As we’ve stated repeatedly, the US is Greece X 100.

A former top federal monetary executive says the U.S. could be headed toward a Greece-like debt crisis and financial meltdown, and blames both political parties for the mess.

Former U.S. comptroller general and Government Accountability Office chief Dave Walker was in Phoenix this week as part of a national tour to talk about the federal deficit and debt, and its potential impacts on taxpayers and the economy.

The federal debt has topped $16 trillion, according to the U.S. Treasury Department.

Walker says that financial path is untenable for the government and economy, and says that puts the U.S. on the same path with countries such as Greece, which has suffered financial meltdowns. He notes the collective U.S. debt from George Washington through Bill Clinton’s terms in the White House as $6 trillion. Now, under the past two presidents it is now at the $16 trillion mark.

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  1. Ring the Bells. Shout in the streets.  The Petro-Dollar is ending.  Let us revise our current exchange to honest currency & throw the bankers in line-up  for the guilotine.  Let us be happy for our Founding Fathers in Creation of The United States Constitution.  THE-SILVER-STEALERS.PDF by Charles Savioe is the Gutenberg of the twenty-first century..  WE have a lot do do.

    • Warning the others is useless because they won’t listen to us. They are too busy with their latest fashions, gadgets, games, etc. The internet is the printing machine from Gutenberg of the twenty-first century. The printing machine allowed us to get rid of the religious propaganda in the 15th century and now, we have the internet that will allow us to get rid of the financial propaganda if we use it well.

  2. Walker must know that the USA collapse is inevitable and that we will again be back to another crisis like the one in 2008. We actually didn’t solve the 2008 problem but we only extended its occurrence. Greece’s problem didn’t touch a lot of countries but the USA’s problem will touch almost all countries in the world if it happens.

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