BIG MONEY is scooping up gold, and it’s not just about North Korea…

Egon von Greyerz on Greg Hunter:

North Korea was the catalyst, but the catalyst is just the tipping point. BIG MONEY is moving to gold for more than just geo-political tension. Egon spells it all out in this timely, must hear interview.


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  1. Interesting character Egon von Greyerz.   In my book a guy who knows his subject.

    Egon has a product to sell though so he’s obviously biased (like we all are here).   Unfortunately for many it starts at a minimum of $250,000.

    I would hazard a guess that there aren’t too may of us here who could or would take advantage of his offer.

  2. You are right!  I also note that he is careful when choosing his words.  He does not want to be caught making stupid predictions like so many in the past.  It ends when it ends period, keep stacking it till u cannot anymore.

    If things cool down in the Korean theater a good ol pm smash will probably occur and the stawk market may explode vertically.  If not? SD fans will have their day in the sun.

    I lived 5 klicks from DMZ for 16 months.  That place is a shit hole.  Even the air smells like shit.  Those people live in constant ” Heads Up Mode”  its totally military from ass to appetite.


    There is no integrity in money if bankers are simply printed with nothing backing it. When asset holders, I mean real hard assets like properties, commodities and not money based assets like bonds, realised that bankers can print any amount of money to buy their assets, they will not sell at any price ie hyperinflation. The debt based economy is to suck people into using their assets as collateral and when recession happens, the debtors go bankrupt and lose their collateral to bankers but if the bankers are not allowed to go bankrupt, the banks will own everything as they can get any amount of free printed money to buy everything. So bail out of banks will cause money to lose integrity and the bankers will own everything if allowed to perpetuate unless people refuse to go into debt. People are now looking for alternative assets like cryto and precious metals to protect themselves against the loss in value of money.

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