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Jim Willie editor of the Hat Trick letter joins Silver Doctors to Sound the Alarm: foreign governments are getting concerned about the Federal Reserve devaluing the U.S. dollar.

As a result, foreign governments are dumping U.S. debt at an unprecedented rate.

Regarding the U.S. presidential election, Willie says the polls and voting machines are rigged. However, Willie remains hopeful that after the election we will be released from this “fascist dictatorship.”

Stay tuned to hear The Golden Jackass answer viewers questions!

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Subscribe HERE for free to the Silver Doctors’ YouTube channel 

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    • Jesus f*cking christ, Elijah, you click-bait, view count obsessed whore, turn off the auto-play function when you embed a damn video. It’s the most annoying “feature” any website can have and has doubtlessly already increased the bounce rate here at SD since you’ve taken over.

      It’s bad enough that I have to listen to your whiny voice, your woefully underinformed questionnaires, and your cartoonishly ad-laden videos – but having them play without my consent is simply too much.

      Now back to your regularly-scheduled BS from the Golden Jackoff, as yet another metal salesman slut with ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY has on yet another dude selling a newsletter who is asked zero difficult questions challenging their narrative.

  1. The world will no longer buy our US Treasurys because of constant debt each year, now over 19,700,000,000,000 and climbing.

    Our continued overseas war on countries to create fear is unprecedented in human history, for the sake of the US dollar, other than Roman history.

    The world wants PEACE! Not constant War.

    Instead of winning the respect of other countries through commerce business products, it has been through conflict and War.

    Stacking the shiny one coin at a time


    • The United States and its Constitution stands in the way of the one world government /Beast Nations .  It has taken some time to dismantle this country from the foundation/belief in God  up . Remove God and Prayer from schools / Replace with humanist / evolution / world view/ No more Certain Inalienable RIGHTS GIVEN BY GOD AS IN THE CONSTITUTION. Destroy The Family  Unit , get women in the workplace / now we can collect two incometaxes per household / no one at home to teach children BIBLICAL VALUES / Like Hitler the children will be taught what the Government  teaches them in schools/LIES TAUGHT AS FACT/ NO MORAL /BIBLICAL VALUES.  Now takes two incomes to support a family. If a family suffers hard times and goes to the government for help, cant get much help, but if the woman with children kicks the man out of the house can get ALL KINDS OF WELFARE AND ASSISTANCE /CHILD SUPPORT =DESTROY THE FAMILY UNIT/FOUNDATION OF OUR COUNTRY.  TAKE GOD OUT OF ALL PUBLIC PLACES/REMOVE THE TEN COMMANDMENTS FROM COURTS OF LAW.  DESTROY INDUSTRY /NO JOBS /IMPOVERISH THE PEOPLE  , tax industry till it must go to other countries. No Economic Engine to Support the Country . Debt goes up up and away, our country is destroyed. Step by Step , All Planned and many many other things too numerous to mention .  All in the communist manifesto of taking control of a country. They didnt come up with it by themselves either,  goes way way back . The people give up their faith in God, give up their rights ,give up their defense and believe what they are taught by government sponsored schools and its all over but the crying .

      Jesus Reigns Forever and Ever Amen !!!!!!

    • @Zero  USA has been designed to be home of the beast since inception.  From hidden tunnels and masonic design of Washington DC, to funding murder of tzar and Russian revolution, USA is homeland to what religionsts call EVIL

    • @kochevnik

      I agree , The UN is the Beast Sys , And NY is the home of that. Yes DC is designed in satanic symbols .

      The only reason I believe The United States will not be part of the Beast Nations is because I believe The Bible prophecies . Looking around at how things look and the direction at this point the USA appears to be headed . There is no way I could say that the USA will not be part of the Beast Sys.  I have faith in God and Believe the Bible is the word of God and Believe that prophecies in the Bible says the USA will not be part of the Beast Nations .

    • @Falco

      Yes Sir, The key is to understand what has happened, why it has happened,Dispel All the Lies , Reveal Truth, Get back to the roots of our country / Bible , Understand The Prophecies the world is facing the worst times it has ever seen and the Bible tells us many things about this time and the time just ahead.  In this there are many lies as well , You must know it for yourself.  So many lies in the churches /so much deception even Jesus warned that IF IT WERE POSSIBLE THE VERY ELECT WOULD BE DECEIVED.

      MATTHEW 24:24For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

    • The United States is facing Judgement , Natural Disasters, Civil Unrest , Economic Problems, Possible Civil War , All these things are possible and happening . How bad will it get ??? How hard are the hearts of the people ??? Will the people turn away from evil ??? Will the people turn their hearts back to our roots/Bible/Jesus ???

      FOR SURE: The dollar will not remain the world reserve currency,as the Beast Nations will go to the Mark of The Beast System.  The United States will not be part of the Beast Nations but rather fight against them all the way to the Battle of Armageddon. WW3 (is not Armageddon) is one of the next things to happen according to Bible prophecy and will kill one third of mankind. WW3 starts out of the Euphrates river area (Euphrates river is housed by Turkey,Syria, Iraq, and Iran)and escalates to kill one third of mankind Rev9:13-21

      Proverbs 18:10 The name of the LORD (JESUS)is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.

  2. o boi! can i fasten my seat belt allready? Hold on a sec… a dollar collapse, i think iv heard it somewhere the past 5 years on this site.

    Site disclaimer ENTERTAINMET only…nice trolling down there, i see what you did.

    I think i got brainwashed by this site worse than hillary supporters

    • Yes , I think I said the same thing above. The Catholic church has even killed in the name of Christ for centuries.   This is obviously not Christ like.

      No new News to me , thanks for the heads up though

    • @silvereagle

      Jesus said many times false prophets and people would come in Jesus name , they will lie , cheat , and kill in the name of Jesus. Jesus said that many times just in Matthew 24 He also said Do not be deceived , He also warned this would happen. The religious leaders of Jesus time had him hung on a cross.  Just because evil people do evil things in the name of Jesus is Not a Good Excuse.  I am sure you have had employers lie and cheat you ????? Was it a good excuse to not pay your bills???? Was it a good excuse not to go get another job ???????????

      Yep religious leaders lie cheat and kill , we have someone running for president that should be hung for treason, But that will not be a good excuse for me not to believe nor will it be a good excuse for anyone else.

      Jesus Reigns Forever and Ever Amen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @ Zero, I was referring to people like you! All you talk about is the Bible or Jesus this, Jesus that. Yet you are all the biggest hypocrites around. You are so annoying! Can you just stick to the topics at hand???? This website is called Silverdoctors. It’s not a religious website. Take your nonsense elsewhere.

      (I beg the moderators on this website to please put a restriction on this person. PLEASE, enough already!)

    • @silvereagle

      If you think it annoys you , You should see how annoyed and figity these people get dedicated to Satan (at any level) around me. It is an entertaining thing to see ,for sure . It was like that for Jesus too !!!!!!!! They were sooo annoyed with Jesus they hung him from a cross , Jesus’s deciples as well.  I am sure it has always been that way , people that follow God/Jesus with all their heart annoy those not willing to do so.  They have the gutts to stand up against evil , not just duck their head and hide. They do not fear man , but God only.

    • John you misspelled Jesus

      and No !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      and you misspelled Hallelujah twice should be:

      Hallelujah, Hallelujah,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Jesus Reigns !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  3. Zero my friend, there is even more of a devious plot behind what you outline:

    Let’s take destroying the middle class by shipping good paying manufacturing jobs to Mexico: this reduces the ability for hard-working middle class folks to raise a family: they don’t understand taking “welfare.” So, it is population control/genocide, while creating a financial base in Mexico for them to have larger families.

    Take universities offering classes in “white privilege”: it allows Chosenites to Project their own actions that foment wars abroad so Chosenite bankers can make money in military arms, while burdening our kids with huge debt that is a disincentive to have children: they can’t afford a house, much less start and raise a family…plus the Chosenite bankers hold that $1.2 Trillion in student debt and the university Administration is overly-represented by overpaid Chosenites.

    And, it empowers, for instance, kooks like “Blacklivesmatter” linking hands and blocking white students at Cal-Berkeley from attending classes a few days ago. The white students had to cross through a wooded area under a bridge to avoid conflict, while the campus cops stood hands on hips and watched.  This campus used to be a highly ranked school, still taking in billions in DOD research funding, like at Livermore Labs.

    I’d wager if the Administration wanted to, they’d have that blockade removed in minutes. But they don’t, why is that? How about a retiring Chosenite professor at Cleveland State earlier this year, stating “white males should self-genocide, they aren’t good for anything, at least a brother can breed a white woman?” That is a fact.

    This is an all out assault on White Americans and Europeans by a very easily identified segment of society.

    I’d remind they make up Narratives and Stories to Control.

    • @farang

      I only gave a few examples and said there was too much to list. The destruction of our country is pretty far reaching , and the agenda these days seems to be along the lines of divide and conquer . The one world government would love, love ,love to see a civil war in the USA.

    • The people that rule our world are doing everything they can to get rid of the Bible, belief in God so they can rule obedient slaves. Followers of God/Jesus do not make good mindless drones at all . They tend to be revolutionary !!!! History shows this !!!! Twelve Guys Jesus taught turned the whole world upside down in 30 years or so.  Or way before that they tend to be fearless in the face of death and stand against evil. Or in the USA do you think it was a rag tag group of Godless men that overthrew the greatest military in the world to get our independence from Britain??

      Rag tag they were but Fearless and God Fearing they were. Dont kid yourself !!!!!

  4. I need to add that these Chosenites, in their “own state” where they genocide the native population that must be related to the Aramaens, receive free university education, and the populace free universal health care, while rejecting immigration. This is not including the billions military arms we give them.

    Not to mention they have been convicted of spying on their “unshakable ally”: the USA. They stole nuclear technology from us. They were caught spying on us: who do you think Hillary was sending Top Secret docs to? It wasn’t Russia or China, patriots.

    While they receive billions and billions from the US they milk dry: we are their latest “Golden Calf”. Including an upcoming $35 Billion in “non-military funding.” For what? Read the opening paragraph again.

    Read what Bibi “Netenyahu” stated about milking us dry, then we can “dry up and blow away for all he cares.” He told that to the spy Bobama set free. Be very careful grasping tight to non-existent fables…written by Chosenites.

    • This world is full of evil and deception ,be careful not to hate people , but hate evil. Nobody is smart enough to have written the Bible over the thousands of years and get it all right even today but God Alone.

    • You gotta be pretty sharp and lead by the spirit of God  to even understand it. I laugh at the thought of some people conspiring writing it to control people of today. Most people are not doing at all what it says and evil prevails in our world today. But to think evil people wrote it to control people today , Too too funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The people that rule our world are doing everything they can to get rid of the Bible, belief in God so they can rule obedient slaves. Followers of God/Jesus do not make good mindless drones at all . They tend to be revolutionary !!!! History shows this !!!! Twelve Guys Jesus taught turned the whole world upside down in 30 years or so.  Or way before that they tend to be fearless in the face of death and stand against evil. Or in the USA do you think it was a rag tag group of Godless men that overthrew the greatest military in the world to get our independence from Britain??

      Rag tag they were but Fearless and God Fearing they were. Dont kid yourself !!!!!

  5. @Nogreenrectangle

    yes , there is a trend, a system almost infallible that seems to have been almost 100% accurate the last 4 years or so, and for $1000 I will let anybody know, but for you…special  price…

    Anybody who predicts any price in the future, no matter what time period , no matter what parameters, no matter what market  is ALWAYS wrong

    I hope for your sake you are right

    Now I am in Europe……. that will be 6 hours ahead so if we havent retraced by 5-6 pm US   you will add to the statistics

    Good luck!



  6. Counting every character 97.3% it’s religious talk for and back on SD.   Zero’s and under zero’s will be

    wiped out by Kardasians, Mars, Budda, Gilgamesh, Jahve, Aton, Amon, Isiris, Athena, Zeus, Pluto, Hillary,

    Artemis, Hera, Prometeus and put in Hades, Cerber is waiting for you, Kronos will measure your time in

    Hades, good luck with your Jesus mercy, he is only one against about over 600 other gods. He will spare

    you, of course,  he’s the BEST of other few hundreds of gods, and he (Jesus) will kill  7 billions of other’s

    because they are infidels. Do not worry, you are safe. You are christian.


    • Yep , you got it right and Satan is the chief of those lessor Gods and Jesus is the Great God Almighty and Satan asks him for permission to do ANYTHING !!!!!!

      YOU GOT IT RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Not to nitpick but white phosphorous doesn’t burn people alive.  It burns them dead.  He keeps going on about Saudi Gold and US Treasury bonds that the Saudis can’t redeem or repatriate. He’s said it in like three interviews so far.   That’s ancient history.  Can’t we just move on? Hey. We can pay the national debt with coal.  Yeah.  Tell em to take it or leave it. Works for me anyway.  Coal is burned all around the globe.   Less and less over here.  Uncle Sam is getting into the pension business.  Pensions R US.  That’s probably not going to work out well.  Rate hikes are silly talk.  Tell um Jim.

    • Yes, well, he also said he had looked deep into Vladimir Putin’s eyes and seen good things in his soul. What he really liked was when Putin said, of the Chechen “rebels and terrorists,” (sort of like our attitude toward Phillipinos opposing the American takeover from Spain in 1898, just as they were on the brink of defeating them, a  historical fact well remembered by Rodrogo Duterte, but practically no Americans) that  “if  they run and hide in the sh*thouse, I’ll  blast them out of the sh*thouse.”)

      Friedrich Nietzsche, son of a clergyman, wrote in The Antichrist that he had studied scriptures long and hard and came away wondering if Christ were the only Christian.  Between reading quotes from George Bush  and seeing ads on TV where various professionals claim their profit-making operations are “Christ-centered” (wouldn’t that be blasphemy?) I begin to understand where he was coming from.



  8. Say . . . isn’t this a rather dated interview?  You should at least make that obvious by stating WHEN  it was done.

    as long as I am complaining, I would also note that I preferred the previous SD Bullion salesperson, who looked less like a used car salesman

  9. It’s rainin derivatives AMEN its rainin derivatives AMEN!  Once that storm starts, there will be no stopping it.  It will be the likes of nothing witnessed before.

    Also, Obama is as honest as Hillary.  They should be both charged with Treason.

























  10. Ya know, I’m not bothered by people calling Jim Willie nuts, inaccurate, coke sniffer during podcasts..etc… If one checks his website, even the public portion without subscribing, he has an incredible track record for the information he gets/finds/is given… Unfortunately its info not all of us think of in the immediate present if at all…till it becomes obvious.  Further, his predictions are not for the Day Yrader… But it all comes to fruition…eventually…and here we are…living all the so called conspiracy theories we’ve all been trying to tell people (selectively), not just from goldenjackass but many others.  Its all here… Happening…and accellerating…. Just wish China would depeg now before next FOMC meeting and save my “premature” gold bets!!!!  …. Sigh….something needs to happen… Just my 2 cents, rather 200 RMB…ha!

  11. One of the reasons I rarely visit this site any more…

    A 3 week old interview reposted without notification… call me crazy but I just can’t seem to muster that extra effort to drop by to be abused by a web site looking for my patronage… Meh!

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