EmptyVaultFormer Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts thinks the Neoconservatives in the U.S. government want war in Ukraine.  Dr. Roberts says, They definitely want war, of course. They’ve wanted it ever since Reagan was President.  The Neocons were always saying we have to attack the Soviet Union, and Reagan said we are not going to win anything, we are going to end it.   The Neocons got to where they really disliked Reagan because he wouldn’t take advantage of Soviet weakness to attack them.  So, they are war minded.  They produce documents that say nuclear war is winnable.  So, they are basically crazy people; and, yet, they have determined the course of foreign policy since the Clinton Administration.  Under George Bush, they controlled the show; and today, under Obama, the Neoconservatives control it.
On gold, Dr. Roberts says, “To protect the dollar from Quantitative Easing (QE), the Fed is selling naked shorts in the gold market to keep the gold price from rising so rapidly that it exposes the worthlessness of the dollar. . . . The physical stock of gold in the West to meet delivery demand is diminishing rapidly.  So, one day the Chinese will buy 100 tons of gold, and we won’t be able to make delivery.  That would crash the system.  It would just pop.  So, there are things that could crash it suddenly.  Regardless . . . the economy is going to gradually sink because there are no jobs, or no good jobs. . . So, there is not a recovery.  The U.S. is a busted state.  It’s completely busted.”  


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  1. BFY (yawn). So long as the White House is in the clutches of the likes of Obozo, Jarrett, and the rest of the ruling zelots, little will change.  Eventually there will be enough carnage, both financially and through civil war that the true Americans will rise up and brng this sinking ship to an even keel.
    Lets face it, isn’t that the way history has shown time and time again.  Just WHEN that will happen remains the mystery. In the immortal words of Marchas45 “Keep Stacking”.

  2. Former Treasury Official: One Day the Chinese Will Buy 100 Tons of Gold, & We Won’t Be Able to Make Delivery
    What is stopping them? What is stopping Putin to sell $2bn US bonds and invest them in physical silver and implode the fraudelant derivatives markets? WHAT??? WHAT??? IT WON’T HAPPEN BECAUSE THEY ALL ARE IN KAHOOTS!!!

      A little provincial but spot on correct. I believe Rick Rule of Sprott declared that this was a posibility that any one(s) with about two billion dollars cash ( no margin like the Hunts or the vultures will pick your bones ) and that would be the end of the system as it stands today !
      So why dosent China or Russia or any number of smaller countries get togwether and make it happen???…Please reference the above so aptly phrased by our fellow member.

  3. It is going to be spectacular when the shiit finally hits the fanski… In addition to them obviously accumulating gold through honk kong they have ( privately ) bought up huge swaths of US real estate. Same with Russia. Meanwhile the US and Canadian political base seem like they have nothing but disdain for them and seem to revel in acting like big swinging dicks.

  4. silvertonguedevil:
    Billy Joel once said “you may be right I may be wrong” if that is the case Im listening.
    This is my take:
    If you were accquiring  phyiscal Gold/Silver at greatly reduced  prices(due to manipulation by the Fed etc)  why in a million years would you purposely sabotage the price discovery platform that is laying the Golden Egg.It would be common sense to continue taking advantage of the mechanism until it breaks down on it’s own accord.Whats the hurry? Why put and end to a good thing/
    The LBMA/Comex will continue the game until it no longer has any physical inventory to deliver.If your hoping for a White Knight to arrive and put an end to the manipulation by busting the bank with one big physical purchase order you are living in a dream world.It will not happen!.The Chinese/Russians etc are going to bleed this baby dry.
    Dont worry it seems obvious to me physical is running out.It wont be long!.Besides if your stacking it would be to your disadvange for the whole game to end right at this point in time.
    If im completely off base in my conclusions can somebody explain I  am completely  open minded.I just cant fathom an alternative explanation.

  5. I think the Chinese are not stupid and they monitor closely what gold quantity is available for delivery. They want continue buying as much as possible at actual price, therefore without crashing the system, until they think they have enought and then that they can crash the system that will skyrocket their stack value.

  6. When the Chinese suddenly received ‘most favored trading partners’ status there were discussions about our industrial losses and all the importing of household goods.  I argued it was a bad thing (obviously) but yahoos on the ‘nets would tell me how the Chinese were foolish, shipping goods here in return for FRNs that are printed up on the cheap.  The Chinese knew they were getting hosed, but they were able to purchase plenty with those FRNs, they liked having the jobs and trying to be middle class.  They still do.
    There is no way an increase in the value of the gold they have would balance out the tremendous losses were they to crash the US.
    I think they like having a portion of their reserves in long term storage, in an asset that doesn’t ever rust.  Like you and me.
    They will buy all they can without crashing this joint.  The Russians, however, pose a more interesting threat.
    We buy very little from them, they can live without our economy.  I’d keep an eye on the Rooskies.

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