burning-mic-fireGolden Jackass Jim Willie Is Back, and He’s EN FUEGO…


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Jim Willie Joins Us For An Explosive Interview, Discussing:

The Italian banking system is on its last leg ►3:07
The media’s lies about Trump ►17:07
Will the Fed sabotage the Trump administration? ►27:53

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  1. Pray for Trump, like we did on election night. He’s taking on all the power in the world. Pray he survives their schemes, his own corruption, or an assassins bullet. He wont make it without our prayers.

    “the One in you is greater than the one in the world”

    God bless Donald Trump

    • Amen to that @Strannick.  I well remember the days back in the 1950s and 1960s when a great many Americans prayed for our national leaders, that they might have the strength, courage, and wisdom to do what was right for our nation so that all Americans and others around the world might benefit.  Individuals, churches, and organizations would have prayer breakfasts, lunches, and dinners wherein a highly skilled pastor or minister of some sort would lead a prayer that was non-denominational and geared strictly toward helping our leaders with their very difficult and complex jobs.  Them avoiding the temptation of corruption was also a major part of this subject.  I believe in the power of prayer.  I believe that all prayers are heard in Heaven but those given for the benefit of others are especially precious.  I have seen it work.  Prayer is not a guarantee of success but it surely doesn’t hurt and it also doesn’t cost us anything but a couple of minutes of our time.  It’s surely worth at least that.


  2. Pray for Trumpo?

    Charity starts at home methinks. Watching Jimbo and the rest of the crew “Hump the Trump” for the past year has been an amusing spectacle. But the fun times are going to wear thin – might soon.

    Once the reality of RULE BY GOLDMAN SACKS sets in, penetrating the noggins of even the hardest of the hardened coconuts like Jim, all bets – and all golden narratives – are off.

    Meanwhile though, sit back and watch as the expat stat man twists and contorts himself into pretzel shape in trying to make the previous 5 years of failed predictions make any kind of sense at all in the face of the obvious head fake against the metals which Trumps victory was always designed to ensure.

    Roadkill piling up on all sides as the dupes who bought into this latest and greatest psyop watch their wealth head south just at the time the promised land had been predicted by all those “hexperts” who have led metalholders right across the River Styx over and over agains!

    A tiny few – who read the tea leaves well, and prepared for this fakeout phase – will be all that’s left of the mighty hordes of army ant-like stackers who munched a bunch of mulch spewed by false friends, and then realised too late in the day who had double-crossed them in pursuit of MOAR fiat profits!

    • So, I guess what you are saying is that GOLD and SILVER are dead?  Silver back at $6 and gold back at $200.  Guess that will pretty much shut down this site, and a whole bunch of others.  I do feel badly for anyone and everyone that has purchased PM’s over the past 5 years.  Cooper says, your wealth is gone, the fiat is strong.  Is everyone in agreement with ‘cooper’?

    • Cooper: Trump may or may not be “the Deliverer of the Republic” but he is a long stretch better than his opponent. She is a globalist agent and Rothschild-Brookings Institution front woman. The mere fact of the corporate lying media’s fear, loathing and smears against Trump single him out as an opponent of the War and destruction-of-US-sovereignty crowd.

      Also, I remember well gold at 255 and silver at 4 back around 2000. Current prices are not so bad when seen from that perspective.

    • Agreed @Captain John Smith


      In all this that is and will be happening soon, I do wish that we could get past 2 things that seem to be impediments to progress.  The 1st of these is complaining about things that have yet to happen.  The 2nd is worrying that Trump won’t do EVERYTHING that he promised.  No politician has or can do that.  It’s just not possible.  BUT… if Trump can do half of the things he’s promised, he will be one of, if not THE, most successful presidents in US history.  Just remember, folks… no one is perfect and no one can deliver everything that they want to deliver.  Many people will be involved in all this… 535 members of congress, the Federal Courts and Supreme Court, the bureaucrats, state governors, and all the leftists who will continue to snipe, whine, cry, and complain about Hellery not winning the election.  Many of these are in the so-called main stream media and they will apply every possible unfavorable connotation to anything that Trump does or says.  In fact, we likely can count on them manufacturing some of this if there is insufficient opportunity, as they see it, for political revenge.  All of these will complicate many issues.  For the present, however, it would behoove us all to simply wait, watch, and see what happens before we start complaining about it.

      Back in the days when Spiro T. Agnew was the US VP under Richard Nixon, he or one of his speech writers coined a phrase that has stuck with me ever since.  He referred to the press as “the nattering nabobs of negativism”.  Now, was that a pretty much spot-on characterization or what?  Let us not be like them.


    • “So, I guess what you are saying is that GOLD and SILVER are dead?”

      Err, how bout you guess again?

      Gold and silver are -potentially- the only way out of the maze POTENTIALLY. For 18 out of 20, that’s all it is ever going to be now. They’re roadkill – every bit as much as the saps who never ever bought in at all.

      That leaves the tiny few who stopped listening to the hexperts, cheerleaders, and gatekeepers long enough ago to have kept their wits and the ability to make their own calls.

      Don’t like those odds? Tuffer where dere’s none.

      Does everyone agree with Cooper? lol!

      Gold n silver aren’t dead. Just the fools who drank the koolaid are.

  3. The Monte Dei Peschi bank will shred thier balance sheets to reconstitute the Liabilities into Assets.

    Its all accounting magic, lots of smoke and mirrors will be used to create perceived value.

    This ought to be real entertainment in the making!

  4. Looks like Soros and his co-conspirators will not accept the prospect of peace with Russia. Russia must be broken and pillaged, for paying off its Rothchild debt and revealing that there is another way contrary to Central Bank slavery.

    Now the CIA is trying to implicate Russia to invalidate Trumps election. When Wall Street, Washington and the Legacy Lame Stream Media all oppose Trump, that makes him the default good guy. Like Judge Judy said, everyone’s been spying on everyone and everyone knows it. Soros’ natnional destabilization programs are news? Now Soros’ color revolution apparently comes to America, as Soros dog on a leash Hillary, is parading around like his poodle in a purple pant suit.

    • @Strannick


      There is an ancient quote, the author of which I don’t recall, that went something like, “We can tell the worth of a man by the company he keeps as friends but most especially by whom he has for enemies”.  Seen in these terms, Trump definitely seems to be doing well so far.  Hopefully, it will continue to be so.


  5. The world right now is somewhere between insanity, panic and sanity.   The first two are that which is afflicting the globalist/NWO/oligarchic cabal who just saw their best chance to tighten controls over the entire world go Tango Uniform    Like Alex Jones says,  if America goes down the world goes down.  I am not sure what Trump will be once he gets into office.

    It appears his cabinet is comprised of Goldman Sachs, generals and gadzillionaires (Thanks ZH)

    Whadya think we’re gonna get here?

    Reformed Vampire squids, plowshare crafting generals and gentle gadzillionaires.

    I sure hope so because the people coming on board would scare the crap out of me if it was anyone but Trump inviting them.

    And what’s with the East West precious metals price spread  Gold $34 and silver $1.64  That is extremely wide for gold and really wide for silver.

    PS  Monty De Joe Pesci Fishy bank needs $1,000,000,000 in  recapitalization money to avoid nationalization   Any one taking bets this POS will go antipasto within a week?

    And another thing.  Think your pension is safe?

    The Dallas cop/fireman pension plan just gated any early retirement cash outs as of last thursday. After losing $1 billion plus and $600,000,000 was withdrawn in cash by people taking early retirement, some using DROP then exiting with $1,000,000 or more, the bleed was $600,000,000 before the management shut the doors on the last $150,000,000 in early payouts.

    Between frigging incompetent investment advisors, quizling  pension plan managers and a totally inept city council that allowed over half a billion to get withdrawn within 5 months,  this POS pension plan will go bankrupt if it doesn’t get a $1,000,000,000 bailout by the City of Dallas.

    That will be forced on the tax payers of Dallas and would bankrupt the city.

    What a clusterbungle

    Like Mr T said   “I pity da fools.”


  6. The Fed will raise interest rates on Wednesday…the only major Central Bank to be doing so in the World right…including forward guidance i might add.


    Real interest rates have soared as well…meaning a great time to be a Money Market Fund.


    All the debt that will be used to “pay for everything” could become very expensive as everyone runs out of dollars suddenly…again.


    • Looks like silver is showing its industrial metal strength today, saying hello zinc and lead, goodbye gold as the yen and yuan continue to fall in relation to USD. Should be especially good for lead zinc miners domiciled in the US, like Hecla.

  7. Listening to Willie’s commentary of Italy, he hit on something that needs further expansion. As Italians look eastward they see the first salvo in the Cyprus apocalypse with its gating of ATMs and 60% confiscation of accounts with balances over $100,000.  The enemy; the Euro, EU and ECB, moves west (more or less) like McArthur’s island hopping strategy in the WWII South Pacific, to Greek.

    Once the bankster troops land they take over the Greek government and begin their purge of the loyalists in the government, seized assets, demanded wealth confiscation, gated ATMs, stole pensions and loaded the entire 300 billion Euro debt on the Greeks while making sure there was no currency available to pay the debt.

    Italy watches these invading forces coming their way and know they are next.  Asset confiscation, bail ins, tax increases, violence against the people, wealth taxes and the like.

    The Italians must draw a line in the sand and start killing the banksters, bureaucrats and politicians, particularly the Italian politicians who do not support the people.  There’s nothing sacred about the lives of these scumbags.  The Italians have storied and glorious 2,500 year history of exterminating their oppressors.

    It might be a combination of the rallying cry “Jump, you F*****s” for banksters;  and hung by their heels after being beaten to death by the peasants then fed to the pigs for politicians. If apolitician turns on the voters that elected him they need to be purged with extreme prejudice. The era of turning the other cheek is over.

    It’s been far too long since the last time the people of a  G20 country purged the criminal elites and political pimps that infest the country like parasites feasting off the substance of the people.  Blood must flow and in such quantities that the lesson will live for 100 years as a warning to those who would oppress the people.

    The Tree of Liberty is looking a little withered.

    • Nice job AG  …. In 1971 I was on the USS America. We pulled into Naples several times… What

      a S***t hole it was… I wonder if  it’s any better 45 years later….. The whole country seem seem worn out, but it was only 26 years after WW2.

    • Yeah Charlie, Thanks for taking the time to wish us all a happy Christmas, and I wish you the same.

      Seems ‘they’ are having trouble keeping the beatings going & ‘they’ have another 2 days to go. he he _JLG. 

    • @Marches45


      Good message for sure, Charlie… as always.  Love your SR Reports.  In a world that is awash in bad news and worse feelings, I always know that I can be cheered up by watching the latest Silver Recliner Report.  Merry CHRISTmas, Charlie… and a happy new year too.

      Since you’re wearing a Santa Claus hat, maybe you can get a message to Santa for me.  Let him know that I would like something heavy and shiny under my Christmas tree this year.  He’ll know what that is!   😀


    • Hi Charlie   @Marchas45

      Craig gave me a TFMR vault membership for some shiny. You might say we exchanged Christmas gifts even if it’s in our possession temporarily.

      See you on the Yellow Hat side.  Cheers

      BTW  If it wasn’t for Silver Doctors they’d all migrate to Turd Ferguson.

      We’re doing the heavy lifting herding trolls for fun and profit.


  8. Long time ago I got on TRUMP’S email list …. He keeps want me to buy tuff off him — here’s an example of today’s   “Blue Light Special TRUMP DEAL.


    “”””It’s Day 6 of deals, and we’ve got a great one for you today – the limited edition red Make America Great Again Cap ornament is on sale!  “””””


    He must need the money LOL or horny for a quick Deal.

    • He may be crazy and therefore technically not a con artist. He engages in that constant stream of glib, facile reasoning that is the hallmark of the mentally tweaked and squirrel cage crazy.

  9. Did you god botherers who exhort us to pray for Trump and all manner of outcomes not get the memo from Isaiah 46.19 ?

    Enough of this praying gibberish! Everything is pre destined according to your own religious dogma manual. Read it and stop annoying your god and us rationalists!

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