ObamaIn a letter dated March 4th 2013 written to Senator Rand Paul, Attorney General Eric Holder officially confirmed that the Obama administration will murder uncharged US citizens within the US via aerial drone strike if necessary to protect the homeland.

The USA is now officially the USSA.

Holder’s official full letter to Senator Paul is below:

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On Wednesday, testifying before a Senate panel on the above letter to Rand Paul, Holder was prodded repeatedly about this assertion by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). Holder eventually admitted that it would not be constitutional to execute an American citizen without due process.


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  1. We’re fucked!  Plain and simple.  If you readers out there haven’t seen it, or believed it previously, then this document indicates that should Obama feel the need to bomb  your home, office, whatever other building as appropriate, you can rest assured that he will do so without so much as a scintilla of pause.  I repeat, we’re fucked.  Welcome to the USSofA.

  2. If you folks don’t take to the streets, you kind of deserve this. Only in America is the saying. which other country would take such shiiit from their government? Only the worst of doctatorships.

  3. The way I read and heard it, Holder did Not answer the question directly, In fact the simple fact that he did not answer the question of constitutionality, IS his answer. The answer is YES,,,,,if I feel like it and can somehow justify it or skirt the issue if anybody asks about it after the fact.
    Relieved to be Canadian, but DAMN we live right next door to this lunacy. guess we should we start building a wall of our own.
    It will be really interesting to see just what it takes for the US citizenry to put an end to this shit.  Land of the sheep….home of the slave.
    Present company excluded

    • “Present company excluded”
      We’d better be!  lol
      Besides… if you really need a wall built, ask for American volunteers to come and help do it.  You might be surprised at how many of us would JUMP at the chance to live in Canada.  Very few of us like the ugly turn that the current regime in power in the US is taking.  Using assassination as a viable political tool is a very hot potato and not anything that anyone should take lightly.  The saying, “What goes around, comes around” comes to mind.  These people need to beware what they start, because someone else might very well finish it for them.  That would be awful, of course, but it would also be understandable.

    • @Crazy-Canuck I’m also glad to live in Canada. But, he have Harper as our prime minister and the worst part is that he got reelected again! If the USA becomes a tyrannical country, then I wouldn’t be surprised if the USA either: 1) Invades Canada, 2) Asks Canada to join with him or 3) Asks Canada to destroy its citizens just like the Americans. I wouldn’t be surprised because Harper is our prime minister and he gets influenced by the Americans very easily.

  4. It used to be that only Santa Claus had a list saying if you’d been naughty or nice.  Now this.
    Did anyone actually think that after killing thousands of people with drones ‘over there’, including hundreds of innocents; children, women and families, that this  gruesome  bloodthirsy pack of murdering neo-Stalinist war criminals would not turn these WMDs on us? Anyone so ignorant as to think this government has our best intentions in mind is a brain damaged fuc**** moron.
    This crew makes the Clintons look like girl scouts.
      No military ever built a weapon without the plan, means and will to use it. Weapons of war are always pointed in two directions. Outwards and inwards.  Inwards just in case the locals get restive and decide to protest the actions of a criminally insane government. In the minds of these apparachiks and intellectuals ” The Enemy” can always found at each pole. The military and internal police will use these weapons on us.  The excuses to kill us will always be provided at a convenient distance from the carnage.
    If I was a person of color; black, brown or red, I would NEVER let this government disarm me. This country has a 230 year history of destroying thos folks.
     The American people are the only ones who can stop these psychopaths.  Included in this list are  Obama, Holder, Napolitano (She of the $55 million on new uniforms and billions on 2,700 MRAPS, 2 billion ammo rounds and 7,000 full auto weapons).  Who do you think they are gunning for?  Bugs Bunny?  The fu**** Roadrunner.
    I have some news for them  Yosemite Sam and the Tasmanian Devil got these f****** in their gun sights.
    Dimon, Blankfein and Bernanke (2 Jews BTW) financing this death machine!  Incidentally, many of the same people who populated the Germany Nazi heirarchy have their children in power throughout the world.  That can be found with little more than a couple of clicks on Google.
    I do find one bit of humor in all of this.  Holder had to turn himself into a Cirque Del Soleil  Gumby puppet in that most  convoluted statement,  “Only in the ‘most extraordinary’ circumstances and within the Constitutional limits would the US Government use drones against US Citizens with the US Borders”.  Only a hate mongering pimpstick motherf*****ing government lawyer would use so many words to say little more than—“we will kill anyone, anytime, anywhere and without any reason, in the USSA”.  At least people like Al Capone and Lucky Lucciano were honest about it. 
     “F*** with us and we’ll kill you”.  Scarface Al
    But don’t worry, they’re from the government and they’re here to help.
    Don’t Drone Me Bro’?   Yeah right.
    Bring the fight to me and I’ll show you how killing is done you miserable motherfu******
    Damn I really want to do some damage to these bastards.

    Of course, Holder can’t figure out how to prosecute Too Big To Fail Bankers. “They’re too complicated”.
    OMG. You can’t make this up.
     TPTB found a way to handle the Director of Communications at Banca Monti Paschi. He just committed suicide. How convenient was that.

    • You don’t need ammo, you need a rocket shield. Bullets don’t protect you, they draw in fire. Defensive bullets don’t exist. If they come for you, at best you’ll take out a few sons and daughters of the nation, who were as happy to come and get yo as German boys were to come and get jews and collaborants. the ones coming to get you are not the enemy. Shooting them helps no-one, just delays their cause slightly. Better talk to those boys and girls’ parents now. And reservists. And get a rocket shield. They might take your whole block just to get you, and decide, to keep moral among the ranks, to not sacrifice any by or girls in uniforms on your fire.

    • Drone strikes on single combatants in the USA will not be effective, first one will tip many people into the this government has got to go column and it will be to widespread for them to control.

    • Americans preppers should really built an underground bunker containing foods, water, supplies and especially guns and bullets to fight against the Nazi Americans. Americans should be really lucky to still have the right for the ownership of firearms, even when corrupted politicians are in place!

  5. This Military dictatorship by stealth is right on schedule.
    Can’t wait until someone takes out a drone in the USSA, what a happy day that will be.
    When they do a drone strike on that ‘somebody’ in a cafe wherever, THEY will say he was actually orchestrating a terrorist attack on his phone at the time. (Of course they would to justify this kind of shit)
    The ‘collateral damage’ caused (DEAD Law abiding innocent civilians to you and I), will of course be “regrettable but it was for the greater good.”

    • If that rings your bell, just wait until someone hacks a US drone in flight and turns it on the MFers who launched it.

  6. Maybe every neighborhood should collectively buy a patriot rocket installations to install a bit away from inhabited buildings? 
    Darn drones fly so high their impossible to detect, or reach. Need to wait for a missile to be directed at you to start defending yourself. An armed drone above your land is basically an act of war from your gov to your person. It’s got no place to be there. Even with just cams and no arms.

    • What makes me thinking is if you shoot down one of the drones with a second amendment weapon, will the military come at your house, take you away without any trials and then execute you with NDAA just like in Nazi Germany?

  7. The way I see it is that this interpretation gives the executive branch more than the legal power to kill with drones. Once you assert you have the power to kill with drones, why does this not necessarily extend to other forms of killing. Why a specific weapon? If with a drone, why not a gun? If with a drone, why not with a hypodermic needle? This outright extends the power of the U.S. president to kill whomever, whenever, wherever, for whatever.

  8. I have tried to connect as many dots as I can with respect to protecting and preserving my health, freedom and wealth over the last few years. I have spent thousands of hours, which could probably be better spent just enjoying my short existance on this planet, to witness, study and position myself and my loved ones for the downfall that seems inevitable.  
    The one thing I find hard to fathom is WHY there seems to be such a lack of spine, truthfulness, critical thinking and empathy for others when it comes to our elected leaaders. I mean, I understand decorum, political correctness, security concerns, self interest and preservation, normalcy bias, cognitive dissonance and a dozen other human traits that we are all afflicted with.  What I would like to see is SOMEONE  in a position of power, stand up and call them all out on their bullshit and largess. Go ahead, use profanity, use personal character attacks, use your fists, whatever!! If your agument is just, I would stand behind them or rather, beside them   Alan grayson, Ron paul, dennis Kunicz and Nigel farage can’t do it by themselves.

    • The majority of the people are brainwashed so they would believe in more propaganda and will think that the truth is a lie. I personally think that the brainwashed people need to first of all, face the reality which will be when they or one of their relatives gets killed by their leaders the unfair way.

  9. the café that i go to has Judges, lawyers, police officers and gun dealers hanging out there. All preppers. seen least 12 gun purchases done in the two months inside the café. Lots of terrorist inside my café according to Obama. Better send two drones you f*^king awhole !!!!!!!!

  10. The legality of the State to execute a citizen without trial is all ready well established. Law Enforcement Officers carry the gun at the pleasure of the elect. How a citizen is killed whether by a drone or a shot from a pistol is a moot point.
    If a serving member of the Airforce is now to be designated as a Law Enforcement Officer with the rights responsibility’s and duties of the same then the public has the right and obligation to expect Judicial/Congressional oversight and review before during and after any such exercise of lethal force.
    The Army and Airforce are under oath to the Country & Commander in Chief, if in being so held, negates the Constitutional protection that all Citizens ought to enjoy then this in effect creates a Fascist Dictatorship with ONE MAN able to order the death of another without showing cause or circumstance.

    • The drones are unconstitutional! They are against the Sixth and Eighth Amendments but the president doesn’t even care about the Constitution. Your 10 first Amendments are your bill of rights and they are being violated, you need to act now!

  11. More injustice is now served in the land of USSA! But seriously, that’s way too extreme! Imagine you are walking down the street and then all in a sudden,you see a drone shooting out of nowhere and it strikes an old peaceful man in front of everyone. If your kids see this, then how could you explain them about that? One more solid reason to buy firearms in the USA, even if they are illegal.

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