SD Contributor AGXIIK goes on an all-out RANT:

The hour of reckoning is soon upon us.  So I have a suggestion to those who find the heavy hand of a banker or creditor on your neck.

Tell them not no, but “Hell no!”  No more of my money will go to your corrupt vaultsI did not sign a suicide pact with a gang of thieves who have conspired to rig my rates, to strip me of my hard earned money and consigned my family to a lifetime of poverty.  Hell -No!

If you think my precious FICO means a da*n thing to me you have another thing coming.
Go ahead and destroy my credit rating.  See if I care.  If you think you can kill me with debt I will kill you with non payment.  I will strangle you in your offices with non payment of this wretched debt. You better learn how to eat air, because no more of my money will come your way. None.


The World of Cartels

In the last 4 years we’ve seen banks go from TOO BIG TO FAIL  in Bear Sterns;   TOO BIG TO BAIL in Lehman then TOO BIG TO JAIL in Barclays Bank.  The financial crisis of 2008 was never solved. No bankers were sentenced.  No one served time.  After $29 trillion in tax payer dollars used to defend this corrupt system,  the Fed spent us into fiscal oblivion to rescue the US Banks and the world financial system.
And it accomplished absolutely NOTHING.

Every single banker overlord got a full pardon, multi billion dollar bonuses and a silver-plated government-issued license to continue with their global thievery.   What ever happened to the little people who were crushed by these evil men and  their weapons of mass financial destruction?

They are just as dead; just as destroyed; just as crushed into penury by this evilness even as if the malefactors were actually punished.  No one was held accountable.  To use a favorite phrase of the soft, moist, oily politicians who purport to represent the people, every and every one of these evil men was given a multi billion dollar mulligan and keys to the 19th hole golf club house watering hole. Belly up to the bar boys, your time is coming.

Barclays and its 19 crony banks rigged $350 trillion in LIBOR interest derivatives.  This is  25% of the entire $1.25 quadrillion derivatives market.  That is 192 times larger than  the entire world economy.  It’s a number so vast  there is  really nothing to concern ourselves with.   To worry about this would be like  concern over a Coronal Mass Ejection that burns our world to a crisp.  Get right with Jesus in that case, because there is no saving us in that event.

$350 trillion or its big brother, the  $1.25 quadrillion in derivatives is not really the issue.  In the wonderful world of Cartels, these  derivatives are just  the sand castles  occupied by the bankers who created this empire of debt in 4 short years.  They  are just a distraction that is being used to club us over the head so we willingly give up more of our freedom and money to save the hides of these criminals.

We have allowed these creatures to built an empire so large and corrupt that to try to tear it down would rain destruction on those least able to defend themselves.  The debt slaves of the world are little more than the serfs who are forced to bow, scrape and curtsey in front of these evil men.

That said, we know the hour of reckoning is soon upon us.  So I have a suggestion to those who find the heavy hand of a banker or creditor on your neck.

Tell them  “Not no, but Hell no”  No more of my money will go to your corrupt vaults.  I did  not sign a suicide pact with a gang of thieves who have conspired to rig my rates, to strip me of my hard earned money and consigned my family to a lifetime of poverty.  Hell -No!

If you think my precious  FICO means a damn thing to me you have another thing coming.  Go ahead and destroy my credit rating.  See if I care.  If you think you can kill me with debt I will kill you with non payment.  I will strangle you in your offices with non payment of this wretched debt. You better learn how to eat air, because no more of my money will come your way. None.

Take my house; I’ll rent.  Take my credit cards; I’ll pay with cash. Take my car; I’ll walk. But try to take my dignity and I will destroy you and I will do it with the best weapon ever invented.  I will borrow no more.  I will pay no more.  I will bankrupt your cartels; your banks, your dens of monetary thieves and criminals. I will live my life free of debt and all forms of counter-party risk and to Hell with you.
The voices and actions of 100,000,000 Americans will be heard in full throated roar as we take back our freedoms and liberties from the foul, rat’s nests of the bankers.


  1. the fear there is what will they erect to replace it, after it crashes?  Cloward-Piven had the same approach, with the intent to destroy the current system and put in a Socialist/Communist one.  Not exactly high on MY list of things to do! 🙂


  2. Ordinary Joe  Said:

    We need to be like Greece.  Don’t pay taxes, don’t work
    (only for yourself and barter for goods and services), and live of the
    government.  Crash the system!!

    Don’t kid yourself…   It IS coming down.   And there is no stopping it.  And you don’t need to do anything to help it other than get out of the way as much as possible!!!   In fact, that is what all the bailouts and Extend & Pretend, and what ever is all about.  It is a desperate attempt to ‘Save’ the system by the rich and powerful so they can stay in power.   They know if the system crashes, they won’t have the same power they used to have as the system reorganizes itself.

    All these desperate attempts to kick the can are just an attempt to propagate the power and influence of the Powers to Be.   But at a 6th grade level, ask the simple question:  If there was a solution, wouldn’t they have done it by now?  Why do things keep getting worse and more volatile?

  3. Damn it man. You do a great rant. The day of non-payment is nigh. When the Obama care takes effect, and my company drops the insurance, I won’t pay. Fine me if you wish but I won’t pay. Maybe you’ll garnish my pay but it will cost you the labor of unfunded people to do it. Multiply that be a tremendous amount of other Americans and the debt will grow. Let it grow until it collapses. A few crawdads from a creek and wild onions to stew with them is quite tasty. Add a little Dandelion and Creasy Green salad wild Muscadine on top and I’ll be fine. Top that off with pine needle tea and my silver stack, well, who knows, I’ll be fat and happy.

  4. LMAO Hi! Great thread AGXIIK don’t let it get you down just keep Stacking and the Elites won’t be able to control you like they will the sheepies. The Elites are after control, get us in debt and we become their Peons under their control. As for me I don’t intend for that to happen. Keep Stacking and get a couple new guns. LMAO

  5. Profile photo of
    Proverbs1616 says:

    Just saying,
    up in the True North Strong and Free, Canucks pay for universal healthcare and are able to accumulate AU and AG. And if you break your leg in a car crash up there, there will be a little ambulance fee and no need to remortgage your house to pay for medical bills.
    Hmmm, genius investors Eric Sprott, John Embry and Rick Rule (though still American) all make the True North their homeland and are prospering quite nicely, despite the universal healthcare they help fund.

    Ben Davies lives in an even more socialist universal health care country in Great Britain.
    I think he’s doing just fine financially.
    But I do agree, Obamacare has a lot more to do with power than health, and I agree that it is unaffordable, but I think there are bigger things to worry about than universal health care. Not pleasant to Americans used to more freedom than the rest of the world, but not the end of the world (the health part… all the added amendments that no congressman read through might be more dangerous… I’ll let Americans worry about those losses of freedom).
    Just a thought.

  6. Nothing like channeling my inner William Wallace, watching Charlie Chaplin’s “Greatest Speech’ from the Little Dictator  and some Warren Pollock to get the blood flowing.  That looks like a darn fine spread 2OZ.  I’ll tip a brew this PM and tomorrow to all the silver seekers and our fight for what’s right.

    • I want to see Ron Paul go against that guy on a debate. Who knows? Maybe Kinison will destroy the whole planet if He ever goes on a debate against him. Lol!

  7. “…Take my credit cards; I’ll pay with cash.” What if they froze your bank account and take your debit cards? The sad fact about it is that most jobs in Canada requires you a bank account so that your boss will deposit your cash that you’ve earned. You have to accept that way or else He won’t give it to you. You are forced to do services with banks because of that which it sucks!!!

  8. YES! NOT JUST YES! BUT, HELL YES! LOVE IT! It is our time. Everyone I know I inform (I even chat about it with complete strangers I meet), at the inconsequential risk they may think that I have lost it. A friend of mine from the SHAKY SIDE flew out here for a visit last week. Leaves tomorrow. I started playing financial news videos about PMs and banksters and financial collapse, just loud enough for her to hear as she chatted with the wife. At first I’m sure she thought “this must be some lunatics from the internet talking”! Financial Crash, if it happens, it won’t be any worse than 2008! Then after a couple days she would sit and watch them with me. Yesterday she says, you know, I’m going to start buying silver every month! I was WOWWED. It got through to someone. Later in reflection, when none was around I got a little choked up. I may have just saved some of our oldest and dearest friends from the worst of the really hard times to come. I hope she starts spreading the word too!

  9. Hi Sumkid  That is a first rate question  I gave a lot of thought what you asked.  My Plan B was formulated about 3-4  months ago when I realized that bank holidays could come to the US.  Converting a goodly part of my bank accounts to cash, silver or prepaid obligations I moved as much of my capital assets out of harm’s way.  Silver and FIAT are readly available to take care of daily needs. I paid my utility bills 6 months in advance and have a credit balance with those companies.  My HOA fees and property taxes were paid 1 year in advance.  Mortgage payment is paid 6 months in advance.  Anything else is either non-essential or can be paid on a local basis. 
    It accomplished 2 main objectives even though the prepaying was a capital bite to my checking account.   It reduced my bank account risks by reducing balances and it built up a stockpile of capital reserves by prepaying these normal month-by-month bills.  Several local vendors are part of my silver team and take bullion for payment—happy to do so because they know they are getting silver at a low rate for normally priced services.
    I bought some silver rounds at about $30 an oz to keep my cost low and pass on these rounds for payment when needed.  I have a nice stock of junk bullion.  If we see the day that merchants accept Constitutional money at the  rate of silver value in the future we will have that stockpiled.  Lastly, I have a group of people called my Band of Brothers who have marketable skills and resources that will be made available should things get dicey.  Bank holidays, supply chain shut downs and natural disasters are 3 things that could be in the foreseeable future.  My silver and gold bank represents my part of the BOB’s assets and resources that can called upon to help secure the wellbeing of our families.  Only the senior team member of my BOB knows the size of my stack and my plans to access this resource should we have a serious problem in this country with a breakdown of civil rules.  I got him involved in silver stacking about 18 months ago while directing him to places where he could add to his stack.
    Sam Kinison would be a great speaker for the opposition but unfortunately he was killed in a car crash on the way to his comedy show.  This happened in 1992   We lost a very funny man who’s voice was heard loud and clear.

  10. i try to keep my credit score in good shape so when silver does its moon shot and it will i can totally max out my plastic by loading up on silver and drive it up mr. banksters ass at the same time by going bankrupt,a win win situation.

  11. Chafro  In the rules and laws of this country we have Bankruptcy, a process that allows people and companies to reset their finances if they fall on hard times.   Under normal circumstances and normal times bankruptcy should be an uncommon event.  If people and companies are able to borrow and manage their debt they should repay their contractual debts as a moral and legal obligation.  But we have seen on a daily basis the bankers and financial institutions have engaged in such illegal activities that we have been dragged into this vast sucking black hole of corruption to the point that our very lives are in danger.   LIBOR is manipulated and when we borrow to buy a home, car, investment property or use a credit card and accept interest rates are are illegal and immoral, created out of thin air and SO corrupted as to cause massive financial damage to us, our families and communities, we are obliged to say no to this debt.  As I noted, you did not agree to a suicide pact when you signed the loan documents. Your family comes first.
    There are court cases and rulings in which mortgages were created out of nothing and by these actions threw people out of their homes, destroying their finances. The fine print was created later and robosigners put your name on loan documents that were predestined to destroy you financially.  The banksters were FULLY aware of the damage this would do to you. Banks like Goldman Sachs were so confident of the damage these loans would create they built investment pools that were designed with the 100% assurance that you would fail and the investors would make billions if no trillions on your blood sweat and tears. Ask John Paulson how much he made on one of these tranches. I heard about $30 billion or so.
      I consider the actions of the bankers no different that those of Fat Tony and his gang of knuckle draggers who loan you $1,000 and the vig is $100 a day   Within a month you owe $4,000.  Where you going to go when they come for you?  The Wall Street crowd did not need the goon squad to take your money. They had the entire Washington political class bailing them out while they looted you. D.C. has flown high cover for the illegal actions of banksters for decades, maybe even a century or more.
       On average the net worth of the average American has dropped 40% in the last 10 years.  That was about $40,000.  Where did that money go?  Into the pockets of the banksters.  How do I know that. I was one of them at one time many years ago.  Not at wall Street level but high up enough to see what would happen if you missed a payment   I was also a member of the bank goon squad. You did not want to see me show up at the door to your business.
    In the game of Finance the banksters are both the toke and rake. If you chose to play in their game, know this.  You have a right to exit the game if you know it’s rigged, conned and manipulated.  When you are inadvertently involved in a criminal enterprise, you can exit and dissolve your obligations. Get out if you can because these people will never stop taking your money until you exit the criminal casino enterprise called the American Banking System.

  12. when is this day of reckoning ?   i still do not feel prepared to endure it, my family keeps eating my supplies laughing at me, mocking me as i prepare.  i feel like the ant who toils saving, storing and whenever this day of reckoning arrives, my family members who have done nothing to help me, even undermined me, these same people will expect good ol’ mom to save them and share!   

    • Lynnybee,i too have the same problems you have,people tend to look at me as a nut or from another planet,they have their heads stuck up their ass so far they cannot or refuse to accept reality,take solice in knowing you are doing the right thing my friend and you and i will triumph in the end.

  13. Tough love is in order Mom.
    When I finally got on my mother’s last nerve I work up one morning to find all my stuff on the front lawn—and a boot up my butt with the words on it saying take a hike.  Kids need to be told no.  You did not sign a suicide pact when you raised your kids.   If you save yourself you will be able to save others.

  14. thank you for that.    & my situation really does prove that no one wants to roll up their sleeves, endure hard times and take responsibility for themselves, they would rather sit around and let someone else do the work and feed them!    this is going to be a hard fall for the ingrates in this country and my own household.   

    • @lynnybee I understand how you felt cause it also happened to me but my family didn’t laugh at me and didn’t touch my supply like yours. They just said no such thing will happen and it’s a waste of time. Thank goodness I live in Canada cause whenever SHTF, I’ll tell my family to go to the north with a car cause the northern Canada still has a lot of untouched resources, Just enough to supply Canadians during SHTF since our population is low.

  15. The perfect example I have heard so far was that this fall was like watching a hurricane off the coast gather force until it becomes a monster. I feel it in my bones that this fall will see turbulence. I don’t know if the whole house of cards will come down or if we will see just another leg of the crisis… Everything that has been wrong about the last 4 years has seemed to coalesce into one giant shit storm that is bearing down on us head on in the coming 3-4 months.
    That being said never underestimate their power to kick the can though. Just keep preparing as if it was going to end tomorrow. It’s almost like what I imagine an addiction would be.. I wake up in the morning thinking “OK where can I buy preps and metals today” I own my own business and we have had a wonderful year but lately its like my spidey senses are going off like crazy.

  16. Beautiful Words.  That is actually what a new government election speech will sound like once the sheeple have been through the next and most hellish financial collapse of all history.  That is truly the only way to stop them — starve the beast — just like in olden days when the castle was surrounded and the insiders ran out of food.
    The banking industry will not go down without a fight because they know this is the end of the biggest game of fraud ever manipulated on mankind.  They have been as ruthless as the Romans from a financial perspective.  The only thing left is for them to try and swindle all they can one last time from anyone that thinks they can outsmart the banksters.  Don’t ever play their game again.  In the not to distant future you will be able to buy one of the 14 million going to 30 million who knows, foreclosed homes on the market for ounces of silver.  No need for credit cards as you will simply need a few dimes to buy all the necessities you need.  While there may be serious turmoil, I pray that we push through that as quickly as possible.
    Eventually all people will learn the hard way of what has been done to us and things like values will change, shelves will be restocked and more honest businesses will open.  But one thing will not change and that is the value of AG and AU.  Those will change to the upside forever because there is nothing else that has been money for 5,000 years.  Well maybe we should buy some more junk silver just in case things don’t improve as fast as we hope.  Thanks for the words of encouragement.  That’s why I signed up for Doc’s site.

  17. I dunno.  My first thought was, “two wrongs don’t make a right”.  While I do understand the feelings of how the multitudes of us have been ripped by the banks and Obama, we live in an electronics age.  Failing to pay a just debt allows them (bank/govt) to TAKE their money from your various accounts.

    Let’s face it.  We are screwed. Plain and simple.  The only salvation:  STACK SILVER and GOLD, period!  

  18. Sumkid  I posted a response to the question about death and debts.  
    Silverrrrr   Bankruptcy discharges debts and does make provisions for retention of assets sufficient to manage normal financial matters, tools of the trade, lodging, motor vehicles and personal effects.  Filing  Chapter 7, 11 or 13 is a wise course rather than unilaterally repudiating the debt without using the rules of laws written to protect the borrower.  The effect may be the same but you are in the clear legally. 
    That beats the bankers at their own game.  They get trillions in  bailouts to prevent their bankruptcy while we get the tab for their stupid actions so why shouldn’t you get some debt relief of you get your ass-ets in a crack through no fault of your own?   This has been the law of the land for over 150 years.

    The banksters are also prohibited from taking punitive actions against you after your bankruptcy debts are discharged.   Legal settlements in the 6 and even 7 figures have been levied against the most egregious bankers who refuse to obey court orders mandated upon bankruptcy discharge, harrassing former borrowers at all hours of the day and night.

  19. I refused to play the bankers game years ago. Paid cash for my car and house. Any house repairs are cash. I keep 2 small $300 limit credit cards for travel and pay them off immediately before interest accrues. After I pay bills whatever is left for the month from my SSDI gets withdrawn as cash, I leave nothing in the bank for them to use.

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