Bernanke-Dimon-Fed-TunnelRecently there was a discrepancy in the amount of gold reported to be held by the Bank of England. One page of the official website reported the bank held 505,000 gold bars. Another page featuring an interactive web app reported just over 400,000 bars. Chris Powell, co-founder of the Gold Anti Trust action committee, emailed the Bank of England to question the discrepancies. The bank of England officially responded stating “The number of bars mentioned in the app cannot be used to infer a change in the amount of custodial gold held by the Bank of England as the figure is deliberately non-specific.” RT’s Bob English discusses missing gold at the central bank of England with GATA’s Chirs Powell as well as gold manipulation by high frequency traders.

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    • @mrflatbroke2012
      Not sure what nibiru/planet x has to do with bankers? 😉
      I watched the clip and in my view it was mainly circumstantial and a bit paranoid, mostly bunk. I spent about an hour writing an analysis pointing this out, but then of course my browser crashed and I’m just too lazy to rewrite :-/
      Some of the points I made in short (what i remember from yesterday basically):
      * Michael Moore was likely referring to something else (warmongering politicians, gun violence or proselytizers). Why would he even start talking about nibiru on national TV if it is a “secret”?
      * The video (which was removed) showing something hidden in the blacked out google sky map was not sourced and verified and may as well be disinfo.
      * I don’t think I need to explain why using a cartoon plot as proof is inadequate
      * The article about the solar system perhaps getting a second sun turned out to be spoofed disinfo according to the person claimed to have published it.
      Along those lines…

    • @mrflatbroke2012
      Sorry, I got two of the bunk storied mixed up with each other 🙂
      This is the one that was spoofed (see updates).
      This other one was clearly willingly misinterpreted
      (He says the start could go supernova anytime between now and the next 100,000 years(!) and be visible from earth, which is somehow morphed into “our solar system can get two suns by 2012”.)
      I’ve watched some of the producers other videos and he appears to be either  paranoid delusional or out to spread disinfo for fun or to give alternative media a bad rep. (Hope it’s not your channel! 😀 ???). In my opinion it is impossible to get so many facts so wrong unwillingly. The featured one is about Kate Middleton having a fake baby, proved by the fact that she ANNOUNCED she was pregnant less than 9 months before the birth(!) Sounds COMPLETELY normal to me!

  1. And there you have it from the horses mouth!  Either they ARE specific numbers, and they’re stealing clients gold for hypothication, or they are Non-Specific numbers (this man suggesting that the fudge of figures is typically in the hundreds and thousands of oz) which then supports the claim that THERE MIGHT BE NEXT TO ZERO GOLD LEFT!! I mean, who’s counting right? “They’re deliberately skewed.”… Really? I was taught in accounting to get every last tenth of a cent, and this tard is running the Royal Treasury!

  2. Chris Powell has more knowledge and thoughtful insight into the gold market than just about anyone alive these days.
    Cue SLG and his CAPS YELLING AT US that GATA has PROVEN NOTHING over the last 15 years. LMAO…

    • @Jccjktj   That was a really great 30min short, Cheers. I like the ending when it all gets surreal … like a Wizard of Oz behind the curtain twist followed by a Matrix UnPlug when he jumps out of the window … only hoping he can fly like Neo … LOL … though I guess he probably had to ingest the SD-card and leave that one for the coroner. It should definitely have won some kind of shorts award, extremely well done and great innovative and imaginative use of 30mins.

    • @WillNotBeASlave
      Hey no problem, I thought it was worth letting everyone know. I too thought it was an excellent short film. Very believable characters. I can definitely see that being the life of these sad bankers. Yes good ending.
      I think it’s won some awards or has been short listed. Not a wasted 30 mins. Thanks for checking the link. JC

    • @Jccjktj I used to work in an office and boardroom environment like this, but not banking and finance, just big industry, and that was bad enough. I can definitely see that banking would be big industry x100 and if I applied this to the environment I used to work in I can see that it is definitely correct. These people join the club, lose their soul, and become boiler room junkies; they are a product of their environment, and the environment of managing digital 1’s and 0’s and considering it ‘earned-income’ would simply not exist if in fact the Fed was abolished back when JFK tried … and of course we all know how that one worked out. We can only wait until these Corporate Monoliths blow up through their own internal toxic lack of morality, and when society at large is forced to take matters into our own hands and put an end to these Skyscrapers full of Meth Junky Vampires … which is what they are … or are definitely becoming very quickly.

    • @WillNotBeASlave
      I totally agree with you. We just stack and wait. The time will come. I did a stint at Barclays. Soulless, pointless corporate bollocks.
      Nothing on the scale of this film. Just button pushing, time wasting. Did my portion, collected my wage, went home to see my smiling kids and real life. Didn’t enjoy it. But needed the money.
      JFK – absolutely. Meth Junkies – nice 😉

  3. Federal prosecutors criminally indicted the firm SAC Capital Advisors in July.
    Updated, 8:51 p.m. | The beleaguered hedge fund SAC Capital Advisors is bracing for investors to pull virtually all of their remaining money, a humbling blow to a once-powerful firm hobbled by criminal insider trading charges.
    With an expected new wave of withdrawal requests before a deadline next Friday, SAC’s owner, Steven A. Cohen, and his senior executives are discussing possible layoffs at the fund, said a person with direct knowledge of those talks.
    Ala Lehman Brothers

    • Net I was reading up on Cohen, SAC and the insider charges.  According to the news, there is about $1 billion in investor capital left in the well.  Cohen owns the rest, worth maybe $6-7 billion.  Rumor has it that after the fines and legal fees, maybe $1 billion, he’ll offshore it and turn it into a family office.  Then he can do his thing and use all the insider dope and make back that $1 billion in no time, just like Soros.  One more thing I read.  JPM has paid out $16 BILLION (With a B-billion)  over the last 33 months.  that’s legal fees on the dozens of lawsuits of nearly $500 million a MONTH.  Who has money like that.  If the JPM drones can’t contain these legal fees much less the fines and settlements, where will they get any help from their friends in the WH and justice department.  Many of the suits are from the Dept of Justice  With friends like those who needs enemies. So I am wondering if JPM is so well connected why can’t they get the gummint to lay off?  I thought they were BFF.
      So maybe, just maybe, JPM is not as well protected now than they were in the past  If that is the case then maybe we’ll some heads room. Just sayin’  We can hope

    • @AGXIIK
      “One more thing I read.  JPM has paid out $16 BILLION (With a B-billion)  over the last 33 months.  that’s legal fees on the dozens of lawsuits of nearly $500 million a MONTH.  Who has money like that.”
      Well, let’s think that one over.  The Big NY banks OWN the US Fed or at least a good slice of it.  If they need money, why not have their subsidiary in DC just roll the presses and deliver a few semi-truckloads?  Better yet, just hit a few keys on the old magic Fed ‘puter and kick out a lot of extra 1s and 0s… for the “right” accounts, of course.  There.  All fixed.  
      As to these supposed “suits” by the US Dept of Just Us?  Can we say misdirection?  Yes, we can because we have seen it MANY times in the past.  The politicians get to put on their dog and pony show, showing the citizens that they are “on the job and protecting us” from these horrid creatures known as bankers, the bankers make billions via their illicit activities, then pay fines amounting to millions but admit no wrong, and never serve a minute in jail.  It’s just another cost of doing business and a rather cheap one at that.  After all… a million IS 0.1% of a billion, right?

    Reuters) – The United States ran a budget deficit in July, although government revenues increased from a year earlier due to tax hikes and a strengtheningeconomy, a report from the Treasury showed on Monday.
    “Someone please tell me how the economy is strengthening?!” Please miss me with this B.S. statement. Strengthening! Really?!

    ‘Hindenburg Omen’ hovering over Wall Street again
    ittery Wall Street traders are looking up in the sky and seeing Hindenburgs.
    That can be a bad thing for markets, which have suffered in the past when the tripwires associated with the “Hindenburg Omen” get activated.
    Market veteran Art Cashin said Monday that the market phenomenon is looming again.
    “There have been multiple occurrences of the Hindenburg Omen in the last several weeks,” Cashin, the director of floor operations at UBS, said in his morning note.

    JPMorgan Chase to lay off 730 in San Diego
    The local layoffs, to be completed by 2014, are part of a national plan announced six months ago by JPMorgan Chase to cut 15,000 jobs from its division that manages and receives borrowers’ mortgage payments. The layoff is the largest workforce reduction in San Diego County so far through 2013.
    The announcement comes at a time when the housing market is improving, foreclosures are plummeting and mortgage refinancing is waning.
    @AG All those lawyer fees are piling up.

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