• I wouldn’t know,
      your guess is as good as mine. If I had to guess, I’d say there are many factors to how one sleeps.
      On the one hand, he is a billionaire, meaning he can buy any of this world’s goods and services he desires.
      But seeing as the highest suicide rate is among the rich, and seeing as Rockefeller was a depressed lonely man, I wouldn’t make riches the criteria.
      What else, well, all this talk about Sarin nerve gas being ready to be used in Syria with Iran aiming nasty weapons at its enemies and this stuff being transfered to terrorists makes many people lose sleep.
      What else, well, people lose sleep over family problems, over health problems, over business dealings that go wrong, over their inside knowledge of the coming troubles of this earth.
      So, maybe he sleeps well, maybe he doesn’t.
      I’ll say this, as it has been said, there is no better pillow than a clear conscience. All those who trust in Christ as their personal Redeemer have a clean slate, eternal life and no matter what economic/natural disaster/chem-bio-nuke-radiological issue they face, they’re guaranteed eternal Joy with God.
      I noticed an interesting graphic you posted, a New Age-type meditation “inner peace” ad “balance” kind of semi-psychedelic photo… I guarantee you that the New Age will never give you satisfaction, “spirit guides” will always mislead you (they’re really cloaked demons), and that the New Age will lead one to eternal separation from God in Hell. No inner peace there. My mother was saved out of years of deep  involvement in the New Age, and she is now in Heaven with Christ her Saviour. Those meditations she did, those spirit guides she contacted… all of that stuff was demonic, as she found out the hard way when she left it all and became a follower of Jesus. I won’t tell you about the attacks she faced, but if you knew her and the career positions she had through her life, she was no crazy. They don’t hire crazies to do the jobs she did. But she experienced real nasty demonic attacks when she trusted Jesus and left the occult and New Age.
      Jesus won though, and those attacks ceased, and she lead her young boy to the Lord!!!
      And here he is, telling you about how inner peace and good sleep can only come from a close personal walk with Jesus and a clean conscience before God.

  1. I am continually amazed at how often Mr. Sprott is quoted here as the guru of precious metals investing.  No doubt he had a phenominal run from 2000-2006 or so, but has anyone checked his latest 5 yr. results?  Silver and gold (his self proclaimed investments of the last and current decades) have approximately doubled over the last 5 yrs.  Mr. Sprott has delivered -4% ( yes minus four) annualized returns over that period in his hedge funds. How do you underperform your own investment of the decade by 15-20% a year over a 5 yr period and still be considered such an unquestioned expert?
     Investors lost approximately 50% over a ten month period from Sept 2011- June 2012.  No one seems to ask him how that felt for his investors.  I have learned a very painful lesson as to the wisdom of physical.

  2. quote ” Why has the yellow metal been trading sideways for the past year and a half as the S&P 500 has gained a very respectable 25 percent? ”

    Maybe because one is manipulated and the other is part of the grand scheme of things ( stocks must go higher for this to work in their favor ) Need we say more about what happens when this all unravels.

    • In order to understand why the S&P 500 is up 25% (?), one need only ask by how much has the money supply expanded.  The stock market is also heavily manipulated via printing money that always raises the prices of REAL assets… gold included, although it has additional manipulation issues.

    • Maybe the US dollar supply also went up and the more physical golds have been discovered to there are more gold supplies in the markets but I don’t think that’s the case because physical gold is bought very fast on the markets these days.

  3. Sprott is a stalwart of liberty and economic freedom. He is 10 times the radical of any ”Occupy Wall St.” type or lefty Poly-Sci Professor.

    Jamie Dimon, Obama, CFTC Commisioners Jill Sommers, Scott OMalia, Bart Chilton, Mark Wetjen, Chairman Gensler, and all their despicable ilk, are his and our opponents. They are the Quislings, the Vichy French, the Toyko Rose, the weasel informers, the Uncle Toms of history. They curl up to fat cat bankers, do their dirty work for their doggy-bones, and are the enemies of freedom loving, fair minded individuals everywhere.

    God Bless and keep you, Eric Sprott. 

  4. Actually Gold and Silver will always be “sideways.” Or to put it clearer, they will always stay in one place. They never lose their Value. It is the currencies that change or the perceived faith in currencies brought to buy these metals that changes. I say Death to the Empire! (but everything else I want to buy will go up as well.) I just wish wage inflation could work. But the perceived value of a Human’s contribution and creativity has been slammed to the ground.

    • The value can change due to a number of reasons. If raritiy or demand change. Aluminum once was quite expensive because of the difficulty of extracting it from the ore. Today it’s cheap relitive to other metals. Those changes are reflected in the currency price.

    • Actually, silver will gain more values and purchasing power because it is more undervalued compare to its historical prices. Silver has no monetary demand for the moment which is why it is not worth much compare to before. That’s one of the reason why we all stack physical silver instead of physical gold.

  5. I’ve definitely got a crush on Lauren Lyster. She’s intelligent, witty and conducts really good interviews. Not to mention that she’s not bad looking in the least. That said, I like listening to Sprott. He understands the fundamentals of silver better than most. I’ve learned a lot by listening to this guy. 

  6. Silver gains more than gold in terms of its percentage gains compare to their prices. For example since 2003, gold price performance is 17.6% on average in US dollar and 12.5% on average in Canadian dollar while silver price performance is 24% on average in US dollar and 17.9% on average in Canadian dollar.

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