Eric Sprott sat down with TrimTab’s Carles Biderman for a MUST LISTEN interview discussing paper vs. physical gold.
When asked what would change his focus on investing in hard assets, Sprott replied if we ‘come to our financial senses‘.

At this point, if the US were to come to our financial senses, the entire ponzi would self detonate over night.

Full interview below:

  1. For full disclosure I owe PSLV, Sprotts’  silver ETF.  This is done for the purpose of parking some cash temporarily before I exit the paper market fully.  If there was one person I trust who actually has the metal on hand it’s Eric Sprott. His holdings are in Canada, which makes these holding somewhat safer and farther from the grasping fingers of our Federal government.

     That said, he makes very good points about the GLD and SLV.  As schemes to string along investors while the administrators lease out the gold and silver,  these two funds are managed by two of the most criminal enterprises in human history;  HSBC and JPM. 

  2. The GLD and SLV are just houses of cards that to this point haven’t been shakin much… When people wake up and see the light it will not take much at all to topple the whole thing… They are already reporting on MSM that interest in these “investments” are down… Not 100% sure if thats actually the case but it appears to be true by some of what we’ve seen…

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