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This contest runs until 11:59 P.M. EST on 4/17/2012.  The registered username who receives the most coins on any one individual post will receive a 1/2 oz First Majestic round.  Members are encouraged to reward other members when a comment/post is worthy of acknowledgement by clicking on the coin next to the post.  The coin will spin and add +1 to their coin total.  We will notify the winner by email.

Please note-  This is not a contest to see how many usernames you can create to coin your own post.  The contest is intended to increase the education and discussion by our readers and encourage our many readers who do not normally comment to join the discussion.   Please be respectful to the SD Reader community and “spin the coin” when deserving.

  1. yo Doc

    me & Olie

    are going fishing…. u gots a nice place here

    but we have to put food on da table & a few nice perch or walleye tomorrow would be just fine

    everyone take care & Olie & me will think about you when we are out on the big lake

    P.S. if the weather is bad ……..then we will just have to stay home & drink beer & fondle our PM’s & tell drinking stories  ( da wimmen up here dont understand da gold & silver ehh)

    ( it is either that or cut firewood for next winter)

    Da Yooper


  2. The real issue for all of us who believe in the value of silver is who and what silver is up against. The Federal Reserve is determined to keep the true value of silver from ever reaching its actual value. It is the greatest threat to their pet project – paper with dead president’s pictures. Combine that with the financial backing the Federal Reserve has and it could be a very long time before silver sees its value validated. The one thing we all have going for us is the fact that the global economy is on life support at this point in time. I am convinced that these trillionaires have already been busy predicting, researching, and analyzing how they can come out of every situation on top. Personally, I believe when the stimulus money could not be traced as to where it all went they were lying out their teeth. If it was me, I would have bought all the gold the stimulus money could have bought. With costs for printing a one hundred dollar bill at .06/each and gold selling for $1,500/oz, the Fed could have bought gold for $.90 an oz. To me that would have been a no-brainer. Plus, it would have given the Fed the ability to leverage themselves in case of a currency collapse. Either way the Fed will not soon go away in any of our lives. The price of lead may be our only answer for the solution of ridding the world of the Fed’s influence. 

  3. Good read Snowrider. You make a good point about the FED “should have bought gold”. Maybe they did and are. You know, with no audit allowed of our US gold at Knox and the like, maybe they are buying some and restocking because they know what’s coming. If word got out they were indeed buying tons of PM’s, think of the panic it would create on Wall Street. The price of PM’s would zoom out of site.

    I’ll have to think about this for a while.

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