As the western financial collapse nears, the banksters are furiously working to shut down every financial exit available to the public to preserve their wealth from bankster confiscation.
France has just taken capital controls to a new level, banning the shipment of physical gold, silver, and cash through the mail, effectively shutting down the precious metals trade in France!

*Update: According to a reader who has attempted to mail a piece of jewelry to France, gold & jewelry are included in the capital controls ban.



From Market Update, via Google Translate:

In France, a new law that sending gold, silver and cash prohibits. Companies gold coins on sale and send by post can not exercise this new law work. Sites are also traders who are prevented by the new law. Operates like eBay

In September 2011, the French government took all measures to limit. anonymous cash purchases of gold and silver Since then, every purchase of bullion with a value of more than € 450 per bank transfer happen. With the new law since June 1 this year in force is also sending by post of banknotes and precious metals restricted.

The new legislation can be found on this website , where under Chapter I, the following Article D1 of the universal postal service and the postal service obligations is:

“L’insertion the billets de banque, the pièces et de metaux precieux est interdite dans les envois postaux, y compris dans les envois à valeur déclarée, lesson envois recommandes et les envois faisant l’objet de leur formalités attestant dépôt et leur distribution. “

Loosely translated the law says that inserting banknotes, coins and precious metals is prohibited in mail. That includes insured and registered mail shipments.


For collectors of silver and gold coins the French Government raises a high barrier. If gold or silver to market will have to be resorted to look for another channel, or will be required to drive in order to retrieve it. The metal back and forth To jewelers not too difficult to make, there are exceptions in the law for sending jewelry.

According Express.be the French government seems to have a clear goal: preventing any transaction among individuals that gold and silver is involved. Another explanation is that the French government wants to get the money, more grip for cash and precious metals lend themselves well to.


Yet it is remarkable that this law has entered France. The central banks of the countries that are part of the Eurozone have agreed namely pure investment gold exempt from VAT. By this tax on gold deleting the threshold to buy physical gold just drastically reduced! Why the French Government has now assumed to hinder trade in physical gold a law is not entirely clear.

Maybe politicians not stomach that savers no confidence in their savings. Often buying physical gold or silver seen as a vote against the money system and the mismanagement of politicians and banks. Gold demand increasing its role as a safe alternative to savings in a bank account. Although the price of gold can fluctuate the precious metal has a permanent character. It does not perish and has had the status of a precious metal. Throughout the human history That is otherwise unrelated to the discussion or gold play in daily payments, a role because that opinions differ greatly.


*Update: According to a reader, jewelry is included in the ban:

I sold a piece of jewelry to someone in France, via ebay.  It was a tie tack with an automotive corporate logo on it.
I packaged it up, and took it to the post office for mailing.  The clerk asked me if there was any coins, money, silver, gold, jewelry, etc. in the package going to France.  I said there was a piece of jewelry in it (I didn’t know of this new rule prior).  She refused to accept the package, due to the new rules.

I then went to a different post office, and got the same questioning.  This time, what was in the package was a piece of corporate advertising.  It made it safe and sound to its destination.   I’m guessing that there will be lots of machine parts, government advertising, and lead weights being mailed to and from France compared to the past.

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  1. Figures  What do you expect from Cheese eating surrender monkeys
    Banks?  Too big to bail, fail or jail
    Gold?  To small to mail
    I guess this is what you get after 2,000 years of eating from the 4 basic French food groups
    Garden pests
    The diseased livers of overfed water fowl

    • hahaha
      Not forgetting ‘La Garde recule!  Sauve qui peut ‘ 
      Can`t really blame the people if they are led by asses (the donkeys sort).  Hang on a min thats the Brits isnt it?

    • “And pickled their brains with cheap wine”
      I submit that if ANY of us were to live in France, we would HAVE to pickle our brains to survive living there.

    • I live in France and have a friend who regularly has coins delivered by UPS.  He had two Gold 50 Pesos delivered last week.   You obviously do not know the mentality of the French.   They always introduce rules and regulations which are ignored by the general population.   The EU introduces a regulation which the British adhere to whereas the French just agree to the new rule and then just ignore it.

    • As an Englishman living in France I notice the comments seem uninformed about the French.   The French (like every other nation ) have their funny ways but living in France is a very pleasant experience, especially the South of France.   You all probably suffer from the stereo-typing that the mainstream press pump out.
      It’s a long-ime since I was in the USA but my impression of the country from what I read is it is becoming like Eastern Germany before the wall came down.   You seem to have lost all of your freedoms and are under constant surveillance by the “police state”.   The USA is constantly at war and invading countries much smaller in order to steal their wealth.   You have a completely corrupt government and a banking system run by criminals.   Obviously i am getting this from what I see on the internet so could be completely wrong.
      So am I wrong?

    • GBS,
      You are pretty much wrong on all counts. Here are a few things you don’t hear on the news:
      -I boarded a domestic flight without a photo ID last week. The TSA goon only cared that I had multiple credit cards and a business card (he probably violated policy but no one seems to care).
      -My actual economic income was over $70,000 last year but I only (legally) paid $6,236 in income taxes. I am a CPA and this is not the norm but I am not retarded like the rest of america.
      -Every single form of communication is recorded but the information goes to a server where it is left to sit forever, unread by any government agent.
      -The Jews have destroyed the banking system. This is true but thankfully no one in America likes the Jews unless they are politically connected. They are clever rodents.  

  2. As I understand, France is a Common Law State, meaning that unless under government connected contract, a business operation (such as a private courier service) is excluded a priori from ‘Postal’ dictates, as ‘Mail Post’ is (in the Mercantile Scheme) a government function subject of Diplomatic Treaty.
    I bet French purists (as here with their American counterparts) are longing for DeGaulle and even Napoleon.





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    “When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes… Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.” –Napoleon Bonaparte

  3. absent an Edit functionality, I’m forced to re-post this from a plain-text file format …

    As I understand, France is a Common Law State, meaning that unless under government connected contract, a business operation (such as a private courier service) is excluded a priori from ‘Postal’ dictates, as ‘Mail Post’ is (in the Mercantile Scheme) a government function subject of Diplomatic Treaty.

    I bet French purists (as here with their American counterparts) are longing for DeGaulle and even Napoleon.

    “When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes… Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.” –Napoleon Bonaparte

    • I wondered why there was no mention of using the shipping companies for gold, silver, and jewelry.  Most of the shipments I receive from the on-line PM vendors arrive by UPS and FedEx and some by USPS.  So… can French coin and bullion still send and receive such items via the usual package delivery services?

    • That was my question, too, Ed!
      My second question is this:
      With the amount of fraud running rampant in the world today, why would anyone trust a postal service, ANY postal service, with precious items, or even fiat currency.
      As I understand it, it is already not legally permitted to send cash through the postal system. At least, this is the case in Australia and has been since year dot – I cannot speak with authority for any other country though.

    • @Ed_B
      The ONLY two times any of my silver was tampered with, partially and/or completely stolen, was when USPS was the carrier. Thankfully, neither involved one of my largest orders. The integrity of UPS and FedEx are worth every bit of extra cost of (non-tax-subsidized) operations.

  4. Looks like this will play out in several scenarios:
    1) UPS or FedEx or DHL or Private Courier Services will be the route taken. Payments can be made electronically, so no paper money is sent via the Postal Mail Service.
    2) If Option-1 is not allowed, then Bullion Dealers will expand physical presence AND/OR people will drive/ride to physical bullion stores. This makes it more inconvenient, but squeezes like these will result in – people buying more due to inconvenience AND/OR more people buying because of fear AND/OR premiums going up.
    3) Since jewelry is an exception, all bullion coins and/or bars can be encased in circular or rectangular Copper Holders that will make them wearable as jewelry necklace/pendants to avail of the loophole, until it is closed. Never underestimate the ingenuity of people, when it comes to circumvention of rules!

  5. Look fellow posters, while I am not a violent person by nature, is appears to me that the only REAL response that a bankster understands is an in-your-face ultimatum which they cannot slither out of by deceptive means:  Drag the sonofabitch out of his plush office, find the nearest light pole and give him a choice go up to the top and check out the air there, or give the depositors their funds, metals, etc.

  6. Genuis8 is right.  Stick a 14 karat gold chain to the bullion coin and call it a necklace.  If this law is real, and the article is true, then there can be no better evidence that a bail in and a currency devaluation is right around the corner.

    • @AGXIIK
      “Like lead futures, gold and silver can be shipped in so many formats.  SD Bullion ships in an interesting method too.”
      Send me an email about that, will ya?  Thanks.

  7. Profile photo of
    Proverbs1616 says:

    Before you knock the French, remember helped unsaved nonchristian Ben Franklin spent his time in France plotting the overthrow of Britain in the Three Sisters Lodge… And a lot of US military regalia is inspired by the French(the Marine uniform is essentially a French design)… And gay marriage led to national protests and riots in France, which I didn’t see in America… So you know, eat a frog leg and wear a beret 😉

    • Yeah, well the good deeds done by the Great Grandfather of my Great Grandfather’s – Grandfather doesn’t wash out the immoral acts of the current generation and what it says for the direction the populous or Government of said land.
      A more “In your face” reminder of this perception is the U.S.  …. now 50 years ago, wasn’t it U.S. who saved the world from the Axis movement?  Sure we were thanked, sure our s*it didnt stink for say…. 25 years, but after U.S. corruption picks up, people get sick of it, regardless of kind acts of the past.

    • “So you know, eat a frog leg and wear a beret ”
      Or, eat good bread and cheese, drink good wine or brandy, and make exquisite love to all of the beautiful French women.  😀

  8. Yeah  I poke fun at the French P1616  Being part French, I like all those food groups plus a glass of French plonk.  The Irish part leaves some funny opportunties and that’s the other 50%, plus Amerind and Norwegian.  Not peaceful scrap of DNA in me.
    Some of my French friends in Canada were real SOBS in WWII and before.  The sad part is that the French policians are the pieces of work. the French are mostly good folks
    I did not expect the French to lower the boom on PM shipments.  Italy or Spain would have been my first guess.  All things considered, this is ring fencing of France’s PMs just like the US people would have the dickens of a time moving PMs out of the country or starting an account in another country.  I shut down my account and real estate holding in Canada due to FBAR and FACTA  Either of those could get you $500,000 fine and 10 yrs in jail.  Thanks, but I would not do well in Jail

    • AGXIIK, The important question is WHY NOW? What France is doing is preventing gold from entering their country, not leaving it. Unless the French are selling & shipping gold to overseas buyers via mail service, why would the French CB prevent gold entering their country? Are we missing something totally unreported?
      Is this because of the reportedly over 100% income tax in France, that had the Law of Unintended Consequences where regular french people are selling precious metals to You Know Who (wink, wink nudge, nudge) …. 2 big buyers that come to my head immediately.

    • Profile photo of
      Proverbs1616 says:

      There are three groups of people my mother told me never to trust because they’d be your friends one minute and your enemy the next:
      The French, the Arabs and the Russians.
      That being said, the French people themselves are the largest gold owners in Europe (people would have though Germans or Swiss).
      Despite France’s strict gun laws, many French secretly have firearms (don’t ask how I came to know that hehe).
      The French are extremely protective and quiet about their personal wealth/possessions, not much bragging on online forums about their stacks of you name it, because they’ve seen governments turn bad real quick and they understand that you never trust the state (especially the very Federalized Republic they have). And I can tell you that the French who are into business and corporate world absolutely can’t stand Hollande and the Socialist Party… and the French are huge on owning everything they have… credit and renting stuff is unpopular (they’re sort of like the Germans there).
      But France is always at the forefront of things… it’s a part of the French psyche to be the one who pushes the envelope and who brings about change… whether for good or for bad. So, in France’s government’s mind, the future is one where the people of the world must be controlled, thus, they shall be at the forefront of preventing people from selfishly hoarding pm’s and contributing to a lack of confidence in the national (supranational) currency.
      The French are clear-cut kind of people… problem with Islam? Ban the burka. Problem with loss of confidence in the Euro (France was and is at the forefront of Europhilia) ? Ban the anti-Euro (gold/silver).

    • “Thanks, but I would not do well in Jail”
      Nope, none us of freedom lovers would, which is why jail is the worst place for any of us, particularly as the SHTF time approaches.

    • “And I can tell you that the French who are into business and corporate world absolutely can’t stand Hollande and the Socialist Party…”
      Well, before they get to feeling too special, we here in the USA have the same situation… and have had it for the last 4.5 years!   🙁

    • AG12K what a mix-up!
      Reminds me of a line from an Australian movie called ‘The Wog Boy’ (‘wog’ being a slightly derogatory term for people of Mediterranean origin):
      “I’m half Croation and half Serbian – when I wake up in the morning, I want to kill MYSELF”.

    • @Speros
      Consider yourself fortunate. Think of all the dichotomies and conflicts balled up in being an Irish-English-French-German (with African relatives!) mongrel!

      As a young boy in the late 1950s, when the IRA came around the neighborhood seeking donations (for their damnable bombs), I was torn between contributing to their cause, shooting them, offering them diplomatic intervention or secretly using their organization to have the Brits submit to my ‘Master Race’ superiority complex! (THEN came the ‘Civil Rights Cause’ of the 1960s!)

      Yep … such an un-complicated ‘heritage’ as yours is more a blessing than you realize.

      That’s probably why I find such irresistable gravitation in the ‘Enlightenment Period’ world-view and it’s Jeffersonian expression here in America. It strips a whole lot of that Euro-Feudal encumbrance off one’s weary shoulders.

    • Pat,
      Slight misundestanding about my heritage. The part about “half Croatian half Serbian” is a quote from a movie!
      I am Australian, which is to say descended from the Brits, with possible convict overtones 😉

  9. Look, I know this post is going to rub some people the wrong way, but if the shoe fits…..
    Whats up with the French pulling the first NAZI Anti-Capitalist movement?
    I mean really, I wouldn’t have expected it from them because they were the least hostile in WWII… But perhaps since they have such a soft rep from the last century, the plan is….You would never expect the French to pull the trigger first!
    I mean seriously!  If it doesn’t hurt your neighbor, and it’s not “Immoral” (as depicted for the times) then remind me again, why is it illegal?  Oh! It interferes with private agenda, passed into law by corrupt government?  Ahhh ok!  Now I understand!

  10. From Germany I received a box labeled “bolts and screws”. Would be interesting filler material to use, if a bit expensive lately. How about .925 silver nails and screws, strenthened to not be useless.

  11. Speros  Good line 
      Heck. with my background,  when I wake up in the morning I want to declare war on everyone.  It’s like Diesel’s Character in Chronicles of Riddick, half human half Furian, all cranky.  Anyways, I do have a great deal of sympathy for the peoples of any country where the government decides it wants to mind everyone’s business and presses the boot of oppression down on the necks of the people. 
    By and large, the vast majority of people want to be left alone and not frog marched down the road.   That’s my opinion and probably not shared by all.  Delusional despostic governments can seduce people to the point of demanding their own personal enslavement. It usually happens slowly, like the pot of boiling frogs. 
    It seems that the French,  in their affinity for these  tasty amphibians, have been long subject to the pincers of various countries of the European continent. Squeezed from all the cardinal compass points, they’ve developed their unique culture, simultaneously bellligerant and compliant, graceful and bellicose.  I would not want to have been down range of Napoleon when he was on a tear, nor would I have wanted to face Charles Martel, Charlemaine or the three tribes of Gaul in the time of Julius Caesar without a serriousy committed army  Fast forwarding to the present day, even a country with the traditions of the French can lose their freedoms in just 2 generations.  As stated by Reagan in his quote on how long it takes to see liberty and freedom replaced by tyrrany and fascism.

  12. PS  Regarding shipping, I prefer UPS or Fedex.  having received many shipments and sent a few too boot, I like to label the contents  “antique clock parts’  Those old clocks usually had heavy metal parts with lead counterweights to drive the internal gears and other bits of time keeping apparatus.  Nuts, bolts and screws are heavy. I’ve gotten to know the owners of my localmailing franchise.They are aware of my proclivities in mailing interesting items. They are also like minded to some degree. I’ve never had a whit of problems in sending and receiving anything.  USPS, not so much.  I hate to say this because at one time the mailman was a person that we appreciated, like a neighbor who was there to help. Now the post office has turned into an enforcement arm of the US government with much of the bad character nature.  The agency is broke, with people who are now regarded with suspicion, long lines, bureaucratic in nature and like a dinorsaus that should have long since gone extinct, it thrashes around, mired in a La Brea Tar Pit of its own making, and supported only by the government that created it.  It has long since outlived its usefulness and should be closed up
    BTW  Diane Feinstein, our inestimable senator from the great sucking black hole of Taxacheusetts West, aka California, voted to close 41 post offices.  Bit whoop there and a good start. But in doing so the post office would end up selling hundreds of buildings in this down sizing.  Diane is married to Richard Blum, the owner of CB Richard Ellis Commercial and, I think,  Coldwell Bankers, two  of the largest real estate corporations in the US.  Who got the contracts to dispose of the excess real estate inventory of the US Postal service?  Dicky Boy, Diane’s hubby
    Aint that special!  No wonder he’s worth a couple of billie–it’s convenient to have friends and bed mates in high places. 
    See ya, I’m off to declare war on Nye County NV.  Time’s a wastin’  They have legalized prostitution lots of gold and silver mines
     Ain’t the spoils of war great?
    Just kidding

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