In his latest update, Greg Mannarino discusses the fundamentals and outlook for the dollar, the euro, the pound, and the Canadian and Australian dollars.
Mannarino examines the dollar’s current head and shoulders chart formation, precisely as the dollar touches long term resistance.  He states that resistance will fail, the dollar will roll-over, and soon re-test it’s lows as the long term down-trend resumes.
The former Bear Stearns trader states that BY FAR the most ugly currency is the US dollar, the bad is the Euro, and the good are the Australian and Canadian dollars which are in long-term uptrends.

Mannarino states you MUST GET OUT OF THE DOLLAR, and GET OUT OF IT NOW!  The dollar is losing it’s reserve currency status, and there are ZERO FUNDAMENTAL REASONS for the dollar to recover!
The Fed will continue to attack the dollar because the END GAME IS HERE!  IT’S OVER!

Mannarino closes by saying the window of opportunity to protect yourself with gold and silver is closing rapidly, and that Americans must not allow themselves to be absolutely destroyed by holding a dying currency.

  1. …that is why it is IMPERATIVE that one also holds food, water, guns, ammo, and medications in sufficient supply (many months worth) to attempt to weather the oncoming “storm”!  And for the non-believers, IF we PM preppers are right, then you have gained much, IF we are wrong, you still are ahead of the curve.  Keep stacking!

    • Exactly right, Silverrrrr.  At the very worst, we stackers WILL keep up with Fed-induced inflation.  At best?  Who knows.  All depends on just how worthless they want the dollar to become.  🙁

  2. USA will first start WWIII before capitulating the petrol dollar. Attacking a country who’s not attacked anyone in over 2 centuries.
    Don’t expect the USD to just inflate away under our eyes. Every dollar will be bullet shaped as it’s created out of thin air. Created to hit.

  3. It’s probably wise to keep a little spare cash on hand for the day to day items we all need.  That said, however, do not keep more than you are willing to lose.  I keep a few thou on hand for that time period between the onset of bank holidays and such when paper money will still be accepted in most places.  Any more than that should be invested in REAL things, as MaryB suggests.

  4. Even if the US dollar collapse doesn’t happen, at least those who bought physical PMs will have their purchasing power protected against inflation. The Canadian dollar will also collapse one day since inflation is destroying it and Canada doesn’t have any gold reserve to protect its currency.

  5. I have often wondered if websites and places for individuals with like interests to exchange ideas like SilverDoctors has become a reservoir of information for agents of control to learn where we live, what we do, what we have, and how to get it? With GPS built into almost every electronic devise made, everyone now can be monitored. Makes me question who is actually on this website and what are they after?

    • That’s what I though about a long time ago but I didn’t pay much attention to it. If SHTF and the police are knocking on my door to get my PMs, I’ll tell them that I sold all of my PMs to buy the latest gadgets, fashions and when their prices went high since I gained profit in terms of dollars.

    • East Germany and the USSR had very advanced technologies available to them as well and in the end it could not change their fate.  It won’t stop the technocrats from believing that they are one step away from dominance but in the end it won’t matter.  Like many have said as well, there’s just not enough real wealth possesed by the common sheep for them to even bother with it.  All they have to do is hack their accounts and blame it on the Iranians…

  6. I’m in Canada and maybe our dollar is “good” relatively speaking but who cares?  All of these currencies are losing and will lose their purchasing power against gold.

    All of these western nations have bought into the get-something-for-nothing welfare state idea.  All of these western nation’s governments are in bed with the Goldman Sucks gang.  All of these western nations are openly commited to perpetual inflation.  All of these western nations have condemned Wikileaks.  All of these western nations ignored their own citizen’s objections to the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions.  All of these western nations will purchase US Treasuries if their currencies start to spike.  All of these western nations will fail.

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