smash popEric Sprott of Sprott Asset Management predicts, “The price of gold and silver will both hit new highs in 2014. The price of gold goes north of $2,000, and silver will quickly go over $50. When it does, it will get a little crazy.” Sprott says,
They know a day of reckoning is coming, and they are setting up for it. . . . I am convinced some sovereign banking systems fail in 2014.
Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with $8 billion money manager Eric Sprott.

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    • Has to be US dollars, Woolly.  I was offered a quadrillion Zimbabwe dollars at a gun show in exchange for one ASE.  While that’s not the official rate, it was what could be had in the open market.  No, I was not tempted, although it would be cool to have 1 or 2 of those $100T Zimbabwe banknotes just to show people what REAL inflation looks like up close.  😉

    • @Ed_B , I have some 5,000 and 10,000 Ruble notes as a reminder of what can happen with inflation.  Will post photos of them here sometime.  And those stories about people’s life-savings suddenly only being able to purchase a sack of potatoes – they are indeed true!
      Food for thought…

    • I love to watch Greg and Eric interviews. HOWEVER:::::
      Everything about this interview hints that it was done months ago. What’s up with that Greg? Dont you have anything new?

    • @Mammoth
      “I have some 5,000 and 10,000 Ruble notes as a reminder of what can happen with inflation.  Will post photos of them here sometime.”
      That would be very cool, Woolly, so please do post those.
      “And those stories about people’s life-savings suddenly only being able to purchase a sack of potatoes – they are indeed true!”
      One of the personality features that I have is that I can learn from the experience of others.  If they say, “Don’t touch that stove, it’s HOT!”, I am ready to believe them without sticking my finger on it.  I have both a brother and a sister who cannot do this and who MUST touch the stove, every time.  
      Yes, I can well believe that when currencies die, everyone who thought that they had some personal wealth must be VERY surprised to discover that they do not.  I think that most people understand this, they just cannot believe that it could ever happen in their country with their currency.  We all look more at the currency we have and less at what it will buy than we should.  It does no good to have a million dollars if that is the price of a loaf of bread or a sack of spuds.  All I can say now, is that having a million dollars is better than not having a million dollars.  For now, it is still a respectable amount of money.  It’s not what it once was but then, neither am I!  😉

    • I have a 1,000 rupiah(Indonesia) note on my fridge, worth 0.0824137 USD right now. Reminder to friends that money can become worthless. Most again do not believe it until I show them the value on the computer.

  1. The emerging market crises and debt ceiling due Feb 28 will make the next month or so very interesting  Stack now.  Remove FIAT from accounts and short or get out of equities.  UST 10 yr has dropped 34 BPS but that could reverse quickly   This is not a time period to be long on anytihing but precious metals.

    • Long the US dollar seems the place to be in this climate, if the Euro has topped out here we could see a strong rally of the US dollar for 2014.  Could PM’s hold up with a strong dollar rally?     Maybe, but holding up would be about it.

  2. No comment on this clip.  I think the opposite. Not how high it is going to go up,  but how low it is going to go?  
    Propaganda events are necessary to steal your money.  Remember, “life is but a stage, we just need to do our part.” Shakespeare.
    Their old system of communication is dying & watching these knuckleheads is not a good form of motivation to do action or not?  Nothingness!

    Having a fear mongering guy with a business man who takes money off of you is not something to watch.  


    Come to think about it, Jesus was killed over over Silver!
    How much Silver?
    What does emerging markets have to do with Dark Ages to form the Renaissance?
    Eric Sprot is a troll

  3. This video was posted on youtube on Dec 22.  Is it just being posted now as a sales pitch?  Eric Sprott talks his book.  Big deal.  I have never seen a video in which Eric did not shout from the rooftops how high gold was going.  It just isn’t going to happen.  One day, given the fullness of time, Eric will be right and everyone will sing his praises.  Thanx Eric.

  4. It’s pretty clear that the horsesh1t manipulation across all markets will continue until they fail. In that aspect he’s nothing but right.
    The desperation has been reeking for years and getting worse so, as per usual, I only hope and pray the collapse comes ASAP. It is baked into the cake already, and can’t not happen so bring it the fukk on already.

  5. The facts are that the manipulators(bankers) have a firm grip on the gold market.  The strategy is capping.  Fact is they have the upper hand right now.  Articles or video’s that shout out 2000 dollar gold seem pretty stupid for the moment.  When or if conditions change IE, manipulators strategy changes for whatever reason, then and only then will talk of higher prices have any real meaning.  The strategy could very well change to managed ascent.  Gold could be allowed to rise slowly.  Until then, don’t expect anything except more of the same.  Now, if the fundamentals change, whereby manipulation must cease then its game on.  I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.  But, no one knows the future.

    • Manipulation will end when those sponsoring it can no longer supply the gold to keep it going.  While this is approaching, no one knows when it will arrive.  In historical terms, it can’t be all that far off.  In months or years, though, it is impossible to say.  I think that this is so because the manipulators are the people setting the gold prices.  If they run out of gold, they will no longer be in any position to set the price because prices are set by those who HAVE the item(s) in question.  With their massive gold hoard, it will be the Chinese and perhaps also the Russians who set the gold prices in the future when the Western bank vaults are bare.  It is reasonable to assume that their idea of a fair price will be MUCH higher than what these market-manipulating Western banksters think is fair.

  6. Ranger  I only Long Johns when the temp hits 10 degrees above zero. Otherwise its ‘shorts’ and t shirt weather.  Today is a nice comfortable 21 degrees in the mountains.  No sense in wearing out perfectly good clothes when the temp is mild  Cheers

  7. Bloody Hell Doc this video is over a months old and old news. Right now prices are getting smacked, lets talk about why and what is going to happen if ever with the spot price and not predicting and guessing. Lol Give Me a break and forget about the spot price and concentrate on the economy and world affairs because they stink. The Shit is getting ready to start so Keep Stacking.
    By the way I just loaded up on more Toilet Paper and Soap, No Shit and No Pun Intended. LMAO

    • Lol, Charlie.  Stack on, MacDuff!
      Currently, the spot price for gold is around $1250 but the SPROTT price is more like $2500!  😉

  8. I thought some Chinese fund was supposed to go tits up today.  All gurus and media were all over this at least a week ago.  How come there isn’t a single fart uttered about this non-event now?
    PS: someone asked why Volkssturm?  simply because they had no chance and they were drafted against their will while they were weak of age and some too young to die.  In effect, we all are Volkssturms, as we are trying to fight the system.

  9. I was off the blogs most of yesterday and started reading some Kransler, Paul Roberts and McLeod.  It seems that the Fed has done incalculable damage to the economies of most of the world’s countries.  Even Zimbabwe is going to the Yuan.  If this continues the Fed will be forced to buy all new debt and most of the refi debt despite the fact that even today we are a better currency safe haven than most countries
    If enough countries say NO MAS, the Fed will become the Worm FIATOuroboros.  It eats itself and dies after consuming that last bite. 
    The rest of the world with embrace gold and silver.  Their teeth will be Aurium
    PS If January is any indication of how the stock markets will go in 2014, this will be a lulu Equities down 3.5-5.0% inone month
    Gold shifting to China is running at an annualized rate of about 4,200 tons in 2014. Something is likely to break

  10. You have till mid year to stack , the train will start rolling by year end,  QE will be cranked by fall of this year this will signal the end of the dollar internationally, markets will be hit hard this fall this the catalyst for massive QE
    get your paper exchanged while you still can

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