A storm approaches like no other financial storm ever seen on the face of the earth.
A derivatives contagion capable of wiping out the entire financial system in an hour, is coming. 


By SD Contributor Marshall Swing:

From the Land of Mindanao in the Philippines, I wish everyone who reads my weekly article great insight into where metal prices are going in the near and long term future as you are indeed zealous of the money earned by you and know that a storm approaches like no other financial storm ever seen on the face of the earth in any country.

Many say the bond markets and the derivatives market (who help insure the bonds market and further irresponsible casino betting in financial instruments that are often extremely difficult to quantify the risk to all parties is going to crash soon.

Indeed, it is VERY INTERESTING to read the 17th and 18th chapters of the Book of Revelation in the bible because it seems to forecast just such an event.  Are these times upon us?  Many think so…

Many say once the dominos of the derivatives start falling it is unstoppable and in the Revelation we are told things collapse in just one hour.  1 hour?

Is that possible?

Well, with computer networks all over the world and all the world’s counter-party risk joined together through instant electronic links, once a massive default is issued then every counter-party down the line could feel the repercussions virtually instantly.

Then, someone in this world has to come in and save the day 😉

That someone would most likely be the President of the United States offering his plan to stabilize the economic system but in a new way since the currency of the old system would no longer be backed by the faith of anyone in the world and no one would trust anyone to make financial doings until confidence between currencies was satisfied and international trading could resume.

It is indeed interesting that one Karen Hudes, a former senior lawyer for the IMF, told the world last year as a whistleblower the ways of the IMF and declared the banking establishment of the Catholic Church in Rome to be pulling the strings.  She also declared the United States to be in possession of Yamashita’s  gold stored in the Bank of Hawaii to the tune of 175,000 tons, which is greater than or about equal to the current estimates of all gold ever mined from the earth.

So, the President of the United States rushes in to save the day and the world loves him for it and the Congress of the U.S. changes the law about 2 terms and the President runs for and wins another term easily and the world falls deeply in love with the one who averted total financial chaos in the world and they follow after him (and worship him more than now)…

A very interesting week in the numbers from the metal’s futures trading on the Commodities’ Exchange in New York where the determination of the silver and gold prices are made through adding the values of total of longs and shorts together then dividing by the total number of longs and shorts.

For every long there must be a short to make a contract.

It IS a casino where the dominant players are banks who control the price and their partners that they invest their money.  Sometimes banks have been known to bet against their customers 😉

In silver this past COT period, the large speculators are gambling mighty and added to their totals almost 6,000 additional short contracts while the commercials covered just over 4,000 shorts to reap some easily earned cash.  Lot’s of cash!

We see in the disaggregated COT that the producer merchant bullion banks AND the swap dealers held a joint venture in the short covering cash reaping exercise.  They probably met for lunch somewhere and whispered sweet insider trading nothings in each other’s ears as agreement to pursue financial success at the whim of the global elites.

One more thing to point out in the silver numbers is there was an addition of almost 5,000 new contracts to the open interest totals so SOMEBODY picked up almost 5,000 new longs to go with the almost 5,000 new shorts of the large specs BUT we do not see it revealed in the numbers exactly who picked up those longs but I will go ahead and make my guess it is the commercials who got the lion’s share of them but this Truth is covered up in the totals of the numbers as Truth sometimes hides in plain sight but in this case is seen through a glass darkly.

In gold, we see the large speculators loaded up the truck with shorts to the tune of almost 16,000 additional short contracts, in fact, in the disaggregated COT we see managed money with just under 20,000 new shorts!!

They are in total agreement with my predictions there will be a huge collapse in the metals prices within about a year or so and they are doubling down to take advantage of it.  They are becoming the bedfellows of the bullion banks and the swap dealers as everyone is rushing about to grab as much easy cash as they can when the commodities collapse takes place and then position themselves going long to take advantage of extreme lows and easy cash at high prices in the stratosphere round about 3rd quarter 2015 and beyond that time.

This is in total agreement with what Martin Armstrong has been predicting for a huge market collapse in 2015.75 and as equities reach unprecedented highs metals will reach unprecedented lows because there is no fear in the world of fiat.  Armstrong tells us because of unstableness around the world major capital is seeking safer havens back home in the West.  What will happen in that the whole West will reap gains but as fear starts to spread in Europe all the major capital heads for the United States, the land of the free and home of the brave who made compacts with mother England hundreds of years ago then reneged on those contracts with the bloody war of revolution that cost many many hundreds of thousands of seemingly innocent young men their lives (needlessly) while the bankers reaped the rewards of a new empire.  Curious how to 2 school ground adversaries are now the best of friends, isn’t it?

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While the large gold speculators were gorging themselves at the SHORT TABLE the commercials were divesting themselves of shorts making fiat cash hand over fist.  The small speculators were busy divesting of longs and shorts as they are divided somewhat and they cannot withstand a big short covering depression in the gold price so their longs have to come out of the game while others of them have figured out the game and reaped cash on the own short coverings by fairly similar numbers.

HOWEVER, unlike silver, the gold producer merchant was virtually silent in total numbers as their counterparts the swap dealers were the real short covering artists having learned their craft from their investment mentors the bullion banks.

Where is metal price headed this coming week?

Probably stagnant or slightly depressed as with the large speculators in full agreement with the swap dealers about where price is desired they are biding their time before they attempt to cash in on those shorts because the massive position of the swap dealers rules in gold and for quite some time now neither the bullion banks nor the swap dealers have shown any desire whatsoever to trip the speculators out of their shorts in order to make quick cash in an HFT long rally designed to remove competing shorts.

Sell in May and go away?

The smart paper players bought shorts in May but their ultimate fate is determined by the global elite unless they take their profits now before the collapse, but depression has a way of dulling the senses of those who are looking for an exit.

Until next week, and still in the Land of Mindanao under the watchful eye of Mt. Apo!

Stay thirsty to physical, my friends and buy now while it exists on the shelves of the SilverDoctors,


The most interesting man in the world

PS  if you want to see the reports on the weekly numbers they are here http://www.cftc.gov/dea/futures/deacmxlf.htm and here http://www.cftc.gov/dea/futures/other_lf.htm

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  1. So now we can add anti-Catholicism to these bad price predictions and tepid analysis? Great…
    It would be helpful if Protestant proclaimers of Christianity could remember that between Creationism and End Times, theres lots more in between.

  2. The book of The  Revelation of Jesus Christ is a present spiritual  truth of self, and pictures the proses of our soul  in  its relation to our Spirit when ruled over by flesh, and the desolation this unholy marriage to five husbands brings us to, the purpose of this proses being to teach us the truth of self, which is we are not separate from GOD or each other

    or as Jesus said in a word , I AM         

    • He sure did, our Brother Jesus being in the image of His/our Father made this clear in both the old and the new Testaments. understanding that Jesus being  the face/glory of His/our Father and therefore our perception of GOD in the old testament { this being the order of things}  Jesus then emptied/divested himself and came amongst us to tell us of our Father who’s soul we collectively are, understanding that Jesus did nothing of Himself, but was lead by the Spirit of Truth within Himself, and this very same Spirit of truth is within all men, seeing this  SPIRIT is  the LIFE  that we are {I AM}    


      Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am. John 8:58


  3. Is this site turning into Christian camp for boys and girls staring down the apocalypse? How about keeping religion out of it.  Mr. good&evil is taking it to a whole other level.

    • @Hapa @GBS
      So let me get this straight. Any mention of a pivotal text that is imprinted into Western Culture for the last 2000yrs is irrelevant because you both personally woke up in the 21st Century and decided that being Godless was the ‘in thing’ and/or that your own ideology is superior to others?
      This is the first article on SD that itself has directly mentioned a quote from a Religious background that I have seen in months, and out of the first 5 comments on this thread the Atheist Mafia contribute 2 of them.
      Your God Bashing is just as irritating to Christians as you find so called ‘Bible Bashing’ … nobody lives in a vacuum, look in the mirror. If Christians have to hide their opinions so much as to NEVER get the chance to express Christian Context on modern events, then this is a form of Censorship!
      How about some true liberty instead of hypocrisy … let’s call it a new age of reason maybe. Where we show a reasonable lack of hypocrisy. Stop your own bashing!

    • Profile photo of
      Proverbs1616 says:

      Would you be happier if this site stuck to profanity-thumping perverts that post semi-porno Photoshopped pictures?

    • No, but it would do better YOU didn’t create animosity by constant preaching.  I don’t care what you believe in as long as it doesn’t intrude into the rights of others not to listen to it. If this religious trend continues on Silver Doctors I will likely be taking my PM business elsewhere …

    • I see “Cyberspace Void” ,
      so you are upset because the minority Christian fundamentalists occasionally preach the Bible truth, while the majority secularists post vile, vulgar, sexually explicit stuff that makes level-headed parents avoid allowing their kids to visit PM blogs? Why you would act like a Left-Wing liberal who considers Christians practicing free speech to be a hindrance to their “rights” is beyond me: surely you can be less emotional, childish, and unbalanced by not throwing a hissy fit tantrum over the occasional preaching of Bible truth and threatening to not visit this PM blog again as you put your fingers in your ears. This is Left-Wing liberal democrat behaviour, not adult behaviour. I know you can be above that, so be above that. As they say: grow up.
      I Corinthians 1:18-19
      For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.

    •  Silver Dollar:
      Allow me to respectfully disagree. Have you killed thousands and thousands of enemies at close quarters with swords like mighty King David did? He didn’t use profanity, yet he was a much better warrior than you.
      And I know a Marine Artillery Captain who just retired from the Marines after tours in Irak and Afghanistan to become a missionary, and this man’s man of a Marine doesn’t utter profanity.
      So, sir, you can kill Taliban and jihadists without uttering one expletive 😀
      Semper Fi 😉

    • In the Marine Corps I knew, profanity was a media woven like fine tapestry. An art form. Times change. The Marine Corps is a culture of death and distruction. And we were real good at it. Profanity is to be avoided in polite company. But, it`s like cigarettes, hard to lay down.
      I am trying.
      Semper Fi

    • “Poverbs1616” said: “I know you can be above that, so be above that. As they say: grow up.”

      I have grown far beyond you, my ‘friend’.  I have lived around the world in Christian, Muslim, Hindi and Buddhist cultures and I have found all of them to have similar basic tenets. The differences between them I see is a result of corruption of these basic truths. As such I am now much more spiritual in nature than religious (religion defined here  as a HUMAN defined methodology in worship with canon laws etc.). I was raised Christian, was heavily involved in Church work and even asked to become a deacon in the past, but I have been enlightened by my travels and interactions. I have come to recognize that many who preach whatever gospels and interpretations of whatever Bible or other Holy Book your sect believes in have themselves been corrupted by religion’s power and now use it as a tool to suit their goals. It is plain as day when you see preachers create megachurches and live luxuriously off parishioner’s tithes …. and it disgusts me to see them fight for their 30 shekels of silver. I don’t need you or anyone else to remind me what God wants as I have a one-on-one relationship and don’t need you as an interpreter.

      Wallow all you want in your self-righteous mantle that you have woven for yourself. And since you have chosen to label me as a left-wing liberal, I can now feel free to rank you and your ilk with corrupt, self-serving bankers that feed on human insecurity and ignorance. Your forum membership may give you ability to post your ramblings here, but is it the right place to do so? I imagine you drive more people away than you inspire.

      Now if there were just some way I could block your posts …..

    • I have mentioned I was a Marine several times. I`m proud of it. The Lord helps he who helps himself. Marines understand this. Thats why the streets in heaven are guarded by United States Marines. It`s in the hymn. Ask anybody.

    • Cyberspace Void
      Jesus was upset by greedy religious leaders in his day too, so welcome to the club, nothing new under the sun there (hehe, reference to Ecclesiastes there).
      For a gentleman who has lived all over the world and who has grown up, I find your threat against SD that you will take your business elsewhere for occasionally including Christian truth to be childish and overly emotional, at best. Did you act this way with Muslims in the Middle East, with Hindus in India, or with Buddhists in Thailand?
      I didn’t call you a Left-Wing liberal, I said you are acting like one. They always throw a tantrum when the Christians make use of their free speech rights. And your going on about wishing you could block my posts proves my point: this is liberal hissy fit behaviour. Do you see me boycotting SD and throwing hissy fits because of all the vulgar, crude, immature and immoral posts with pictures of women in thongs and bras? I just skip ahead and ignore the idiocy I don’t like. You are free to ignore me like I ignore so many on here.
      As for all religions having the same tenets: There are only two religions in the world, not thousands.
      99.9% of religions teach: DO. You must “DO” something to earn God’s favour or to have good Karma etc. etc.
      Only Christianity teaches: DONE. You can “DO” nothing to have a relationship with God, Jesus “DONE” all the work for us on the Cross.
      All other religions: “DO” something.
      Christianity: It is “DONE”, all you have to do is accept it and be born again.

    • Silver Dollar
      I know, I have myself been in the military 😀
      Point is this: the Marine Captain endured as a good soldier of Christ, enduring the sneering at the fact that he didn’t swear or drink. Albeit, this successful Marine Officer did get to lead a few comrades to Christ in Irak! So, many made fun of him over the years, but a few souls will spend eternity with Jesus instead of being in Hell because he stood up for Jesus in the Marines.
      Also knew a Ranger Sergeant who was the leader of one of the blackhawks over Mogadishu (his didn’t get shot down), and while being an Army Ranger made it hard not to be vulgar or perverted, he stood for Jesus.
      So, if you are saved, just ask Jesus to help you… If He is powerful enough to save you, He is powerful enough to change you 🙂

  4. Hey Folks! My first post!
    In regards to the end times. I for one, don’t think we are anywhere close. The United States is not mentioned in the book of Revelation at all. This means to me, our global roll must be significantly diminished before any of that happens.
    Translation, the feces is going to hit the ceiling mounted oscillator at some point and it is going to be really bad for a LOOOONNNG time before we hear any trumpets.
    Stack on!
    P.S. May I suggest a holistic approach to all of you. Stack PM’s but you will want food, fuel, led bullion…a means to deliver it, a place to go, long term planning and a way to stay self supported and off the radar for a good deal of time until things stabilize. You will need training and a plan.
    Rock on folks! 

    • P.S. The topic of religion was brought up in the article so the door is wide open for people to comment accordingly.
      P.S.S. If he thinks this Congress will vote to give Obama another term his mind has left the reservation.

  5. It is not against the “rules” to quote Christian bible verses in a general forum but it does somewhat segregate those of us who are not Christian. The global public is not all Christian and therefore can’t all relate. What if someone here started quoting the Qur’an? In this article religion is being referenced but when it isn’t, it’s just accepted politeness to omit sectarian religious beliefs. For the record…..I am a Christian.

    • I agree. Focus on what this website is about, and keep the preaching in either the church, mosque, synagogue or temple of your choice. If you don’t remember let me remind you …… Jesus only preached to those that came to hear Him speak … He did not force Himself on others as to do so only drives people away.

    • @SilverSlicker
      “It is not against the “rules” to quote Christian bible verses in a general forum but it does somewhat segregate those of us who are not Christian.”
      Indeed.  Not only that, but… some of us ARE Christians who do not let ANYONE tell us what it means to be a Christian or how we should observe our faith.  Like CSV, I have a deep and loving 1 on 1 relationship with God and do not need anyone else butting in.   🙂
      I also agree that this might be better served in a chat room area, rather than in the comments sections after an article.  This is SILVER Doctors and not Holy Roller Doctors.  Peace, all.

  6. The Bible typically takes the long view, but Revelation 18 does does make 3 separate references to the one hour time span and absolutely gives the impression that, if possible, the Bible itself is impressed by the speed of the collapse.
    The Bible yields up little respect that way, we all do well to pay attention.

  7. Profile photo of
    Proverbs1616 says:

    My only problem with injecting Christianity in PM discussions is that Jesus’ teachings are sometimes forgotten. I think being fiscally wise is good, but being a PM hoarder is unbiblical.
    Matthew 6:19-21
    lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:
    But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

    • Being fiscally prudent is wise: stacking treasure on Earth is unbiblical.
      Watch this 5-minute video to understand my point of view… I am not anti-PM, just eternity-focused.

    • IMO there is a difference between “hoarding” and “stacking”. 
      I do not stack at the expense of other priorities. Whaddya say, Proverbs? 
      I say that today’s “money”, and clamoring after that is a FAR GREATER SIN than seeking honest money. 
      The Bible says: “For the LOVE of money is the root of all kinds of evil” (1 Timothy 6:10) and that being true, 
      how much MORE evil is it to pursue this filthy “fiat” that man has used as a replacement for REAL Money? 
      People do all the evil that is ascribed to money, for this degenerate, filthy FIAT and think they are just 
      “making a living” when they are selling their souls for (future) worthless PAPER! 
      How much more evil is FIAT than the true money GOD gave to man??? Infinitely. 
      Properly used money is GOOD, for it is from GOD. Now any Good Thing can be perverted, but 
      FIAT is a perversion to begin with, assigning “value” to a worthless debt note. Certainly SATAN 
      himself spawned this evil plan, executed by his bank$ter cronies. 
      That is my 2¢ worth, take it or leave it. Even if I could convert all my “retirement fiat” to PMs, I would. 
      Call that hoarding if you will, but I think that is wrong. It is much more noble to stack than to hoard $!
      Big Difference…

  8. Karen Hudes thinks the Vatican is the home of the Coneheads Aliens ,and she has never seen the physical Gold in Hawaii , be carefully in Mindanao ,it’s an American Blacklist ,you could be missing easily.Good Luck

  9. For those of you who would like a non-fundamentalist, dispassionate examination of the political, philosophical, theological, cultural, and yes, even scientific aspects of Christianity, there is no better read that Dinesh D’Sousa’s What’s So Great About Christianity. This helps put Western developments of the last 800 years in perspective. Just one thought about the US from John Adams (2nd American President for those who may have forgotten): 
    “…we have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, • would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

    If that doesn’t about say it all about our times, I don’t know what does.

    • @DanDaley Great quote by Adam’s.
      Reminds me of the ‘Enlightenment Nihilists’ (as per Jacobi) … even Adam’s was aware of the pit falls of both a State-Church separation, and also the pit falls in maintaining a State-Church relationship … oh for the middle ground to be safe, but it rarely is. Point-case present situation of the United States and Europe; overrun by nihilism, materialism and demagoguery, with religious faith being scapegoated by an Anti-Theist Mafia armed with strawman arguments and with no better solution to the worlds problems except the fundamentalist use of single words like ‘Reason’ or ‘Science’ or my favorite by the mystically inclined intellectual masturbationists ‘Gnostic’.
      Oh look, I rambled a little 😛

  10. I’m very disappointed about religion affairs on SD today.
    As an atheist coming from a very religious family, I always respect the right for everybody on this earth to have the freedom of his own opinions, belief and faith.
    But, most important, such opinions (both sides) should remain a private affair, and prozelytizing (both sides) free from public places.
    Peace is at that price.
    Tolerance is the key. Passion is not.

    • Profile photo of
      Proverbs1616 says:

      What does your Fiat US$ say on it?
      “In God We Trust”
      I hear the lovely Yuan caters to atheists more than the evil Federal Reserve: maybe you should move to that bastion of economic-civil liberty called China.
      No one will bother you about God there 😉 (except for the millions of Chinese who are coming to Christ after experiencing the emptiness of atheistic Communism, but hey, if you don’t speak Mandarin, you won’t understand their preaching, so it is a win-win… right?).

    • @proverbs1616
      What does your Fiat US$ say on it? “In God We Trust”
      Sorry, but fortunatly on our Euros we don’t have a such sentence.
      maybe you should move to that bastion of economic-civil liberty called China.
      I lived in China, Taiwan, HK many years (and have been married with a Chinese women during 15 years) and others various countries on the 5 continents. In more than 100 countries I travelled, I met a lot of nice people, cultures, social & political sytems. Sorry to tell you, but it’s not in our western countries where I feel the most free and confortable.

    • @MaxSilver
      Fair enough, Euros have pretty arches, not “In God we Trust”.
      As a European then, may I ask, who was a bigger blessing to Europe, the United States where Christianity was dominant (it is less and less) and where Christianity played a major role in defining the nation (in spite of its Masonic founders), or the atheist-communist USSR?
      As for China: can’t speak about your wife, but you are telling me that China is more free than the West?
      Are any webistes censored in Europe? no. In China, oh yes!
      If you became Christian, would you go to prison for giving out a Gospel tract in Europe? No.
      In China? Oh yes! (I personally know a man who spent time in prison in China for giving a Gospel tract to an undercover cop on the streets of Beijing).

    • @MaxSilver
      What about never shrinking from controversy.
      Words are an acceptable and required battlefield in a free and open society.
      You can in fact avoid religious points of view by simply not reading them can you not?
      Is the right to personally pick and choose what opinions to absorb not a God given right? … or perhaps simply a Logical Approach if that terminology would suit an atheist better?
      The whole argument on this thread arose simply because an Author chose to quote a Core Text of Western Civilization that is 2000yrs old, with as much right to be quoted as any other. And being that it purported to predict the collapse of western civilization it is also now relevant.
      This thread simply exposes the inherent hypocrisy and bias of many people who live in the purely secular world and cannot handle a different point-of-view if it touches the new Secular Taboo of the new Secular Fundamentalism (the Bible … the ‘B’ word … shhh people; taboo)

    • @WNBS
      I don’t know if i understood everything in your comment, but yes you are right, I don’t want enter in controversy anymore.
      Moreover, explain my thoughts in English language is difficult for me.
      I just think that there are specialized forums for speaking about religions.
      And i would be curious about some of readers reaction here on SD if some post say “Allah Akbar ” with some Coran sentences.

    • @Willnotbeaslave said: “The whole argument on this thread arose simply because an Author chose to quote a Core Text of Western Civilization that is 2000yrs old, with as much right to be quoted as any other.”

      That is definitely not MY issue …. heck, I  still haven’t read the article.  

      My issue is that some here insist on posting their religious  views into every thread. While I am happy for them that they found their own way in whatever religion or not they adhere, this forum is not the place for proselytism. I have seen many well-meaning people (but particularly those of fundamentalist Christian and Muslim faiths) drive a wedge of contempt between them and the rest of society over this very action ….. God has to come to you personally, and I would bet it’s not going to be thru Silver Doctors.  

    • @Cyberspace-Void
      Use your roller ball on your mouse. Skip the comments you don’t like, it’s much easier than trying t censor people by heckling them. Yes some comments are annoying, but you will notice people of a more moderate take on Faith are not replying to these very long off topic spiels. They will come and go if you pay no attention to them.

  11. If I want a sermon I will attend church.
    However I see nothing wrong in mentioning on this or any other forum that “Biblical” money is gold and silver. Regardless if you are Christian or of any other spiritual bent honest money is a valid historical, moral and ethical fact.
    With regards to PM I have watched and read with great interest “predictions” over the years starting with the late great Bob Chapman, writers on this and other sites, coin dealers, brokers and bankers. I have come to the realization nobody knows for certain what the future holds.
    Placing a date or time frame on a future events has become tiresome and tedious for me. I find these sorts of predictions silly and foolish. People can’t get the weather right even a day or two out but I am supposed to swallow hook line and sinker the blast off date for PM’s or the impending time of total financial collapse?
    The only good PM advice I have gleaned from years of reading and studying: have patience, buy physical, buy useful tangible assets and if it’s written on paper it’s only worth the paper it’s written on.

    • Good Comment. 
      My take on the apocalyptic language of Revelations is much more free form.
      These folks who try and force the text of the book to world events have a horrible track record in the specifics!
      They are batting a cumulative combined .000 in baseball notation, for the Bible itself says elsewhere,
      “No man knows the day or the hour” of the second coming of Jesus, and THAT is THE END! 
      The way they interpret these visions of John is that all of this must occur prior to Jesus’s return.
      None of it seems to have happened, (remember when the formation of the Euro Zone  was the building of the 
      BEAST with all the heads and horns? The numbers have been off for years now… )  😉 
      Premillennialism is a J.O.K.E. 

    • @undeRGRound,
      The second coming was here and most all of you missed it. Even though he was well announced and all. 
      Good cover up job if most self-proclaimed Christians have not heard of this. Had he come today, his videos would be trending virally. Writing up some new verses in monk hand real time, non-stop.
      That’s what you get from obsessing over (supposedly) 2000 year old (often redacted) writing.

      If there ever was a prophet, compare him to this guy. Well documented rather than millenniums of folklore bundled up in a book.
      The Israelis gave this faith a holy mountain if they would just shut up about what they had to say. And to this day they don’t do missionary work or smack signs on Washington buses. Cheapest silence every bought, a mountain to shut a faith up.

      I’m not a follower (so take the usual grain of salt) but I can sort BS from awesome pretty well, being an ex-believer. If you feel inclined to pray to someone, check it out. Makes more sense than the older religions. Ties it all together nicely. It has minor flaws (celibacy), but hey, it’s 19th century marketing. A faith that doesn’t not evolve with humanity is by definition outdated.

  12. This article is full of contradictions.
    The most flagrant of all is:
    “They are in total agreement with my predictions there will be a huge collapse in the metals prices within about a year or so” vs. “Stay thirsty to physical, my friends and buy now”
    If the author believes that pm prices will collapse in a year or so why is he advising us to buy them
    now? If his predictions are true wouldn´t we be better of buying the pm´s in a year or so?

    • @Paco
      “If the author believes that pm prices will collapse in a year or so why is he advising us to buy them now? If his predictions are true wouldn´t we be better of buying the pm´s in a year or so?”
      Perhaps I misread the article but from my reading he is saying that the derivatives and thus the entire paper empire will be collapsing, not PM prices.  Since we cannot know exactly when this will happen, it would be best to prepare as best we can and as soon as we can.  Did anyone else see something different in this?

    • @Ed_B @Paco
      Actually, he could be totally correct. Just because prices fall does not mean that demand will not rise so fast that you will not miss out.
      We here know the Futures market is being used to push the price down, so when the Fiat house of cards tips over, the ‘price’ may actually fall even though demands for physical cannot be fulfilled.
      We live in the twilight zone of economics now. Demand can go up whilst prices are falling … what he is really saying even though he should have been more clear (IMO) is that a Bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.
      If you can buy an Oz of Silver for $20 today and get delivery, of buy a contract in the future that is $5/oz but never get delivery, why would you not buy now?
      He’s saying that IT (the big one) is close … I predict Sept-Oct 2015. I don’t like picking dates, but recent short positioning trends by the TBTF and geo-political constraints that are coming to a head right now makes me believe that next year is the new 2001/2008 moment. The economic leveling off however is occurring right now.

    • “Just because prices fall does not mean that demand will not rise so fast that you will not miss out.”
      How many negatives can be put into a single sentence?  lol
      In days of old, there was a symmetry in the market between supply and demand and prices.  Demand and price tended to rise or fall together.  There was an inverse relationship between supply and price.  All that seems to be scrambled today thanks to the massive manipulation that has occurred.  But this tends to be inconsistent, sometimes working as we expect and sometimes not.  Take 2013 for example.  Gold demand was rising while at the same time gold prices were falling.  In a free market this probably can’t happen because those who want gold in a tight market would be bidding up the price.  The fire sale in the gold market likely was but one example of this and indicates the breadth of the manipulation in various markets.  I am wondering if we are not getting so far from the “free market” today that many people would not recognize one if they saw it.  Is this becoming the “new normal”?  One can only hope that it is not.  Whatever else its faults may be, the free market IS sustainable while the current manipulated market is not.
      “We here know the Futures market is being used to push the price down, so when the Fiat house of cards tips over, the ‘price’ may actually fall even though demands for physical cannot be fulfilled.”
      Yes, we do know that and we have actually seen it with our own eyes.  Back in 2008, the price of silver dropped below $9 an oz. very briefly.  But getting any silver at that price was definitely difficult.  Some people got some at that price but had to wait months for delivery.  Others made orders and paid for some silver that they never got.  Most did not get any at that price.  Most of the on-line retailers had “OUT OF STOCK” banners draped across many of the items that they usually had to sell.  Some likely were out of stock while others simply refused to sell at that price.
      “We live in the twilight zone of economics now.”
      Amen to that, Brother.  Twilight Zone… Outer Limits… and down the rabbit hole we go.
      “…what he is really saying even though he should have been more clear (IMO) is that a Bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.”
      That’s pretty much the assessment of most stackers.  We stack because we do not trust that which is not in our hands.  It is the old “if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it” idea.  There is a lot of truth in that.  It is directly related to the “possession is 9/10ths of the law” idea.  There very well may come a time when possession is 10/10ths of the law because the remaining 10% has fallen by the wayside.
      “If you can buy an Oz of Silver for $20 today and get delivery, of buy a contract in the future that is $5/oz but never get delivery, why would you not buy now?”
      Why not, indeed?  Investing in a futures contract is saying that the investor has confidence in the future and in his chances of getting what he has purchased at a later date.  Given all that has happened and the things that continue to happen, that confidence surely must be stretched pretty tight by now.  Silver at $20 or so an oz. is an outright gift, IMO.  Regular buying and stacking while we can does seem the best course.  The fundamentals will win in the end.  It’s just a matter of time.  How much time?  No one knows.  This is no different than asking when the next hurricane or tornado will rip through the area where we live.  We can be pretty sure that one will come at some point but we can’t know the date and hour of its coming.  So, what do we do?  We prepare for it knowing that it is coming at some unknown point in our lives.  Stacking is the same.  Yes, it would be great if we knew exactly when that would be but since we cannot know that, we have to spend our time on the things that we can affect.  As Charlie is so fond of saying, “Keep Stacking”.  😉
      “I predict Sept-Oct 2015. I don’t like picking dates, but recent short positioning trends by the TBTF and geo-political constraints that are coming to a head right now makes me believe that next year is the new 2001/2008 moment.”
      That is similar to my own prediction of April 2014 through July 2015 being the time of a horrendous economic calamity of some kind.  That might be collapse, war, revaluation of the US$, or some other very large and awful event that will result from the process we have witnessed for the past several years.  This has been described by some as a “slow motion train wreck” and that seems to fit about as well as anything.  One interesting point in this seems to be that we had a recession in 2001.  Seven years later, we had the depression of 2008.  2015 will be an additional 7 years since the last large event.  Are we on a 7 year cycle for economic / financial / political events?  It is looking that way.
      “The economic leveling off however is occurring right now.”
      Yes, it is.  The US stock market is bumping along its top right now.  It is trying to get to 17,000 on the Dow 30 index but cannot seem to get there.  Maybe it will and maybe it won’t but the thin volume of shares traded indicates that there is not a lot of conviction in this market.  There is still a lot of money on the sidelines.  A lot of this is due to the lack of confidence in the current administration and how the future will be affected by their policies.  People seem to be hanging on and waiting for some sort of clarity or some other change that will engender some confidence.  It will be very interesting to see how the mid-term elections go and what, if anything, results from it.  
      Cantor losing his powerful job to a Tea Party candidate challenger in the primary is an interesting turn of events.  Apparently, the Tea Party is not as dead as the pundits were so recently claiming.  IMO, the old guard in BOTH parties need to be swept out of office and younger folks less invested in the old ways of doing things elected.  That may or may not help but it is definitely worth a try.  It is pretty clear that the old ways of doing things are not working especially well these days.

    • +1 for this:
      “from my reading he is saying that the derivatives and thus the entire paper empire will be collapsing, not PM prices.  Since we cannot know exactly when this will happen, it would be best to prepare as best we can and as soon as we can.” 
      \I think Marshall has always said that the rigged price will collapse, but demand will actually go up and PM will be much harder to obtain. That is really the only way to reconcile the statements made. Good Catch PACO!

  13. @Proverbs1616 said … “I think being fiscally wise is good, but being a PM hoarder is unbiblical.
    Isn’t this subjective?  What one person may view as stacking, provisioning for an uncertain future and/or keeping one’s wealth out of the financial ‘system’ and away from the banker’s & .gov’s clutches – another person may view as hoarding.
    I have quite a few tools and am always adding to my tool-pile additional useful tools that I come across (for a reasonable price).  And by the same token, this is how I view PM’s.
    So am I being prudent and fiscally wise, or am I a hoarder?
    The answer to that question is in the eye of the beholder.

    • @Mammoth
      Watch this 5-minute video to understand what I am saying.

      Most people do not live this way (including most Christians).

    • @Mammoth
      Good points, Woolly.  I have the same thoughts on this issue.  
      The only difference is that I define “hoarding” differently than some might.  To me, hoarding is the piling up of essential goods AFTER the SHTF, not before.  Anyone can buy a long-term store of food today and there is no issue with anyone doing that because there is a great plenty to go around and no one person’s buying will affect what others can and can’t do.  In fact, this should be encouraged because if a lot of people have a good food stack, there will be fewer desperate people out there causing trouble after the SHTF.  The problem seems to be that some will buy up a local and limited supply of food just after a disaster occurs and then they want to sell it to the people in their local community for MUCH more than they paid.  This is profiteering of the worst kind because their sudden buying has prevented others from buying what they need when they need it.  This same idea can be extended to PMs or any other useful items.
      In a lot of cases, people use the word “hoarding” as a weapon against others whom they do not like for whatever reason.  In most cases, the person who is charged with “hoarding” may not be any different from any prepper or collector.  It is quite possible that such cases are created by those who have not planned and who are attacking others who have via the use of government power, such as a local police department.  The same sort of behavior is exhibited by those fomenting a lynch mob in the old cowboy movies and such animus is frequently directed against a personal enemy rather than a real criminal. 

  14. I think I’m getting it/this.  The constant banter involving religion is simply another “sign” that something bombastic is afoot.  Why, on this site which delves into the PM world would we have debates on who is of what religion, which is right, which is wrong.  C’mon folks, get a grip.  Those of us that are God-fearing Christians know to point fingers and aspersions  when it comes to one’s faith is not too smart.  Normally, I would have used effin between “too smart”, but wanted to keep this civil.

    • An astute observation @silverrrrr.  Could this be yet another sign of the dying paper paradigm?  Perhaps.  We know that such things often introduce great stress, not only in economic systems and governments but in cultures and individuals as well.
      Count me in the group of God-loving Christians, though, and not God-fearing Christians.  Our God is kind, loving, generous, forgiving, a wonderful teacher and guide, and a thoroughly good person.  He has zero need to use punishment on many of us, as his disappointment in us would be utterly unbearable.  We do not need the threat of Hell to keep us on the straight and narrow.  Simply not being in His radiant presence would be more punishment than we could stand.
      Kudos for civility.  It is often under-appreciated in this world of ours.

  15. I don’t believe in Santa Claus but I won’t freak out if they publish an article about him here. No, atheists know deep inside they are wrong and that is why any religious talk makes them uncomfortable, imo. If we are wrong then fine, we all just die and that is it. If we are right, the atheist will spend eternity in hell. That would make me uncomfortable too. My hope is that maybe they are saved from this. As for us believers, keep stacking GOD’S money and to hell with the satan worshiping elite and their ponzi. From what I understand, the Rapture will take the believers and the rest will stay here but have a chance to repent and believe. Those that don’t take the mark of the beast will be hunted and killed etc. but the Bible actually times the tribulation first, then the rapture, then armageddon. If this is true, Christians will go through hell on earth before the rapture.

  16. I’m Stacking because my insides are telling me too and I wouldn’t have thought about it on my own. Keep Stacking.
    P.S. The reason why I don’t spend a lot of time on here anymore is because of the SBSS Shekel Medallion that Doc sells demeaning Jesus. When he displays it, I leave and by the way, ever heard the expression God’s Money? Now people here are saying we can’t say God or talk about him anymore. only use it when it meets our needs in a non Religious or Spiritual way. Give me a Break. God Bless Everyone and that’s from the heart. Charlie

    • Well said, Charlie.  I agree wholeheartedly.
      Trust in your inner feelings, Charlie.  Some believe that we are all connected and that this connection forms a pool of cosmic consciousness from which we can draw inspiration and much else if we only know how.  I have experienced this in some small ways myself and have learned to pay attention to it.  It has never led me astray.

  17. Being obsessed about PM’s myself, logically I feel PM derivatives will be the one to fail first. That is, those available to the small investors and pension funds, etc. Makes me wary to get into any longs at these huge bottoms, being as much as 20-25% below the mining cost of most the main primary silver miners. 
    The ride back up to and beyond $50 is so tempting to do with digital longs. But price manipulation, margin hikes, are the least of the worries. How and why would retail derivatives that are SO EASY to play, be allowed to cash out?

    • I agree that the derivatives are most susceptible to collapse.  Perhaps that is because they are so complex and have so many moving parts.  As anyone who works with machines knows, the more parts they tend to have the more they can do but the less reliable they are.  Derivatives are susceptible to what is called a “cascade failure”.  This is like long rows of dominoes except that these are in multiple dimensions and not just one.  As the first dominoes begin to fall, people will be in shock and unable to respond for a short time.  By the time they can react to this economic threat, it will be too late to do so.  There is no way that either the Fed or the US Gov will be able to react in time to prevent the complete collapse of the derivatives market.  They MAY be able to do something after the fact, such as declare ALL derivatives null and void, inject liquidity into the critical financial institutions, etc.  But even under the best of conditions, this is likely to be a horrific financial system collapse that is at least as bad as the 1929 market crash.  In fact, it is likely to be considerably worse than that.  But no one knows for sure because we will be well off the financial navigation charts by then.

  18. andrew james   pack some sammiches for me too.
    I’m at the Front sight shotgun range for the next 4 days.   Running and gunning in the Nevada sun. 100 degrees   Yikes
    Please, would everyone play nice?  

  19. Even though Karen Hudes is a shill for the NWO, the mention of the Golden Lily gold reminded me of a thought I had recently when I watched the movie Emperor, about Japan’s King after W2. The thought crossed me W2 was fought to steal the gold/silver japan had stolen from China and other Asian countries known as the Golden Lily or Yamashita gold. Nuking Japan may have been Fed parasites’  way of telling japan to turn over their stolen gold. Of course the Fed parasites knew Japan had been stealing gold and treasures from other Asian countries because Japan started looting other Asian countries beginning in 1875 or so. So by the start of W2 Japan had been stealing and amassing the Golden Lily gold for around 65 years. So I don’t think the Fed parasites just up and stumbled on the Golden Lily gold. Logically the parasites may have fought Japan to find the gold, nuked Japan to get its hands on it. Doubt seriously Golden Lily gold is stored in Hawaii. I have had a hunch the Golden Lily gold is hidden in caves in Arkansas. Well. The murdered Phil Marshall said he transported a plane load of gold from the Mid East to what ever the name of that little notorious town town in the mountains of Arkansas.

    • How could such a theft be pulled off without anyone bragging about it? All neutralized in time? That must have been MUCH better organized than recent half-az’d coups and false flags.

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