In this interview with RT, World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes drops numerous bombshells- claiming that the dollar is valueless and is about to crash.
Perhaps of most interest to precious metals investors, Hudes appears to allude to the legendary Yamashita’s Gold- claiming that over 170,000 tons of gold bullion- more than the global stated reserves- are secretly held in a Hawaiian vault.
Hudes also states that gold prices have been smashed over the past 2 years due to market manipulation, but that will change, and soon (even though Hudes claims secret gold supplies greatly outnumber official stated reserves).
Former GATA member Bix Weir has long claimed that there are vastly larger global supplies of gold than silver- has the former World Bank lawyer let the public in on the secret, or is she just another dis-info agent attempting to discredit gold as a dollar alternative?
Hude’s full RT interview is below:

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  1. has the former World Bank lawyer let the public in on the secret, or is she just another dis-info agent attempting to discredit gold as a dollar alternative?”
    My bet is on the latter. 170K tons in Hawaii? LOL…I think I’ve heard it all now.

  2. 170K tons in Hawaii?   Wouldn’t the island sink?   Wouldn’t a Hawaiian bank official by now have said “you’ll never guess how much Gold they’ve got in the vault.   They supposedly have only 8000 tons in Fort Knox and look how big that is.
    Once Hudes starts ranting on about the World being run by the Jesuits I can’t help thinking “she’s a nutter”. 

  3. If this gold exsists(and I`m doubtfull), and considering the absolute fiasco our finances are in, backing the dollar with Gold would be a no brainer. Therfore, I conclude, it doesn`t exsist. Besides who would store the Gold on a frigging volcanic island?

  4. Karen Hudes seems like a nice lady.  However, she seems to be listening to some conspiracy theory stuff.  She also believes that the Vatican and the Jesuits are involved with this global financial crisis.  Supposedly the Vatican is sitting on 60 thousand tons of gold reserves, amassed over the last thousand years.  Lets see.  60 thousand tons at the Vatican, 170 thousand tons in Hawaii, thats 230 thousand tons of gold being hoarded.  I think she needs to present a little more evidence in order to be credible.  I took the time out to listen to several of her interviews and she just does not sound convincing at all.  She also states that gold is not a good investment but that she has recently bought some as an insurance policy.  I do agree with her in that regard.

    • I think Vatican does have some gold. What do you think all those Crusades were conducted for? What do you think conquistadors did in South America? Of course part of that gold ended up in Vatican. Also there was some kind of quarrel between JPM and Vatican, when JPM closed all Vatican accounts.
      There is some stuff going on behind the scene. As far as whether gold is good or bad investment. Gold is a storage of wealth in the time of money printing or monetary collapse. It doesn’t really mean anything if 1 Oz of gold trades for $20K, at that point no one would probably let their gold go for paper money. At that point you would want to know how many sheep or chickens you can buy with your ounce of gold. As far as her statement that there is a lot of gold out there. True. May be there is, but how does it help those individuals or countries (like Canada) that have none? Is she hinting that governments will confiscate gold all around the world to replenish their supply?

    • Of course the Vatican has gold.  We just don’t have any credible details about how much gold the Vatican has or how they are using the gold.  Or, how much influence the Vatican has and is using to control global finance in the world.  Its all speculation or conjecture and what the Vatican does seems to be highly secretive.  And, as far as Hawaii having gold hoards?  Thats the first time I have ever heard that rumor.  

    • Maybe this woman from the World Bank saw too much openly fraudulent activity, saw all the cover ups, and then entered ‘the rabbit hole’. Sometimes when you enter the rabbit hole you never surface again, and I think she is too lost to find her way out. Basically anyone with a real interest and clear thinking mind on how fiat currency creation and distribution via central banks and their ‘partner’ private banks works will know that the world has been heisted by finance capital.
      The study she mentioned by the Swiss research team was a really great analytical work however that clearly shows that TBTF banks own all the other large multinational industrials and that there is indeed a corporate super entity that controls a very large percentage of world commerce and that it is swallowing up all the domestic industries and small business in every country.
      New Scientist Article: HERE
      The Report: HERE
      There are NO Sovereign Countries anymore, just Taxation Plantations tax farmed by Large Multinational Corporations that themselves pay no tax as they bank (price offset) any profit components in tertiary off shore tax havens, tax is only for serfs. Governments are only needed to farm tax and arrest non compliant hominids on the plantation. The tax is paid to the banks and the people who run the banks make sure that their Owners’ select hedge funds appreciate in value whilst everyone who is not a Platinum Club Client (Goldman Sachs calls these expendable clients ‘muppets’ for instance) has their savings and labor value ever depreciated. It’s all part of the Neo-feudal Corporatocracy, it’s not too different from old style feudalism in essence. Also because you can never see your ‘enemy’ (it is hidden behind the accounting and legal firewall/s) and the system seems so monolithic and all pervasive it sends MOST people crazy who try to look too deep into the abyss.
      Trust in God and know that no den of thieves this big could ever agree on who gets the bigger pile of chips!
      This is all one needs to know to get through the coming time of great trouble. Trust in God and Human Nature and the tyranny will perhaps be gone by the time your great grand children are born. As for this current generation however, get used to austerity and fascism, the beast is loose for another season, and it feeds on human flesh quite literally (Military Finance Industrial Complex).

    • Well, for many of us, if we compare what we think today to what we thought a few years ago, there has been a drastic change. The world is not as we thought. And, if you investigate many of the things you were taught since you were a child . . . you may be shocked to find out ‘it isn’t so’.
      I have no idea if Ms Hudes is 100% correct, or completely wrong, or somewhere in between.
      I cannot access the information needed to determine what is true (such as, – Do Japanese WW2 confiscated gold hoards actually exist & if so – in what quantitites). The argument can be made that such gold hoards would have been used to suppress gold prices to prop up the fiat system if they actually existed. A counter argument is that such gold could have been used as a secret source for multiple ‘black projects’ independent of any outside funding mechanisms.
      When I first heard the story of Japanese WW2 stolen gold, I immediately discounted it. Why ?  If it were true it might mean that my stack isn’t worth as much as I hoped. It was an emotional response, not based on any real evidence pro or con. Knowing what you don’t know, is important. Much of what we think we know is based on ‘information’ given to us by a system filled with liars. IMO, also important is being aware of your own automatic prejudices. (For example, I automatically turned off when I heard Hudes mention the Jesuits in the Vatican. – – – But what do I know of Vatican banking operations ?  Very little, and only that made available to the public.)
      I stack PMs because I am not confident of the value of paper fiat or iinstruments based on that fiat. The PMs have a long history & are especially valued when ‘it hits the fan’. There may be large reserves of metals out there that I’m not aware of. This doesn’t mean that PMs would not still be highly valuable also in a world that went back to an even partially gold backed system. The global economy has greatly expanded since there was a universal gold standard more than a century ago.

    • Ah, yes… good old Hank Johnson!!!   LOL!  Yeah, that was my first thought on hearing Hudes assert this.   That said, if you ask me, Hudes is Globalist DISINFORMATION!!!  She set off every BS detector flag I have the first time I heard her burst upon the scene last winter and open her mouth.   I’ve said this about her from the start.   Whistleblower from… wait for it… the IMF/WorldBank???  Now THERE’S AN OXYMORON for ya…
      That said, I do remember that one of my first conversations with Bob Chapman, long before he became a regular weekly guest on my radio show was what the effect on the price of gold would be if it were found that the actual quantities of above-ground gold were to be 40 – 50 times what was generally understood to exist at the time.   What prompted me to ask him about this was that, back at the time, I found a story about Rayelan Allen’s (proprietor of  CIA husband Gunther Russbacher being involved in the repatriation of 500,000 metric tons of gold back from the Phillipines to the eastern european royal families dethroned by Hitler over the course of the Nazi takeover of Europe in the beginning years of WWII.  Whatever you think of Rayelan’s veracity, this led me to the following site and info:
      This was, allegedly, referred to as Project Hammer, the Secret Gold Treaty.  Basically, the allies agreed to split the confiscated gold hordes from WWII among themselves, they engaged Peter Munk to create a gold-laundering operation that became Barrick Gold to filter this into the world and fund the black-ops government projects….  how much of this is actually true?  Well, Chapman suggested most of it was true…
      We know the World Gold Council is a globalist disinfo-shill organization that claims the total current above-ground gold supply to be around 170,000 metric tonnes or so… but would it not serve the globalist interest to vastly understate these quantities of gold in order to keep a high price on a perceived scarcity of the metal… think DeBeers and the diamond cartel… and, if the extra supply actually did exist, it would indeed provide something of a bottomless supply pit for feeding price-suppression quantities of gold into the marketplace, still a mere drop in the bucket when compared to the ultimate supply horde…
      So… whether Hudes is full of it or not, we are kinda back to that same question of transparency again… How much gold REALLY does exist?  And, who’s got control of it… and what happens next?

    • @Sovereign Economist
      “… but would it not serve the globalist interest to vastly understate these quantities of gold in order to keep a high price on a perceived scarcity of the metal…”
      I don’t know.  How does this square with governments, central banks, and bullion banks colluding to force down the price of gold every chance they get?  Aren’t they elite minions as well?

  5. gee, that’s a lot of gold.  170,000 tons would need a vault the size of a big gymnasium, with a floor that could take the weight of two passenger liners, and be kept a total secret since WWII. 
    That’s quite a stretch, even for a nutzoid like me to accept.  I’d bet she is a dis-info agent, whether she is aware of it or not is another question.

    • Could be, Conax.  It would be interesting to know WHY she is doing this.  What does she hope to gain by this?  If she was a real anti-bankster whistle-blower, wouldn’t her life be in imminent danger?  She seems relatively calm about such things to me… almost like she knows that she is not in any danger.  Hmmm?

  6. If Hawaii has 170,000 tons of gold then why don’t the U.S. government use part of that gold to settle their debts. In addition why suppressed the price of gold – if the government has that much it would seem that they (U.S.) would like to see the price of gold rise that way it would be easier to pay off their foreign debts with gold. After all President Nixon did close the gold window in August 1971 because foreigners wanted gold for their transactions not dollars.
    Also I listen to some of her interviews in the past and one thing I notice is she doesn’t answer questions directly nor does she gives good examples  of what she says.  

    • I’m not defending Hudes, but… in answer to your questions:  1) the US Gov is not using part of that gold because it does not belong to them.  It belongs to the World Bank and / or the elites who are gathering all wealth, including gold, unto themselves; and 2) keeping the price of gold as low as possible would allow them to buy gold cheaply.  Remember, they KNOW that fiat paper isn’t real money and are using it to buy REAL goods, such as land, businesses, and PMs.  Their trick seems to be to entice as many people as they can to accept the worthless fiat paper so they can buy up everything of real value before the paper Ponzi scheme unravels and everyone finally understands the nature of the game that they have been playing.
      “Also I listen to some of her interviews in the past and one thing I notice is she doesn’t answer questions directly…”
      That would be typical of an attorney.  :-/

  7. I haven’t had time to watch this video yet and maybe she mentions it but my wife who is from the Philippines told me that the legend is that Yamashita’s treasure is hidden in the Philippines and has never been found.  I can’t wait to watch this video a little later tonight.

  8. If you read the book” Golden Warriors ” than you might  agree with her statement. According to this well documented book just the gold taken from Marcos palace is estimated at over 70 000 tonnes and possibly way more. Most of this gold ended up in US banking system. All “golden lily” gold has been estimated at 250 000 tonnes.Excellent reading.

  9. Since no one else has I guess I must. BULLSHIT ! Ok I said it and I mean it. What fantasy world does this lady come from?! Maybe she got her numbers mixed up and meant 1700 tons or even 17000 ( what a pipe dream ) but 170000… on Hawaii ! Add this one to the long list of nutters we all are subjected to.


  11. This much gold is a block 69 feet on a side.  That would be easy to hide in lava tube or small pond.  I’ll be in Kauai first 2 weeks of november  anyone have a few hints where i should look?  Maybe the USS Arizona?

  12. I find it very hard to believe that this woman is sent out by the government. I find the statement about 170.000 tons of gold equally hard to believe though. But everything else she is saying makes a lot of sense.
    170.000 tons sounds more than over the top. Sophie, whom I would very much like to fuck, should have asked her more about the gold. Where does she have that info from? Why is the government not using it to back up the currency? Where did the gold come from and how long has it been there? We could judge better with more info at hand.

    • “I find it very hard to believe that this woman is sent out by the government. I find the statement about 170.000 tons of gold equally hard to believe though. But everything else she is saying makes a lot of sense.”
      I agree completely.  She seems knowledgeable about many things but… the 170k tons of gold seems VERY suspicious and keeping it in Hawaii is even more suspicious.  That would be a really dumb place to store gold, IMO.
      I am also curious as to why the banksters are letting her live.  They tend not to do that with people who cross them… like Lincoln, Kennedy, Jackson, et al.  Yeah, they missed Jackson but they DID try to kill him FIVE TIMES before giving up.

    • I agree it is not believable who she says she is. The Rothschild gold vault is one famous personal gold vault, supposedly with a huge amount of gold, but nobody knows how much. The Rothschilds are part of a cabal who wishes to run the world, and to remove most of the gold from the world and hoard it, would make sense as part of this overall goal. But, I agree with Ed, that Hawaii is not a good place to keep it, but it really doesn’t matter where it is kept. The threat comes from it being anywhere, if this is true.

      The dollar could well crash in the near future, given all the BS that the actors in DC are getting up to. But, I disagree with ‘Karen Hudes’ that the dollar is valueless; clearly, confidence remains in the dollar at this moment, which means that it still has value.

    • “But, I disagree with ‘Karen Hudes’ that the dollar is valueless; clearly, confidence remains in the dollar at this moment, which means that it still has value.”
      Agreed, Chief… and this standard is EASILY proved!  As long as PM vendors are willing to give us gold and silver in exchange for fiat, fiat STILL HAS VALUE.  When the time comes that this is not so, THEN we will be in a different paradigm.  Until then, we are still in the fiat paper paradigm, regardless of what some of us think about that.

    • Just remember that carefully crafted disinformation must have a large dose of truth to be credible and make us receptive to the payload… her disclosures on the IMF/World Bank ARE credible but they were also in the public domain before her disclosures.  But there are a few disinfo payload nuggets… her assertion of the quantity of gold does cast further doubt into the market as to the ultimate per-ounce valuation of gold today… but then, the 170000 tons at Hawaii adds to the obfuscation of the believability of anything we hear about the gold market.  This further discredits any notion that there could be transparency on the actual amounts AND locations of the actual above-ground world gold supply…
      @Ed B  they let her live because she’s a disinformation mouthpiece.  Her credible disclosures are already in the general public disclosed knowledge and her payload is deliberately placed.  Why now?  Because there is more market instability as the credibility of sovereigns around the world is reaching a potentially serious tipping point and they absolutely NEED to keep gold looking as feckless a hedge as possible against the dying fiat currencies and their denominated assets.  As I see it, Hudes’ timing is near-perfect… of COURSE they know what she is saying.  They gave her the script and the CV to make her sound credible… I wouldn’t be surprised that she doesn’t work for the IMF/World bank, but rather is an employee of some PR firm hired to help in the campaign to control the pace of the financial crises devolution toward collapse.

    • “I find it very hard to believe that this woman is sent out by the government.”
      Not sent out by the government, but used and manipulated.
      They take someone who is a nuisance, give them nutty information via insiders/backchannels, and let her spout it off.
      Not to get into the paranormal here, but they’ve been doing it there for years.
      Linda Moulton Howe was a legitimate producer of news programming. She won an (regional) Emmy for a documentary on the cattle mutilation phenomenon. Then someone in the military starts giving her ‘inside’ information and she’s been spouting off about extraterrestrial biological entities for years. There’s no way to verify what they say really, so she ends up saying all sorts of crazy stuff, which dilutes her reputation, even if some of it is true. That’s the thing about disinfo, it wrecks good people. 
      I think Hudes is a victim of the same thing. She has a legitimate gripe about corruption at the World Bank. She gets fired and starts causing a nuisance for them as a whistleblower. Then someone starts giving her ‘inside info’ like this Hawaii gold stuff. She feels like she knows something, it makes her feel good to be interviewed.  No way for anyone out here to verify anything she says. I fully expect to see her associated with some interview where there is a guy with his face blurred out and his voice disguised, talking about vast stores of gold buried in a underground base in Hawaii.
      In my view, we can all see the daily price smashes in AG/AU. Someone obviously wants prices lower, for whatever reason. When you run out of physical gold to sell, what do you do? You start a rumor that there’s a ton of gold out there just waiting to depress the price even further. If paper gold price is declining with existing supplies, what happens when another 170,000 tons are dumped?
      I wish Ms. Hudes luck, as she is certainly fighting a fixed match, in a ring with a greased floor, and a blind referee. But this Hawaii gold thing makes me think her trainer doesn’t really have her back either.

    • @Sovereign Economist
      “…they let her live because she’s a disinformation mouthpiece.”
      I find that possibility highly likely, which is why I mentioned it.  These people are not known for either their patience or their compassion.  When someone opposes them, they get brutal in a hurry and have no compunction about it.
      “Why now?  Because there is more market instability as the credibility of sovereigns around the world is reaching a potentially serious tipping point and they absolutely NEED to keep gold looking as feckless a hedge as possible against the dying fiat currencies and their denominated assets.”
      Indeed so.  The timing of this “whistle blowing” does seem to be impeccable.  I agree that they are pulling out all the stops to make gold, and by extension silver, seem less than desirable for people to buy and own.  Asians, however, are not fooled by such antics.  They are buying gold and silver in record amounts.  That part of the world, like South America, has a history of failed governments and currencies that their people remember.  The US does not.  Although US currencies have failed in the past, that was so long ago that it is no longer in the living consciousness of our people… and it should be because the things that are happening now with the US economy and our fiscal & monetary policies are absolutely pushing us towards such a debacle and at an accelerating rate. 
      “I wouldn’t be surprised that she doesn’t work for the IMF/World bank, but rather is an employee of some PR firm hired to help in the campaign to control the pace of the financial crises devolution toward collapse.”
      Yes, either that or she has truly taken a step up and now works directly for the elites who are pushing this paper Ponzi scheme and causing all manner of other problems around the world as they seek absolute control of everything.  
      It is unfortunate that they have not learned more about life itself.  If they had, they would know that “control” is an illusion that many have quested for but none have achieved, except temporarily and on a local, regional, or national scale.  All such attempts have ended in utter disaster.  They will continue to do so because such a goal is not compatible with the human spirit, which requires liberty to flourish.

  13. I have taken the time to watch several hours of her video interviews.  It was very hard to get thru them as she is not a good speaker, she does not organize her thoughts and she has no idea what she is talking about.  She does not back up anything she is saying with any verifiable sources either.  She just spouts off BS.  This is unusual for someone that is supposedly trained as a lawyer.  If she wants anyone to take her seriously she needs credibility.  At this point she lacks this very important feature.  She comes off like a space cadet.  Take a listen to some of her other interviews.  I could barely get thru them and I promised myself that I would never listen to another.  She embarrassed me.

  14. With regards to Jesuits,
    they’re a mighty powerful bunch (and ruthless).
    Their agents have infiltrated every nation, and the current Pope is the first ever Jesuit Pope.
    The 170,000 tonnes on Hawaii sounds interesting and I don’t know what to believe there, but she is bang on about the Jesuits.
    Support Israel, boycott the Jesuits!

    • @Proverbs1616  Please provide me some links on information for the Jesuits.  I am very curious to learn more about them.  I live in Central America where there is supposedly 85% Catholics.  I see Catholic Churchs in every neighborhood, but the Catholics do absolutely nothing for the people living in poverty here.  In my area the poverty rate is 40% or more and I mean real poverty.  The Catholic church has a reputation for being rich and I believe it.  But they are quite stingy with the dough that is for sure.  I have never even seen a nun in my area either nor even one Catholic school or charity.  When I hear that the Vatican stores 60 thousand tons of gold this bothers me.  

    • I agree, Pollo.  The Catholic Church is a giant wealth-gathering organization.  Yes, they do have schools and charities but you can bet that a lot more money flows into the church than flows out to their charities.  One look at all the gold chains, rings, and cloth in which the upper end priests wrap themselves is clear evidence of that.  This is contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ, who did not live in luxury while his followers lived in or near poverty.  One would think that this glaring dichotomy would have been addressed by the church but it has not.  Neither have the disgusting habits of some priests as pedophiles nor the church’s outrageous habit of protecting these perverts from justice.  What a wonderful opportunity that was to actually live their religion instead of merely talking about it but the church “fathers” failed utterly to take the moral high ground.  This cost them a lot when a large number of US Catholics rebelled at their stance on this and ceased sending donations to Rome.  I always wondered whether or not that got those US Catholics excommunicated.  Shrug.
      My step-Dad’s former (deceased ) wife was a strong Catholic who donated tens of thousands of dollars to their church.  When she passed, the priest said about 2 dozen words about her at a mass he was holding anyway and then had the gall to charge my step-Dad $350 for it.  After all she had done for them, they should have been singing her praises from the rafters!  On the other hand, maybe they were truly in mourning over the loss of revenue?!

    • @Pollokeeper
      Buenos dias mi amigo… ?que pasa?
      Todo bien aqui. Quiero una siesta, y esta solamente la manana jaja.
      Here are your Jesuit links.
      Israel doesn’t run the world: Truth is, much higher powers, such as the Jesuits, are trying to get Jerusalem under their control away from the Jews in order to set up their NWO religious Babylon.
      Many Jews in Israel are struggling against the Jesuits in complex spook intrigues to combat the Jesuit influence, trying to control Israel.
      Pastor John Hagee is familiar with this I think, and the Netanyahu right-wing crowd knows this too, and it’s a struggle.
      Shimon Peres, I believe, might be influenced by the Jesuits. There are theories on this… but with all the confusion, I think he may be doing the Jesuits’ bidding, or he is playing them for fools while being a true Zionist patriot.
      I’m not sure… we’ll find out some day I guess. 🙂 I’m a non-Catholic born-again Christian.

    • Pollokeeper:  Also check out this book “the secrets of the jesuits”:
      I enjoy reading the comments by the metal experts here, but often the bigger point is being missed regarding world finance.  The Roman Catholic Church and her 3 daughters: islam=created to eliminate the jewish people, communism=created to take over the world through revolution/executions hiding under the names “progressive” and “state capitalism,” and nazism= created to make the world roman catholic and exterminate the jewish people underly all of the financial issues of the world and although are somewhat dormant here in the U.S., all of us can feel the spiritual forces of evil that are permeating this country at an accelerated speed.  
      There is only ONE entity stronger than the satanic forces of the catholic church, communism, islam, nazism, and all the evil that most on this site are ralling against.  Jesus.  Without Him, we can do nothing and satan has you right where he wants you=blind. When the son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

    • I appreciate all the background info on the Catholic church and the Jesuits. Most info is general that I have found and no doubt secret.  @ED_B I have visited Costa Rica many times and it is a little different there.  Almost 95% Catholic’s.  Almost every little town has Catholic schools with nun’s and the church provides services to the communities.  Where I live you see Catholic churches in every neighborhood.  No schools or services.  Most of the churches only have one early morning service on Sunday and not many attendees.  Not what you would expect in a predominantly Catholic country.  I don’t know why this is the case.  Nor do I know the details about why a Church with as much assumed wealth as they have, would be so stingy in country’s that are so poor and needy of the church for help.  Very disconcerting.  One thing that I have noticed about Panama is that there is no morality.  People have no honor here or integrity.  And, the church is a dying institution.  I guess the Catholic church is saving up for something.

    • @Pollokeeper
      That makes for an interesting comparison.  My Mom visited Costa Rica several years ago and enjoyed her visit there immensely.  She has not been to Panama and neither has anyone else in our family.  The contrast between Panama and Costa Rica is interesting.  What it is about Costa Rica that the church gets more from than they do in Panama?  I almost have to believe that there is something there that is creating this difference.
      “Nor do I know the details about why a Church with as much assumed wealth as they have, would be so stingy in country’s that are so poor and needy of the church for help.  Very disconcerting.”
      Yes, it is.  But if the church is seen as a wealth collection scheme, rather than as a social services organization, then it might make more sense.
      “One thing that I have noticed about Panama is that there is no morality.  People have no honor here or integrity.  And, the church is a dying institution.  I guess the Catholic church is saving up for something.”
      Perhaps they consider Panama as a lost cause and are putting their resources in other places where they still see potential gains for the church?
      I have read that Panama was once part of Colombia.  Could that be the connection that is unfavorable to the church?

    • @Ed_B  I have been to Costa Rica 4 times.  The people there look different than in Panamanians but I do not know enough about the 2 country’s to really explain the differences.  Panama’s history has a lot to do with the canal.  They allowed a lot of immigrants to come into Panama to help build the canal.  The people came from all over the place and many stayed.  Many different cultures etc.  The people here are a hodgepodge of different races all mixed together and it is a fairly recent phenomenon since the canal is fairly recent(in the last 100 years).  Costa Rica is less mixed.  I think all the immigration is the major difference between the two country’s.  Both country’s have problems though.  Crime in both country’s right now is terrible.  Crime in panama has increased tremendously for example only in the last few years.  I don’t recommend visiting Panama.  Its just not worth it.  Panama has destroyed their environment by almost totally deforesting the country side and Panama City is nothing more than an open festering wound.  It is not even safe to take a cab in the city.  As far as Costa Rica goes I am hearing bad reports there as well as far as crime goes and prices are much higher there as well.  But, at least they have not totally destroyed their environment.  Both country’s are interesting but I no longer recommend either of them as a vacation destination.  And as far as the Catholic church goes, I think Panamanians prefer Santeria Yoruba to Catholicism.  Santeria Yoruba is an old African Voodoo derivitive type of worship that the slaves picked up century’s ago.  Very unnerving and also very much a part of the culture here.  They practise this in parellel with Catholicism by attending church on Sundays and setting up the pagan shrines in the privacy of the home.  

    • “I think all the immigration is the major difference between the two country’s.”
      That seems quite reasonable.  Perhaps many of those immigrants to Panama were not Christians, so the church never really got a good foothold there.
      “I don’t recommend visiting Panama.  Its just not worth it.”
      Thanks for the tip.  I was not planning to visit Panama but others on here might be.  This is valuable info and much appreciated.  If I were to visit any place south of Texas, it would likely be Chile or the Cayman Islands.
      “But, at least they have not totally destroyed their environment.”
      No, they don’t dare.  Costa Rica gets beaucoup bucks for eco-tourism, so messing up their environment would cost them plenty from a very rapid decline in tourism.
      “Santeria Yoruba is an old African Voodoo derivitive type of worship that the slaves picked up century’s ago.  Very unnerving and also very much a part of the culture here.”
      Perhaps that is the root of their lack of honor and integrity?  To me, those who lack these characteristics are not fully human beings.  They are sub-humans, at best… and best avoided.

    • @Proverbs1616 >>>Support Israel, boycott the Jesuits!
      There you go again … ‘Support the Rothschild, boycott the Jesuits’ (I believe this is what you meant to say right?)
      How about the Rothschilds AND the Jesuits can both go to Hell! Israeli Knesset Building and Supreme Court and Israel Central Bank in Jerusalem were all built by the Rothschilds and the Knesset is on Rothschild Ave.
      You’re such a shill Proverbs, you really are. Garden variety ‘Christian’ Zionist, shilling for the Secular State of Israel.

    • @WillNotBeASlave
      I support God.
      God has chosen the Jews.
      The Jews are currently in rebellion against God.
      God has promised to restore them to the land and have mercy upon them.
      God promised to bless those who bless the Jews and curse those that curse them (America under Obama is under a curse; Canada under pro-Israel Harper is under blessing).
      I don’t care about the Rothschilds, God chose Israel before the Rothschilds existed and will love them long after the Rothschilds cease to be around.
      I’m siding with God.
      Who are you siding with?

    • @Proverbs1616 : I typically stay out of religious debate and discussion as it polarizes people and 99.9% of even those who have taken the red pill and are open about learning how the markets/ gov’t really work are not interested in any religious truth that shatters their biases and paradigms.

      However, frankly I’m tired of you spamming SD with false doctrine presented as “Biblical truth”.    Judging by responses to your posts, the vast majority of SD readers are not interested nor enjoy your continuous religious propaganda spam.

      Yes, you are correct that the Jesuits’ have infiltrated nearly every gov’t & religion.  The Jesuits religion is essentially the continuation of Baal/Molech worship that has its origins with Nimrod and Satan’s sun-god trinity (yes, Proverbs, please keep on believing you are worshiping the true Most High on Sunday and that it doesn’t matter which day you worship on, and that now you worship on SUN-day in remembrance of the day that Christ rose from the dead- By the way, 7 scriptures clearly state the Messiah rose from the dead before sunrise on the first of the Sabbaths in the count to Pentecost, but the King James translators worshiped their sun-god on Sunday, so they changed the text to say from the first of the sabbaths, to on the first day of the week).

      Regarding your never-ending campaign of “informing” people that the Jews are god’s people, That is a half truth, which makes it false, from the great deceiver, and extremely dangerous.

      The Jewish people are not Yahweh’s chosen people.  The Hebrews are.  All Israel.  All 12 tribes.  This is like saying that only Texans are Americans.  All 12 tribes were chosen to be a light, or example to the nations for how Yahweh expects his people to live.  The northern 10 tribes mixed paganism and Baal sun-worship with the worship of Yahweh, and for that He divorced them from being his people.  The law prevents a husband who has ever divorced his wife from taking her back after she has been with another man.  However this law is only valid until the death of the husband. (if her husband has died, the woman may marry another man and it is not adultery).  The mystery of the gospel is that the husband (the Messiah) died, so that his adulteress wife could come back.  
      The dispersed 10 tribes of Israel will come back.  Read Ezekiel.  2 sticks representing the Northern and Southern kingdoms of Israel are grafted back into one.   This prophecy has not yet been fulfilled.  It will be.

      2. The Jewish people are not in rebellion against God.  (at least not in the way you are claiming.  99.999% of the entire world is in rebellion against Yahweh as they feel no need to follow His ways or obey Him).
      Yahweh himself states that he has blinded the eyes of the Jewish people so that they would not recognize the messiah, so that the lost tribes would come back.  When the prophecies have been fulfilled, and the lost tribes of Israel return to their King and come back into covenant, the Most High will remove the blinders over the eyes of the Jewish people, and they will recognize their king- Yahshua (Jesus).

      3. Anyone who chooses to come into covenant with Yahweh and follow His Son (note, not just believe in His son yet continue to live like an out of covenant pagan) becomes grafted in and a part of Israel.  Revelation makes it clear that only those who are faithful to keep the commandments of Yahweh, keep the covenant, AND keep the testimony of Jesus will not receive the mark of the beast during the time of the end.   This means that those who believe in Jesus but are not faithful to keep Yahweh’s covenant, will be deceived- precisely because they have no law, so they cannot recognize the great deceiver.
      The true sheep will recognize the wolf, and will know he is not their shepherd.

      4. Once the Messiah has restored everything and conquers the last enemy- death- all will be His people, and everyone will know the Father, from the least to the greatest as He will come down and live and dwell among them. 

      Rant is over.  If you would like to compare and contrast truth with Religious deception that has been masterly crafted by the great deceiver for over 6,000 years, see


    • Ah,
      and immature, God-hating, dirty old men who enjoy posting profane pipi-caca humour full of perversion and vulgarity are quite welcome and fit in just fine in the financial blog realm. What fellowship hath light with darkness?
      II Corinthians 6:14 (ESV):  Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?
      And sorry, I’m not a Seventh Day Adventist. I worship Jesus on the first day of the week (Yom Rishon) and every other day, and not just on Saturn-Day (Yom Shabbat). If gathering to worship on the first day of the week makes a Christian a Sun-god worshiper, it makes Seventh-Day worshipers Saturn-day worshipers.
      Galatians 4:8-11, 20-21(ESV) Written to former pagan Gentiles who were being convinced to adopt the Law of Moses and Shabbat observance etc. etc……… Formerly, when you did not know God, you were enslaved to those that by nature are not gods. But now that you have come to know God, or rather to be known by God, how can you turn back again to the weak and worthless elementary principles of the world, whose slaves you want to be once more? You observe days and months and seasons and years! I am afraid I may have labored over you in vain. ….I wish I could be present with you now and change my tone, for I am perplexed about you.Tell me, you who desire to be under the law, do you not listen to the law?
      Romans 14:5-6, 10-12 (ESV)…………One person esteems one day as better than another, while another esteems all days alike. Each one should be fully convinced in his own mind. The one who observes the day, observes it in honor of the Lord. The one who eats, eats in honor of the Lord, since he gives thanks to God, while the one who abstains, abstains in honor of the Lord and gives thanks to God……………..Why do you pass judgment on your brother? Or you, why do you despise your brother? For we will all stand before the judgment seat of God; for it is written,“As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me,and every tongue shall confess to God.”So then each of us will give an account of himself to God.
      (Notice how I quoted from the ESV ??? I still think the Textus Receptus Greek is superior to the Critical Greek the ESV translators used, but meh, they say the same thing here :D)
      Proverbs 11:4: Riches do not profit in the day of wrath,but righteousness delivers from death
      I’m prepared to go up at the Rapture, but if you think that laying up for yourself treasure on earth will help you in the judgment, if you think that the antichrist and his demonic spiritual beings will be afraid of your stack of silver (silver didn’t help Judas … he ended up being possessed by Satan, betraying God’s Son and killing himself, stepping into an eternal Lake of Fire) which “fell into the bottom of the lake”, and if you think that preachers of righteousness are not worth anyone’s time because the wicked who love their sound money (the love of money is the root of…. ahem) are annoyed by them (Noah had the same problem now, didn’t he?), then so be it.


    • @Proverbs1616 – this response is not for you, but for the rest of SD readers reading this thread.

      In Galations Paul clearly asks them how they could turn back to PAGANISM.  These young believers were still observing PAGAN days and holidays.  While this passage is often used blatantly out of context to attempt to prove that people no longer need to observe God’s laws, any unbiased examination of the passage clearly reveals that Paul is warning the Galations against turning back to paganism and pagan customs and holy days after coming to the knowledge of the truth.
      I guarantee you that Paul would never have referred to Yahweh’s law as: weak and worthless elementary principles of the world.

      Paul knew the entire OT by heart, and knew that Psalm 119:72 said: The law of your mouth is better to me than thousands of pieces of gold and silver.  And Psalm 119:142:  Your righteousness is an everlasting righteousness, and your law is truth. 

      The one you claim to follow also taught a different view of His Father’s commandments than you promote.
      Matthew 5:17-19  Do not think that I came to abolish the law or the prophets, I did not come to abolish but to fulfill.  For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest pen stroke shall pass away from the Law, until all is accomplished.  Whoever annuls one of the least of the commandments, and so teaches others, shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

      Matthew 7:21-23 Not everyone who calls me Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven; but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.  Many will say to me on that day, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name cast out demons, and in your name perform many miracles?  And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you, depart from me, you who practiced the breaking of the law.

      @Proverbs1616 – as to your being ‘prepared to go up at the Rapture’ , a passage is being brought to mind: Amos 5:18-24.
      I humbly suggest you ask whether that warning is being given to you.


  15. It’s possible there is more gold out there that the conventional wisdom (5-6 billion ozs.)   It’s hard to know just how hard they dug and how extensive the digging was centuries and thousands of years ago at rich near surface veins.   Africa and Asia are huge continents and I get the feeling the academic estimates are based on a Western view of the world.   In any case, if there is a lot more gold out there, it’s safe to say it’s in deep storage and not coming out at these prices.   As for having 170k tons in Hawaii, whooo-boy.   I find it hard to believe they chewed thru hundreds of millions of ounces in the last half century but somehow this stack remained unmolested?!  No way.
    Maybe she is a plant, pushing this idea there is 250k tons more gold out there so why bother buying because the boogeyman will dump 170k tons of physical gold on the market  to suppress the price.  It’s an amateurish scare tactic if you ask me.   I quite assure you there isn’t 170k tons of gold laying around anywhere in one place.   That’s how these people work, they lure you in with stuff that is common sense and is true, and then throw in their own bits of wild speculation and bullcrap.   Ann Barnhardt for example.   With her it’s not the Jesuits, but the durn Moooooslims or whatever dookie she comes up with that’s the problem with the world.    
    Anyway, the fact there IS so much gold out there makes me even more secure in believing silver is much better value at only 20 bucks vs $1300 considering there is so little silver really out there.   Just a couple hundred million ozs a year available to investors annually.   not much compared to hundreds of thousands of tons of gold out there.    62 times cheaper than gold?    15:1  has been the norm for most of the last 5000 years except since silver demonetization in the late 1800s.   I will exercise patience, diligence, and discipline with regard to this ratio.  Not betting the farm in one direction, but not underweighting for damn sure.
    I think there is one more down leg I really do, these cockbags just will not quit until they overplay their hand.   Will silver be $16 or $26 next, I don’t know, but I would say, if it’s money I don’t need for the next few years I know damn sure it doesn’t matter because new highs in silver will be made, it’s a mathematical certainty long term.  

    • “Ann Barnhardt for example.   With her it’s not the Jesuits, but the durn Moooooslims or whatever dookie she comes up with that’s the problem with the world.”
      Not that there aren’t people and groups in the world who really ARE problems, of course.  😉

  16. If she has a sudden fatal accident, you will know that she pissed off the wrong people.  The only way that they let her continue, is if she is either totally nuts, or is working for them in some dis-info capacity. 

  17. I got my Menehune bro to get da gold.  He know da lepachaun who lives right der by da rainbow. 
      I be in Hanalai in short time, pick up some grinds and gold. It’s all good bra.  Couzin Iz he singin’ der too.

    • There is the old church in Hanalei..Check em”
      YES!  Look UNDER the church!  Something like that would appeal to these elitist nutcases.  😉

    • @NetRanger808 , aside from changing flights in Oahu, Kauai is the only Hawaiian island we’ve been to.
      What we like about the Kekaha area is the lack of tourists.
      By the time February rolls into the cold, soggy Pacific NW, I am certainly ripe for yet another trip to Kauai!

  18. 1.000 t or 5.000+ t in China, 8.000 t in US?, 60.000 t in Vatican, 170.000 t in Hawaii?, 166.500 t on the Earth, or 250.000 t ?
    who cares?
    166 500 000 kg divided by 7 000 000 000 people = 0.0237 kg for 1 person = 23.7 g = 0.76 oz. for 1 person!
    I have more! And you?
    (plus couple of kg of silver of course!)

  19. Every catholic church built before or on 1938 has catacombs underneath them. Go to your local courthouse in your home town, wherever you live and ask to see the building designs for whichever church you wish to inspect. Today, they stretch across the block, and reach under apartments across the street, and run under the children’s baseball field caticorner-like. And those are even the ones up in northern California, built in the country.  

    • @Shamus001 , do you know why there are so very few Catholics living in America’s inner cities?
      I think it’s because most of those folks are capable of saying only ONE word after saying ‘mother,’ and it ain’t ‘superior!’

  20. The boom in PM’s has come and GONE, the sooner you ppl realise this the better, stop falling for all the propaganda, you will never see prices in Silver back in the high 40’s for a VERY long time, if ever, sell up while its not to late. Mark my words Silver will crash back to single digits in the near future. Get out while you can and stop making these Pm sprukers rich, they are the only winners.

  21. interesting how much ignoramus comments are made about Karen even before you start digging deeper into her assertions. She sounds like a nut job initially (trust me I’m the first to admit I said that to myself when I came across her work), but the deeper you dig the more legitimate this women becomes. Go do some digging before you brush her off. Regarding the amount of gold, its unverifiable, but what is, is that the gold was suppose to be held within a global collateral account which DOES NOT BELONG to the US and that a law suite was filed against the FED, UN, BIS, WORLD BANK etc. Its a big scenario and the people in power are counting on it that the little people won’t believe that such a plan exists. The 2 Japanese fellows caught at the Italian border were holding these global collateral bonds that were suppose to be redeemable for some of the gold stash. As I mentioned before, do your own research and verification. The powers at hand are counting we don’t and just blindly listen to the media.

  22. She probably misspoke, or (in a brief moment) mixed up the numbers. Saw her on a Greg Hunter interview, where she said that Germany wanted to repatriate 8000tons of gold, and Greg later corrected her, saying it was ~800. (but then, as in this interview, she was all fired up and ballistic, so didn’t seem to care about the correct numbers.)

  23. Well, she said that when whistleblowers work together, everything is ok for them, they manage it :
    So wrong ! When they begin to connect each other, things are getting worse for them, and very quickly, and very badly.
    She must know that, so she’s lying.
    And she’s not a true whistsle blower, she would have been stopped by any means. It could arrive russian TV presents whistleblowers, they don’t do it that way. Cf. Giulietto Chiesa, etc..
    What precise info does she give us ? Only one, that about gold.
    What’s the aim of her message ? It will discourage public interest in gold.
    That’s the only key of her message i can identify, but i could have missed something ?

    • Remember, it’s not the perceived value of the metal but the perceived value of the fiat that is purchasing it. Is that ounce of gold worth 1200 FRNs? Is that ounce of silver worth 20 FRNs?
      Not to me.

    • The plan is to move the 3rd Marine Division from Okinawa to Guam. Seems the Marines have worn out their welcome in Japan. A bit too much testosterone, beer, and young men. Men who`s training didn`t include manners, diplomacy or tact. They were and are trained to accomplish only 1 mission.
      I know some of the things that have happened in Japan are reprehensable.
      But, if and when the shit hit`s the fan in that area, these same Marines will take care of it. You don`t have to like them, just stay out of the way.

  24. Hudes is what I like to call a “burning effigy of the conspiracy movement”. She has a robotic and impersonal presentation like she is spewing out the talking points of her “coaches”. She has hit all the buzz words and catch phrases of the financial conspiracy world and, quite frankly, comes off as a kook. Once she has been paraded around the media circuit, people will start to use her as the label for those who talk about such things. “Oh, your one of those conspiracy kooks like Hudes.” A strawman, if you will. The reason for this is that there is no one person that personifies the financial conspiracy that has credibility; Alex Jones, Gerald Celente, et. al. have the kookiness but don’t have the mainstream credibility. This woman comes from the IMF. And she is a conspiracy kook. “Look! They’re all around us.” And she will be lacing her conspiratorial talk with disinformation to confuse those with normalcy bias and help them entrench their dislike for anyone who talks of such things.
    Ignore this woman. She has nothing to say of any value.

  25. For those who seek “mainstream credibility”, there is CNN, Bloomberg, MSNBC, AP News, Yahoo Finance, Reuters, etc, etc…   That is the media designed by the 1% to feed to the 99%.  Whenever Bernanke speaks, Gold and Silver prices get hit; whenever the Bretton Woods Committee Council meets, ditto…
    “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” –Henry Ford
    If there is not a revolution yet, it must mean that the people still do not understand the banking and monetary system.

  26. @Sovereign Economist – – – I emailed back and forth with Bob Chapman quite a bit over the years. (Especially after mentioning an econ course that his grand daughter could take online – she’s a very sharp kid). As many of us know, Bob Chapman was very generous with his time & helped people. I asked him about the alleged Japanese gold hoard after seeing a link to the book on Yamashita’s gold titled ‘Gold Warriors’ on his website. Bob’s take was that the stories seemed to possibly be true but that he thought they would have probably used what gold may have existed to suppress gold prices over the years. We also discussed that it could be used as a source of unaccountable ‘black project money’ so in that case, of course, they would not want so much of it to be released as to flood the market.
    Given his counter-intel background, Bob didn’t discount either of these possibilities.  (He had discovered too much of what he thought ‘true’ when he was young, wasn’t so.)  He knew the true story, pro or con, might not come out for many years – and maybe never.
    At the end of our discussion on the alleged Japanese gold hoards and large hidden stacks Bob asked “Where else are you going to put your money ?”   The destruction of fiat paper was a certainty in his opinion and the PMs (after taking care of your basic survival supplies) were the only bet, even given the very limited information available to us.

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