While you won’t hear it even mentioned on CNN, ABC, CBS, or even Fox News, the biggest story across the US this weekend was the ‘Day of Resistance’, as thousands of Americans gathered across the US on Saturday the 23rd (.223) to protest the Obama administration’s war on the 2nd amendment.

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Day of Resistance


Thousands of Second Amendment activists across the US took part in a Day of Resistance against President Obama’s gun control measures, calling his plans unconstitutional. Words are not all they’re prepared to use to protect their right to bear arms.

People gathered at dozens of cities and towns across the United States, crowds numbering from a hundred to a thousand people. They were carrying American flags and banners with words of harsh criticism against Obama’s proposed gun control regulations. “Come and take it!” “Dictators Want You Disarmed,” “Honk If You Want to Keep Your 2nd Amendment” and “Don’t tread on me” were among the most common slogans. Protesters believe owing a gun is a basic right of every American citizen.

“This isn’t a Democratic thing, or a Republican thing, or a Tea Party thing, this is an American thing. This is about the rights this nation was founded on,” Ryan Studabaker, rally organizer from Bluffton, Indiana, told Wane.com.
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  1. Because things like this generally go unreported, I was unaware. Had I been aware, I would have been there. Open carry is legal in Maine and I am considering wearing my sidearm as a rule, whenever I am out and about. Either people will shake my hand or throw rocks at me, but at least the public could become more used to seeing guns, like we used to be. They will see that a firearm can pass right by them in public without a single shot being fired…..who knew. The gun ban talk is not meant to disarm the public, it is meant to cause a civil war so they can march in and save us all from ourselves. It’s the final step of a tyrannical government to enslave their citizens. The government has now ordered/received TWO BILLION hollow point rounds. There is a reason for that, and it’s not for target practice…unless we are the targets.

    • Hi! Brother Slicker I have my Concealed Weapons Permit and it’s with me at all times even when you bought some 90% from me. LMAO
      Here’s our laws in Maine.
      Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms?

      Yes. Every citizen has a right to keep and bear arms and this right shall never be questioned.”

      Concealed Carry

      Maine is a shall-issue state, meaning concealed carry permits must be issued to each qualified applicant. Permits are valid for four years at an original fee of $35 and are issued by municipal officials. Applicants must undergo a background check and questionnaire. For persons who have been residents of Maine for at least five years, permits are issued within 30 days. For residents of fewer than five years, it can take up to 60 days for permits to be issued.

      Castle Doctrine

      Maine’s castle law, revised in 2007, allows for the use of deadly force in defense of person and property when it is believed that it is necessary to prevent a criminal from committing a crime on one’s property or inside their home. Maine does not have a duty to retreat. However, deadly force is justified only after the victim has warned the intruder and given him an opportunity to leave the home or property.

      Pro-Gun Provisions

      Open carry is permissible in Maine. However, guns concealed in the glove box of a motor vehicle are considered concealed. Unless a person has a valid concealed carry permit, he cannot carry weapons in a motor vehicle or trailer pulled by a vehicle that are ready to fire (i.e. with a shell in the chamber).
      (ED, Empty chamber, mag in?)

      Maine has a firearms preemption law that prevents city and county governments from enacting gun laws that are stricter than state law. The state also has a law to protect firing ranges.


      Gun bans: None.

      Waiting periods for gun purchases: No.

      License or permit to purchase guns: No.

      Registration of guns: No.

      Places in Maine where firearms cannot be carried, with or without a permit, include:

      Labor strike sites
      Places that serve alcohol (That are posted no firearms)

  2. I got a note from my BOB that a rally was being held in Reno on Feb 23  Or as we call it, .223  Day of Resistance.  There were about 800 people in attendance with 30 degree weather and a nice wind chill.  The heat of the crowd made things a little warmer.  About 50% were open carry and 15-20 with rifles, KA and SKS to AR about 2 to 1 ratio.  We had Mark Amodei, our conservative NV senator. Harry Weed was no where to be seen. Our Congressman and a half a dozen local politcians were there as speakers.  A raffle fo 1,000  rounds of .223 was held.  The winner was stoked since 223 and even the lowly 22 are nearly impossible to find.  I am of the opinion that the politicians who attended had to be a little suprised at the turnout and how many people were carrying firearms in full display.  The cops were no where to be seen.  The rally was peaceful and as Amodei said, the safest place in town. 
    The thrust of the rally was to promote awareness of these real threats, the names of politicians pro and con and the ways by which we, the people, can get our voices out there to the POLI-TRICIANS, our permanently elected elite royalty, that they need to listen to our voices.  The email blasts and letter writing does make a difference.  I find it very interesting that the government officials are afraid of these little pieces of paper but not afraid of the abused and devalued dollars.
    There were a couple of websites that will be activated to help 2nd Amendment  advocates to get their voices out  and also get involved at the greass roots levels. 

  3. Hey Charlie, I like what you put out in the Maine rules. When we moved to Nevada I was so happy to et pat from the Sheeples Republic of Californication that I don’t remember much of anything about applying and receiving my CCW.  I do recall that I received it before my NV Driver license.  Priorities being what they are, I think the state of NV requires its citizens to have a permit to take up permanent residence.
    The rally was a lot of fun. I’ll try to find the connections to the organizers and post here.
      The funniest part of the rally was when a young and very attractive young lady came up to me and asked my if I voted for Obama.  After getting up off the ground and say “No” I tasted one of her cupcakes and all was good.  They were Red, White, Blue. 

  4. We’ve had pro-gun rallies in both Olympia and in Salem.  We live in WA state but are closer to Salem than Olympia.  Anyway, the local paper covers such things and they reported that about 1500 people showed up at each event.  Various pro-gun rights politicians and NRA people also showed up to speak.  Many in the crowds were packing guns of various kinds.  As with the Reno event, no cops were in evidence.
    WA state gun laws are VERY similar to those of Maine with only a few minor differences.  We too are a must issue CC state and there is no requirement here to “retreat” from home invaders.  If a homeowner feels as if his or her life or that of a family member or visitor are in danger, the use of deadly force is authorized.  Open carry of guns is permitted but not brandishing a weapon to intimidate another person.  Concealed carry of pistols is allowed with CC permit… except in courts, jails, schools, and other places that are clearly marked with a “no guns allowed” type sign.  Guns ready to fire are not allowed in vehicles w/o a CC permit.  When going hunting, long guns must be unloaded when transported in vehicles.  The state also has a preemption law that does not permit cities or counties to make any gun laws or restrictions that exceed state requirements.  There is a 5-day waiting period for handgun purchases with state ID, 60 days w/o state ID, but no waiting period for long guns or for handguns with CC permit.

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