, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dow Jones & Company ran a commentary piece yesterday by Paul Farrell entitled, “Big Banks Conspiracy is destroying America.”   It reads as if Mr. Farrell and popular “alternative” newsletter writer Jim Willie swapped bodies.
Last month, discussed the significance of some US Congressional representatives taking a more proactive regulatory stand in the context of investment banks manipulating commodities markets (not precious metals – but still).  JP Morgan didn’t exit their profitable physical commodities business lines because they wanted to.  Voices critical of the banking oligarchy are on the rise, and JP Morgan’s decision was taken within this context.  It was, as argued, a calculated political decision taken as a cost of doing business.
Perhaps the level of corruption and financial system rot has reached the point where the establishment must employ a “limited hangout” strategy, shining the light of truth from time to time just to keep the ponzi going.  Regardless, it’s noteworthy that the mainstream discussion is moving into realms once thought to be the land of tin foil hat nutteryIt’s about time.
Click here for more from TND on the MSM finally acknowledging the existence of a cartel banking oligarchy:

    • When the day comes that the guard comes in and then joins with the militia, it will be all over but the shouting.  It will be just like the scene in the movie Braveheart when the Scots and the Irish charge each other on the field of battle, only to end up joining forces.  🙂

  1. Somebody needs to school Market Watch’s Paul Farrell on the definitions of capitalism and corporatism and the distinction between the two…
    …because, when he doesn’t get these definitions straight, you can read his article and come away with the MSM meme against capitalism firmly reinforced in your head from his improper use of language.  Oh, wait, maybe that’s his intention….

    • Seems pretty clear that he’s making an argument against the current state of crony capitalism while not arguing for corporatism.  I’d like to see what you’re talking about.  Can you point to a specific sentence as an example?  Thanks.

    • If he had used the term “crony capitalism” just as you did, I’d have little problem with what he said.  However, he does NOT use “crony” in front of “capitalism” anywhere in his article that I saw. Do a word search of his article and you will return zero instances of “crony” and zero instances of “corporatism.”  Therefore his message will be interpreted by the less discerning reader as an attack on capitalism.
      You wrote: “…he’s making an argument against the current state of crony capitalism”  but by using the word capitalism without crony in front of it, your sentence would read, “…he’s making an argument against the current state of capitalism”  to which I would have to ask, “WHAT Capitalism??  We haven’t seen true and pure capitalism in the United States since at least back as far as the implementation of central banking.
      For example, he writes, “…Today every bank in the world is a Goldman wannabe. That’s capitalism at its peak.”  Really?  Capitalism at it’s PEAK???  REALLY?  Since WHEN has Goldman Sachs EVER operated as a pure capitalist entity?
      He goes on to say, “…Your world really is dominated by this amazing new innovation emerging from capitalism — a bizarre conspiracy of Big Banks, maybe a hundred Goldman wannabes. These new Big Bank capitalists are rewriting the history of the world.”
      So, an amazing new innovation called a ‘bizarre conspiracy of Big Banks” has resulted from capitalism?  Really?  And then, after asserting a conspiracy of the “Big Banks” he goes on to call them “Big Bank Capitalists!”  By the time he’s done, you could be forgiven for thinking that capitalism was the cause and source of the bizarre conspiracy of Big Banks!  Funny… you’d think that capitalism would be the antithesis of conspiracy….
      So… I reassert then, that Paul Farrell has, in fact, really falsely indicted capitalism of consequences that would never occur in a true capitalist market system.  Further, he has either done this out of journalistic ignorance… or as an example of deliberate capitalist-system bashing, so prevalent in the NWO Globalist agenda of oligarchic fascism and serfdom of the masses. I regard this article as a slick globalist hit-piece against capitalism, even as it’s nice that he skewers the Goldmans and the Goldman wannabes, demonstrating their behavior and actions that would have rendered them historical footnotes in a true capitalist, free financial market arena.

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