chris powell GATAChris Powell of GATA sat down with Bridgitte Anderson during the Cambridge House Vancouver Resource Investment Conference to chat about the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee’s efforts to flush out the truth behind the gold price.

In his explosive interview, Powell states that The level of intervention by Western central banks in the markets are far more extensive than people think.  There really are no markets anymore, just central bank interventions. 
When central banks are rigging the currency markets, the bond markets, the gold market particularly because the gold market is the determinant of all the other markets, we’re not trading on fundamentals, we’re trading on the anticipation of central bank action!
We aren’t looking at markets at all, we’re looking at holograms of markets when we look at the charts that we’re trading on!  

Powell’s full MUST WATCH interview below:


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  1. Chris Powell is a hero. He and Ted Butler are two of the most meticulous, dogged defenders of economic freedom out there. Chris is constantly begging for funds for more FOIA inquiries. When you look at his mass of information compiled for gold price suppression, anyone calling GATA ”conspiracy theorists” are truly either disingenuous or ignorant. Be sure to listen to his eloquent summary during his Vancouver Show Presentation. Gold and silver owners have no idea of their debt to them.

    • “Chris Powell is a hero. He and Ted Butler are two of the most meticulous, dogged defenders of economic freedom out there.” 
      Agreed………. but there is one anomaly to his thinking. He still believes in Democracy. Can someone point out to me the directions to The Statue of Democracy (8:25). Someone said there was this big green statue of a woman in New York city that symbolised a long forgotten desire but nobody seems to recall what it was put there for. Any clues?

    • I met Chris years ago when GATA was formed in 1998 in Vancouver, BC at the Cambridge House Conference. He has been spot on and a truth teller since then.
      Lucky to call him a friend…

    • For those who say gold is irrelevant, dont forget recent Treasury Secretaries were very well acquainted with the gold market. Robert Rubin innovated gold forwards from gold miners on behalf of Goldman Sachs and Lawrence Summers who wrote Gibsons Paradox which outlined the inverse relationship of gold and interest rates.

      Gold price rigging allows a private cabal of bankers to determine the price of labor and resources and thereby enact undemocratically determined policies which benefit them to the detriment of everyone else.

      Gold suppression is “a profound offense against humanity”. Well said Chris.

  2. There is a special place in heaven for Ted Butler.  He has single-handledly taken you and I educated/enlightened us thereby thrusting us into the forefront of living a life of prosperity in these excrutiatingly difficult times of unequaled want and ecnomic destruction.

  3. Was this story mentioned on SD?  A 1794 Silver Dollar coin was auctioned in NY recently for a new world record of $10 Million for any coin.  Not even a similar numismatic Gold coin has ever been valued so highly as this Silver coin.
    “1794 Silver Dollar sets 10 Million+ World Record.” (1/25/2013)

  4. WHY! WHY! Don’t The Media Wake Up and Become Reporters Again Instead of Flunkies for the Elite. Great Video but when he said it will take time and he may not live to see the day, kind of me me slump in my chair but I guess he’s being honest.

    • @M45:  INMHO, its two primary reasons (1) they prefer to embrace those who foster the low-information, mindless, voters who sit in front of the TV and think they (readers of this trash) TV stars, and (2) its far easier to talk about what Michelle was wearing hoeing her ruts, etc, because they are simply lazy.  You know this, but its so frustrating seeing adults swoon over a mixed race, Kenyan dirt farmer’s son who NEVER held a job, and was raised by grandparents who HATED our way of life, and subsequently educated by those far left facists, communists, and literally bomb-throwers, who primed him for his role to fundamentally transform the United States of America to a Amerika all freebee-nanny-staters would want.

  5. And markets will keep being controlled, the middle class will keep getting poorer until they wake up and realize they have become serfs slaving for their masters. I hope it isn’t to late at that point.

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