gold leasingPaul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration, has voiced his concerns about the strength of the US economy, US politics, and US civil liberties. Roberts also believes the US is playing fast and loose with the monetary system and the value of the dollar. He speculates that, as the German Bundesbank has begun repatriating its gold from overseas out of storage in places like the Federal Reserve, the Fed will not be able to make delivery because it doesn’t physically possess the gold.
Perhaps this explains the Buba suddenly dropping its original 150 ton gold repatriation request from the Fed?

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  1. This is not news, this is the obvious conclusion everyone made with the 7 year fraudulent charade that was playing out.  However, what is news is that the US has no gold at all, Bill Clinton and Robert Rubin leased it and it is gone. That is the important news to be exposed and matters from the standpoint of the dollar and balance of trade.

  2. No, the US does not have Germany’s gold.  China has it, and india has it, and so do a bunch of the ETF’s and other funds.  In fact – all together they have around fifty times as much as Germany’s original amount!
    The trouble is that nearly all of this is ‘paper gold.’

  3. The german government knows the score (as in, gold has gone east), but they are not going to protest, because we all sink or swim together at this point.
    Since 2008, the Fed cartel has propped up the european banking system with free credit swaps for even more trillions than the US banking system has received, so it is hardly in german interests to make a fuss about a few measly billion.

  4. China has the bulk of Germany’s gold, and the US can’t produce enough to replace it in the time frame given. What was Germany going to do? Declare war on us? Suck it up and don’t deal with the US, bet they start dumping US bonds fast.

    • @MaryB,
      Why not declare war.  I’m sure if Germany surrounded one of the US bases on their soil and said that if their gold was not repatriated immediately they would attack, the US would have a tough time wriggling out of an explanation as to why they couldn’t comply.  The US has obviously made some concessions to Germany to prevent them from making a VERY big stink about their gold.

    • What is all but forgotten is that, in 2009, Germany, through Angela Merkel herself, there was an official request to the US for 400 tons of Germany’s gold to be repatriated and the request was summarily and, according to some reports, rudely denied.  The story quickly evaporated from the German press and nothing further was said about this.  In part, this is the original story that gave life to the German citizen’s group that has agitated for the gold repatriation since then.

  5. It went the same place england,s gold did. It was a move a genius. They came out way ahead on the money game. They turned real physical gold into a 1 to 100 leverage game. They sold all there gold to a bank who then turned it into paper x 100. $200 gold sold an x 100. which equals $20,000 an ounce gold. Englands gold was sold at very high profit trust me they were not losers. An the bank has enough paper bullets to shoot down the price of gold forever. Till they actually run out of the real stuff. But now the comex is running on fumes an the game is almost over. Exactly what the government wanted ( cause the problem so they can try to solve it later) The government will come in an freeze the prices on the comex . When it defaults on contracts it will be the end of pm price. With all the gold and scarcity of silver leaving the USA I wouldn’t be surprised if the government nationalizes the metals again. They have to do this to cover up the mess they made. No gold in fort knox, Gold+silver manipulation, The government take down for there gold, The true paper leverage ratio to paper to real physical metals. And the best Who got the downside money puts when they dumped the price down so many times. This has to be in the billions??????????????????

    • I am a little more skeptical that the US would try to nationalize or confiscate gold.  Unlike the 1930’s, nowadays, there’s an international character to it’s holding now that makes success of such and effort a much greater challenge than it was in 1933.  Plus, there is so little gold held in American retail hands, the effort would hardly be worth it.  If anything like that, they’d go after the ETF holdings, but they may already be gone or rehypothecated or, worse, pledged as collateral in yet another rehypothecation scheme!!!   More likely, what you’d see would be, after a currency reset which caused gold to skyrocket in dollar turns, they’d simply enact a precious metals windfall tax on American citizens for anyone unfortunate enough to feel the need or necessity to comply.

  6. Can’t say I didn’t warn you. final notice.  No more accepting users when the Iraqi Dinar goes live.  
     It has been a long 3 years when Tony-TNT-TEAM has been reporting on the educational side of the Iraqi Dinar going live in the Global scale. IRAQI, IRAN & other countries are competition against the Petro-Dolla. This weekend we will see the actions done by the east.

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  7. It’s getting more difficult these days to maintain the fiction of a large US gold hoard.  Germany wants a piddling 1500 tons of THEIR OWN gold back from the bank where they deposited it and are now finding out that they are mere unsecured creditors.  Maybe this is what happens to those who squeeze dry a small helpless country like Greece?  Yeah, Karma can be a real biatch too.

  8.   I am a late bloomer, who took a financial bath in 2008. So I have been on a learning quest since then. I no longer look at the symptoms, but like to see the root of the problem. The Fed is like the emperor with no clothes. And even as the brightest economist talk in his language as he and his entourage pass by. But the fictious story will come to light one day and those who laughed at the pompous a** king who rode by and threw his gold away to those few laughing peasants. While passing his royal paper to the peasants who want their ears tickled. In the light of the story, we laughing peasants will have the last laugh, as we watch this pompous a** king wipe his visual naked a** with it. And if I’m alive, I want a front row seat to laugh my a** off  at those fools who caused so many pain. Then I hope to witness the king and his entourages fate, as they are in the hands of those peasants who lost their royal paper iou’s in the lie. Once the light shines, and the fog is burned off, and the fist of paper in their hands is seen for what it is. Pure Sh**, thats  WTSHTF.     
      Since I’m on my soap box let me say that if I have to keep watching a blond airhead, who thinks she is walking the cat walk to model her skills, I’m going to vomit. I’ll bet the script is so foriegn to her, because all her time is spent in the vanity room for show prep.

    • Lol, quite so, I’m afraid.  These are the people who have a huge bundle of gold futures contracts in their arms and are running around with that deer in the headlights look on their faces, yelling, “BUT WE DO HAVE GOLD!  IT’S RIGHT HERE!”.  Shortly thereafter, the 99 people who paid money but did not get their ounce of gold will be on them like a pack of starving dogs.  Well earned, well deserved.

    • Before the ship hit the iceberg, I wonder how many passengers on the Titanic looked around and said, “Well, so far so good”?  Things are often just fine until they are not and often with little to no warning.  We’ll see.  Gold cannot flow forever from West to East at the prodigious rate that it has been lately unless there is a LOT more of it than we have been led to believe.

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