DHS checkpointCheckpoints (some would say illegal checkpoints) have been popping up quite frequently in the new USSA.
As you see in this video, you DO NOT have to comply with their question’s or demands. Don’t forget, (for now at least) you have rights.
  Notice that in each checkpoint refusal, refusing to relinquish your constitutional rights leaves the Federal agents perplexed, agitated, and powerless.

A compilation of MUST WATCH EPIC DHS Checkpoint Refusals are below:



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  1. Just in case, keep a preprinted script in your car in case LEO starts demanding to search your car or your person.  DHS is nothing more than an internal army with all the trappings of the Gestapo and Stasi.  Push back!

  2. These DHS bullies are way out of bounds, and are attempting to soften up the American people, and getting them used to the concept of the police state that is to come soon.
    If you think this is bad, and that things are already bad , you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  3. Well all I can say is, take down all the Immigration Checkpoints in the North and South and leave all the Borders open and let the people in. Mmmmmmmmmmm Yes Freedom is great  BUT fools like this are making a mockery of our Freedoms and our SECURITY. Maybe he’s testing for the Elites ONE WORLD ORDER then he will be able to travel anywhere he wants. Yea Right
    Give me a break, all he had to do was answer one question, Are you an American Citizen but no he has to be a smart ass to show us how smart he is on our bill of rights.
    What the fuck is this country coming too, people are trying to do a job because we are all complaining about the borders not being protected enough and that the guns are being taken away from the guards and we stand up and defend them, then when this asshole comes along you all change your fucken tune, Get a Fucken Grip People boy this thread pisses me off.

    • Yes the people at the DHS are “trying to do a job”, and the job they’ve been given to do is repugnant and unconstitutional.
      But they need money like everyone else, so they go along. Kept like hookers in a hovel.
      Ever hear about the Red and Blue lists, and the death camps that are staffed and ready to rock’n roll ?
      The DHS and other agencies will aid and abet atrocities , that will be committed  against the American people. Coming sooner than you think.

      Recall, in the last US Census, the GPS coordinates of the front door of every house was recorded. That was unconstitutional. The dark forces are getting ready for something. And what they do, will be done with maximum efficiency.

    • I’m with you Marchas.  I have lived in Texas my entire life, and Border Patrol checkpoints have existed for many many years.  And they catch coyotes trying to sneak in illegals all the time.  Several of the clips have obvious gaps.  I don’t believe that Border Patrol agents are that easily bullied.

    • Marchas you are absolutely correct about this article!  Let’s give the border control guys a break and answer their questions!  People who do not like their God given, we the people approved, constitutional authority to secure our borders, are in the same camp of sissy boys who allow and cheer the murder of the same by illegal governments and aliens! If they get out of line and shove that camera down your throat, then we will all have a laugh, at there expense, then complaining about their actions! But based upon what I saw, I am impressed with their restraint! Thank you border patrol you are real Americans!

    • “Give me a break, all he had to do was answer one question, Are you an American Citizen but no he has to be a smart ass to show us how smart he is on our bill of rights.”
      One can only wonder at the stupidity of asking such a question.  For possible answers, we have 3 and only 3 possibilities: 1) the person IS an American citizen and so states; 2) the person is not an American citizen, is not up to no good, and so states; 3) the person is not an American citizen, is up to no good, and LIES about it!  Now, which of these three people are the cops supposedly trying to intercept?  Yes, indeed, #2!  DOH!!  Such are the exercises in utter stupidity that our fearless leaders always trying to implement.
      Fact is, I have been at checkpoints in the US SW and was asked by a state policeman whether or not I was a US citizen. I said that I was but thought that he looked a lot like a Mexican to me.  I kept that thought to myself, however, barely resisting the temptation to say, “Yes, are you?”.  That was it.  No other questions and I went on about my business.  I do not fully understand just what it is that these people or their masters think is being accomplished by even asking this question but the possibility of them receiving a useful answer is about nil.  Perhaps this is one of those deals where when a true miscreant screws the pooch, is caught, goes to trial, and they can add a charge of lying to a police official to the list of other charges?  Maybe.

    • Update:
      Turd wrote:  “Just rec’d this email from my server company:
      “I checked out the server history and it looks like there is a very large
      bandwidth spike at the time the server crashed. Did you do anything today that
      would have caused an increase in traffic? If not, this was likely a DoS of
      some sort directed at your server.”
      Since I was NOT doing anything unusual at the time, I guess we’ll chalk this one up to The Bad Guys.”

  4. I used to spend as much time as possible in the US. I haven’t been to the United police states in 5 years now and will not take my family there period. Sad, I love the people of the US, but the administration and erosion of freedom is too much for me to travel through. We aren’t perfect here, but I don’t deal with a TSA here.

    • I can relate to your position CDL.  As a US citizen, I feel much the same about Canada.  The people are almost always very warm, friendly, and welcoming but their government absolutely blows chunks when anything to do with firearms comes up.  Traveling through Canada on our way to Alaska to do some hunting is a gigantic PITA.  They are somewhat tolerant of shotguns but pull out a rifle or (GASP!) a handgun and they go apes**t.  I once looked up the procedures that have to be followed in order to get a rifle through Canada and into Alaska by car.  After reading for 40 minutes, I decided that I would either fly and face those problems, forget the whole idea, or hire a Canadian lawyer to shovel the BS for me.  Forgetting the whole thing won out in the end.  :-/
       Agree 100% on the Thugs Standing Around. My wife and I refuse to tolerate their BS, so do not fly any more, even though we can easily afford to do so.

  5. Second time poster….
    I am one of these guys and you’re not getting the whole picture by this post.  You want protection from anything illegal entering the US but don’t want open borders, it doesn’t make any sense.  These are normal people doing  a tough job, understand the difficulties they face and give them a bit of respect.  I can appreciate privacy and security and dislike body groping as much as everyone else…but you have absolutely no idea what evil, nasty, brutal things are coming across our border.  Just do a little dd on the cartels and you may change your mind.
    Could things be better, is the constitution under attack, are our rights in question…yes.  But this guy is an idiot and it’s not the way towards making anything better.
    Flame away, my .02

    • These checkpoints are NOT at the border, many are between states and 100 miles inland from it. They set one up on I90 south of me in MN last year. I refused to cooperate too.

    • 25 miles straight line from the border, that’s the law. DOn’t know your exact circumstances but ask you to think beyond the post. What do you expect out of border security and what is reasonable of you to obtain it? It is not black and white or nobody/nothing would move. Think about it people…….

      These people are looking for the obvious criminals…not the soccer mom. Tell them you are a USC and you’re on your way. What is so difficult about that??

      DOC, this post is crap and better on youtube or Jerry Springer. It doesn’t represent the purpose or spirit of border protection and propagates misinformation and anger towards border patrol. Sure the guy in the video has his rights but he negates anything positive that the BP is trying to do. It’s more complex than the video bite we are seeing.

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