worst-is-yet-to-comeDoug Casey joins the Prepper Recon to talk about the other side of the financial hurricane. He compares our present situation to being in the eye of the hurricane which is notorious for a false sense of calm.
Casey explains how the excessive amount of US dollars will cause the side of the hurricane to be much more destructive than what we saw in 2008.
In Doug Casey’s words: “The worst is yet to come!

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  1. Argentina here I come, Steaks and Chips for me. Yea right, the Gringos are going to be the first to get bumped off no matter how much Fiat they have.  South Americans are going to be one pissed of people because of the Dollar. Lol Keep Stacking

    • @Marchas45
      You got that right, Charlie.  In bad times, people very quickly form into “us” and “them” groups with the “us” group deciding who is in which group.  Most Americans are too light skinned and too poor in their Spanish language skills to be anything but one of “them”.  Only possible exception might be someone with a South American spouse.  Things may be fine for Mr. Casey now but times are relatively good compared to what they will become once the SHTF.
      Same goes for those who want to run off and live on an island.  That’s probably the worst place to be, though.  Most islands are not self-sustaining and need to import a lot of things to make life comfortable and even possible.  When the SHTF, transportation is one of the 1st things to suffer.  Things could get bad here in the US but it is likely that they will be even worse in many other places.

  2. Hey Charlie   The Argies can’t get toilet paper and they can’t get news paper.  So reading and no wiping.  Everything is going to s***
    Argentina and Venezuela are good examples of what happens when you screw the pooch with debt and FIAT   But you knew that.
    Good see you back from your short hiatus

    • @AGXIIK

      Both of those countries should be models of success but are not.  The natural resources they have should make them wealthy.  Unfortunately for them, they have decided to follow the recognized and proved failure of socialism.  Once a country takes that poison pill, nothing can save them from ruin.

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