
      Benjamin Moore & Co.
      Blue Chip Stamps
      Borsheim’s Fine Jewelry
      Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp.
      Business Wire
      Cavalier Homes
      Central States Indemnity Company
      Clayton Homes
      CORT Business Services
      CTB Inc.
      Dairy Queen
      Fechheimer Brothers Company
      Fruit of the Loom
      Garan Children’s Clothing
      General Re
      H.H. Brown Shoe Group
      Helzberg Diamonds
      ISCAR Metalworking
      Johns Manville
      Jordan’s Furniture
      Justin Brands
      Kansas Bankers Surety Company
      McLane Company
      MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company
      National Indemnity Company
      Nebraska Furniture Mart
      NetJets Europe
      Omaha World-Herald
      Precision Steel Warehouse, Inc.
      RC Willey Home Furnishings
      Scott Fetzer Companies
      SE Homes
      See’s Candies
      Shaw Industries
      Star Furniture
      The Buffalo News
      The Pampered Chef
      United States Liability Insurance Group
      Wesco Financial Corporation
      XTRA Corporation

      Significant Minority Holdings:
      American Express
      M&T Bank
      Procter & Gamble
      Washington Post

    • I once used GEICO’s on-line insurance quote system and was given a figure that was about $50 less than my current insurer.  At the very bottom of the page in small print was the fact that this was not an annual quote but a semi-annual quote.  Applying for this auto insurance would have nearly doubled my premiums.  Gee, thanks!  Whatta deal!!
      Maybe I should make up some shooting targets that have that silly gecko’s smiling face right in the cross-hairs?  lol

  2. Company Sector Ownership % Acquisition Date
    GEICO Insurance and Finance 100% 1996-08-26 (August 26, 1996)
    Applied Underwriters Insurance and Finance 100% 2004-05-22 (May 22, 2004)
    General Re Insurance and Finance 100% 1995-12-21 (December 21, 1995)
    Kansas Bankers Surety Company Insurance and Finance 100% 1998-04-10 (April 10, 1998)
    National Indemnity Company Insurance and Finance 100% 1967-03 (March, 1967) [3]
    United States Liability Insurance Group Insurance and Finance 100% 2000-08-08 [4]
    Central States Indemnity Company Insurance and Finance 100% 1982-10-20 (October 20, 1982)
    Wesco Financial Corporation Insurance and Finance 100% 1978 [5]
    Dairy Queen Food and Beverage 100% 1997-10-21 (October 21, 1997)
    The Pampered Chef Food and Beverage 100% 2002-09-23 (September 23, 2002)
    See’s Candies Food and Beverage 100% 1972-01-03 (January 3, 1972)
    Fechheimer Brothers Company Clothing 100% 1986
    Fruit of the Loom Clothing 100% 2002-04-30 (April 30, 2002)
    Garan Children’s Clothing Clothing 100% 2002-09-04 (September 4, 2002)
    H.H. Brown Shoe Group Clothing 100% 1991-07-01 (July 1, 1991)
    Justin Brands Clothing 100% 2000-08-01 (August 1, 2000)
    CORT Business Services Furniture Related 100% 2000-01-14 (January 14, 2000)
    Jordan’s Furniture Furniture Related 100% 1999-10-11 (October 11, 1999)
    Larson-Juhl Furniture Related 100% 2001-12-17 (December 17, 2001)
    Nebraska Furniture Mart Furniture Related 80% 1983
    RC Willey Home Furnishings Furniture Related 1995 [6]
    Star Furniture Furniture Related 100% 1997-07-14 (July 14, 1997)
    Acme Brick Company Materials and Construction 100% 2000-08-01 (August 1, 2000)
    Benjamin Moore & Co. Materials and Construction 100% 2001-01-01 (January 1, 2001)
    Clayton Homes Materials and Construction 100% 2007-05-10 (May 10, 2007)
    ISCAR Metalworking Materials and Construction 80% 2006-05-08 (May 8, 2006)
    Johns Manville Materials and Construction 100% 2001-02-27 (February 27, 2001)
    MiTek Materials and Construction 90% 2001-06-12 [7]
    Precision Steel Warehouse, Inc. Materials and Construction 1979 [8]
    Shaw Industries Materials and Construction 2002-01-21 [9]
    The Buffalo News Media 100% 1977-04 (April, 1977)
    Business Wire Media 100% 2006-03-01 (March 1, 2006)
    Omaha World-Herald Media 100% 2011-12 (December 2011) [10]
    XTRA Corporation Logistics 100% 2001-09-20 (September 20, 2001)
    McLane Company Logistics 100% 2003-05-23 (May 23, 2003)
    Ben Bridge Jewelers Luxury Items 100% 2000-07-18 (July 18, 2000)
    Borsheim’s Fine Jewelry Luxury Items 100% 1989
    Helzberg Diamonds Luxury Items 100% 1995
    Scott Fetzer Companies Other 100% 1985
    MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company Utilities 89.8% 1999-03-26 (March 26, 1999)
    NetJets Business Services 100% 1998
    NetJets Europe Business Services 100% 1998
    FlightSafety Business Services 100% 1997
    CTB Inc. Capital Goods 100% 2002
    Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp. Railroads and Logistics 100% 2010-02-12 (February 12, 2010)
    Blue Chip Stamps Other 100% 1983-03 (March 1983)
    SE Homes Materials and Construction 100% 2007
    Cavalier Homes Materials and Construction 100% 2008

    [edit] Significant minority holdingsCompany Sector Ownership % Acquisition Date
    American Express Insurance and Finance 13.1% 2005-08-08 (August 8, 2005)
    M&T Bank Insurance and Finance 15.9% of common stock
    Anheuser-Busch Food and Beverage 9.8% 2005 (as of end of Q3 2005)
    The Coca-Cola Company Food and Beverage 8.64% 2009-06-20 (June 20, 2009)
    The Washington Post Company Media 18.1% 2004 (as of end of 2004)
    Procter & Gamble Consumer Goods 4.0% 2005 (as of end of 2005)

    • To give all of you some perspective on just how pervasive this company is, BH owns the Marmon Group, which includes in it’s portfolio an innocuous sounding company called Cerro Fabricated Products, which manufactures and assembles, none other than the Very Bushmasters that were sensationalized to start this whole thing. I wonder how they’re insured?

  3. What I find interesting is that this policy cancellation was mailed Dec 6, 2012…. before Sandy Hook.  Just another strange coincidence of events happening related to guns immediately before Sandy Hook…. akin to Biden promising private deals with mayors to have new gun restrictions in place in early 2013…….

  4. There’s a tremendous arrogance to this in that these people apparently feel like they can shit on anything to do with the gun industry without it coming back to bite them in the ass, hard.
    Folks, please pass this around to everyone you know who owns a gun and doesn’t want to see this kind of corporate discrimination against the industry and gun owners go unchecked.  Maybe if they suddenly lose a half a million customers they’ll have a glimmer of recognition of what a mistake they’re making by being good little handmaidens to Big Brother.

  5. Not that it matters, but the company in question is: Short Lane LLC506 Ponderosa DrMiles CityMT 59301
    Need to blank it out better! Policy number and I guess car is blanked out enough at this picture resolution.

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    IndenturedServant says:

    Can anyone independently verify this story? I’ve tried off and on all day with no luck. Even snopes listed it as undetermined 4 days ago. I’m callin’ BS on this one. Some dingleberry probably let his policy lapse, totaled his car the next day, was denied on his claim and dreamed up a way to “punish” Geico.
    Don’t get me wrong here, I boycott plenty of places with my wallet everyday but that list of companies to boycott includes Burlington Northern Santa Fe which probably transports 3/4 of everything you purchase including food. This link will show you who owns what in the consumer level health, beauty & food industry:×641.jpg This probably deserves it’s own post if the Doc is so inclined.

    • “Can anyone independently verify this story? I’ve tried off and on all day with no luck.” 

      Well if the person that found the llc name is correct on who owned that policy, then it would be pretty easy to call and ask….   assuming this is the same LLC Short Lane, they own this website

    • Indenturedservant:  When I read the Geico letter, posted above, it says that the policy is being cancelled because the customer was involved in the weapons industry . Geico admits it.
      I understand that this is a commercial policy, not a personal policy (from other reading), but that doesn’t matter.
      Geico has steeped out of bounds big time, and customers are mad as hell, and aren’t going to take it anymore.
      Geico is nobodies nanny. Warren Buffet is Obamas corporate fascist partner in this. Recall what B of A did recently to a firearms retailer.
      Geico is about to get bitten.

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    IndenturedServant says:

    Thank you for your replies. I have contacted the owner of Short Lane via email to ascertain the veracity of the letter of cancellation.
    My wife and I have a motorcycle policy through Geico since our car insurance servicer does not offer motorcycle coverage. If the letter above turns out to be true, we will be cancelling that policy immediately.
    I realize that Geico has every right to offer or revoke their services as they see fit and I wholeheartedly support that right but I have a right to spend my money where I see fit.

  8. Hey folks, I came across this thread from reddit. I am a long-time GEICO customer (not commerical, personal auto) and as a pro-2A person was all set to cancel my policy… but I figured I’d call them first to check it out. The manager I spoke with said that she had heard about this rumor but that she categorically rejected the assertion that they had cancelled a policy based on association with the firearms industry.
    She mentioned that the scanned document was a forgery, and that GEICO would not cancel a policy based on criteria like this.
    Given that I’ve had good service for many years with GEICO and that nobody else has been able to substantiate the claims above, I’m going to call BS until such time as the original poster comes forward with more detail.

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