kick the canSenate Democrats are announcing the fiscal cliff has been averted for 2 months, with a last minute agreement in principle with Republicans to extend Bush-era tax levels for individuals under $400,00 and families under $450,000, and to postpone any spending cuts. 
The agreement would still need to be passed and approved retroactively by both the House and the Senate. 
See you in 2 months for Fiscal Cliff 2.0, next time combined with a debt ceiling crisis. 


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From the AP:

A Democratic aide says the White House and congressional Republicans have reached an agreement to avert the so-called fiscal cliff.


The measure would extend Bush-era tax cuts for family incomes below $450,000 and briefly avert across-the-board spending cuts set to strike the Pentagon and domestic agencies this week.


Vice President Joe Biden was set to sell the agreement to Senate Democrats at a meeting at the Capitol on Monday night.


The aide required anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak publicly.

  1. The road never ends. It just goes on forever. They will need a lot of tax money because of all the outgoing representatives and senators that will need to be bribed to vote for Obama’s gun ban. Bribing the new ones will be more expensive!

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is held up by the the Republicans in the House for another few months with more changes. But hopefully they don’t cave in on some deals on the Guns Confiscation Plan that will be coming up also. Happy New Year Everybody

  3. According to the article they are raising 2% taxes on all the working class by raising social security from 4.1% to over 6%.  All the while they continue to bail out the banks to the tune of near $1 Trillion per year.
    Here’s a good video from Trim Tabs which was posted on the internet a few weeks ago which explains what is about to happen:

  4. This is really a sad sack end to 40 years of driving this country into bankruptcy.  We have the House, Senate, White House and all the straphangers and flacks attached like sucker fish to the core of power, unable to come up with anything that might be remotely considered as a good start to resolving  the country’s financial problems.
     It probably costs $5 billion of tax payer money to run this DC machine.  And all we get is a set of agreements that have about as much sense as a gaggle of 5 year olds trying to figure who gets to play King of the Sand Box.  Know what you find in most sand boxes?  Cat crap.  All we got was an ROI that made Enron look like a Harvard MBA thesis on corporate excellence .
    Trying to extract more money from the wealthiest is completely useless.  Ever since the day that the Progressive tax system was kicked into high gear about 80  years ago, the high income tax payers have paid roughly 30-35% of their income to Federal taxes.  It has changed little whether the max tax rates were 25% or 90%.  This is just the way it is.  Yes, The high income earners do pay a majority of personal income taxes, roughly 70% from the top 10% of tax payers.  But the fact is simple, raising raxes on the high income earners will not produce even a small fraction of revenues to balance the budget, now running about $1.7 trillion annually.
    The only place to garner serious extra revenues is from the middle and lower income earners.  That’s  were the untapped real money is.  While no revenue source will close the budget gap or even come close to doing same, the small guys and gals are going to see some serious erosion of their income in 2013.  I am sure a high income earner who pays 39% vs 35% won’t feel much personal spendable income  pain,  although that it’s wrong headed to over tax these higher income earners since they are the ones who invest capital to start and build businesses, the smaller tax payers are nothing more than large head-count  milch cows to those politicos of both parties who are tearing up the turf to find more revenues.
    If politicians cared about the little guy they would not allow lotteries, sales taxes and other small-ball rip off taxes on the lower income and middle class.It’s tough enough to make ends meet without larcenous tax revenue grabs gutting their income.   The politicians know they can get away with this since the lower classes have little or no political clout. They are seen as tax cows and nothing more. 
    The divide between the governed and government is as vast as anything I can imagine from a country established as a Republic with a limited government, like back in the day when the only Federal revenues were miniscule tariffs and transfer taxes from DC that was little more that a swampy malarial village along the Potomac.

    • Excellent Observation, and like you said, makes about as much sense (or less!) than the 5 yo sandbox debate. One can only draw the conclusion that “they don’t want to fix it!” This is my default mode, doomed $ debacle.
      After this big “reset” we need to go to our list of names we are taking, and then kick some A$$ 

    • The Bush Neo -con highjack of the Government and the suddenly 911 , Continuing WARS ,plus all the money stolen during that time,and the BUSH forced Bail Out, left Obama ,and America in a ‘shit hole ‘ economy ..and now Obama is making an attempt  to clean up,the some of the  mess ,some folks would rather Cut Taxes ,for Corps./ allow Wealth hedge funds loop holes to steal Our savings and  that send our jobs overseas and keep the minimum low with less benefits  ..the Millions on welfare ,food stamps ,government pay out and homeless people are just the first wave ,Nobody is safe when Luciferians are in power ,the 1% and their forces of power .when corporations dictate government policy and at constant War, it’s called Fascism , not socialism.This country became officially FASCIST with the Supreme court ruling allowing corps. to interfere with influencing Voting .continuous Wars, since Vietnam the ugly American, became the angry Americans killing everyone would we define as a enemy, and robbing,starving  us Slaves  many people thank God daily for there food-stamps , now  that’s the Satanic Luciferian Anti- Christ Spirit, Kill,Steal,and Lie . All AMERICANS ARE GETTING SCREWED IMO

    • LMAO As if Obama decides anything besides tying his own shoe laces. Wake up people! He is just another Zionist controlled puppet. Why don’t we enter 2013 by entertaining the unadulterated truth for a change, the truth that will save us??? Thus, stop insulting the German Christians (the so called Na..s) by comparing Obama and his administration with them. Stop muddling the facts of history with lies and deceit. When will good men stand up, men with balls, men of the stature of those who have penned down the Christian Constitution of the United States of America for one, men of decency???

  5. Silver Dagger
    Now you’ve done it   I watched the video and that scared the crap out of me.  The Matrix is real but it’s not what we think it is.   I’ve studied some on the reigns of Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and BHO.  By the time Hussein is done, we’ll have lived under 28 years of the same regime.
    Has anyone seen  I, Goat lately.  That will chill your blood  Does anyone have that available?
    There isn’t a scrap of difference between these presidents.  They all report to the same overlords.  They all want total power.  They all belong to the same tribe even if they live on different sides of the river.  They all have the secret handshake and belief that their rule must continue.  They all look the same, sound the same and mouth the same words.  They all have slavish obeisance to the same bankers, most of whom have rotated from the world of bankers to the world of government. They all love debt, FIAT, paper wealth and confiscatory taxes for everyone except themselves. They are all nothing more than members of the low priced, chair warming, middle management class,  given a miniscule bit of power for a tiny speck of time.
    Want to see power. Look at the House of Windsor.
      They all distain the constitution.  As intellectuals  ( even GB II, the recipient of the Dunce Cap of the Year award), they have complete distain for the common people.  They dislike business people since these strivers work hard, get dirty and smelly and can actually think for themselves.  They hate people who are self reliant. They hate people of color even if they are the same skin color. They love serfs, slaves, sycophants, lackeys and brown nosers.  They love themselves as only narcissists and egomaniacs can.  They are sociopathic liars;  every one.  They all have the ability to transform instantly into psychopaths, killing anyone that stands in their way. They love the law at it is used to contort, crush, convolute and cripple the aspirations of the common man. 
    And did I mention, they hold us in complete and utter distain as only an oligarch, tyrant, dictator, fascist or plutocrat is capable of, looking  down their mile-long noses at us.  Today I have an even greater hatred and disgust of all things government.  What a surprise that is!
    BTW   Hillary, would you please let the blood clot do its work and die, thus decreasing the excess population of monsters that walk this world.  Please!!!
    The devil needs more worker bees and your time on earth is done.

  6. I watch Jordon Maxwell symbols stuff years ago, and I first noticed it was then  Pres. George W. Bush made his ‘War on Terror ‘ Address to The Nation..after 911  , there is was the American flag in between tow fascist Statues of the ‘Hammer on both sides in on youtube  ..

  7. Facses
    The Roman fasces, or lictors’ rods is a bundle of polished rods bound around a battle-axe. A lictor was a civil officer who attended and carried the fasces before a Roman consul, both to indicate his status as an important person and to clear a way through the crowds. Thus, it indicated a superior magistrate, but it also symbolized the power over life and death that he might have, for example, as a judge. In heraldry, this symbol of magisterial office was often included in grants of arms to Mayors and Lord Mayors. If you believe that the symbol stands for Facism you are sadly mistaken. Most civilized societies followed the rule of Roman Civil Law which you will abide that all U S civil laws are founded. It is a symbol of power and not related to Facism in the least. If you want to still believe that it is then let it continue to torment your thoughts. I sleep soundly knowing the truth.   

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