Peter Schiff discusses a just released Fox News Presidential Poll which confirms that inflation is a bigger concern for voters than unemployment and the housing market combined. In fact, more than twice as many registered voters are concerned about the “inflation” tax as are worried about all other federal taxes combined!

Thankfully, the ChairSatan assures us that inflation is UNDER the Fed’s 2% theft target.  Perhaps more people need to listen to the ChairSatan rather than observing their grocery and fuel bills! 

  1. People in the U.S. are right to be concerned about inflation.  When major countries and economic blocks throughout the world are ditching the U.S. Dollar and thus diminishing its role as World Reserve Currency, people need to wonder why, and what the impacts are and will be on their immediate and future livelihoods.  The wealth, wellness, and livelihoods of the American people are inextricably linked to the ‘value’ and worth of the U.S. Dollar currency.  And when there’s someone ‘at the helm’ doing their best to trash and debase the U.S. Dollar (by printing it into infinity), they have to wonder why.
    When the world loses their need for the U.S. Dollar, ironically that is when the U.S. Dollar will become useless to the American people as well.  And right now, more and more people throughout the world are saying ‘NO’ to the U.S. Dollar.  The best form of protest and protection against the ongoing debasement and devaluation of the U.S. Dollar is quite simple for most people: Convert most of their savings and wealth into physical hard money as represented by silver and gold.

    • The only reason why the US dollar was successful before is all thanks to the Constitution. Before, the US dollar followed everything from the Constitution so it was a strong currency and now, it doesn’t follow it so it’s less powerful and it is loosing values.

  2. Inflation is the most insidious of taxes.  It knows no boundaries to class. It afflicts us all.  The product of a government which means us intentional harm through its soft tyranny of income induction by FIAT printing, it makes us all feel wealthier by inflation of our income and assets.  This steady upticking of apparent wealth is nothing but a soporific intended to seduce us into thinking our government and central bank is at once benign and looking out for our best interest. 
    All the while, this self same government rachets up the taxes on our income by failure to adjust the AMT; a continuous drum beat of politicians in thrall to the central bank monster, jawboning about income redistibution, playing the game of tax cuts for the preferred classes just as they increase taxes steathily through regulation and exclusion of deductions that become valueless through time. They  increase taxes through the incremental boost in income that bumps the unwary into higher and higher brackets. Think minimum wage. Think generous union bonuses. Think mandated entitlements.
    The taxes take on the appearance of a saw tooth, two jagged edges upward; one jagged edge downward, but never downward with sufficient force to give real relief from the insidious inflation  monster. Our incomes move backwards by 10% in real time. Inflation surges forward by 10% and we fall further into the sickening maw of this insatiable beast.
    Inflation plays across the globe as the FIAT master, USSA, forces hundreds of millions already existing in poverty to take a further wrenching downward tick in their impoverishment.  Planet-wide currency wars abound as our government dives into the fray with another useless $1 trillion venture that results in nothing but death, destruction and a munificent flow of profits to the international war mongers.The central banks grow richer through war financing. The people grow poorer by the minute.
    The USSA global debt bomb continues to grow at a GAAP adjusted rate of $5 trillion a year, throwing the next 3 generations of the world’s children into fiscal penury, all under the guise of creating wealth and income growth via a steady stream of completely unbacked worthless paper FRNs.
    And the band plays on, maybe something from the Beatles “Will you still love me when I’m 64?” Just in time for Social Security and Medicare, the evil Ponzi twins of currency destruction and unsustainable promises to take you into their warm embrace.
    Yes, the people worry about inflation, the silent killer born as a bastard child of bankerdom. Inflation and its currency sidekick are resurrected every 3 generations, the requisite time needed for the recipients of the last inflationary tornado to have gone on to their great reward,
    Every generation of demon spawn bankers thrust themselves in the body of the people, feeding off that substance to satiate their lustful appetite for unlimited power. 
    Our founding fathers knew this demon well, knew its spawn going back 100 generations.   Only for a brief few years, less than  the lifespan of the average person, they held this monster at bay and allowed the fruition of a great country. 
    Our birthright’s been squandered ever since with dreams of something for nothing, seduced by the moist pronouncements of politicians who offer stellar wealth without mentioning the painful price that accompanies these oceans of largess. The devil never tells you the price. “We’ll talk about that later my friends.” But later is now. The devil is here to collect.
    And the price?   
    Our children.  All children. All innocents.
     Our country.
    Our birthright.
    Not much of a price in return for the comfort of a soft coccoon of indulgence and ease that hollows out our souls.

    • “… FIAT printing … makes us all feel wealthier by inflation of our income and assets.”

      The record is clear, that the purchase power of wage growth significantly lags currency inflation’s effect on cost of living. A careful examination of hard money’s tendency to rather gradually exceed cost of living lay in the fact that precious metal recovery is slightly lower than population growth. The resulting ‘Population Demand Factor’ gives savings an intrinsic appreciation of about a quarter percent annually. The pragmatic effect (stupidly ignored by Mercantilists on purely linear numerical ‘accounting’ prejudice) is that necessity for wage growth in the specie regemen is almost nil. That phenomenon demonstrated itself in the three centuries prior to the 20th, where the average common labor wage held steady at an ounce of silver per day (5 shillings – 1.25 dollars).

      Given that the American banknote has depreciated in purchase power by 97% since 1913 (which is, I believe, identical in the cases of all other national banknotes), the entire ‘house of stamps’ has proven to be a complete waste of time and effort because in metallic terms prices have remained largely unchanged while the ability of people to obtain goods has declined. Common items whose production hasn’t been much affected by mechanization or other more ‘modern efficiencies’ over the past century, are STILL priced the same in metallic terms of copper and silver (though, remarkably reduced in gold terms)! One can irrefutably prove this by observing costs of goods in old Sears and Montgomery Ward catalogues from the 1870s.

      The bottom line point is that we can go right back to a fully metallic monetary scheme without skipping a beat! It’s possible to fully eradicate the period between 1913 and the present as though the entire episode had never happened! The great barrier is merely in perception.  

    • In my opinion, the old USA is the best place to ever live because the founding fathers were the people and knew the dangers very well. It’s a country that guaranteed liberty, peace, prosperity, etc. Now, the country is getting completely destroyed.

  3. Peter schools these people in simple economics and should realize that they will never grasp these basic concepts. He continues to be a thorn in their side by pointing out reality, which main stream economists don’t want to hear. Concerning economists with Phd’s, there is no greater fool than an educated fool.

    • Piled higher and deeper for a reason. I had to work with a couple new electronic techs fresh from school who thought they knew it all. After one screwed around 4 hours on a bad monitor that wouldn’t power up I walked over and reset the circuit breaker….

  4. Maybe food inflation will spark the coming inflation panic. Heards are currently being thinned out as grain prices are too high. The effects of this shoud be seen from next year. I suggest that everyone eat steak NOW before it becomes too expensive.

  5. For an almost complete understanding of inflation, fiat currency, gold standard and civil liberties a must read book is The Theory of Money and Credit (1912), by the Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises. One quote from the book is “It is impossible to grasp the meaning of the idea of sound money if one does not realize that it was devised as an instrument for the protection of civil liberties against despotic inroads on the part of governments. Ideologically, it belongs in the same class with political constitutions and bills of rights.” Another good one is “The gold standard did not collapse. Governments abolished it in order to pave the way for inflation. The whole grim apparatus of oppression and coercion, policemen, customs guards, penal courts, prisons, in some countries even executioners, had to be put into action in order to destroy the gold standard.”

  6. I’d like to see the survey statistics here…

    I HIGHLY doubt that the “average” American out there even knows what the term “inflation” means….let alone that they would understand the implcations to them….and even further doubt that they would consider it their “number one concern”.

    The reason I say this is simple….if inflation was the #1 concern of most Americans….these people would be out buying any tangible asset they could get their hands on . . . KNOWING  that they will be able to buy it much cheaper today than it will be later.

    No, I’d say most people’s #1 concern is keeping their shitty job and/or healthcare benefits.

    At some point, people MAY start to ask “where is all of this money that has been created going”….and what is that going to do to the long-term prices of the things I need to live?   But,  right now, other than complaining about gas, food and the cost of their data plan for their “I-Shit” , I’d make the pretty strong arguement that the great majority of Americans have no clue about how our money comes into exsistence….let alone how the forces of inflation and money creation / dilution are going to affect them and their family, in both the short, and long term.

    If just 10% of the public actually WAS Concerned about inflation…you would see a massive rush to buy tangible assets  –  things like land, clothing, precious metals, non-perishable foods, etc…..yet….where is this rush? 

    I think that many of us who undertand (somewhat anyway) the events that have transpired over the last 5 years tend to fall into the “group-think” category….and have the inability to not be able to see the forest because of the trees. 

    What I mean by that is this:  Many of us live this type of thinking.  We buy land, food, gold and silver and are making plans for a possible / eventual dollar collapse and/or economic disaster.  We also tend to know and talk to people who have the same viewpoints and  share our same worldview. 

    But, go out among the “huddled masses” and ask around….I think you’ll come to the same conclusion about this “poll” here that I did – immediately upong reading the headline – I call Bullshit!   : )

    Look – if just 10% of the public woke up tomorrow and DID realize that they had better do something to protect themselves and what little assets they own from the coming inflation / economic storm…..I think you would see gold and to a lesser extent silver prices go up 20% farily easily.  Right now, something like a paltry 3% of the U.S. owns any sort of physical  precious metal for investment purposes……and we have gold at $1750.00 and silver at $34.00  – now, imagine that number doubles to 6%….or goes up 5x….to 15% of the public…..or, IMAGINE that just 10% of the money that flows into treasuries for a “safe haven” decides it ain’t really that safe and decides to flow into an actual tangible, liquid asset like gold or silver.

    Sorry for the long and winding post – I hope I managed to make some sense?

  7. Even if Fox news confirms that inflation is our number one concern, they still don’t explain how to protect against it. If we should be worried about inflation more than the unemployment and the housing market combined, then I think that the US dollar’s collapse is going to be something so bad and important that it will mark history.

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