crashIs a financial crisis being covered up?  What do you make of the Fed Capital Account charts?
One thing to remember – when these huge financial upheavals occur, you find out the day after they’ve tried to patch things up.

There will be no last minute warning.

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    • Exactly correct, for the highway fund.

      There are equally innocuous explanations for most of the charts he asserts mysterious meaning to.

      The Fed just deposited over $100 billion, last year’s profits, in the Treasury, explains that one.

      Comex has a new electronic system for tranfers between eligible and registered, explains that one.

      I don’t disagree that things are in turmoil, but this is low quality hype to sell a few exrta ounces.

      I don’t need that.



  1. I discovered Mike when my 401k was tanking and metals were rising. Even though (hind sight) id been better off cashing out now and buying pms with my IRA… (6 fold) Im glad to have taken the red pill when I did, for awareness sake. I figure, counting in oz, (and considering i would have pissd away the money ive invested since then)

    I would still have about 200 more oz today than I have now, had I awakened last month.

    Anyways, i bet stock investors say that kind of [email protected] all the time when they missed a slam-dunker.

    Thanks Mike! You may have just saved my life, and that of my children!

    • @Shamus001 i have only bought silver. i have never sold any. i keep buying too . i think this is a good price to keep buying. it could go lower but that means you will get more for the fiat exchange. i remember when i first started buying at $33 and i thought i wish i could buy at $24 while reading past charts.. well i been buying intermittently all the way down to $15! ………. thanks!

  2. Something is definitely up.  The tension in the air feels like that prickling sensation that one gets just before a lightning storm arrives.  We might not know just what is happening but we surely do recognize that something is happening.  This is a good time to shut all the windows and get ready for a downpour.

    Interesting that both silver and gold are on the move and heading higher.  Will this last a while or is this just another one of those bear market bounces?  Hard to say for sure.  Quite a few people were saying that we should get one more PM price slam in February of 2016 before prices head up substantially.  Maybe we will.  If so, then I am a buyer.  If not, then it’s get out the popcorn and a beer time because we all have seats on the 50-yard line.  😀

    Here’s what happens when one does have even a bit of warning:



    • Hey @Ed_B !

      Now imagine that man trying to LAND in the cockpit at this point of the game?

      Gonna be about as successful as someone trying to save their financial @$$ when the market breaks.

      Bought me fifty B-30 oz today! ????

    • Hey @Shamus001


      That WOULD be a real trick, wouldn’t it?  As far as imagination goes, I can just imagine this guy praying hard NOT to be part of a BIG splat-fireball.


      “Bought me fifty B-30 oz today! “

      Not sure what that is but if it is some kind of prep, good job with that.  lol


    • @iron dad

      Short Answer:Be proactive and Get your money out of these vehicles asap before it is too late! Figuratively you are in the bend over position.Nothing good comes from that!


      I am far from an expert on this subject but based on my readings(Rob kirby being one excellent non bankster  source)   Slv and Gld synthetic  proxy investment devices designed(at least thats the official to offer an investment play on the metals without physical accumulation.To the best of my knowledge the banksters administer these vehicles.That should be a major flag in and of itself.

      The real  reason for creating these vehicles was to divert physical demand to synthetic and provide the banksters with a physical pool.Inevitably are  used as sources of physical suppy when large delivery demands by various parties occur.In order to withdraw physical you have to have a very large portfolio(or be connected)otherwise  expect cash settlement.

      Should you trust the integrity of these vehicles? Would you leave your 20 yr old daughter alone in a room with Jack The Ripper? Personally I would avoid these 2 investment vehicles like the bubonic plague.Anything created and managed by banksters is inherently corrupt and when it is all said and done only serves their financial interests.When the SHTF expect to be screwed.If you are of the impression you have been investing in the real thing you are in for an unpleasant surprise.As I stated previously expect at redemption time ulitimately worthless bankster fiat.

      If am  incorrect with respect to the above Pleez somebody with broader education on the subject do not hesitate to comment.Any educated opinion is greatly appreciated.



    • @inlikeflinn

      No expert but SLV is no place for long term metals exposure… you are 100% correct!

      I don’t believe it’s possible to have bullion in a retirement plan, but I would highly recommend Sprott Silver or Gold Funds (PSLV/PHYS)… as close as you can get to bullion IMO. The metal is stored at the Canadian Mint,  it is audited regularly, and physical delivery is offered (although only > $150K… it’s not a retail exercise). Bottom line is that the metal is there and is not exposed to the Bullion Bank carousel.

      Short term is a different story, and I say why not fight fire with fire. I’ve been following Ted Butler and he’s doing great work evaluating the COT positions (basically Banks vs Managed Money). I’m into the second cycle of selling my PSLV position the top ($16 based on the bearish COMEX position structure), and this time (fire with fire) I re-invested in a 2x ETF at just over $14.

      Took over a month (they didn’t strike in Dec with a very bullish setup though… the Fed rate move & year end were factors I believe). Finally moving now (after Jan contract expiry), and still a bit more room for the banks to fleece the MM on this leg, but I’ll cash out soon (the leverage takes the pressure off picking tops & bottoms) and plan to go 2x short on the way back down, once the bearish structure is firmly in place and the price heads back down. Not for the faint of heart, but the first strategy I’ve seen that actually puts the odds in my favor at the casino.

      Finally, as a long suffering (2009) holder of far to much in “the miners” is my patience finally being rewarded? How about that HUI… hope it’s a long term trend, but way too early to tell!

    • @SRV

      The miners are looking good right now.  Foreign miners that get paid in USD and get serviced by their local currencies are looking better.  (South Africa)  To get a fairly reasonably priced ETF, check out GDX.  NUGT is already flying.

  3. Thanks,

    I’m kind of stuck as I am not quite 59-1/2 yet. This is money from an annuity and I had the option of stocks, bonds, cash or an ETF. My investment firm showed me the SLV statement which claims to have the actual silver to back it up. It appears that JP Morgan is the backer and I hear they have been stock piling silver. Not the case with GLD. If anyone knows of a better stradegy please let me know.

    I read these articles to pick up on comments and info from all of you.

    Again, thanks and,


    • This is what I did:

      Transferred my 401k into a physical silver bullion IRA. Let it sit there for a couple months, then took PHYSICAL posession of the bullion. They cannot liquidate your physical, so you get it all. (But youll be facing the tax man later)

      Then, Rack up a bunch of tax deductable medical bills and other write-offs. Dental? Etc.

      In the end, your writeoffs = the taxable income & early withdrawel penalties, and basically you get to spend those tax dollar$ on things you need now.

      Worked for me, I got my silver, and a tax return. You just need the several thousand dollars in hand to spend on those expenses in advance so you can write them off later.

    • @IronDad

      I’m not sure if this’ll help, but if you can pull your funds out of your current IRA, I’d suggest you consider opening up a new “self-directed” IRA account with a reputable company like New Direction IRA – that will allow you to purchase PM’s directly – like what Shamus has mentioned. That’s what I did with my 401K when I left my old job and it worked out great, and I rest well at night now knowing that I’ll be in great shape financially, when the SHTF. Good luck, and if you have any questions – just ask.

    • @Shamus001 @AGXIIK @Ed_B

      “so long as we help our community with tools to succeed!”

      That’s why I love this site –

      I stumbled across it 2 or 3 years ago and I’ve learned a lot reading the articles, and even more reading the comments from a sharp bunch of characters like you, AG, and Ed, to name a few.

      And let’s not forget the entertainment value – which is oftentimes priceless, all by itself.

      So thank you guys for all the collateral knowledge you’ve caused and for all the laughs, and have a great night, lol.

    • Agreed @SilverFoxx


      This is a great site once one uses some troll repellent to disperse these critters.  Also helps to have one’ BS filter firmly in place.  Doing these things works real well and not just here but Internet-wide.  🙂

  4. @inlikeflynn

    All markets will be locked down. Any DIGIFIAT  trading will cease, either by force majeure, electronic failures or cyberattack destroying electronic infrastructure.  The looting that starts behind the scenes by those with back doors to our digital assets, such as bank account thefts in Cyprus and Greece,  only few tens of billions in total, will be nothing compared to the bail ins happening in Italy; soon to visit our shores when DBank and other SIFIs fail.

    Every intervention today is set up to protect governments, central banks and major banks for losses, done so on the backs of We, the people. That is as clear a warning as anyone can make. Those who fail to heed it will lose everything.  We see that in Venezuela today as dozens of 747s are carrying hundreds of tons of new currency, airdropped into a war zone of hyperinflation and socialist bankster  FIAT democide

  5. Been on the Doc for 5 years and will give you my personal view and opinion after reading article after article, statistics and by the way charts made in Crayola and otherwise which information placed on a graph is of no interest.

    I religiously watch the London live Futures 18 hours a day and can tell you from the

    Gold and Silver are holding stronger in their futures positions that I have seen in many years. The paper Gold and Silver now can only knock either down slightly then both metals bounce back almost immediately, as far as I know for the record these bounce backs have not happened with the current frequency. What is being said about The Comex defaulting is beyond the truth as those that can accept somewhat less cash per ounce is what is waiting for those wanting delivery.

    IMO the world is going to trip out financially on February 19th. The U S financial system will be totally on it’s ass and the U S will place the blame on anything from financial computer hacking to China or whatever propaganda creation that they think will work.  Saying this as a friend on the Doc, get any money not needed for immediate debt out of any institution that you have parked it in.

    That’s all, God Bless and take care of those you care for.


    • Ok Ranger,

      My hitch doesnt end until after that. Im going to trust youe instincts, and jump off the ship at Singapore and withdraw excess cash.

      Lol … You know, I remember when you first started posting…. You werent very keen on PMs, or atleast your posts were very bearish. Then there was a year where you were swinging back and forth, I didnt trust you then… Now for the past few years you have completely stepped onto the light side of the force.

      Also Inlikeflyn seems to have begun to see the light…. Perhaps hes always seen it, but was pro stoxks, bashing pms. Now jumping off the sinking ship, onboard the pm life raft? I still dont trust him, bit he gave sound advice today, making me think he’s converting, one article at a time. ????

    • Ranger
      You’ve never explained much about your Feb 19th date.  Along those lines, I think the end of April will be close to the end for Comex pretending it has any validity.  Turd explained that the big Comex registered gold move a week or so ago was account settling of Dec deliveries.  So Comex is settling 1.5 months later probably due to phys shortage.  I think April will be bigger than Comex can bear after the December beating and more pressure Jan-Feb.  Then add the 1.5 months we saw from December and my D-Day is no later than mid June, 2016.  So I’m not as aggressive as you, but starting from April, 2013 our differences are only a rounding error.  I hope there is a little more prepping time.

      I also watch the charts a lot and have spent quite a bit of time in gold mines.  I agree with you, chart action has changed starting around early December, 2015.

      The question isn’t if Comex defaults or if there is any legitimacy to how they explain their future status, the question is will they have much influence on phys price and will the $USD still have genuine reserve currency status?  Minus those two, it’s a whole new world………

    • Silverine, I think we may be on the same page. After hours knocked Silver to $14.97 so far….hinting there is no holding back in future days.

  6. Nice!!!

    I hope that wheezing sound I’m hearing is a financial bubble getting ready to burst, and not my sphincter. (Been eating so much franks and beans trying to grow my stack lately that I’m not sure which is going to blow up first – my shorts, or the economy.)


    • LOL @SilverFOXX


      “Been eating so much franks and beans trying to grow my stack lately that I’m not sure which is going to blow up first – my shorts, or the economy.”

      Either way, it will pay to be UP-WIND!  😀


    • @Ed_B

      Either way, it will pay to be UP-WIND”    Hahaha – good point!

      And, I like the points you made earlier too – starting with “something is definitely up.”

      I’m not sure where this is heading right now either, but – given the fact that so many things are steering us into a global depression, and given how easily that could turn into one giant cat-5 shitstorm – I think it would be foolish NOT to be prepared for what could easily become the worst life-event that any of us have ever seen.

      Great advice and feedback – much appreciated!

    • Thanks @SilverFoxx


      “I’m not sure where this is heading right now either, but – given the fact that so many things are steering us into a global depression, and given how easily that could turn into one giant cat-5 shitstorm – I think it would be foolish NOT to be prepared for what could easily become the worst life-event that any of us have ever seen.”

      Agreed.  And that all by itself justifies being prepared vs. not.  Anyone who has ever been a scout or around scouts knows their motto.  🙂


  7. Shamous,

    I only flipped on occasion as the Gurus’s constantly sat on the side of our beds telling us how great things would be with there Bullshit. Never Bearish my friend, I have known from the start and had even contacted “Goldy Locks” ( now gone and a consumer advocate always over ruled as the investigation was going on ) he and I emailed back and forth in agreement. Using alternative data and seeking the truth which is solid has confirmed my beliefs. The likes of others which would mirror the likes of Bo Polny (Blo Pony) and other article writers have been amusing. But as for me Shamous, I have really never lost faith in stacking and preparing for what is going to happen sooner that anyone will believe.

    Best Regards,



    • @Ranger I began figuring as much. I always chuckled when I heard all the sky is falling talk….well, chuckled with one eye open. Lol!

      @ART005 Knowing Rangers posting habits these past years…I know he is typically FULL of details you can grasp on to and mull over.

      That being said, the fact that he didnt provide specifics as to Feb 19th is telling…. As in telling me that he is either:

      1. Quoting a source that isnt supposed to be common knowledge

      2. Sourcing intel that may be subject to ridicule, yet he believes in it so wholeheartedly, that he feels he has to drop a warning flag.

      Ranger doesnt give flags. Ranger doesnt give predictions; and if he were to, he sure as hell wouldnt give one tits-up 10 days from now.

      Thats BALLSY.  I respect that kind of gonad-ism, (considering the conservative source) and act on it without pressing details.

      Id do the same recieving an anonymous tip from AGXIIK.

  8. If anyone is reading this  A personally held self directed IRA invested in Precious metals HELD AND CONTROLLED BY YOU  is an option. I did it around 3 years ago  Prices were high then but I am now extracting AU at these low prices, knowing that my genius CPA will keep me on the good side of IRA   He has done this for 4 years as I broke the IRA for cash to buy AG and then to make sure my distributions were copacetic with the gummint

    Removing gold, declaring it year by year and buying silver with it given GTSR is really great right now is a very workable solution to how handle distributions.

  9. Hey AG – if you don’t mind me asking – was your self-directed IRA set up as an LLC so that you could take actual possession of your PM’s, or are you beyond the 59 1/2 mark and managing your shiny stuff through regular distributions? (Sorry if that sounds pretty basic, as I’m still kind of a newbie with all of this.)

    The one I set up is not an LLC, but it allows me to buy/sell PM’s and keep them in segregated storage in one of the big depositories (Brinks), and I have the ability to sell silver and buy gold at any time (or visa-versa), so long as it all stays in the IRA. (I haven’t quite hit the magical 59 1/2 mark yet, and so this seemed like the best option for me at the time.)


  10. Hate to bring this up…re: Feb 19th…

    Did anyone catch the news that “funny little fat boy” over in N Korea had to say today…re: his missile launch… “It’s ready to launch BEFORE super bowl KICK OFF”.!!!

    IF that little shithead has a match, he is crazy enough to strike it!!!

    As Ag says… ALL SHUT DOWN…EMP and/or smoking glass deck…no FIAT, no CREDIT CARDS, no SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES, etc… WE be fungooo’ed.

    Then…if he’s all wind/belch, and no gusto…we still have the 19th and coming “close in” months… Check-6… don’t forget the DEET this year! (talk about a barter goods, eh?… small bottles of 7 or 10% DEET..).



    • An EMP might be awesome…for those at the super bowl rip.  One of the beauty’s (covering the world’s largest event for human trafficking)  for fox news stated that every single spectator would be identified by facial recognition…and the other beauty she was talking to was happy that everyone would be best protected that way.  wtff.  So sad to think that people have no interest in anonymity.

      I gave up listening to/watching this shit over 4 years ago for just that reason.  I just felt that over the last month or so, that I had better check it out to see what they are currently reciting…

      Nothings changed.  Same old shit, same old talking points.  Gub is looking out for you.

      I so far beyond this shit that it’s not even visible in the rear view mirror.


    • Yeah, you know they interviewed several people who replied “Facial recognition? Thats f#@king Nazi bullshit!”

      Delete, Delete, Delete-

      After a dozen of REAL men, they found a woman, or a man wearing a pink shirt:

      ” Geewizth…Yaaa, I feel thafe! I mean, jus look aroun!… Sheezus- craithy people all-round! Me? Yes, way thaifer! Omagod, totally!”

      And thats a print!

  11. @Silver Foxx I don’t mind mentioning this subject of an SDIRA at all

    Back around early 2012,  and I can’t find my article on this subject, but after getting concerned about Fidelity brokerage and safety there, I decided to remove my Fidelity IRAs (1 each for me and my wife)   We hired The Dollar Vigilante to set up the LLCs for each SDIRA.  The LLCs act as an investment vehicle, controlled by us and using a fiduciary bank to do the reporting.  I could neve bring myself to trust a bullion bank to hold the PMs so with a bit of research and pushing the gray area of holding the PMs in my personal control and safe, we ended up with a totally self contained precious metal IRA

    I can move metal out in  a like kind distribution, accounting for the value at the date of distribution. Gold is a fairly low price so moving some out and sheltering the distribution and its taxable event was more a matter of using other deductions to make sure we paid very low to zero taxes.  Living in NV helps too.  I am depleting my IRA to reduce that footprint.  So long as the gold and silver stay low, the taxable consequences are nominal.   Once gold is removed, I sell it now that it’s outside the IRA.  The GTSR is around 78 to 1 so the sale of AU for AG is a great way to stack silver.  If gold and silver go not go through the roof in 2016 I will do it again.

    In reality I could do it in early January 2016 and be pretty secure that taxable effects of this distribution are modest.  If PMs rocket up in price then we hold off taking from the SDIRA until forced to by the age barrier of 70 and a half   Right now we are mid 60’s, taking SS early and have to be careful of SS clawbacks and SS taxable situation

  12. @Silver Foxx   A quick PS  On the right side of the page is a section called Latest Contributions From   My byline is one down the list.  The SDIRA article was not saved but there are a couple of articles that might interest you.  Feb 1 2014  MYRA   It had a freaky 108,000 views.  Jan 28 2014  Fed takeover of IRS was a decent call if a bit early.  The Prepper guide might interest you too  Published 11-2-2012 was a good read with 33,000 views.

    Most of the ones with predictions were 2-3 years early.  I think 2016 might produce some accuracy in those predictions IMO

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